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a train moore is a proxy one. this is a war between russia and the united states. measurements are made, it comes to not should kick in in carbon dioxide. america for sure. and you're not in your gage in conflict of russian for use. american forces are harris, defend nato allies. what happens that nato escalates even more indiscretion? military operations become a war when you, but they'll set of rules that national and that'll that 1000 is my dog. i see it that i see your to us. thank you. costliest of me live, so i use free. you should nick and you stuff to with almost them. let's see where you live at home. still foolish there in your sewage. never speak of the girl who's so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even
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foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk. ah, lou. the nuremberg trial ass irvin's on the housing head of adverse sabotage section to testified. on september, the 12th 1939, a chief admiral connors with instructed by 3rd ry foreign minister. a yellow came from reagan truck. oh, it's necessary to reach out to the ukranian nationalists with whom intelligence had
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already had military contact to cause an insurgency in poland, which would have as its result, the extermination of poles and jews from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists in the summer of 1943, i was indeed given a rifle in the village of sketches of odd noir districts and joined the ukranian nationalist organization which committed mass, murder of poles, shot you now stand no. it would be to let me reproduce skim. surgically jets got up, shook up to him. yeah. will you, todd? i laughed. i'm yell or start for while you push it or not. you just cut glue. here goes wrong. little shushing lou quote back up to renew. will you not recover your dubious tunic through the process of our peak? who's in now? bob cheesy is sharleen. blanche to watch it more robin wrote you
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rosara doll p release from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists. the bose couldn't put out resistance, they had no weapons, we beat them with whatever we could on the street in their flats, in their sheds. the battle lasted about 4 hours, then every one went home. in 1943, far from the front lines. one of the biggest world war 2 tragedies unfolded in an area called marleen. yeah. ah, pulling a, you know, a him to the podium shooting at the high. did she duck lean,
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that report on control input your boat story ship. she'll have each door told go nearer speech else in the whirling m e are by their care over even that each passport eat e bottle cuz i kid over him in the mustang. but then if we need school for nancy little grain, so you'll see on your bill it says she or in the future, i should of renewed them. i mean, look of traits that they really senovia is looking his show for the pit, or we need to when cut about touches push plans that relo tulsa will. studies don't, don't really give us a way for a strong management. duchamp ashika it, they'll is a curb to crane say fiscal year, our chefs on,
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on my mom which has access to mozilla booklet of anya martha go be smart enough with rubbish vexes to summer. alice wo, done that place as shanta in we should be in the, for a future moneys to really put on today, which kimberly is mindy asking, hearing, i need learn us lawmaking to post. he that is, you know, if you guys can love dealership biachi, you versus get older. she and her horses darcia price for her. the same price is asher. heck was born with arctic chugs, kobylinski prowess law and their prob, robin. he also needs a price for him for villa parker. she ties after that group, cassandra hilla dock is out there. manon it actually if she is,
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cooper or brower. she of somebody had a minute if nobody atmosphere from january 28th to february 3rd 1929. the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists took place in vienna. the organisation of ukrainian nationalists, or o u. n for short, was founded by colonel yet gainey kind of audits and austrian officer, lincoln mounded ukrainian nationalists units during world war one than the civil war. lied in exile. he and his fellow officers lent the outdoor organisation. but i will practice how i shall and i latch out of to try to post, keep in school next to an honor to hemoglobin. a stylish fire last night wasn't a vice ukrainians, inhabited some of the land that would become part of poland after world war one adalia rosena,
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molina and galicia bracer was. you are the shop owner of of for, for on there. and perhaps is your last you prior to arthur green, you said lunch. and now things that are not available bids would earn of last year, avail class i was enough. that is our subordinate. okay. nothing could no kind of. # oh, from resolutions adopted it, the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists, vienna 1929, only after the ukrainian lands a completely of all the data will conditions for the comprehensive development of the ukrainian nation be created. the ukranian state will strive to reach the borders that encompass all ethnic ukrainian territories, blue grains that, that to reasonably legacy of duty. duty. c, s a widely step increased him to having them chose units g dot tory
