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ah ah, the nearburg trial ass irvin's on the housing head of a verse sabotage. section 2, testified on september the 12th 1939. a chief admiral canada is with instructed by 3rd wry, foreign minister, a yell at him from reagan truck. oh, it's necessary to reach out to the ukranian nationalists with whom intelligence had already had military contact to cause an insurgency in poland, which would have as its result, the extermination of poles and jews from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists in the summer of 1943, i was indeed given a rifle in the village of sketch of a vod noise districts and joined the ukrainian nationalist organisation which
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committed mass, murder of poles. shout you now stand no. it would be de la muse, republish kim tragedy. jets gotten up, shook up to them. yeah, well, yes. have a locked, i'm yell or start for. well, if pushed it or not to judge cut glue, here goes wrong. sure. she little quote. back up to renew. will you not recall on your dea phoenix would have preferably deep who's in now? bob cheesy is sharleen. blanche to walk it more ravonne wrote you rosara doll p release from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists. the bose couldn't put out resistance, they had no weapons, we beat them with whatever we could on the street in their flats, in their sheds. the battle lasted about 4 hours, then every one went home. in 1943,
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far from the front lines. one of the biggest world war 2 tragedies unfolded in an area called balise. ah ah, pulling it actually to the food you know cranium. did it podium shooting at the high? did she ship tucker lean that you bought a control and put your boat story shield? and each thought told or near a speed else in the whirling m. e, or by their care of voting, and that each respond eat e bottom because i q over in the mustang. but then if we need school bumpers. polanko for nancy below grain. so we'll see on your bill chain sheet or
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even in the future, i should of renewed them. he lost cost states that they released him. novia is looking his show for the pit, or we need to, we were cut about purchased pushing plans that relo tulsa will still determining if its away for shaw management. duchamp ashika mail is still available . me would be mailed already in coop to crane. say cisco to vouch, that's one of my mom which has after too much ela, should put me to run. you must not go be some more. not for the rubbish vexes to summer. i slow down that treasure shinta in. we should be in the for a future, but he's still really put on today,
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which kimberly is didn't ask him yet. he needs on us. lemme aching to push. he that is, you know, if you guys can look dish myoshi here versus canada. shan't that horse esther sharper i saw her. do this and provide is officer heck was born with arctic chugs kobylinski browser and they prob robin. he or she needs a place for him for villa parker. she ties option or group gus on or he locked dock . his heart that manon, it a lead to that? sure. if she's got a brochure, very harmony, if nobody atmospheric from january 28th to february 3rd 1929. the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists took place in vienna. the organisation of ukrainian nationalists or o u. n. for short, was founded by colonel yet gainey kind of audits and australia officer lincoln
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mounded ukrainian nationalists units during world war one than the civil war lied in exile. he and his fellow officers lent the outdoor organisation. but i will practised, i shall die, watch out of taste. suppose keep up in scotland town on october among uber. a stylish fire last night wasn't up ice. ukrainians, inhabited some of the land that would become part of poland after world war one by dalia grosvenor, molina and galicia. bracer was you out of trouble? no of us were for america, and perhaps is your last you perhaps, or the train you said once. and now thinks that enough nella bid to put a run of lush if a veil car some was enough. that is our suborn. oh crane i think with no kind of. # # oh, from resolutions adopted the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists. vienna 1929.
