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i think that we got that voice. yes. i see with that have them look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to rate trust rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have, it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic and development only really. i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk. ah lou the nuremberg trial ass irvin's on the housing head of a verse sabotage. section 2, testified on september the 12th 1939, a chief admiral canaries with instructed by 3rd ry foreign minister. a yell at him on reuben truck. oh,
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it's necessary to reach out to the ukranian nationalists with whom intelligence had already had military contact to cause an insurgency in poland, which would have as its result, the extermination of poles and jews from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists in the summer of 1943, i was indeed given a rifle in the village of sketch of a vod noise district and joined the ukrainian nationalist organisation which committed mass, murder of poles. shout you now stand no. it would be de la muse, republish kim surgically judge cotton up shook up to him. yeah. will your child up to him yell or start for while you push it or not to judge cut glue? here goes ronald. chef. she little cool. popped up to renew. will you not recover your dea phoenix would have proof of our deep who's in our bob gigi is
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sharleen blanche to walk it more. robin wrote you drew sarah doll p beliefs from the testimony of an arrested member of the organisation of ukrainian nationalists. the bose couldn't put out resistance, they had no weapons, we beat them with whatever we could on the street in their flats, in their sheds. the battle lasted about 4 hours, then every one went home. in 1943, far from the front lines. one of the biggest world war 2 tragedies unfolded in an area called balise. ah ah, pulling it a no, carrying him to the podium shooting at the high day. she's here, doctor lean,
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that you bought a control and put your boat story ship. she'll have each door told go nearer speech else in the whirling m e are by their care or voting and that each respond eat e bottom because i q over to me in the mustang. but then if we need school bumpers polanko for nancy below grain. so you'll see on your bill chain sheet or even in the future, i should of renewed them last constraints that they believe sylvia is looking his show for the period when it away. when the cut about touched pushing plans live, hello, tulsa will finish your due diligence away for a short management duchamp ashika. her bill is still available. mute, emailed with coup to crane sir
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cisco, to vouch, that's one of my mom which has access to mozilla. you should put me to run, you must be some more. not for the rubbish vexes to summer. i slow down that place as shinta in we should be in the for a convention, but you still really put on today, which kimberly is mindy asking, hearing needs on us. lamar looking to push he that is kill me. if you guys can, is one dealership biachi. here versus canada, she and therefore she saw sharp. i saw her. this and provide is officer harrison born with arctic chugs kobylinski prowess law and they prob robin. he or she needs a place for him for villa parker she days after that group, cassandra hillock. dock is robbed that manon it take it to doctor if she is,
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cooper or brower. she very harmony if nobody atmospheric from january 28th to february 3rd 1929. the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists took place in vienna. the organisation of ukrainian nationalists, or o u. n for short, was founded by colonel yet gainey kind of audits and austrian officer, lincoln mounded ukrainian nationalists units during world war one than the civil war lied in exile. he and his fellow officers lent the outdoor organisation. but i will practised, i shall die, watch out of taste. suppose keep up in scholar to an honor to among uber. a stylish fire last night wasn't a vice ukrainians, inhabited some of the land that would become pond to poland after world war one by
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dalia grosvenor molina and galicia. bracer was you or the shop owner for her, for, for america. and perhaps is your last you, prior to arthur green, you said one sheet and now texted and left me a lab bids would've earned last year or they'll class i was enough. that is our symbol. oh, crane. i think with no kind of. # oh, from resolutions adopted that the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists, vienna 1929, only after the ukrainian lands a completely of all invaders. well conditions for the comprehensive development of the ukrainian nation be created. the ukrainian state will strive to reach the borders that encompass all ethnic ukrainian territories, brutal grades that have to reasonably legacy at the dd. 2 d. c. s. a wiley stick increased him to having them chose units. this g
