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tv   News  RT  September 9, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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economic woes for self inflicted europe attempting to suicide. a correspondent comes on the ukrainian shilling while on the front lines that were some troops, as here for military twice to beat back amongst those forces, ukraine's cares and haul coverage with attempted counter offensive as a ploy to develop more weapon supplies from the west. according to the russians, they went and avoid a reflection on imperialism and colonialism. the weight of the british queen's death as outraged in africa. video from the bbc claiming london has had
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a warm relations with its formerly colonies and belgium rebels against a price cap on russian dance import landing. the commission's proposal a cap on only russian gas is purely political. we will not agree to this a, a variable welcome. this is all the international with the latest world news update is good to have you with this, this now. now we start with ukraine, where kids forces have suffered heavy loss is trying to break russia's defense in the northeast in hawk of region. that's according to local moscow box, or ortiz, some unverified damage of footage from the area ports to carry the sounds of fierce battles that the
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motion reinforcements have been sent to the region. as you can see in this message, when the defense ministry of ukraine claims unspecified territorial gangs, while moscow say the key as has exaggerated the performance of the military. well, let's take a closer look at what's happening on the grounds. now, according to russia, back to $35.00 thing is escalating on the outskirts of the city of bali, clear that's an eastern ukraine, or the city of kapinsky is being defended by russian forces, despite attempts sabotaged most goes those ukrainian attacks in the southern nikolai, as an cuz some regions have also been repelled. well, correspondent came on. the fire from k, at 4th is well on the front lines with russian troops. ah, ah,
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ah. oh, well, the 1st as you saw was from here san region, which is where we are now. this is where the ukranian counter offensive, but god, the aim of it isn't entirely clear we moved here over the past week. ukraine suffered huge casualties in both material that is tags, vehicles armored personnel carriers, but also troops, potentially thousands of ukrainian soldiers who perished here over the past week on the hill, san front and all for a just half a dozen villages that they managed to retake. there isn't any understanding of what the objective was now. that offensive you centered on the height of their, again, thousands upon thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps of ukrainian troops are being driven across fields across the open into towns and villages that again hold very little strategic value. japanese with
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ukraine has retaken several villages. but of course, there can be no talk of any brakes were, and military experts are well aware of this. but the west media have already trumpeted. the ukraine has launched a counter offensive which needs to be supposed by new western weapons. thus, the necessary media background was created for the meeting and ramstein, which is exactly was alaska and his western must is wanted. and this means that there is every chance that the ukrainian conflict will continue to be fueled with new deliveries of western weapons. here in sarasota, the ukranian counter offensive has been all but dulled there are barely any efforts being made now to to move forward. there were 2 small attempt yesterday, both of them written back again with with losses for ukrainian hoops. the fed to begin this, thou centered on havoc of where about 2 dozen and that is according to the ukrainian side villages have been re taken after costs that we have no idea of yet,
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although already ukrainian channels, various titles of on facebook and telegram that represent ukrainian units, ah, whining about huge casualties, egg, spare, expressing concern. the soldiers are being used as human shields as, as cabinet fodder for russian, artillery and guns. and that losses, amounting and huge. already though, we have seen footage of rush and convoys of russian special forces being loaded on to helicopters, taken to the front lines in order to resist the cranial offensive air. again, the aim of which isn't entirely clear what they have achieved. so flies caused tremendous paddy come on. local to we have seen kilometers your long cues of locals piers civilians with their families trying to escape into russian controlled territory depot to russian control. derek will into russia itself to escape,
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or perhaps reprisals from ukrainian troops from ukrainian nationalists for working with and for north resisting russian troops. russian forces. nevertheless, the situation is still unfolding. the russian high commanders is confident this, this attempt in case of regent a retake of villages liberated retaken by russia will be new to it. as was the attempt in kept sought he had to auntie huck of weekends and military administration says he cranes proclaimed offensive on russian controlled areas in the province. isn't a drumming up support him on campus? western bankers and showing its use of their weaponry. you just a lot of the garage door. i think the ukranian authorities have found it necessary to report about their use of western weaponry. that's in order to show that their forces are combat ready and prepared to act decisively. this is exemplified by the fact that instead of immediately taking positions when they enter populated areas,