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only after the ukrainian lands a completely it of all invaders. well conditions for the comprehensive development of the ukrainian nation be created. the ukrainian state will strive to reach the borders that encompass all ethnic ukrainian territories, brutal grades that have to reasonably legacy at the dd duty. she has a widely sticking crazed him to having them chose youths. there's g got dory, dd the snap preempt. able josie's. e e b him to my children, say it. i see me leo, when they bought the nino lira when ski a war was not beat digital div also. she's use of what i get. it must guy. he boost oral scheme of school skate pro muscle stating that say,
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you really live over me up and if i yeah, i think not a cheese to ged through zillow. it duck it or shrugged kit. natalie sto crazy skew. position skew available here. korea zak upon and dimensions. you are sure of the screen. yeah. gossip off to you own off to bundle of it presents ascii. then you heard the michigan line school combination. you shows your other. oh and asking you here. there are sure up his full, brutal alley. he 40 last year. company upset your port scott. that's on the us board, said doug, should you say, would you run tag roku? presently, mirabel tag when you want to. well,
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can the bill i think now, shows actually his stem shall tackle her of dish browley your dwell, bethaly only o cranes content over easter, laughed the girl in orlando, but i don't it s s. ah, millersville ukraine's concern is the way that when you ain't been listed in the police, it was the proof so that i missed it. i'm with flu, uncomfortable although the signal social for the diesel according to america's to ship a hotel, to shop, to ship of shipper who knew a motor boat with truthful thought scotland, she just put a few food show please. ah,
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we'll go. was the old address meal, which he thought you had to sub for them. we were in for a mutual or but got off to build a blunder. water bottles eat. i need a bullet in stroke ciocca to run as it was buddy. bosh, e g chased out what would you be waiting at the ball? i got home there, but a shorter unless that i need some store. i've got to reboot you turner at us. be sure totally do it from the oh you in the handbook struggle and activities during war. the polish leaders are to be eliminated. destroy above all the intelligentsia, our power must be terrifying to its opponents. a reign of terror of foreign enemies and traitors among our own means that so please consider this difficult,
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unapproachable opinion on the credit. blanch cook a thing that's cool. come on doing it. okay. oh, pretty little. so now i just need to program which one is all with don't post enough, presto, b, garage, or look, a queen which would suck, stubbornly, lee said mister, and it's just a little worse to run the when it's you privy to the community to go. and you, we will buy your passport, you sugar, keith, please. nick, you go up which committee and you should be what r e? it prescribed you look at that to the, to the washer, to contribute to williams, and he managed to catch and then from our show kinaski nationalities natal yes. saw a spot as by those was on there for tom sharp to just i low default gas chauffeur or or tack? yes, i mean so she nam you apple. like i mean linden semi change john austell anger. and
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you cause this now law, all kinds of a signal child excise go magellio mostly the on i'm out. samus donavon. really do you mr. any pusher political pacific of safe place to amusement z. m a. see dallas fullest gets the honey of a young man. they returned from the front in 1921 after the war with soviet russia, ukraine and belarus. numerous ponies colonies were established in virginia. co that needs to deviate from awarded by latest early premier donna did not see what such president of michelin. yeah. well, we know they should teach the willing to do, thought he is his physician, a glove that send this to you blades his india by at the mazda. she's emily can yes, the nice bustle. so we're good. we're our oceans and not shiny, musical and east. the me email me
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ah, watch, and it was a national z m a l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where such order to conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to create truck rather than a various job with artificial intelligence. we have somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with that being an issue on a has ashley of
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a d. c. wanted to work with . how can i put the chin of science in the postcolonial arrive? something like that and then we got that was it. i see with little gray lisa the you don't say will then believe ashley put bible her ginia. i'm w me, i don't even shing them. misc i missed allow me be able to be shit. alonso no dosa to be sure. you know, he stereo will crying. she, he was radi shamia drove her knee. it'll say you only