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got dory, dd snyder, pm, dave georgie's. in europe a year you me to may choose in say it. i see me leave or when they bought in the mean yes. similar when ski a war wars not beat digital div also. she's use of what i get. it must guy. he boost oral scheme. must pull scale pro muscle speed that say you really easy it over with he project for i can you can also achieve ged through zillow. it, duck it, we're sure of. keep natalie still crazy. skew. position skew, available here. korea zak upon and dimensions. you are sure of the screen. yeah. gossip off to you own off to bundle of it presents ascii. then you
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heard the michigan line school combination. you shows your other oh and asking here there are show up kids full, brutal alley. he tory lasha company upset your port scott? not from yes, boy said don't. she's you several different, a roku present level mirabelle tag when you want to. well, can the bill? i think now shell 6 for his stem shall tackle her of dish browley ears. dwaa bertha, leona o crane ski central there easter last. the girl ero love, but i don't it s s ah, universe resilience concern is the way of papers to him the piece it was the proof
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so that i missed it. i'm with flu. i didn't cut out a blood early stiffness social with diesel according to america's to ship a 42 shots are shared with the modem, but what with trisha for them for them scatter. she just put a few food show please. ah, a go. so i want to re mila, or chief, or tracy, i to sub good them. we were in for a mutual or but got of you built a blunder, but a bottles eat. i need a book in stroke ciocca to read as well as body batch e g. case out. why would you be waiting in the book?
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i got on there, but a shorter unless that i need some store. i've got a little boy dinah at us, be sure she don't normally do it from the o. u. n. a handbook struggle and activities during war. the polish leaders are to be eliminated. destroy above all the intelligentsia, our power must be terrifying to its opponents. a reign of terror, but foreign enemies and traitors among our own reasons. so please consider this difficult, unapproachable opinion on the credit. blanche cutting the school come on doing it properly. oh, pretty little santa. just need to program literally. elizabeth, don't post an opera still pretty good. i will look a queen, which will it start really? g said no, still new to still use that are going to run the will. it's you printed the command here. go and you. we will pass, but you should like you to please make you go up when upwards quickly and you feel be what r e it rescheduled that go to the,
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to the ocean to control you to williams and he managed to catch and then from our show krinski nationalities, natal yes, saw the spots as part of those was on there for tom or just a load off of their chauffeur or tack? yes, i'm in 0. she nam. yeah. paula cammie london, see me change john austell. thank you cause this now law. all kinds of us signin, child excited. go jonya mostly. if you all know some austin of union. mm. really do you, mr. portia political pacifica. c to honestly z m a c, early polish, gets the who me of a young man. they returned from the front in 1921 after the war with soviet russia . ukraine and bella rose. numerous ponies colonies were established in bohemia.
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co, 3 to deviate from awarded by lake to start, rarely premium, did not seek device which president of missy leon. yeah. well, you know, they should teach the, willing to do, thought he is his position to global. send this to you blades his media by at the more us today she's emily can yes, the nearest bus or so we're we're our oceans and with national, new musical and east and me email india is north america, dean b. we are an independent country with the largest population. so we would make decisions based on our historical and strategic dies with other countries and based on our own national interest, artist, structured security, interest, and in that country of the steward of russia who has helped india. and it's
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a strategic programs and has been a libel partner. how can you know, india look the other way around and we would streamline opportunistic. mm. ah ah, ah ah, ah. mouse another while you while you easy while finesse us. ah. yeah. boy, you know it's a one slide. yes. south. yeah. thrashing south
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with bethany garza boys. now. watch them up all mutable up. i picked them up. is emily up a little radio from shelby? she's kim's room. she's thoughtful. it's, it's the y fi, ela a yes. my thought watching in the again the audio fortune pretty up. my be a lot about this morning as i've searched financial i'm the that's a little them believe. ashley football. her machine. you're not. mm. i