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they 1st take photos of themselves in front of buildings and landmark road signs that they've painted blue. they do that to show they've entered the area and it's under ukraine's control. but in fact, the reality of the situation is much different. those soldiers are primarily in small sabotage, recognizance groups. they enter those settlements, make their reports, and then they leave. now to dumbass, where local authority say to civilians have been killed by the latest ukrainian shelling of don ask a warning. some of the following images are graphic can could be distressing. at least 5 other people are also said to have been wounded in the bombardment hitting a public park in the center of don, yet city, and a separate incidence. earlier on friday, 3 locals were killed by the framing and shelling, according to local authorities and mc mounting phase of a famine. in some african countries, vladimir putin, his calling for more ukrainian grain shipments to go to the nations that need at
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the most. instead of the more wealthy and prosperous european states, so we consider a just to increase grain supplies to the world's poorest countries. russia has delivered 6600000 tons of grain to the global market in may through august european partners. talk about need to ensure grade supplies from ukraine, primarily in the interests of poor countries. but out of 87 ships that left ukrainian ports with grain, only 2 were sent to impoverished nations under the un food program called into the u. s. department of agriculture for the season of 2020 to 23. russia is estimated to be world's largest with producer in early on friday, russian president vladimir putin basically confirmed and saying that these here alone, russia has already delivered 30000000 tons of grain abroad and is ready to increase to 15000000 tons and more as the harvest here in russia is very good. russia's
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present, waterbury put in also reminded that only 3 percent of the grain that so far left the unblocked ukrainian ports was going to the poorest countries. while most of it was sent to the u, which is unfair of widen recruitment believes as the whole idea behind the u. n. and turkey broke her deal was to help starving africa. so he concluded that this williams should be actually increased potent, also mentioned that tain, the 4 months of this year alone. russia has supplied 7000000 tons of fertilizers to other countries. this is another hot topic, as this is what the harvest and other countries strongly depends. on and he also mentioned that it's supply through the european ports. a still prohibited heading that this discrimination is simply unacceptable. and at the end, one more important said that the producers of potash fertilizers, are ready to transfer hundreds of thousands of tons of their products. current be
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accumulated in the european ports who transferred to developing countries free charge. the queen elizabeth, the eldest son, is to be officially proclaimed king charles the 3rd on saturday, currently 73 years old. charles will be the oldest oil to be declared king in british history. person has begun a 10 day morning period to month the passing of queen elizabeth, who died on thursday at the age of 96 and found more constantly scotland. she was a nation, the longest serving monarch with her reign, having found 7 decades porters being gathering outside london, buckingham palace on the others, had been laying flowers at british embassies worldwide. moscow powers of also hosted ceremonies in her honor unpleasant. putin has expressed his condolences. why thought the queen stuff, the b b c presented a video showing the history of her relations with africa, claiming it was over all positive and long standing. many africans expressed in
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much different view before the outlets blocked comments on the post, which heckling back at queen elizabeth de sac, hence longstanding relationship with africa. repeat after me, we take a look at queen elizabeth the 2nd brutal colonization and subsequent destruction of african countries. please to not insert us. it's called colonialism. what is a longstanding relationship? one that is abusive? because england abused africa big time, and it's time for united kingdom to pay reparations. we never had a relationship with elizabeth. it was imperialism and colonialism. meaning, it was forced into us colonial relationship. the relationship between britain and africa is sketchy at best, and really questionable at its worst as much as during the reign of queen elizabeth the 2nd. more and more african states got independence from their colonial muster.
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it is largely seen as them bolling and not really qualitatively changing anything on the ground as much as freedom was attained by these african countries. britain kept a strangle hold over that economic industries, particularly the extractive industries. it really retained a control over gold mining platinum mining, as well as diamonds. something the clearly shows the influence that britain has. and it remains as gone on many african spaces if the colon and diamond, which was given to the queen as a gift, back in 1910 people's here on the ground, they b one that diamond beg, it's estimated to be $400000000.00. and people here are saying that can be a better place to be used to answer social ills from south africa. now, the opposition parties, he did not hold back with regards to how they felt about the legacy of queen
