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at this point, this seems rather doubtful. however, this so called breakthrough will surely ensure the conflict contains a region comes on the local authority, se weston supplied? hi my reuse in the attack. a sign a deal to this shipment for the printing grain to europe on the mediterranean white . the un warning that africa is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger prices. and a new poll reveals that the american thing for the intellectual reserves could have been different if the media had a fully reported the story about 100 biden's laptop before the election. a
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3 p m local time here in the russian capital. and this is our team international with the late sixty's update by money. that's great to have you with us. you saw it with the latest from the conflicts and ukraine where a civilian river crossing has been targeted by ukrainian fire, according to local authorities. the attack was allegedly carried out with high mas rocket systems, with russian ad defense systems activated in the attack. ukrainian 4th is $56.00 focus, but the and so of the bridge was not seriously damaged. in the incident, the crossing has come under repeated heavy showing from key is forces and is one of the main transport trees in the region. ca calls a city of over 1000000 people is repulsive, experiencing
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a power outage again. afterward, ford blackouts will confirm the cost vast areas of ukraine over night. flames lit up the sky at a power station that was reported to be hit late on sunday, keith has blamed rush of the attacks moscow has yet to comment on the incident. the russian m o dean did confirm strikes on lucy lisa in the cause of region over night . and our teens room and catherine has more on this story. the news regarding the blackouts began circulating in the early hours of sunday evening as a social media showed that article on the ground had stopped functioning as passengers had to walk through the tunnels in order to get out of the metro system and onto the ground. so elsewhere in the city of for paula tarver, public transportation like guard trolley buses that use a streets of power lines have been caught on fired as the result of the power
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outage are also due to the alleged the air strike. so local power station, including a one of ukraine's biggest heat and power units have caught on fire as well at this point. so the power was restored in some of the places. now, you cranes, presidents vladimir zalinski, accused a russia of targeting critical infrastructure and he had confirmed her blackouts in the cities of far articles and don't ask region as well. he also said that there was partial blackouts in the regions of never up at frost. and assuming now russian defense the ministry are yet to comment on this, neither confirming nor deny anything. busy involvement, however, in its said day really briefing a russian defense ministry is, has said that sir,
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he of regime are deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure on the areas that russia currently controls. and that includes and they've got dar, that's the home to europe's largest nuclear power stations. now, russian defense ministries saying that this is dawn in order to cause suffering to their civilian population and just to destabilize the situation in general as well. now, that suffer is suffering of the russian defense ministries. talking about is very much felt here in done as where i am as thousands of people have been without electricity for months. and that also includes a running water. we get water here once every 3 days. and that's because the ukrainian forces are targeting pumping stations as well as gas pipelines and electricity lines as well. meanwhile, for russian defense ministry also said that the g of had suffered losses as
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4000 of its soldiers had been killed and 6000 wounded. and that's in nikolai of region alone. meanwhile, russia says it will do truce from the northern front lines in the harkell region of ukraine and is relocating them south, the dice republic. so both of the operations there, the city of cooper ranks, is now split between control the 2 sides. in the area we ukraine. leon troops recently fill the void left by russian forces, some of clarks as residents who were forced to leave their homes, have been transferred to the russian of ver, ends for their safety. the city of hers is half said they will spare no effort to accommodate and comfort the people we heard from some of them. you shouldn't sit up leah off mama. i arrived here with my mom when we all left our home. young we had
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been under the protection of the russian military, but after the withdrawal, we were left without protection. we packed up as soon as possible and left. we are scared, had been fired on many times. we were told that russians were boban, else, but it wasn't them. we want to return to our homes as soon as possible. we can do sure, you can live next door. nobody knows if we can return. we decided to leave her home with the whole family. everything remained fair, but we decided to leave because it was scary to us. so as of suitable everything that we had has been left in ukraine, it was very dangerous and we didn't have time to take any thing with us. meanwhile, exposures have been reported in the russian city of belgrade. the close to the cranium border machine is some unverified footage of loud bangs heard in different parts of the city. local authorities confirmed it was at the sound of air defense systems, adding that
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a ball to show what was shells. no casualties have been revolted, but some parts of the city have reported power outages over the last 24 hours. france and romania have reached a deal which allows them to increase you training gray next fall. so mediterranean countries, that's a mid you and warning that the food security situation in africa is dire. i will sign in a court with romania that will allow ukraine to get even more grain shipped out to europe in developing countries. notably to the mediterranean countries which needed for food. according to recent usa was around 30 percent of ukrainian grain shipments have been supplied to low and middle income countries. under the black sea green initiative, it was signed in july to ensure a safe passage of grain through decreased ports to mitigate the food crisis in africa, asia, and latin america. last month,