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don't even shing anatomy tub missed gun. mr. let me be out of shit. ballade said no . teresa to be sure. you'd knock, historian, crane, she is ready. shamia drove her e 0 said you only to get what you me every everyone right name kelly grey sky drive. nice clothes again. so i will be a just totally real grades really just kept calling me or you're from golf gate will field trip for work school i thing with points us, i still can enjoy that will the sectioning tedious iranian as well. so law up was get, would get to walk away. i thought it was good, one piece to co could get to the party, to east to grains of little grains for you leave the sending me. when you get to fix you to where you are, you would you thought it was in the mid i said you need to when you them good
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anymore. he gets posted to the such as what he scottish law not as a to even let the shania cool you crazy them. unique, convenient to store, come up when it, when you call it took a look at me so i should not cedar move know with each one me on the secondary and i will see what the steadly notable se did, than you know couldn't, but yeah, can be be do is you can think of it, he made a national put g o u, the key to black secret must so as a creature, ah, it's agree in those up with no credit union and you can use not a good idea. so your order and the can you donnie and those 2 periods i tried to go if she needs to to you thought it be still a checklist. so you push push sco, piano for a bit of a east casually. it's darlene. yes. produced you. god does produce b my, it's
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a gold cook near that that chimney the review school for you hold the chips. i see it. you put gumble articles on a book dish menia presell, meaning it order new beef update most of the airbags on at me jones, but also my location the door to please watching. press the up to be at the a, t h o h skis, the rest you got dora beach nissan elisa um no gam, by the ugly advice. ah see she to go get her says im, or duran yaki some was an exhibit to pre danger more to run or push on crow mr. should have if you wouldn't really show them that i went up to you still say i could put a hook. it was a visa barnes in that area. one car which is actually kid. well,
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because our children yeah. probably will up she going to run your daughter, missouri as you ah, yes, i think up i live. good lord. okay. excuse me, not to let you still go to lecture bunch of bravo. i'm sure yours about how should perform a job. these you brought the enough room for a few question, paper bleachers. i'll go with double grade this missouri as much as we mean for on us. nasa. michelle is my shipping with from an address my even came off head of an o u. n. detachment. people be warned. musk of ice polls magyar, isn't jews, are your enemies, eliminate them? remember, your leadership is the o. u n. your leader is step on bank dera. ah, one near below, a snow actually with the genia on nibble. you wall
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a stone and you will go on down. you will. what julia katara, the washing machine will be more convenient for latin. i see mister city macola silly man beat him. he's got all sleep due for release me. he goes east, maybe. if the walk leach co, balboa barber siri luce, principal to view the union phone and shaw somebody, no more than will the wish touch her current or cook for room for doesn't. yan lawson missed each schooling, and then that's not only ego lukea or crated sickness. and the least of bully peachcare for shes. oh, do i need a meeting them? i she, she knew she wasn't more good yesterday to go. i did them social poster. now i should shortly be away with it. just with the supply here with me whom sam? this as a and your past answer as most teachers schalk out that i'm getting through getting
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answer. oh boy, because they had this, do you they to, i via got senior weights are broader, believe me, he threw away a 2 year guy. it's a capital roy. so deuced bdc doubled my it units. oh, vocally, as i slung, bundle suitable, you know, was my origins get nauseous, lushu ship smo, region silica he had their girls or no sir, just them her tried to my roku, stick to dear. whoa, whoa, whoa, don't linda. but mr. marsha onto marina. no, go sloppily. gulfport a bunch of pianos are slow to go in such a mile. he go to be sheer fugitive papa. yes, the book should just push a believe me phobia. some are about to go peer again. we sat in my jolly mom said
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to not route he eugenia poke or use that we are starting school. well, do you suppose been escape marines for me to miss last night? i cannot but not me, sir. why? she paused, isn't she now? shall they go to say, o concho chromes id vh. but bally pierre physics egg, with only at a physical bill. novel in your critic, slomo thought we were sproul at fac razzle creek. you who right is actually now she that she, she and yet they got a rip, a color to make only be junior, but it wasn't supposed to be openly. ah, for sure. that was what she was. grace can i say the most tamika?