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elizabeth that she failed in her quest to qualify. each of lea acknowledged the atrocities that happened and to harry during her 70 year reign as queen. she never once acknowledged the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that britain invaded across the world. the british royal family stance on the shoulders of millions of slaves who were shipped away from the continent to serve the interests of racist white capital accumulation at the center of which lies the british royal family. queen elizabeth the 2nd leaves a very, very dodgy legacy. here on the continent this as much people who feel for her passing that there is who are detractors. people feel that she missed an opportunity that she could have mentioned the atrocities that happened. and i rain and she could have qualitatively done something to change the outcomes for many
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african people, felton that will not increase you a price cap on russian gas as, according to the countries energy minister, who said that the e u. proposals are purely political. our intention 1st and foremost is to bring prices down a cap on only russian gas is purely political. i don't see the added value in that . we will not agree to this european union. energy ministers are meeting today in prague where 70000 or so protesters came out against european energy sanctions and rising costs. just a few days ago. all focus is on the blocks energy price and supply problem. earlier this week, european commission, president ursula vander line later, a plan for the block to make it through the winter now that it sanctioned so much of its own energy supply, that its reeking far more havoc on the e. u, than on russia. van der line called for a price cap on russian pipeline gas to quote,
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cut rushes revenues. thinking that it would prevent russia from pursuing its objectives in the ukraine conflict, which should blow up in the used face about as well as its other virtue, signaling and manipulation attempts have if it ever decides to implement that price cap. vondell line also said that a price cap on all imported gas from russia, including non pipeline liquefied natural gas is currently being studied, but not on the table. belgium is one of at least 10 you countries that wants to take that idea even further with a price cap on l n, g imported from all suppliers and notches singling out russia politically, as you mentioned in the initial clip. so basically, now that b u has made a total mess of its energy market. some block officials believe that they should be demand discounts. it's a bit like walking into a store and demanding to get things for a lower price than everyone else who comes into the store,
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just because you mismatched your own finances. it's hard to imagine the u. s. a major supplier of l n. g agreeing to provide it to the you at whatever price the chooses. what happened to this whole price cab idea being about denying fruit in revenues? now these politicians are basically emitting that it's just about saving themselves from the mess that they've made of their formerly free market by considering it for all countries. now, the ease sanctions policy has been a bit like when you try to cut your own hair, you know, you give it a 1st shot, it comes a little bit crooked. you realize messed up. you cut it the other way. it's still crooked. it's even worth getting shorter and sure you cut more and more some point maybe you realize that what you really should have done is just stop and think before doing any more damage. let's just say that bonder line seems to be finding it hard to put down those diverse jim's v was shared by the majority of the member
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states, as they decided not to support a price car for gas importance from russia. they were going to be seen over the block in brussel summit, if, even if it says they would still remain open to the possibility of imposing a price cap for all dust imports. however, if that proposal then support, it would mean price limit for gas input from other major supplies, particularly algeria. costs are no way the and i could save those countries in addition to russia on some of the main export as of energy supplies to the you. for example, in april of this year, the u. imported 1900000000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from casa. the proposed price cap has led to face the suppliers could cuts the exports and seek out other more profitable marcus. well, let's discuss this further now with i guess cali to our financial experts, joining us from doha casa, thank you very much for doing it on the program. it's good to see you. now not all
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of the country support the cool for a price cap for rush and gas to impose why is this such, this unity on this issue do you think? because most likely it will not work. busy euro is in need of god, neither of energy and the mean time they are trying to, to impose i don't understand what's the magic behind this. and also they want to do to boy god and the planet to buy buy to get used by, by the end of the year. and the, when mr. involuntarily reduce the supply of europe, advise you have been green. i've done this on the law. and then once we got your name, but what happened to be the largest company with the data that will give them the 2nd largest in the world. and i don't know about the feasibility and the. ready
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wisdom behind this and in the meantime you want to reduce the price price. i don't know how this would work. you seems to be more emotional than. ready ringback than logic, logic show if you want to boycott source, definitely the price will go up. and what about the, the market that we have been taught by the worth and by the ins. and if i need to buy the worst. busy what happened to them now? i see what you see that point. yeah, yeah. i'll tyria katha. i know away, as we know are among the major gas applies to europe. if a price cap is imposed on all impose, do you think they'll continue to supply the european market?