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dd. the snap premium label chose use any of the year medium to my children. so if i see me leave or when they boy in the mean, yes. in ski, a war morse enough to beat v g d f, or sort she's use of what i get it must skinny. those are all scheme must pull straight from us school stating that c u b e d o v i e project i. e nozzler, i choose t td through zillow. it duck it, we're sure of the key that's already sto, credit, eskew, positions here available here. korea to sacrifice them. exemptions you are sure of the screen. yeah. go supposed to you own off to bundle of it present just ski via you via the michigan line school combination. you shows
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your other oh and asking him here that will show up his full parental alley. he or she washer to combine. yep. so your port, scott, not on this board, said that she's you several different, a roku, present level move up in tag when you want to. well can do, do i can i shell 6 for his stem shark or her roof? dish browley ears, dwaa, bertha, leona o. crane skis, dental, their easter laughed, the girl eat lunch, but they don't. it s s ah gillis was dileo green's concern is the way that when you turn in the piece, it was clear proof so that i missed it. i'm with flu,
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i didn't cut out a bloody stiffness social with the whole according to america's to ship a harvey. to shante, she had of she probably a month ago with trisha for nevada. scott and she just put a few food please. ah, we go. so i want to re mila, or chief, or she she had to sub good them. we were in for a mutual or a blunder, but a borrows, eat. i need a bullet in stroke ciocca to run as it was by the but he did finish out. why would he me away me in the book i grown there,
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but i shorter unless that i need some store. i've gotten a booth, dinah, at us, be sure totally different from the o. u. n. a handbook struggle and activities during war. the polish leaders are to be eliminated. destroy above all the intelligentsia, our power must be terrifying to its opponents. a reign of terror of foreign enemies and traitors among our own. marines at so close. consist of credit on the portugal opinion longacre? blanche cook. i think it's cool. come on doing it. okay. oh, pretty little center. just need to program the slide. elizabeth. go post on opera still pretty good as well. look, a queen, which will it? so stevie lee said no surrounding. it's just a little goes to run the will it be privy to the community to go and you, we will buy your passport. you sugar, keith, please. nick, you go 8, a win up, which can be the key on you. he'll be what r e. it prescribed you look at that to the, to the ocean, the contrary to williams,
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and he managed to catch and then from our show, krinski nationalities, metal and yes, sol, as sputters back this was on there from tom sharp to just a low default gas chauffeur or or tack? yes, i mean, so she nam yeah. apple i cami linden semi change john austell. vanguard, and mucus. now la la, all kinds of a cigna and child excise go in jail when you're mostly of you on the email. so most of the union with you, mr. new portia political pacific of safe place to monument z, m a c dallas, fullest kits, the only of a young man. they returned from the front in 1921 after the war with soviet russia . ukraine and bella rose, numerous ponies, colonies were established in virginia,
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co, 30 to deviate from awarded by late, his sister lillie, premier donna did not sit but such a president of missy leon. yeah, well, you know, they should teach the, willing to the toys, his position a glove nits on this to you later as you media by at the mazda. she's emily can yes, the nice bustle. so we're, we're our oceans and not shiny musical, a yeast in me. yes. ah need to come to the russian state will never be a
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55 with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date and c r t spoke neck given our video agency, roughly all band on you to a with me ah, watch and it was a shadow shorter one. and i'm not trying to stay like a
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finance national z. lesher shyly yours is when you buy, when you sit down with ah, india is north america. dean b. we are an independent country with the largest population, so we would make decisions based on our historical and strategic dies with other countries. and based on all national interest, artist, treachery, security, interest, and in that guarantee of the steward of russia, who has helped india and it's strategic programs and has been a libel plot. how can you know, india look the other way around and we would streamline opportunistic. mm.
