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tv   News  RT  September 12, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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is the little gear lation says diesel due to the gumbo sub ah, and this alice top headlines right now, one out he international a bridge in the heart of so in region coming on, think ukrainian shelling as local authorities say western supply to high mileage rockets were used in via france and romania set to sign a deal to boost ukrainian grain shipments to europe on the mediterranean. as, as that un warned africa is absolutely on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis. well, we went to speak to some people need the opiates in the west always claims they've given a to africa in cash and weight, but indirectly it goes back to them somehow. now since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grain for themselves. also in the program and you poll reveals
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the majority of americans quiz, think the outcome of the 2020 election could have been different if indeed the media had fully reported the story about hunter biden's last off before everyone went to the polling station with . so i'd welcome to you and you throw it out the international, a pleasure helping you with us for this monday program. that's of live guests coming up from, from a, from a top stories. and the rundown today do stay with us who are not say, so we do now start with the very latest from the conflict in ukraine, where a bridge as we understand, has been targeted by ukrainian fire. it is according to local authorities. the attack was reportedly carried out with high mas rocket systems with the russian air defense systems activated in the attack, a ukrainian force is fired. 6 rockets by the anton off ski bridge was not seriously damaged in the incident. the crossing has come under heated happy shelling from key
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halves forces and is one of the main transport arteries of the region. now, how to cough for city of over 1000000 people as we're portly, experiencing a power outage. again, it's off the widespread blackouts were confirmed across vast areas of ukraine over night. flames lit up the night sky at one power station bed that was, are portly hit late on sunday. a kia has blamed russia for the attacks as we understand moscow was yet to comment. the russian m. o. d, however, did confirm stripes on military and placements in the hardcore region open night. let's get more of this right now with a correspondence from one customer. the news regarding the blackouts began circulating in the early hours of sunday evening as a social media showed that article on the ground had stopped functioning as passengers had to walk through the tunnels in order to get out of the metro system and onto the ground. so elsewhere in the city of far pulse of our public
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transportation, like god surely buses that use a streets of power lines have been caught on fired as the result of the power outage. also g to the alleged the air strike. so local power station, including a one of ukraine's biggest heat and power units have caught on fire as well. at this point, the power was restored in some of the places. now ukraine's president vladimir zalinski accused a russia of targeting critical infrastructure. and he had confirmed her blackouts in the cities of articles and don't ask region as well. he also said that there was partial blackout in the regions of never up. it dropped and assuming now russian defense ministry are yet to comment on this. neither confirming nor deny nixon involvement. however, in it said, daily brief, seeing a russian defense,
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ben is free, is, has said that sir. g of regime are deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure on the areas that russia currently controls. and that includes and then go dar, that's the home to europe's largest nuclear power stations. now russian defends ministries saying that this is dawn in order to cause suffering to the civilian population and to destabilize the situation in general as well. now that suffering is suffering of the russian defense industries talking about is very much filled here in the nest where i am as thousands of people have been without electricity for months. and that also includes a running water. we get water here once every 3 days and that's because the ukrainian forces are targeting bumping stations as well as gas pipelines and electricity lines as well. meanwhile,
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for russian defense ministry also said that when he had suffered losses, as 4000 of its soldiers had been killed and 6000 wounded. and that's in nikolai of region alone, the humans, atomic. what shall chief us again been trying to draw the world attention to continuing a tax on those upper osha nuclear power plant. the facility it is a facility, as you say, it is still under heavy shunning, as we understand even after the recent omission to the nuclear complex by that of the i a, the body. so director general rafael grossi outlined the latest of elements at a media conference on monday. shelling continues, and the direct impact on the reactors on associated facilities in, in particular the, the spent fuel areas where the, where the spent fuel is located. or less or more of the problems right now costing
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life to form a german m p, and member of the left party molten mountain. bolts are very good afternoon to get to see today. let's just get straight into it. here. as we understand russian troops have been guarding these potentially atomic facilities since early march. then we've had the un nuclear t in the e. assessing the shelling at this nuclear facility. each side has been blaming each other for shutting around this facility. russia blaming ukraine. ukraine blaming russia. if the russians have been in charge of it since march, i, i guess that's strange why russians will be bombing themselves, but i wanted to ask you, the i a e. a didn't attribute any blame to any side during this recent visit. why do you think that was i think that depends on the political pressure which is make on the e s. l. we are seeing where the national broader quite new trailer, we brought on the ukranian troops acting,
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fighting against civilians and using civilian shields. they wrote lane or west, and i think it's the same reason why v. i a doesn't report or a lie. i know they had been seeing evidence of ukrainian rockets which kelling the look us up and supple, reese job. so they talk, recall that i think they go get it. i'm sorry, you said they don't record that. what you're referring to martin, as i understand is, for example, nato show that have been used to bomb the atomic facility native shelves. the fragments, the shrapnel has nato's serial numbers on the shells. it's very clear who fired one shells at the nuclear facility, but it seems to me you're suggesting, in this case, the politics is overruling the truth. been the investigation of the a?