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more likely nonce good is john 3 was sick. the been asked to maximize this whenever it will benefit for us for investment. and more likely they will not. and i think you're not in a position to impose conditions, particularly in this the end, this time, what the supply of the baking bone bought in the back and between the west and between russia and over the shore. very difficult to do it over. have been coming in some, one of you in very difficult situation and i don't think about in a position condition, right. and, and other countries, i mean, either in russia, let's say, you know, and depending on the president you mean when, when will, when this,
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but the, in the sure over the short run, you know, this will determine the next, i don't know. i don't think you are in the position. even 2 boys are guys at the moment. they are trying to get it. but when we do hit by, you know what we saw how they want or you know, they were unhappy with it. so i don't know when they come up with their and you are trying to convey that doesn't. busy you know, oh yeah, that's the question is, and i mean, who stands to benefits if they're priced, the gas price copies impose on old gas and post the europe? i mean, is it the ordinary people? i think the question but should benefit. yes. who's done? will it be, was that to help the ordinary people like they say, what i think you know what you should have done in this get this stuff that i
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got from the citizen rather than trying thing. right. job on other company doesn't make sense. you know, the market, this is the market, this is the mechanism of the market. you don't know what on this. this is a little issue. you're sure there's a lot of important in order to relieve. busy this is a problem or not, but the short then there is no way that they want to buy imposing job or buy imposing one other price double the buy. but the thing in this moment they should divide that. busy by energy over the coming. so at the price that they have to pay because they haven't done that are the people from the mistakes by putting that in and you know, really for me, you know,
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i have the only on, on 120 the, the president of the european central bank has warned that if a total ban on russian gas and is imposed, it would lead to a recession across the years though, next year. you think that might be the reason why there is resistance to this embargo? this is exactly what we are trying to say. you know, i don't think they should, they should have involving embargo, right now on russia, putting a job that might be the supplier that of your mom at this time, you are paying for good yet that will lead to our session. in that case, you are a pain produces they've caused for immediate action because the energy crisis is threatening the heavy industry,
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not just the ordinary people. so what are the possible consequences if an adequate solution is not found? what decision on this industry? what somebody gives me because the energy is a major source of income for the city and they will be impacted negatively by speaking to us today we've been taken to college. i'll cut financial experts, appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. some germans aren't happy about the proposed e price cap. i them i discuss the control the see with german opposition? politician ralph named maya, who says that us is trying to use but, and against its own european allies. well, i think germany is not suffering enough to stand up against the americans who dictate us festival, not to not stream to pipeline which mr. miller just confirm to me as ready and he just needed to press the button so he would have enough gas. and we wouldn't have
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to negotiate any price caps to secure supply at a reasonable cost like the used to have. so i think in germany as being used as a weapon against the european union. let's put it that way. if we, if we want to look at it from, from both sides now the war in ukraine, which we call of war, what about us would call opperation, but we call it one western europe and we, we see it more than now. we have a war that the americans fight in ukraine, not so much against the russians, probably, but rather against the european economies and as a tool, they use germany for that. and that's i see through some other events around the globe now starting in india and almost 9 nisa. hi, not you. of a freedom fighter who resisted the british empire has been unveiled in the national capital. prime minister remotely inaugurated the monument to indian independence has tundra both controversial for seeking it alliance with germany and japan during
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world war $200.00. both broke with mahatma gandhi, as he struggled to topple the colonial regime in the belgian capital, hundreds of local taxi drivers that being protesting against the demising government action against the u. s. company, that's off the investigation. rebuild that, expand to this business in europe while allegedly violating national laws and regulations and neighboring fans, president looks on is also face claims that he secretly aided lobbyists. thousands of cubans has marched in central donna on seeing the country, the patron saint for help, amid the worst it can only crisis in decades. the virgin mary zone is like a she. cuba is seen by locals as a symbol of mercy and unity. the traditional procession celebrating her feast resumed off a 2 year break to to the caveat pandemic. as always,
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you can find plenty more of the latest news updates, discussion and debates on our website all t dot com will be back in 30 minutes with the latest see them ah ah ah ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with hello in welcome to crossed out. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. as winter draws near in temperatures, drop europe finds itself to be very vulnerable. rejection of brushing energy is not only slowing europe's economy, but also bringing on a recession. what's worse? europe's economic woes are self inflicted. is europe attempting suicide? ah! cross sucking europe in crisis on joined by my guess, michael hudson in new york. he is a professor of economics at the university, missouri, kansas city, as well as author of forgive them their debts in paris. we have is all brick more. he is a political commentator and in london we cross or ed, real consulting. he's is founder of a k consulting and foreign affairs analyst, or a gentleman cross sack rules in effect. that means you can jump any time you want,
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and i always appreciate. let's go to michael 1st in new york, i'm titling this program attempted suicide given what's going on the last 6 months in europe in the western world in general. do you, is that an appropriate title for what's going on? well, i'm not sure that they are realizing that it's suicide. it's more so they're following a u. s. policy, which is the u. s. wants to kill euro really think it over. the americans are the great beneficiaries of this, especially the oil industry that is cleaning up as the oil prices go up and that's strengthening the dollar. the euro's doing down the british pound is absolutely punching it's right now. $1.15 this morning and the apparently, the europe is run by a nato amount by the elected politicians. and miss bare bach of the foreign secretary said yesterday in poland,
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but she doesn't care what the european voters month. she's going to support your brain. well, imagine the politicians saying they don't care what the voters say that she's in there, and she is going to do what she's agreed with the united states to do to boycott russia. and let me go to going to go to paris john, i mean, how do you explain that? i mean, i agree with everything that michael just said there and, but i thought europe in america were comrades in arms and it comes to their proxy war against russia. but, you know, the, the, the, the 2 players to get the short end of the stick are obviously ukraine and europe. but, you know, in europe, this seems to continue to cow to washington when it's not in there, no interest whatsoever. is there any explanation for that? go ahead in paris. i want to emphasize, you know, a bio flies and there was a good one. is it that the ball brimming?


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