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i want you to anybody from all, even almost 3 months now, alexander had a cough skis, unit made up of volunteers from dun ask, has been fighting on the murray with the front a new prospect from previous visit, a master at the foot. you as they start to hear that i see the people, it looks the i'm cables, level of customer. when you might get a buzz, you sort of a little bit because you'll ah
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bank angel, you 14 how to kosky realized they would have to fight in. it's the ukraine's pro russian cities as protests on keys. my dan escalated into st. wolf that someone with which he was and some of the news get anybody to us if you could, you please like okay, hold on with the brochure, summary promotions or some we do him book, but i wasn't going to do it but also for a with the number that it was all up on your i so i like i thought it feels like i just
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need to speak here when we got here. just give me a buzz. i'm newkirk parish there for the visuals of nickelodeon, which daughter started ah, off to the coup d'etat and ukraine, how kosky returned to his native done. it's here as in almost all russian speaking regions of southeastern ukraine, people refused to recognize the new government. ah, why don't you let me go any further matter what? who shall deploy shipping on my down in that'll be shy. a gore putting you on board a shawl narrow with a question of narrow up in the bush. i assure you we surely was mute. no, i thought that much that would be stupid. this is sheila, i'm to consider a song, a suggestion would be what with what was wrong. so home they call you least i mean
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that it was to come cook with the invoice from that has to be home sheen streaming yet. ah. i desa lugens done. it's and marty, you poke. people began to form malicious. yeah. got you got to talk to people as my son aiden will kind of see with all his computer, he could look to see what he sure. yeah. because the game you do, you want to call up the forest clearly will be earlier. i need to bring up her new, differ from florida to meet that old you my senior. you'll be in your boss with the horrible bridge or she will you get both of them bustle for most of them. but some of you perform your troubles media with both
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a with a go to school. when you get over a little more, not a resource, but also on, on your way. what's the medical emotional protect to some like, ah, articles case prediction came through within weeks. the 1st city then you keep authority sent. my dad protest isn't amin. it's too was murray. you both a crucial industrial center in southern ukraine, maryland and look or a new secret. it's all little screen regionally. i supposed to live with my church
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listening. okay. and he's watched and all sold it. and again, when you mitchell, i see children is up because all the students feel it from scratch. point for those 1st order that i roll a little. no korean intellectual is but it, well social models can ukrainian armed forces, open fire on civilians in mario on may the nice on that day as is tradition of wisdom. we're celebrating victory over fascism with he has the real
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ah with with . ready in february 2014, mario po, please sided with the pro russian residence. the ukranian army used combat
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vehicles against them. most of the fighting go crazy around the cities police department building a little. ready ready ready fighting they just love. ready a she can, that's like this'll be like push a little bit of a, you know, but i need to take it. yeah. but that's my question. what about the mckinney stone? i don't think it's, i think it's all divided into saying uniform. get my session with all it, he'd been up and hold it. so local combustion, it was done. you won't be in that clip on our point around us. well, it was on,
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but the leisure with with with what it with was the whole family bug. i think the question, but need to thank you for telling me somewhat during decided with only the only situ portable said be done, and mr. gardenia go with. oh, he did a little job, but if she has the what your loved ones done? yeah, flushing the push on it so you have to pursue that annually. it will get this done
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with me about the one you customer with us for, you know, with the proxy info, persuaded, median door keeper of the list of allah. but usually you go, that'll be just for the initial sub with ah, just ne, you know, green, you mean he was on like you don't want you to select your work and says to get them on. yeah, well you won't be ah, will during the possible commoner see what the diagnostic nationalist
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decent method there was dca e edition. you have a problem. of course i brit wash and loose. i may just in my show button will be due hacking me. santos was done, it's people's republics. first, defense minister in may, 2014. he was captured during an arm clash with fighting from ukraine's as of nationalist battalion. he was interrogated by the leader of ukraine's radical party . and the alleged gift called him in the presence of keep journalists but give them as go to school nichol. branson is a little nervous with them abroad that they've gone with nipples. if you will, you know this will be a little will, laportia will just being was mom will as deal. it's a pleasure, picasso watching us proceeding from a solemn, poorly cook. i should have more but be a little christ go west. but it little though i to pagoda my delight, do alesco with those be sealant fire,
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which the city of love this low all that but also i don't like others to did these cars, albany plaza. lucille, what i thought blaskowitz it though of the machine. yes. just at the up to about pretty still without no just a public, you'd be actual you bully, you called right away is all, but all is boy you build on yours are below just a with 2014 ukrainian nationalist. managed to suppress a popular uprising in maryville and retain control with
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with ah, need to come to the russian state. total narrative type as i phone and ignore some scheme. div jimenez ingles, son. niko, in the 55 with will ban in the european union. the kremlin, ca, yep, machine, the state on crush up to date and split our t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest and with
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me, ah ah, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification,
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we should be very careful about on personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust i rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence, real somebody with a robot most protective phone existence with who he remembered these strides. the authorities used the next 8 years to turn the city into a fortress ah, with