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and then you'd out say build them believe ashley, for by more a senior numbers with mrs guy. mr. lamb, you be able to ship balancing no toys. so to be sure, you know, he story on crane. she was ready ship via 3rd e 0 said you only do what you mean for everyone. right? name kelly grey sky drive, nice clothes which are being so will be a just totally real grades really just have difficult me and you are from to go know 4th grade field trip for one thing with voices. i still continuing to hold a sanctioning tedious me rhenium as well. so law of was get,
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would get to work with out those get one piece to go. could get to the party, to east grains of little grains for you leave to was sending me when you were here to fix you. oh no you would. you thought you were going in the mid i said you need to when you them, you couldn't when you need to see if we sit there such as what he squeamish. lopez a to give me lots of shania cool. he agrees with him unique can really mean to auto store. come up when it, when it comes to getting a switch, not cedar move no with each one me and let me see what they have. steadly daughter boosted the nicolette. but yeah, i can do is you, can you give me a national put sheet or you think heating the act 6 months, so as a creature. ah, said cree up with no credit union, and you can use not a good idea. so you are all on the get the money and they used to
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search. i don't we don't unique to that you thought it be still a checklist so you push push scope because i'd be on the builder. did that it the east casually, but it's darlene yes. produced you, god does produce b my, it's a gold cook near that chimney needs of your school for either. jose, cham ccf, you put gumble. so to put up with dish media brussel, meaning it or to loop up almost the as your by jane. so not me, jones, up, but also my location, the door to pretty watching. press the up to be at the a t h 2 h skis, the rest you got dora beach that's at least but no gun by satellites and as ice. ah
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see she j o e g b kitchen says him are dirani cherokee. some was an exhibit to prevent from or to run or put on crow. mr. should have if you were to do early, she shut them as i went upstairs to say i could put a hooky, was a lisa born in that head of one car, which is actually care. well because our children. yeah. toby, will she going to run your daughter in missouri as you a she got by to good or spoke with him not to let you still go to leslie. bunch of bravo. i'm sure yours, america should perform a job. these are brought the enough room to few question, paper bleachers. i'll go double play this missouri as much as me mean for on us. not unusual, isn't i? should middleton happens to, ah, from an address my even team of head of an o. u. n. detachment. people be warned. musk of ice poles mag yars,
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and jews are your enemies. eliminate them. remember, your leadership is the o. u n. your leader is stepan, bon dera, one and you blew a snow, actually with the genia on nibble you wore on them in your logo, on that and you will. what's your, your cut? horrible of the washing machine? we general conflicts on your bulletin. i see mr. mcculla said the man beat him. he's got all sleeve. do for believe me. you guys used to, maybe it will. clear up, balboa barber siri. luce springs to pill. buell de uniform, shaw? somebody. no, no sir. wasn't. will the wish thatcher was current. our cook for room for says nan, yan lawson missed each school in the sun. then that's normally easier. louie. okay . who's schifflet's analyst of bully peachcare for shes. oh awesome. they need
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a meeting them. i she, she knew this wasn't more good yesterday to go. i did them social poster now i should shortly be away with it. it just will be to apply here with me who's does m this as a and your pastor aster, as most teachers schalk out that i'm getting through, getting on c o. e. lucas did notice, do you like that to i via got senior weights or broad or play me the doorway. i to your grades a capital roy. so deuced b d c dub with my it in as a sunday. but that also told you, you know, was my origins get nauseous, lushu chip smo region, silica he had their girls or know, suggest them her tried to morocco, stick to,
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to you. whoa, whoa, don't linda, but music of marcia onto marina. no, go sloppily. gulfport a bunch of pianos are slow to go in such a mildly go to be sure. fugitive papa. yes, no books should just push ability me fabi some of the while ago. peer jim will say that and my valuable shed to not do it. he eugenia poke. are you sniff? we are starting spi while do you suppose been escape? i used to move to move slash nessa lou cannot but not me. so why she posed is that she now shall they go to say, or banjo crumbs id vish, but politely pierre physicals. edward on me at the fiscal bill novel in your credit, a swarm all thought of. we were sproul at fac, or the, as a creek. you who rack is actually now she that she she and yet they go get a,
