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tv   News  RT  September 8, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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a lot of the nations on crisis, and i think we were all more than rule wish that our current school is the stature and leadership to take the same grace, which she is. she is shown throughout very long years from certain 2 years. and i think it wasn't that long to get this summer. we had a jeep at the supper celebrations to summer by 17 years. right. but together many, many people and thousands and thousands and it's such a disagree unless they came together because she represented said something about the nation. whether that can be captured again is another job to the new king charles and be the rest of the role family. but it's taking
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a political commentator with many thanks for your time. i really appreciate it. thank you. and thank you for saying with say, we're not the international will be back in just a few minutes with me all the oh, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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with a whole more when i was showing wrong. when i just don't know, i mean you have to figure out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, when elizabeth, the 2nd britons longest ruling mala dies at the age of 90. 6. should have been an
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enduring link between britain's glorious era on the depressed states that the country now finds its fountain. russian reinforcements as ukraine's ne, been called region to build up defense is there according to local moscow, back officials with turkeys prices in phase ukrainian grain has been shipped to wealthy countries instead of those that needed the most of the joins the course of international condemnation of a western failure to help us with a war. welcome. this is anti international with the latest world news update. we start with breaking news from the u. k. queen elizabeth the 2nd has passed away at balmoral coastal in scotland and mid recurring health problems. she was 96 years old. the queen had been last seen in public on tuesday as she welcomed incoming
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prime minister news truss. oh, here you see the latest images from london's buckingham palace where it doesn't have garbage after the news of the queen's death and much, the british flock is being lowered on all government buildings in central london. the newly elected prime minister his trust has announced that britain will be welcome ex new king charles the 3rd. well, let's take a look now back at the legacy of queen elizabeth the 2nd britain's longest ruling monarch. my margaret. i feel too much for you to share the danger. ah. renew every one to the in the end all will be well ah, she became a mechanic and driver and she sat with normal other girl recruits
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in classrooms and learned how to take the trucks. i the cab before my home and i was going to be known or short shall be the way to deal with carol family which we i was the a my my train i oh i i i
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we will meet again. but for now i send my thanks and warm a good wishes to all ok, we're going to show you some live pictures from london. now we're outside the buckingham palace. people have been gathering. in fact, people started arriving at the gates of the palace even before the news broke of the passing of the week of queen elizabeth. the 2nd news was reported that the world family were heading to morrow to be the queen bedside. so these are, this is the pitches from london. now lies pictures as people gather, she pay their last respects to where queen elizabeth the 2nd journalist after my tansy spoke to me earlier, he highlighted how britton's colonial past has been down played in the current era . she only heard that she was to be queen.
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remember she? she never thought she was going to be queen when she was very young. it was only because of the neo nazi, actually not mere nazi nazi sympathizing. uncle edward the 8th, the abdication that she became in the running to be queen. and she 1st heard about it on the death of her father george the 5th, in kenya. just around the time of the brutal mamma, repression that killed so many canyons fighting imperialism in the crowd and say, the netflix series, you don't really hear about her thinking about the canyon population that struggle while she's there in the tree jobs learning that she will be queen and why she has death mean so much to so many world leaders is obvious because it is. if it shows time passing in a very profound way of less cost to our correspondent,
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poor leslie in our pool, or it's the end to an historic 70 year rain and the end of an era. for many in britain, you've never known any other monarch on the throne during their lifetime. so a significant day for many one more. can you tell us what if i can provide you the perspective here from africa, of course, for many the queen is a symbol of the greatness of the u. k. but she's also a symbol of its demise. you have many countries in the world, particularly countries here in africa that gained independence from the crown doing her reign. and mrs. despite her attempts through the commonwealth to re establish the empire, the queen never acknowledged any wrong doings. on behalf of the royal family or on behalf of the u. k. in terms of its colonial history and its colonial policies here in africa. so for example, if you take south africa we, i am. if you had to ask the average person in the street, what they think of the british royal family, many of them associated with south africa's colonial past. and that colonial past
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obviously paved the way for the implementation of parties. i must mention at the same time though, that the queen was friends with the iconic freedom lead and nelson mandela. and she was seen as part of the soft power that put pressure on the apartheid government and bought about its demise. having said that, though the queen paid little attention to africa, she seldom mention to africa. and all her attempts to keep the empire alive through the commonwealth did not seem to work here amongst african countries. this sentiment expressed in the next clip is very much representative of the feeling on the ground here, amongst many africans she was becoming irrelevant here. we know about chinese president jim ping or russian president vladimir putin. not the queen. this also feeling on the ground that with the passing of the queen,