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these units were later reinforced. and variable became the home base with the as of nationalist regiment. it's backbone propped up by those who strongly believed in the concept of the purity of the ukrainian race. lee was been brought. supposedly it still believe not so just to just go to his also put their little green down below a wallace. this is not city of can was, but i don't not sure to call acumen, but all green schools comments. i received credit on this when i should have bought into swatches for their equal toto greens can which are the openings come or will he does. some will not bring it with dr. tick on
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little boy, boy, from such ambition, your subtle zone with amended humble dog. now he wants response to net way of getting on the dominant though. cookies to some young a failure. how does keith could adjust to my or what made you well hello sir. ah. when the battle for mary you will began keith st. it's hopes on militants from the ultra nationalist as our regiment. with this a boston new, a couple of quarter numbers, a bomb care. i've got a good deal better on the other side. yeah. yeah. my cousin will be so bold puzzle, but just the dos struggling with the most mature garcia for you to, you know, somebody from the word. yeah. as of regimen fighters,
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trained by nato instructors have adopted a new tactic of forcing residence to stay in the besieged city. they use them as human shields. with id number 39. they do. so when you got the business, i hope you're going to look in the way to, to jump and then the point b when the issue needed talk, i'm sure the others, if it was just with up with
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you deliberate growth that much, i'm here any proof that i feel like newton exchanging and yes, you will check and see it on you. but these are like national i boston, you go to senior senior, been there and you got one year, but we brought that but you moved that. no good luck waking them up with whom luke professional russian soldiers and ordinary people from don bass. those who joined the people's militia a few days before the fighting broke out. went to storm. merry you both? a journalist, 4th prius, a lip picky. right? they'd say that i bought those must be a host the way through the agenda. i bought a bunch a bill with
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the car. so a really a new march issue that you still ship all her children with kind of short of thought a be that will be boiled, i any. see just to be able to model you should this night give would be awesome. i don't have your booth with me. recently civilians they had to learn of and wolf. that tactics in the midst of
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shelling with a few sure interferes with while hiding behind the banks of civilians. the ukrainian military turn. hundreds
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of my re you post houses into strong health with a more thing with only from with a little b a, a was all those booster as a boy should through thought about media georgia, a,
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the with the militants. wanted any evacuation attempts. people thing from the burning city came under precision fire from the ukrainian army. a suppose i was looking for? well, the bulk of say, we got a lot about with us and you said you're, you know, i'll go, oh gosh. well, if you do a stylus, laraca also about will be teeth are struggled with your post a little mark will so that we did a volleyball, outdoor postdocs care, which one with a which it will say no in with
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the liberation of murder. you will meant that an assault on each block also became a rescue mission with you to provide him with do you? but i just had a question here with the machine. a
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was kind of a suitable for a with journalist working in mario. well, no thousands of similar stories. wall correspondent now donna frederickson was one of the 1st to speak to residents of a recently liberated murray local neighbourhood. a laugh at what got me here long ago, which is that okay,
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for you to go. good luck with the delivery. do you like your ah, a sofa. and even though chilling. okay, did you hold? is that the last one you about was about was cable i did receive and you put us on the back switch. you were innocent short wasn't the last statement frustrated. oh,
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i did it so much less lease for best buy not it didn't change because a good idea in it because you guys are pretty when you're always in the building. so got off the phone with me. no go, but i'm just looking at the can you do a studio which is close enough? i was like, it was actually, buddy. did you see what needs to do to get us to what i can see when you like the rooms with
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with since the beginning of minutes reaction. it's volunteers who've been evacuating mario pose residence. a don, it's put an adult, go to the is one of them, a dia shocks that i was doing for volleyball to be of any of my every day she travels from done it to batch had mary hugo is well aware that each attempt could be her last
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name for dan, this is priscilla brady. could you divide it? yeah, it doesn't get off at all. oh, let me have a free to store out last night that i bought that no one and you thought about that when you put me as a choke chip, i'm here, i would a group or the demon, erica look patina design good that, that we chose this deal it is different here the group a lot as is boy do 9 or more that really just sooner do ah, a,
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a united states has always had a variety of tools to use and tags on other countries. economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the country that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make rules for the rest because without us there will be 2
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ah ah, widespread blackouts plunged 5 regions across the crane into darkness. after tea power stations were reportedly had overnight. brands and romania are set to sign a deal to boot shipments of ukrainian grain to europe in the mediterranean bath despite the un warning that africa is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger of crisis. germany's chancellor claims the nation is ready for the upcoming winter, despite public outcry and energy prices skyrocketing over 100 percent and the film shutting a light on hunter biden's laptops scandals takes the public place storm.


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