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yes. what we see isn't was often the truth is the 1st thing which die, and i think a should be strong enough to say what they have been eating. and if they have seen this number, which prove that it has been made to nature, nature rocket. and why should the rational sheet, i mean, no one merely no one who has a clear mind will leave that someone should be in a nuclear poem. and then if you will see it for the last reason that you're crying in russia as well. so as far as i can see, the crime in government, it's using this nuclear power plant to blackmail the rex and state through even an offer and for more weapons to then i think this is very silly because it's very
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dangerous. and d, e a should be very clear and say what's going on and community right? so it can be a good idea. but then there has to be, has to be some new for other tea organizations, which is a good idea. but is it a realistic idea into set up some sort of the minute horizon around the, around this atomic facility? it's a good idea. is it, is it applicable? do you think? i'm not sure if i look at what happens when the last stop was coming. that there was some kind of a try the ukrainian army, which had been rejected by the nation. so when, when i look at that, when i get the cynic politics of the president of your crappy, let's get the claim through using civilians. and to my mind, this is not it should be, should be possible, but that there should be
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a lot of pressure on your opinion. states, especially of the german as a french government and other government as well of the premium government that they should really do what they did not attack this off of the regions around it. but then there should be a change to politics before that doesn't happen. it's a good idea, but i like, i can't guarantee that it's work with anybody. but not mine would ever say we have to see what happens. but let's talk about that. i know the power plant directly and b premium rockets, people. no one can. you can believe that rational will land in its own, and that will be stupid. they will do well. as we said, the atomic facility has been under the god, the god that is of the russian military. now, what since march the 10th, so they have been in control of it for some time already. martin dulls are
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a former german, m. p, and left body member. great to have you with us. thanks for your time. thank you to have a good you. let's get to one of the other front lines now here in this conflict, because russia says that withdrew troops from the northern contact lines in the holocaust region of ukraine. currently relocating them south to donate republic to bolster operations where the city of cope young is now split between the control of 2 sides in the area where ukrainian troops recently filled the void left by russian forces. meanwhile, explosions have been reported in the russian city of belgrade, close to the ukrainian border. some unverified footage of buying heard in different parts of the city. local authorities confirmed it was the sound of air defense systems. adding that a board check point was shells, no casualties reported, but some parts of the city reported a power outages over the last 24 hours to
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france now and romania who have reached a deal which allows them to increase ukrainian grain exports to mediterranean countries. that's an un warnings about a food security situation in africa as being absolutely. on the brink. i will sign in the court with the romania and that will allow you great to get even more grain shipped out to europe and developing countries, notably to the mediterranean countries which needed for food. according to the un, only 30 percent of ukrainian grain shipments of supply to low and middle income countries under the black sea grain initiative. that aside in july to ensure a safe passage of grain through ukraine's ports to mitigate the global food crisis . last month you enter, running to report, showing ukrainian ships the heading mainly to european states summit claims the initiative is not being implemented as intended. so among our pods in africa,