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the commonwealth itself might become irrelevant. so, with the queen now gone, you have issues of mir colonialism issues of f because poverty no longer receiving any more attention than they did when she was alive. so it's no wonder then that many here feel that the u. k has lost africa, largely because again, many people here will tell you that the queen simply did not care about the continent. hey, paula money, thanks for back analysis. we're going to move on now to some other world news. we're going to take you to ukraine, where russian reinforcements have been entering the northeast and cock of region to both the defense is there. according to local moscow banks, officials that comes from a ukrainian claims have an offensive in the area. officials in kapinsky, russian control city in the cock of region, say that fortifications are being built up as they a way to more trip reinforcements will bring you more information on that as it
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comes in. meanwhile, rushing back for 30 in the southern ukrainian city is a no good and really topo say electricity supplies have been cut off that. earlier there was a drone strike on an guitars the main administration building. the city is located close to the embattled photos. the a nuclear power plant official, the cooling, get an attempted terrorist attack. these are the images we have from the scene, the kamikaze, drone, carrie, and get an improvised explosive device detonated on the roofs of the building. authorities have recovered the remains of the u. a. v and and now examining them, they say they were no casualties in the attack. across and gone batteries. one person has been wounded in the latest ukrainian shelling of don't you ask? according to local officials. they say they have also been increasing numbers of civilians wounded by internationally bands, pencil lines which have been scattered across residential areas by the ukrainian
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military. i'll teach them on concert reports on the ground. xanax trauma sensor continues to receive wounded civilians to this morning. another woman was wounded here in don't ask not far away from this hospital. she received her injuries to her arm. thankfully, her daughter was very close to her and called an ambulance issues, promptly delivered here to the hospital and the doctors did everything to save her arm right now. i will talk to her and she will tell me about what happened. yes, leonard, i am. what signal madonna, thought i was walking to work when to bless suddenly a piece of shrapnel in my arm in the doctors pulled it out and i will be, i'm sick leave. now. i was treated quickly without a cue and everything is all right now. daughters at the dentist sca trauma center, i working 24 a 7 in order to help the a wounded sir patience leverage, but also some of them are arriving not in ambulances, so their relatives are bringing them here by themselves. according to the head of
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the local trauma sensor, a lot of the wounds are those who stepped on the prohibited anti personnel mines, so called butterfly mines. and this is what he told me about the latest injuries, non smoker who are due to the situation in the city remains tense. the wounded already brought us this morning. recently, more than 20 patients were brought in with wounds from pestle mines. in 11 cases, limbs had to be amputated. these are very dangerous weapons designed to main people instead of killing them. any artillery shelling of the nest by ukrainian nationalist continues on a daily basis. killed and wounded civilians is a daily affair at the moment. oh, so civilian infrastructure is suffering as well. there is no running water in the network at the moment, so a lot of places are without electricity. this hospital also has no water supply.
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so local government are delivering water in trucks like these in order to make sure that this hospital is functioning properly. ruwan coster of ard see, don't ask people's republic. but if you thought i'd go back to our top story and take you to some live pictures from london now where people are gathering outside buckingham palace, this is following the news of the passing of queen elizabeth this 2nd. in fact, people started arriving at the gates of the palace even before the news broke. all the queens passing as simply to pay their respects. and still, we expect plenty more people will be arriving at the palace in the coming hours and days at 10 days until the funeral will be held for the queen. okay, let's discuss the situation as cross to chris bishop, now journalist and form editor of forbes africa. many thanks for joining us on. the program is good to see you. i'm sorry we're
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a significant day for many. we know that quinn, elizabeth, the 2nd witness, the rise of the u. s. is the new western super power? that's what extent has the u. k. become no more than a sidekick of it's american allies? i mean, the u. s. is rise. really replace the british empire, didn't it? well you, you can say that he could say also that the queen's career. i mean, she was actually in africa when she became queen of england. she was a holiday kenya with prince philip when she got the news that her father died not be flown back to london to be a very young queen. you could, i mean, that was 1952. you can argue that in that time, in the 50 years that followed britain's, what you certainly have faded very, very much. you can honestly say that, but i think the kind of diplomatic power that she had and the respect she had. i mean, a lot of people didn't have a lot of respect for, they felt she was
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a jewel public servant. they felt that she stayed out of politics as much as she could and did a fairly good job of promoting the company, probably gay britain, more power than perhaps it was going to have bearing in mind that the rise of the u . s. and the post war economy and the poverty of britain's treasury after world war 2. and of course, said, you know, under the queen a lot a lot happened for the british empire details exit from the european union. and now we have ting charles, a 3rd. so what does, what does this mean the country, i don't know, i mean, it's a very difficult time. a lot of people are talking about at the moment saying, where is the country headed as a lot of die about the future? i think, i think the days maybe our royal visits and we're happy, especially in africa, whether i stay many, many years working. i think that it is going to become a little bit more of an anachronism. speaking of which, bearing in mind the,