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the u. n. released to report showing you training ships are heading mainly to european states and made claims. the initiative is not being implemented as intended. while the u. n. was that the world is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis. good food pushes are down to, to shipments made from the back seat port. future supply concerns remain. as many countries in africa, south saddam and yemen are facing, quote, catastrophic conditions according to the world food program. but as well can i have to to meet my global pres, studies expert at the center of middle eastern strategic studies, and he's currently in paris. abner, thanks for joining us here on our team. now france romania have reached a deal which allows them to facilitate increase ukrainian growing axles to developing countries, including those along the mediterranean. was the assessment of the significance of this agreement right now. good afternoon, 7. thank you for helping me. yes,
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i mean, this goes in the aftermath of the last july c, d that was signed by you and your end of turkey. and that was indeed to open a window of the hall from the complex and that the people of the, the southern countries want to be affected by the war. so, and this comes on the initiative that seems to be working so far. but which is, i mean, what is interesting in this part is that all that barry
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process is for created by the micro fools to position him in the dynamic conflict to be kind of a strong voice and try to not lead to directv and major barker. and this is why he's trying to get position here, and there are many and knowing that many i can you, it's part of the southern and it's also an opportunity for us to use this window to use all the ways that i'm in the promotional use in the force harper's of romania, in the sense is interesting to see how things are sort of working out with this
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russian gray now present. her russell present, put in very put in said that a lot of this grain that was supposed to be intended for poor countries. african countries never really made it and sort of made it more to these european countries beaver. britain said that's untrue. how do you see it? i mean, to some extent of business, which is, which is right because it is a law office. and so those countries, i'm in the countries of the south, and i mean again because of their turbine frontage, is it going to make the prospect so they are going and this is why pretty important is, i mean, voice is kind of shake in this dynamic and also,
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not only present and even the presence of the guy that the current african union is that he made his, i mean these for them in a couple months ago. and which one he met before, didn't moscow? i mean, he does this question and also the latest statement of the ticket to june. the judge who was of the word about see good for me and food sharper. that could. i'm back in the, the, the african couches and look up in the hall. the africa, like somebody and also we thought already to see this effect in somebody and other part of african countries. so it is important to know to see how we go and if they really, i mean the purpose of the issue of all of these did
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that was a barker last july between russia and new york and dirty code. and don't let any think. mean, i'm going to go to all of the other countries. yes. and just, and we'll see how things pan out, you know, to libya, laws is reliant on your cleaning grain. but how important is this, you cleaning rain to the african countries and also generally be looking at russian grain also being ex, was it to ease the hunger crisis around the world? what are your thoughts? it is a part of it because as the emotion, i mean some my going to countries on the russian week as well. and this is, goes in, i mean, long term relation between russia is countries under the market approaches in the
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julia and, and libya. but interesting park in libya here is there, i mean this divide that say. ready ready government to government, it between the rest, i mean live it, i'm not actually deliver in any way to the people in the end of the. ringback i'm in the living people would be one who would be suffering from this. but joseph is a serious economy crisis and it's more about 60 percent on the world, but also about 40 percent on the russian watch. so this is what it is important do have this is to let this relation go in and also give an opportunity for all the other partners to be a broker on this says if and here military issue before it could be g 40. i
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did not send me a pleasure to see you. thank you so much for joining me here on our tea. we'll speak again soon. no doubt. thank you. all right, the river that who's on now? why the different story changed gears? the revelations found and hunter biden's laptop could have changed. the 2020 election results if the media had fully reported the story before the election. according to 40 percent of respondents in a recent poll and the new new release film, my son hunter sent the public into frenzy ortiz fiorella. isabel explains why the hunter bite and laptop saga is back in the headlines this time via a satirical film, distributed by bright part media titled my son hunter, which selves into the allegations and apparent international debauchery of joe biden. son and the events surrounded the infamous laptop scandal. do you know who i