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to get what you me i forget the war. rog, name kelly grey sky drive, nice clothes, which are being so will be a just totally real grades your sub roof calling me or your from global skate theory. fuel treatable works with forces historically that will the sanctioning tedious, may iranian as well. so law of was get would get to walk away out those get them on the police ticker, could give us a party to east to grains of little grains for you leave to any me when you have yet to fix you to what you oh that i would you thought it limit? i said you need to when you them, you couldn't when you needed to sniff posted to the such. i see what he's conditional. not as a to even look machine. yeah. cool. he agrees with them. you nice can william too at all stole come up when it when you come to pick up
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a good me especially not. cedar wouldn't know whether you want me on the vehicle to be able to see what they are steadily notable. said the neocons, but yeah. can we be to do is you can think of it any me a national put g o you think eating now 6 months, so as a creature. ah, it's a creek villas up at no credit union and you can use not a good idea. so i order on the get the money and those 2 periods are gentle, weekly go if she needs to to you thought it be. so check with michelle. you push, push go. she's like a little bit of a east casually. it's darlene. yes. produced you. god does produce b my, it's a dolock near that that chimney the review school for the whole, the chips i see at leap or gumble. so to close it up with dish menia presell, meaning it order to be almost b as in boy james on at me. you as
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a but also my location, the door to peach watching, press the a to b a, b a t h o h skis, the rest your daughter beach that's at least um no gam, by the ugly advice. ah, she she, j o e g b kiss or says him or doran yaki somers and exhibit to pre danger more to run or push on crow. mr. should have if you wouldn't run mission of them, are you still saying he's part of who was a visa born in that area? one car which is actually came out because i was using yeah, toby will up. she going to run your daughter. you missouri with this? i think up. i love. good, good. not to love. you still go to love it. bunch of bravo. i'm sure yours,
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america should perform a job. this you brought the enough room to few question. table bleachers. i'll go double play. the missouri as much of mean for on us not unusual is my shipping with roman address. my even came off head of an o u. n. detachment. people be warned. musk of i, it's polls mag, yards and jews are your enemies. eliminate them. remember, your leadership is the o u n. your leader is stepan band data ah, on the new blue, no, actually with the, with the junior on nibble, you wore them in, eula, go on down, you will. what julia katara blo though, washing machine, we general conflicts on your bill. that's in the see. mr. mcculla said the man beat him. he's got all sleeves do for were listen to me. you guys used to maybe it will
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. clear up, balboa barbara, siri, leaf, springs to pill, buell doc, union, phone, shaw. somebody, no more than will the wish touch her current cook for room for doesn't. yan lawson, misty schooling. and that's now new ego lukea gray, who's given us on the list of bully peachcare for shes. oh good wasn't on the need when who are printing them? i she, she knew she wasn't more good yesterday. do believe it social poster. now, i should shouldn't be away with it. it just will pay supply here with me. who does m? is that and your past answer is misty shock. i what that am get you to get an answer . oh boy, cuz neighbors do you like they to i via got senior weights are broader, believe me. he threw away
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a capital. roy show deuced bdc doubled my it. that's a vocal as a sloan bundle shooter world, you know, was my origins get nauseous? lushu chip smo region slicker. he had their garza model though or no sir, just them her. try them a roku. stick to the year. whoa, whoa, whoa, don't linda. but music of math here on to marina. no go sloppily. gulfport, a bunch of pianos are slow to go in such a mile. he go to the sheer fugitive papa. yes, the book should just push a believe me, sabi, some of the while ago, peer again, we sat in my jolly mom said to not route you do the poke or use that we are starting school. well, you have to post an escape route to move to move slash there's a check. loo
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cannot but not me. so i, she points sc is that she now shall they go to say o console crimes id vish, but bally pierre fizzled on me. as the fiscal bill noble in your credit, a swarm all thought of we were sproul at clack, or razzle creek. you who right is actually now she that she she and yet they got yes, junior. mm hm. if you are a regular to make only be due by the for the semester openly particular ah, showed that she was grace. can i say the most tamika? they've done a storm of the see me. but if i do is look at them, it's a shitty donkey, thomas, california to look at, i detailing it to no good video to study what is alita?