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you're talking about the russia, the former soviet union, him as a famous visits to garner in 1961 when the queen of britain thought the gonna was gonna leave the commonwealth and go towards the former soviet union in terms of political legions, she went back and talk to and ended up dancing with kwame and crew. my was the 1st head of an independent gonna at the time you can imagine there were no civil rights . there was no equal rights in the states between the races around the world. it was still pretty much status growing in the green, dancing with a black nationalist leader in africa at the time. and again, it's managed to sort of sure of the relationship meantime, but i honestly can't say king charles of doing anything like that in current j politics. so to what extent do you think some of the more we sense i key political decisions in london were influenced by the royal family and maybe the queen herself
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when i think she used to respect, i think she, i mean for instance, as a case in point of the famous one about the poll tax, which was disastrous to margaret thatcher. the iron lady is government in the 1990s . i mean, everyone knew the green wasn't very keen on the idea of citizens putting out huge taxes that were deemed unnecessary at the time. and she made that clear, i mean, you have to understand that king charles has the royal assent. i mean they sign the bills that come from parliament us as a matter of course, but they don't sign the lease. they got the right to send the legislation back to parliament, but it's really exercised. so i mean, i think obviously charles, the thirty's been around the block. he's a very all weights to be king of england. and certainly i think that he will have some sort of diplomatic influence,
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but in terms of influence decisions. and i don't think so. as we know, the u. k is 70 sets up is one of the key. suppose that the crane during rush is a military operation. that so, to what extent is the situation helping london we gain some of its influence on the global arena? well i, i don't really think so i think that there's a child, i mean, he's cut from the same cloth as his mother who was like a very much, a tireless, dutiful, almost like a public servant. i mean, i was just hearing a story just now where they recently when she put in the new prime minister list trust in to into, you know, we can the next prime minister. she, she was not very well obviously in bombarded scotland. and she was saying, well, can i fly down to london, disable these people coming up here to visit me? i mean, their age in her condition is incredible. that anyone think that the last time she
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was, he was pretty much selfless and it is a job. she didn't want, it's a job. i don't think she particularly liked at times this one that she did and in terms of it, i don't know that. so talk to written, i think is that where it goes in where it goes and how it conduct itself, right? i would say this is a very sad day for many people and around the world and getting her family, of course and thoughts with then. however, some people will be looking on the legacy of cleaners, but the 2nd in a very different lights. and for example, activists in a buttons, former colonies are still calling on that governance to demand reparations from london. what's your take on that? not only that, i mean i was just looking now and perhaps it's a little bit traps is slightly inappropriate to mention it, but i was just thinking about the start of africa. i mean, it was the common diamond that was found in south africa basically. and was given, was named after the manual, and the mind was given basically to the roll family on the things with about
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$400000000.00. and it's right that crown and living calls for it to be returned to africa in terms of reparations. i mean, i, you know, it's a very difficult one when you think about how many countries we're talking about and how many people were talking about reparations, everything from slavery to colonialism. i still don't saying that england's origination anymore that they can actually afford to come up with reparations. i think. but again, charles is always puts himself orders an enlightened monarch for the future, but it's going to be up to him back to work out what he's going to do about it. but again, the, the status jury and the legislative power is not with him. it's still with parliament and that's where all the decisions will be made. there was a significant other commonwealth in this day and age. well, there's a vacation point. well, what he's going to have to come up. i mean,
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a lot of leaders, i mean have a lot of respect for the list of the 2nd. like most people like me, i mean she be me every day of my life, always on the coins on the pines. and also she was, she was, he was always, there is a constant. but whether or not the come up either. no, i mean the cynics say the commonwealth is the british empire on the cheap. which i suppose if you look at it that you can, it's difficult to argue with that. but then again, having said that, despite breaks it, which i don't think is done the nation any good at all. and what i think is that there will be attempts to keep the commonwealth together. i'm anything, any on the brotherhood of nations is a good thing. no matter who you are. oh, which country you are. but what i'm saying is, is that i don't know what the future of it in my like, oh the, the job itself. my just begun my criticism over time. maybe people who one day just just drop it. i don't know,