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a caller to make only be junior by the victims. mostly the openly. ready ah, showed that she glanced, can i say the most tamika? they've done the storm of the see me, but if i do as little cookie am for such a shitty donkey domus california, to look at a detailing, it'll no good deal to stay below. it is alida when i was wishes to livonia can downloaded. so says that mirror weighs if an emergency was the latest but the most timely delgano you released? i been misty. it used to be supposed mr. katrina picking up by the mo, think he was placed gray senior enlisted took a number. i said come through obamacare classic letter that those are still in plato. dublin, you asked for meadow at cbs and usa porter style pro. i did the such not even
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lucidity or grains of i'm to poor school. i get that. so now you missed a political and that's a local just as to what, what when you finally we're good. let us a little, it's a little to what did you get the ability to perform the policy with rescuing reports coolant. am some others i wanna maximum of just daniel of sunny's time, those fcc optics. now and of course, you know, jessica in the shadow of a late us, while our coff checkoff language to, to in this now de la, she am ok instruments and eastern potentiate that has all nothing santa fe. mm hm. with anybody and you have you really when you can use them, you can somebody suggest to what he could you store. okay,
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but look in your property disco pushing you sort of order. oh stone. i says, knowledge door scored a chrysler area by jolessa or will stay in garage or willa bullying me and you're fine yet still place would you be doable at the koa store what my me and i'd still playing you nymph e book before the class. now to me, more on the boards of what you cheated already. so they go to their store, got daughter movies, which by judge goes up in the us. i use the thank you, mobilize them are below this as than year. as ellers me grain. it would, which were pushing louis anita of o u n. the code i liberated said we're not talking about 10000 or even 800000. but about every poll from old people to children,
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we need to read to our land. this fills o u n. members immediately replied in chorus, you must be need deep in blood to liberate ukraine for me up to brazil, desanya novel ease disorder at the material in the process of a store initially, can you do the of your own of steve purchase or interest i'd be reached or tell bought a bomb, which is steve laraca. suddenly not bullshit is obese to borrowed. but it's david cbs, senior guy with the city corporation was she'll post was a b, y, open up all she did the army if they deal to do
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it all the girl, when you got gun, that is this is many months as a cheap redeemer which is quarter by lake euros, kill grain. bliss gear that same with i see. do i live with and law? yes. literally ignatius i'd say green. yes. is this the man interested stake anxiously. not single. chose to say granny's ear. you unless you bad business. those protests postalia to remove the pluming asleep. so i submitted. ed, slay you. yes. loading tish list. but who did say i see the image does it still by noon, of course, watching years known to me you bulletproofing and fidel with it. then looking, appleton is against a little bit, he said, when that same place with me the nuremberg trials from the testimony of their member and stuart's during the retreat of german troops from ukraine, canada as himself,
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gave the order to continue the struggle and terror. specifically in order to manage the nationalist movement, officials, officers and agents remained there. ah, they were orders to create food and weapons stashes by direct order of him, la rama shall cabbage was appointed commander in chief of the u. p. a. ah ah ah . what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race,
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this on offense bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist . i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk for me who needs to come to russian state. i never, i've stayed on the northland scheme development. i'm not doing that for a week within the 55 when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin community up machine, the state on russia today, and sports or t sports that even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with
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ah, beyond us is no man's land offer rat. ukrainian positions are going to take a closer look at a cranes counter offensive service in the has long region as feed food suffer. heavy losses will make no city to day. as washington signs, another multi $1000000000.00 merge aid package. ukraine the new and found the alarm to focus on how these weapons are being used a made what it pulls tremendous devastation and no.


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