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am? with the government for the repair shop already built life, i just want to go with the crowd funded movie also details the contents found in hunter biden's laptop which led to a mass censorship of the story. particularly of the 2020 expos, a article from the new york post, which social media giants, twitter and facebook removed from their platforms. citing a need to slow down the spread of what they branded, potentially misleading and false information. the film which also highlights various allegations of the bite and dynasties. political corruption ad insinuates joe biden played a role in a mass cover up of the story with liberal media being left in
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a fury and unhinged low budget trauma based less on fact and more on conspiracy. siri, the film off his fringe lunatics. a safe space. my son hunter makes clear early how steep it is an antique bite and law. the film serves primarily as a vehicle to trigger the lives and throw enough easter exec, conservative viewers that they recognize that this film was made just for them. some commentators even say the movie actually brings to light many more facts regarding the bite and family corruption than the official f b i investigations themselves managed to do. my son hunter movie is doing the job that the f b, i should have done. every one should go and watch my son hunter. it's a great red tale movie that all should watch. it's full of drugs and government corruption. see how the big guy and his son make billions republican senators for their part, jumped in to accusing the big tech firms of engaging and manipulation campaign. trying to cover up hunter story,
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anyone remotely concerned about free speech or civil liberties. ought to be concerned about the f b i asking big tech weeks before the election to take down information because it's politically harmful to the party, they want to prevail. and by the way, it's worth underscoring. we now know the hunter biden laptop story was true. we have seen in recent months how some in governments have so to speak, tax assessor diversion viewpoints and silent opposing political speech. facebook suppression of the post article and allegations of whiten family corruption, highly relevant to the 2020 presidential election following guidance from the of the i is highly troubling. funny enough, these claims by crews and others were recently verified by facebook itself. basically the background here is the f b i, i think basically came to us some, some folks on our team has a cape just so you know, like,
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you should be on high alert. there was the we, we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda in 2016 election. we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of, of am. oh, that's similar to that. so just be vigilant. the f b, i actually admitted these claims to be true saying it has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abused by foreign malign influence actors. the popularity of my son hunter doesn't quite help less than the controversy and public interests surrounding the by did administration's a legit corruption? it seems that the more the liberal contingent comes out in full force to discredit or suppress the hunter bite an investigation. the more attention it gets, maybe there is some truth to the u. s. left being scared of this movie. and maybe they are reluctant to allow the free flow of information into the media sphere,
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especially if that information can be damaging to their political goals. on consumptive and regressive, all last the wrong response, the latest statement issued by germany, france, and britain who are criticizing to her on for escalating its nuclear program. these 3 european countries are advised to play a more active role to provide a solution to and the few remaining disagreements instead of answering the face of destroying the diplomatic process. iran claims that european powers are highly influenced by propaganda, pursued by a 3rd party that was quote, against the negotiations from the very beginning and a man making their utmost to cause the talks to fail. this is, tara says, it still has intention to finalize the plaque. the remark comes off to germany, falls ambrose and raised doubts of iran's intentions to revive the 2015. the deal
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claiming the islamic republic, quote, has chosen not to seize this critical diplomatic opportunity. the same lead from european countries followed on the heels, a report from the you, an atomic watchdog, the i a a saying he could not guarantee the peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program intern, teheran depicted report as baseless and politically motivated. and it demonstrated maximum transparency during the agencies probe into the matter. the nuclear pox was assigned in 2015 between iran and a group of world powers, although it unraveled in 2018 when then the u. s. president donald trump, unilaterally abandoned it, and re impose sanctions on to her. on his successor, joe biden came into office pledging to rejoined the deal. and lift sanctions,
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said mohammed mirandi, professor and political allan is says the irradiance can be cheated again as iran has a bad history with western countries. germany, france and britain are firmly in the american count allies of the united states. they're never going to break away from the americans, so it is expected for them to make such a statement. western leaders have a history of taking advantage of other countries being unreliable of cheating at the negotiating table and nothing has really changed, but the iranians are not going to have that. the iranian logic is here. what is important for iran is that the deal, the tax of the deal is that there are no ambiguities, that there are no loopholes,
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because the iranians have a bad history with united states united states. obama violated the deal. and under trump, the united states talk the deal, and biden is still pursuing policies are maximum price for where he targets ordinary runs. so because of this bad history with western countries, iranians have to be absolutely sure they have to make sure that this tax is well crafted, so that americans and europeans can cheat iranians again. why from iran now to nigeria with 3 women were rescued office footing almost a decade in captivity. hell one is armika terris group. they are the most recently found survivors of the so called to book girls who's a duction drew global attention in 2014. we heard the harrowing stories of those who managed to escape. yes,