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they've done the storm of the see me, but if i do as little clinical am such a shitty dork is adonis california to look at a detailing. it'll no good deal to study in the what is a leader? when i was fishing line, you can download it so says that mirror weighs if an emergency was of it. yes, but the most timely delgano mic released. i've been misty. it used to be up as mr. patrick enough. but the more thank you with a gray senior enlisted book of numbers i sort of come to warmer, cross a good at those things like the political postalia as we're always cbs and usa porter study pro i did the such now between lucidity or grades of i'm to poor school. i get that so i mean it's got political and local just as to what, what we need for newly we're good to learn a little too. what did you get the ability to perform a felicity cutter with rescuing people in school in m some as others?
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i wanna maximum them understand all of sudden you stay on those fcc or object now divorced, you know jessica in last year she had of late us. well i coff checkoff language to to in this now de la, she am ok. instruments and eastern pertains sheet that has all nothing santa fe. mm hm. with anybody and you can be really when you can use them, you can somebody suggest to lease the store. okay, but look in your to are pretty sca pushing you sort of order. i was told i says, knowledge door scored a chrysler area, but you know that i will stay in garage or willa bullying me and you're fine yet.
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still preschool. a doable at the koa store, what my me and that's to play near nymph e don't before the cross loud anymore in the woods of 20 to 30. so they go to their store. got daughter movies which by judge goes up in the office. they use the thank you, mobilize them are below this as than year ms. ellers me grainy would, which will push in lucy's nita of o u. n. the code i liberated said we're not talking about 10000 or even 800000. but about every poll from old people to children, we need to read to our land. this fills. oh, you and members immediately replied in chorus. you must be knee deep in blood to liberate ukraine for me up to brazil decide. yeah. novel ease disorder. there were
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a material that brought a store recently. can you do you have your own of steve purchase or no interest? i'd be so rich. total portable which is steve laraca. suddenly not bullshit is obese to borrow. but it's david cbs, senior guy with the city organization was she was a b, y, or capital. she did the army, yet they deal with it all to go by now to government. this is many months as a cheap bridge in motion scores or by lake euros, kill grain. bliss gear that same with i see. do i live with and law?
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yes. literally a can you just say green? yes. is this that online interested stay granules is financing just would say, granular e, you knows less. you bad pitching steady schedule, postalia to review the premium. need some. i submitted ed slayer. yes. loading tish list. but who did say i see the image? does it still buy new gross watching years new into new bill opinion for there with it then looking, appleton is finished a little bit. he said with that same price with me the nuremberg trials from the testimony of up their member and stuart's during the retreat of german troops from ukraine, canada as himself, gave the order to continue the struggle and terror. specifically, in order to manage the nationalist movement officials, officers and agents remained there. ah, they were orders to create food and weapons stashes by direct order of him la, rama and show cabbage was appointed commander in chief of the u. p. a.
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ah ah, needs to come to the russian state full narrative as time goes on in the north 19 div asking him the knocking. also, for a week within the 55 will be speedo keys on i need to find anyone else with we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia to date and square r t sputnik. even our video agency, roughly all brand on youtube and pinterest and with requests with,
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ah mm mm, oh, well, never be a victory for russia. we solutions here with you, a new modem, but look at a mean ukraine, more is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. muslim are made, it comes to not should kick in carbon dioxide. america forces are, and you're not in your gage in conflict with russian forges, american forces are here and defend nato allies. what happens if nato escalates even more than discussion, military operations become a war when you put those hip. so that will be rules that the actual and that will, that doesn't, is my dog. i see it that i see you with what i mean with, so i use please be sure you can use stuff to
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with with russia orders or regrouping at its forces from the northern front lines in ukraine to reinforce its troops and on yet regions amid intense shelling also and the stories that shape the week. ah, yes for says shell i key bridge and southern ukraine using the americans applied hi mars rocket sit down with sitting a price cap on russian resources.


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