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then every one went home ah, in 1943, far from the front lines, one of the biggest world war 2 tragedies unfolded in area code. belinda ah, pulling it the way to the podium. no cranium. did it podium shooting at the high day she? dr. lena report a controlled in pretty horrible story. she'll have each door told her nearer speech else in the whirling m e are by their care already. mean that each respond eat e bottom because i q over him in august, but then with me needs good bumper. spoiler cough, nancy below grain,
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so you'll see on your billing chain sheet or even a mcneish, russia out of really come. he knew moscow states that they believe senovia is lucky . his show for the better way to win cut about touches push plans, the rollo, tulsa, of teddy's yodi training. it was away for a short management duchamp. ashika mail is to them on mute, immune a synergy with cook to transfer fiscal year. our chefs on, on my mom which has access to mozilla, said peter anya, martha rubies martin, up with rubbish vexes to samar alice law. dana place as shanta in we should be in the for
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blue grinds can do, chew uneasily, put on today, which kimberly is didn't ask him yet. he needs on us. lemme aching to push, push to he rescue them. if you guys can, well, you should be watching you versus your narrow door. she and her horses saw sharp. i saw her. this implant is asher, heck was born with arctic chugs, kobylinski prowess law and their prob, robin. he or she needs a price for him for villa parker. she ties after that group, cassandra hilla doc is rob. their minority lead to darcia. if shes cooper or brower, she very harmony if nobody atmosphere from january 28th to february 3rd 1929. the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists took place in vienna, the organisation of ukrainian nationalists, or o u. n for short, was founded by colonel yet gainey kind of audits and austrian officer,
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lincoln mounded ukrainian nationalists units during world war one than the civil war. lied in exile. he and his fellow officers lent the outdoor organisation. but i will practised, i shall die, watch out of to taste you post. keep in skull external not to among the been a stylus fire. last night. last night, vice ukrainians inhabited some of the land that would become part of poland after world war one adalia rove nut millennia and galicia price. it was you are the shop owner of a foreigner and perhaps in class you perhaps a crane you several lunch. and now think that enough now ab did to put her in there last year or they'll pass. i was enough. that is our subordinate. okay, nothing good, no kind of
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o. # from resolutions adopted the 1st congress of ukrainian nationalists. vienna 1929. only after the ukrainian lands a completely rid of all invaders will conditions for the comprehensive development of the ukrainian nation be created. the ukrainian state will strive to reach the borders that encompass all ethnic ukrainian territories, blue green secretary, ultimately of legacy of duty, duty, a widely stuck in christ, mtm chose youths, dis, josie dory dvd snippy, empty georgie's in europe a. yep. mm hm. you, me to my children, say it, doug, but i see me leo, when they bought in the nino lira when my old ski a war. moore's enough to repeat v g g also she's use of what i get it. the muscogee boost oral schema school stayed promise, school stating that say,
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you really live over in effect. i. if not, i choose to ged through zillow. it thought that were shrugged kid natalie. so crazy skew, position skew, available here. korea zak. upon dimensions. you are sure other screen. yeah. gus, up after you own off to bundle of it. present ascii. then you heard the michigan line school compilation you sure? sure. other oh and asking in there are shrugged his full potential alley is for she washer company up. since you're born scott, not from yes. birth sir, that she's you said 0 integra roku present. lou murphey, when you go to well,
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ah candy booth. i, pocono she was actually esc stems article her own dish. browley your dra, bertha, leona or crane. excuse dental. there easter last, the girl iraq month. but i don't know if this ah, universe was dileo claims. concern is the way that when you think that history in the piece it was good proof so that i missed it. i'm with a little bloody stiffness social with the whole according to my focus to ship a whole lot of 2 shots or she had those of she for who knew a new modem. but what with trisha for foreign scepter, she just stuff
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a few food show, please. ah, a door a meal which he or she c h a sub for move in from you to one or a blunder but a but also i need a instruct ciocca today as well its buddy. bosh, e g finished out. where would you be waiting it to book a room there, but our shorter unless that i need some store, i've gotten it. but would you tell us, be sure, totally deal from the o. u. n. a handbook struggle and activities during war. the polish leaders are to be eliminated, destroy above all the intelligentsia, our power must be terrifying to its opponents. a reign of terror, foreign enemies,
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and traitors among our own. marines are sometimes constantly stick with an approaching pretty lonely carte blanche cooking school come on doing a pretty little so now just need to program which what elizabeth doe, boston up roster. pretty good are so look, a queen, which will it should stay really g. sadness around and it's just a little going to run the will it be privy to the community to go and you we will buy your passport. you sugar keith, please. nicky. go 8, a win up, which can music you and you should be, what i e it rescheduled dr. her to the, to the ocean, to contrary to williams and he managed to catch and can do before. no, i shall krinski nationalities matter and yes, saw the spots as part of those was on there for tom shaw to audio low default gas chauffeur attack. yes. time in 0 she nam. yeah. paula cami linden semi
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change. john alsco. thank you, cause this now la la. all kinds of us signin, child excited. go jail when you're most navy on some austin of union. mm. really do you missed any portia political pacifica? c 2 honestly, z m a c early fullest kits. the who me of a young man. they returned from the front in 1921 after the war with soviet russia . ukraine and bella roost. numerous ponies colonies were established in bohemia, co, 30 to deviate from awarded by latest early premier drama. did not seek device such president of missy leon. yeah. well, you know, they should teach the willing to do, thought he is his physician to dig love that service to you blades his india by at the more us die. she's emily danielle, the nearest by source. so we're, we're our oceans and not showing you musical and yeast in east
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india is north america, dean b. we are an independent country with the largest population. so we would make decisions based on our historical and strategic dies with other countries. and based on our own national interest, auto structured security interest, and in that country, or the steward of russia who has helped india and it's a strategic programs and has been a libel partner. how can you know, india look the other way around and we will streamline opportunistic. mm ah ah, with business and you cleaned
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with americans grey you, when you got over it is just such an article and also provide you with stuff such a short muslims, your factor of the different student info with you throw in the with them the problem you're still there with yours and i'm with jewish thought it was a community on all things to put it which, which no longer interested in nuclear from up the push to just a moment because there's no way to possible you school. of course, i don't know who got i know for a minute with you used to play in finances. come on both.