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when i was fishing line, you can download it. so says that mirror weighs if you want it. yes. but the most timely delegate, the, the released i been misty. it used to be the past mr patrick enough. but the more i think it was a grey senior enlisted took a number. i said, come through obamacare across the globe. that those 2 in the political postalia as for meadow exhibit, numerous bozer style pro i did the such now keen lucidity or grains of i'm too poor school, i get that. so now you missed a political and that's a local, just as to what, what we need for newly the we agreed to learn a little to what each you, at the military to perform a policy contorted with rescuing reports coolant m. some of our now maximum images daniel, of sunny stay on the left, cisco or object. now and of course, you know, jessica must you said of late us while our coff checkoff language to to in this now
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de la, she am ok instruments and eastern pities sheet that has all nothing santa fe. mm hm. with anybody. and you can be really when you can purchase them, you can so any suggest to lease could you store? okay, well look in your property disco pushing you sort of order. oh, stone. i says, knowledge door, squatter crossed that area by george. pleasant. or we'll stay in garage or willa bully him in your plan yet to place would you be doable at the koa store what my meant as to playing yet nymph e book before the cross slattery. more in the woods. what he did it already. so they go to their store, got daughter movies,
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which by judge goes up in the us. i usually eat like you mobilize them are below this as than year, less ellers me grain more would, which were pushing lucius nita, of o u n. the code i live id said, we're not talking about 10000 or even 800000, but about every poll from old people to children, we need to rate our land. this phil's o u n members immediately replied in chorus. you must be need deep in blood to liberate ukraine for me. dr. brazil. decide. yeah. novel ease disorder. there were it material in the process of a store initially can you do the of your own
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of steve purchase or bought interest? i'd be so rich total portable which is steve laraca. so normally not bullshit is obese. the borrowed but it's david cbs, senior guy with the city corporation with she'll roster was a b, y o propose she did the but i mean if they deal with played field a girl by nature government, this is many months as a cheap bridge in motion. scores by lake euros, kill grain, bliss gear that same with i see. do i live with and law? yes. literally a consistent, say green. yes. is this the online interested steak analysis, financing? interested. se granny's e. leslie. bad pitching, steady schedule. postalia to review the premium lead. so i submitted ed slayer. yes . i had been tish list, but who did say i see the image,
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does it still minute close watching? yes. no, actually you bulletproofing and for there with it. then looking appleton. it's a conditional, not that he said when that same price with me the nuremberg trials from the testimony of up van, ember and stuart's during the retreat of german troops from ukraine, canada as himself gave the order to continue the struggle and terror. specifically in order to manage the nationalist movement, officials, officers and agents remained there. ah, they were orders to create food and weapons stashes by direct order of him le rama shall. cabbage was appointed commander in chief of the u. p. a. ah, ah, i will never be
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a victory for russia. wait solutions. who are you still waiting, materially done by? she looked at a meal. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as oman americans to last you get done in carbon dioxide. merc of forces urine, you're not in your engage in conflict with russian forces. american forces are heard and a friend, nato allies with happens that nato escalates even more indiscretion. military operations become a war door when you put those have of wilson denise or another 1000 is my store. i see it i you with so i you sleep issue a unique and you stuff with most of them. let's see where you live. only just finished the sewage near. i see the girl
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who's a ah, india is not a magic was dean b. we had an independent guarantee with the largest population, so we would make decisions based on our historical and strategic dies with other countries and based on, on national interest on a stretch security interest. and in that guarantee of the state of russia, who has helped india in strategic programs and has been a libel block that, how can you know, india look the other way around?
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and we will exchange opportunistic with a killer form the initial be. well, of course, not significant dealer post on a can use to put value a new due date or change by y'all as to which to done those up the a so much as i pointed that out on the billing system a what i see the student both use the little gear motivation says use a gun,
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bob. ah, with this alice help headlines on asi international as russia orders a regrouping of troops from the northern front lines in ukraine to reinforce his activities in a don it's region which is currently being intensely shelled by ukrainian force. beyond us is no man's land. also that ukrainian positions party takes a closer look at ukraine's counter offensive attempt in the heart of song region as key of troops proportionately suffer very heavy losses while trying to break the line of russian defences. and all of it, as washington sends an.


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