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but again it synch king joseph goods kaufman and speaking to chris bishop journalist format as her forbes africa. many thanks for your time. appreciate it. you take us leader, we jap, typo to wednesday's grain is not leaving ukraine or to pull countries as was initially promised and his instead going to the wealthy ones. and he's pledge to work out a solution to the issue together with russian president vladimir putin. g, cham good will, says mister prudence, write about one thing, for sure. grain is being shipped to wealthy countries and unfortunately not to poor countries. i will discuss this issue with mister putin, at the seo summit in samarkand. we also want to start grand supplies from russia. we're looking forward to that. let's begin this process and deliver the cargo to the countries that really needed. that on statement comes to the day off of vladimir putin brought the issue at the eastern economic forum saying that only 2 cargo ships out of $87.00 have taken ukrainian grain to africa. while the lion's
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share went to europe, pearson accused western countries of deceiving other nations over the grain deal and seized the agreement should now be re evaluated. according to an est, ample based center for monitoring the great deal, only 30 percent of ukrainian grain has reached to low income countries. meanwhile, western leaders have also been criticized for failing to financially support african nations. as ortiz maria financial reports, the west worries a lot about losing ground to russia in africa. at least that's what a confidential internally you report shows. and that's after we've seen some desperate attempts to fix things as a number of us and european leaders. and top politicians recently visited the african continent trying to convince the public and decision makers there that they are loyal friends. but their actions don't really seem to be matching their words. on monday, the netherlands held the african adaptation summit,
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the 1st of its kind to help the continent tackle the full out of climate change, 3 african presidents, flu, thousands of miles to be there. so what about western leaders? only one, the dutch prime minister, the host of the venue turned up in person. and the high profile african guests were not impressed. i cannot help but note with some bitterness, the absence of leaders from the industrial world. i think if we made the effort to leave africa to come to rotterdam, you be easier for the europeans and others to be here. i associate myself wholly with these sentiments of precedence mackey sell about. the failure of certain vested interests to be present with us at this meeting. it is my turn to also deplore the absence of leaders of industrialized nations strong words the snob by western liter as seems even more unacceptable given that their nations are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions in the world. as the african participants pointed out. because these are the main polluters of our planet,
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and it is they who should finance adaptation. the african continent has the smallest impact on climate change, but paradoxically suffers the majority of its consequences. in fact, africa is all, are responsible for 3 percent of global carbon emissions. and yet it bears the brunt of the climate crisis as the most vulnerable continent. despite having contributed the least to global warming and having the lowest emissions, africa faces exponential collateral damage. posing systemic risks to its economy's infrastructure, investments, water and food systems, public health, agriculture and livelihoods threatening to undo its modest development gains and slipped into higher levels of extreme poverty. the perceived disrespect of western or is, wasn't the only topic on the agenda. some of the promises industrialized nations made that have failed to meet were also discussed. we find that australia, canada,
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and the u. s. continue to fall massively short on international climate finance. the u. s. is overwhelmingly responsible for the climate finance gap having provided just 5 percent of its fair share in 2020. although it's economy is 40 percent larger than the european union's. it provided only $112.00 as much climate finance . but are any of those countries even listening, according to the use climate, had reached nations, couldn't care less that african suffer from what westerners are responsible for? because they're simply too busy with their own 1st world problems. please be frank . many of us citizens in europe will not by this argument today, because i worries a link to their own existence in this energy crisis in this food crisis in inflation crisis. this might seem very strange from an african perspective, but it is always was closer to your o mores is always bigger on your agenda than someone else's worries. a controversial statement at a time when western leader is a telling their own citizens to be prepared to rush an energy cost their food
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consumption and perhaps haven't trees because of the v re sanctions they imposed on russia. while the fact that the africans are literally dying due to western policies, isn't alarm enough for them to take action. the summit by all accounts confirmed what, what am i putting pointed out recently at least an economic form. when he revealed that most of the grain shaped from unblocked ukrainian ports went to the you while only 2 out of 87 boats actually went to africa. and it's not easy to argue with that. after seeing what happened at the summit in the netherlands, a chance to call parade, to help fix their mistakes to create an equal partnership and prove their commitment all successful, ignored and missed by western countries. re phenomena our team. thanks for keeping his company are naughty, international. we're back the top of the out with the latest.
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ah move. well, it shows the wrong. i just don't hold any rules yet to see out is the because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. do
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my daily liquidity. she'll know what will show the portion of my down in that old pretty shy the court. where did you wanna put a shell, norwalk, with a cushion, not in the pony. she really surely was new please. no, i put the most of them will be stupid for the family. i'm to consider a slightly goes to justin. if the model was running the home, like, will you be for me like that? it was with the universe without us because she, she knew mean, yet. the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities. that had been protests in honk of a desa, mario pope, and zap our osha mass protest broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crimean citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. and in march 2014 crimea rejoined russia.


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