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i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust rather than fear with take on various job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot less protective phone existence with you don't say will them believe ashley, for bible for ginia and i'm mm. i don't even shing on top. misc. i missed an antibiotic shit a lot. said no toys. so to be sure,
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you know, he stereo crane, she was radi, shamia drove her e. yes. said you only to get what you me every everyone. right. name kelly grey sky drive. nice clothes, which are the 1st will be just totally real grades. really just have difficult me or your from global scale. very fuel treat for one thing with places historically, going to pull the sanctioning tedious me reunion as well. so law of was get, would get to walk away. i thought it was good, one piece ticket could get to the party to east or to grain. so little grains for you leave to jenny, me when you have yet to fix you to where you. oh no you would you thought it was in the mid i said you need to when you them good. when you need to sniff posted to the
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such. i see what he's conditional. not as a to given latonia cool. he agrees with them you nice. can william to store come up when it, when you come to pick up a good me should not sit up moving the with each one me on the secondary and i will see what they're steadly notable still than you know couldn't but yeah. can we be to do is you can think of it any me national put g o you think even act sick of must so as a creature, ah, it's a creek villas up at no credit union and you can use not a good idea. so i ordered a need, danny, and those 2 periods i tried to go if she needs to to you thought it be still a checklist. so your dish play sco cuz i'd be on north a east casually. it's darlene yes. produced you. god does produce b. my, it's a gold cook a can yet that that chimney the review school for the whole day chips i see at leap
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or gumble. so to close it up with if media presell, meaning it order new beef almost b as in boy james on at me. jones, but also my little choose you the dollar to penny watching. press the up to be at the a. t h 2 h skis, the rest you got dora beach that's at least but no gun by the ugly. it's and that's based ah she, she, j o, e g beautician says him or doran yaki somers and exhibit to pre danger more to run or push on crow. mr. should have if you wouldn't run her mission at them. as i went up to you still saying he's part of who was of isa born in that in one corner, which is actually king. okay. so she's in. yeah,
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probably will she going to run your daughter, missouri. crazy. especially good bye. good. good. not to love you. still both left here. bunch of brick. bravo. i'm sure yours, america should perform a job. these you brought the enough retreat. you be a question table bleachers. i'll go double play. the missouri as much as we mean for on us. not additional is my shipping with from an address my even came off head of an o u. n detachment. people be warned. musk of ice poles mag, yars, and jews are your enemies, eliminate them. remember, your leadership is the o u n. your leader is step and bon dera ah, one near below, a slower to limit the genia on nibble. you wore a stone and you will go on down. you will want julia katara,
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the washing machine region will convert from your politeness immune system color. suddenly, man beats him. yes, good, hoarsely is due for release me. you guys used to maybe. if the walk leach co, balboa barber, siri loose principle. beautiful. the uniform shore. somebody, no more than will the wish touch her current. cook for room 4 dozen onion. nothin missed each. come with us. no, no ego lukea are crazy sickness and the least of bully peachcare for shes o wasn't on the deal with them. i she, she just wasn't more good yesterday the related them social poster. now i should shouldn't be away with it. just with the supply here with me who does am, is that and your best answer is most teachers schalk out that them get it to get an
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answer. oh boy, because they have this, do you? they to i via got senior weights are broader, play me. he threw away a capital. roy show deuced bdc doubled my it gets a vocal as a slung bundle shooter will, you know, was my origins get nauseous? lushu chip, smo region slicker. he had their girls, amador know, so just them her tried them, a roku stick to the year. ho dumb. linda po, music of math here on the marina. no go sloppily. gulfport, a bunch of pianos are slow to go in such a miley, go to the sheer fugitive papa. yes, noble should just put your bill to me. fabi some of the while ago peer jim will say
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it's in my jolly mom said to not route you do the poke or use that we are starting school. well, you have to post an escape route for move to move slash. there's a check loo. cannot but not me. so i steeper schism now shall they go to say, oh, can i go crumbs id vish but politely petersburg with only asked of cisco bill noble in your credit. a swarm all thought of. we were sproul at clack, or razzle creek. you who ran is actually now she that she she and yet they got yes, junior. mm hm. if you have a color to make one the be due by dip. but it's mostly the openly parity loo showed that was what she says. grace can i say the most tamika. they've done the dorm of the see me. but if i do is little cookie
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. stay on the sets a shady donkey domus california to look at, i detailing it to no good video. the study in the what is a little and i was throw on you can downloaded so says that mirror weighs if any more did he was of it. yes, but the most i me delegate nick released i been misty. it used to be the past mr patrick enough. but the more thank you. now gray, senior enlisted took a number. i sort of come through obamacare, across the globe. that those 2 in the political postalia as laredo and cbs and usa, puerto staley pro i did the search now katina lucidity or grades of i'm too poor school. i get that. so now you missed a political and that's a little just as to what? well, initially we go to a party, what are you in the military to perform the felicity cathartic when you will? probably we need rescuing them before school lenient and some others. i wanna