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when the husband who was alive at the time they kidnapped us, we will not suffering under captivity. but when he died, life became unbearable for us to have a hospital in the forest where they give us drugs ever since i was in the forest. i've been so worried i wanted to see my parents. i have 2 children. i want to further my education once again, then let us announcement by the luxury or an army or tore it, is that 3 more to bach yells have been found and returned to the our families here . and then not houston nigeria is the latest in several successes in the past few months. the army believes that the girls are able to escape because they uh, turn on the heat on the terrorist. but also due to in fighting between extremist group on the reach on the latest gills we're skipped through the some be self forest have been named us us are be ali gin, k yama, and fall matter law all 3 way. part of the original group of 276
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adopted from cci book in april, 2014. all 3 were forced into the salami. religion and wave forced to murray book or harm. and thus with order gills found all free dairy torn with children, and many stories of the night to me or do i light to them, telling them that i wanted to visit my sister. so they let me out. i left some piece of forest. first thing in the morning, i walked for a dave to the bama local government where i met some soldiers who questioned me. i was married to one of the fighters. he is dead now. i gave birth to 2 children. one died in assemblies of forest. we were not treated too badly, but we were never allowed to go out. the military says the ongoing operation against the extremist also led to the arrest of $24.00 terrorist and more than $240.00 have been neutralized between june and august. the head of operation hutton,
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k says almost 80000 total res tufts surrendered, but the door is open to all orders who wish to surrender for many people and families in the northeastern nigeria, the kidnapping of the girls off to balk, represent the most vivid reminder of their battle against terrorism in nigeria, but many people are also questioning why the military and counselors international agencies have failed to return all yells after so many years. my manners head over to ireland were a school teacher there has been jailed off the. he refused to address a transgender pupil with preferred pronouns ina burke has rejected the school requirements address trials, gender students, as they. he says that his religious resolve prevents him from doing so.
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transgender is him, is against my christian belief. it is contrary to the scriptures, contrary to the thoughts of the church of ireland and of my school. it is insanity that i will be led from court room to a place of incarceration, but i will not give up my christian beliefs. wilson, hospital school or religious board is still in ireland, put the history and germany teach unpaid suspension earlier in august. but burke refused to stay away from the premises. and on september the 5th, the police arrested birth and brought him to the high court, where he said he would not follow the schools requirements as they reach his christian beliefs. later on wednesday islands, high court announced that cj a would remain in prison and still he complies with an injunction not to attend the school and teach lessons there, and insisted for the teacher not to use what they've deem are inappropriate pronouns. the attitude towards the treatment of the teacher has caused
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a public outcry. this teacher with a previously unblemished racket, his not, however, been jailed or suspended for his beliefs, but rather for the wind, which he had a problem in on a wet his behavior. cases like this are the inevitable result of what happens when you force people into pulled in and promoting views, which countrymen, reality, christian teacher, enoch burke should be able to use whatever pronouns he wants without being put in jail. what is wrong with ireland? this is a sad day in ireland to see what they are doing to this man. wake up people and stop at just terrible. fidel golden se, se, se bow says this is a case where one's rights are dismissed in favor of another. the state law has now an accelerated beyond religious law. in ireland, i think a canon law in catholic schools was very much central to the operation of the state
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for, for, for decades. in ireland, the church was so central in ireland. it was difficult to relate us to people who are unfamiliar with this, but now and due to this acceleration of a liberal agenda and ireland, i mean only in 1905 to divorce legal and ireland 2015. and then we have gay marriage legalized abortion only became legal in the republican world in 2018. i think it's a bit disingenuous for the mainstream media to just say, look, we don't forget about this. he's not in jail over is use, he's in jail because he broke the rules. i think there's a deeper issue here. and the key point is, is one individual's rights, constitutional rights potentially being written ro, shot over to defend the rights of another's. and that's going to be a potentially very difficult question for, for the courts to answer as the case prolongs and keeps moving forward. i don't see a legal framework whereby this and this ruling would not apply in every school of
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any us. and but i, somebody i discussed this with yesterday, said to me if mr. burke was, was a muslim or an immigrant or a minority. and it's like, you're going to be in prison for his use because that would be anathema to, to the very agenda. wow. rob's this is our rory say will be with you on the hour going to that from news. in the meantime. i'll see dot com for you stories that you may have. ah a, a .


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