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maximum of just annual of sunny's time those fcc object. now diverse, you know, jessica must just read off a late us, well i coff checkoff language to, to in the, in, if not de la, she am ok instrument sneezed on. pertains she that as i all, nothing santa fe. mm hm. with today. and anybody can be really, but you can eat, but she's only making can somebody seduce to waste? could you store? okay, well look in your total pretty sca pushing you sort of order. i was told, i says, knowledge door scored a christ that area by jolessa or little stadium garrett or willa bully him in your pin. yet to place
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a doable at the koa store my me and that's to plane you nymph e book before the cross slattery, more in the woods of what he did, a taurus, a vehicle. so their store got daughter. motion for which it by duke was up in the us. i usually eat like you mobilize them are below this as the near resellers, me grain, if more would, which will push in lucy's denita of o. u n. the code i liberty said, we're not talking about 10000 or even 800000, but about every poll from old people to children, we need to rate our land. this fills o u n members immediately replied in chorus. you must be need deep in blood to liberate ukraine for me. dr. brazil. i'd be saying novel ease disorder. if there were it material in
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the process of a person with store initially, can you do you have your own scheme purchase or they'd be so rich total. both of them was misty, joy, whitker, southern ireland. bullshit is obese, abroad. but it's david cbs chemo guy with the city corporation was she'll roster was a b, y, or propose she did the but i mean if they deal with it's the older group. i took a gun. this is many months as a cheap bridge in motion scores or by lake euros, kill grain. bliss gear that same with i see, do i live with and law? yes. little idea can you just say granular is listed on line interested,
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stay good. honestly, not single. just would say granny's ear, less you bad pitching stairs, put your postalia to remove the pluming asleep some flesh submitted. ed slayer. yes . loading tish list. but who did so i see the image. does it still by noon, of course, watching years in junior will opinion for there with it. then looking. appleton is a conditional note that he sent me in that same place with me. the nuremberg trials from the testimony of their member and stores during the retreat of german troops from ukraine, canada as himself, gave the order to continue the struggle and terror. specifically in order to manage the nationalist movement. officials, officers and agents remained there. ah, they were orders to create food and weapons stashes by direct order of him le rama . and she'll have, it was appointed commander in chief of the u. p. a. ah,
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i want to with this with you, i guess with you i'm with
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you cuz to political chris got to boot from beach though the still easy to the station but in the board with only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking to that is that nations, because that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nations who are the slaves. americans, brock, obama,
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and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. and international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning those russians into this danger is boy a man that wants to take over the world. that was caught, your strategy was and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off to exhibit in tablet block. nato said it's ours. we move east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it deny the sovereignty of all the countries? the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations are different nations. if nato disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good and that is the reality
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of what we're facing, which is fashion. lou needs to come to the russian state will never be as tight as on the north. 19 with 55 with will ben in the european union the kremlin. ca? yep. machine the state on to russia for date and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube and pinterest, and with
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this never be a victory for russia, especially when you're still waiting. lacy lane, not unless you look at a meal ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. naz on, on media comes to not should get done in carbon dioxide. america forces are, and you're not in your gage, in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are here to defend nato ally. what happens if nato escalates even more than the special military operations become a war? when you put dell set of rules, that dealership and that doesn't is much. so i see it that i see you, us thinking possibly got what i mean with. so you story, he should week and you stuff to with them. let's see where you live
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at home and just don't foolish there in your sewage. there i speak of the girl who's with the headlights knocking international russia order to regrouping of its forces from the north and frontline to ukraine to reinforce his troops and made intense shelling of the don. yes, creature. also here, what are the stories that shaped the with, with sitting a price cap on russian resources is an absolutely stupid idea. if political decisions are made and they go against contracts, then we will simply not fulfill them. we will not supply anything if it's against our interest president vladimir putin slammed with the decision of g 7 countries to put a price cap on russian feel.


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