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we went to speak with people in ethiopia to see if they're feeling in any way. sideline, by missing some of these shipments. remember, go to form is an umbrella. we have no information of any aid arriving. had a derived chair. we've just seen the queues for bread easing and the price dropping . that would have been the proof, but there's nothing on the west. always claims that they've given a to africa in cash, and we'll drive it in directly. it goes back to damage. somehow. they give it in spoons and take it back in shovels. no, i had heard that there was a ship being loaded for ethiopia. we have not seen any grain so far. therefore, now since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grant for themselves. you know, the situation on the ground is that europe itself is hungry as a result of the war. therefore, we're not facing a foot crisis only because of the war in the crane, per se. it is because europe is also hungry and the aid food is being diverted there. and while the un warns that the world is on the brink of an unprecedented
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hunger crisis, global food prices are down due to shipments made from the black sea ports. but concerns remain about future supplies. the same time nation, such as south sudan and yemen of facing, quote, catastrophic conditions that's according to the world food program. turkish journalists, hockey or cal, now expects a new agreement between france and romania not to be just on paper. i certainly hope that in france, being in the loop right now means something that europe hands are getting is getting aware of the fact that what they're doing is not nice and diverse. small, now they, they can play that kind of the colonial again, they used to play one. now there's internet, the internet and global connection. and everyone knows what's happening in europe
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in a 2nd. the step in africa, or in a wherever it's all the work they cannot play any more game and let your program read route did grade back to where it should be going through on constructive and regrettable. that's iran's response to the latest statement by germany, france and britain who say the tariff is escalating its nuclear program. the 3 european countries are advised to play a more active role to provide a solution to and the few remaining disagreements. instead of answering the phase of destroying the diplomatic process. now iran claims european powers are highly influenced by propaganda pursued by a 3rd party that was quote, against the negotiations from the very beginning and now making the utmost excuse to make the hopes fail. well. this sarah says, it still has intention to finalize the agreement. the remarks coming off the
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germany, france and britain res doubts about iran's intentions, to be honest with the 2015 nuclear deal, claiming the islamic republic quote, has chosen not to seize this critical diplomatic opportunity. well, the statement from european countries followed hard on the heels of a report from the un atomic watchdog, the i. e. a saying it could not guarantee the peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program. in turn, karen depicted the report has baseless and politically motivated and demonstrated maximum transparency during the agencies probe into the matter. well, that's what carol said. now, the nuclear power was tied in 2015 between iran and a group of world powers. although it unravelled in 2018 when then you as president, trump unilaterally abandoned it and reimpose sanctions on to ron. it's excess. joe biden came into office pledging to rejoined the deal and lift sanctions. but we spoke with a, a side mahogany about, and a professor and political analyst to says that iranians could,
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at the end of the day, feel like they might be cheated as iran has got a bit of a dodgy history when it comes to dealing with western partners, germany, france, and britain are firmly in the american count, their allies of the united states. they're never going to break away from the americans. so it is expected for them to make such a statement. western leaders have a history of taking advantage of other countries being unreliable of cheating at the negotiating table and nothing has really changed, but the iranians are not going to have that. the iranian logic is here. what is important for iran is that the deal, the tax of the deal is that there are no ambiguities, that there are no loopholes, because the right is have a bad history with united states united states, obama violated the deal. and under trump, the united states talk the deal,
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and biden is still pursuing. policies are maximum price for where he targets ordinary runs. so because of this bad history with western countries, iranians have to be absolutely sure they have to make sure that this tax is well crafted, so that the americans and the europeans can cheat the iranians again. the revelations found and hunter biden's laptop could have changed the 2020 election results if the media had fully reported the story before everyone cost their vote. according to 48 percent of respondents in a recent poll and the newly released phil, my son hunter sent a public into a frenzy. i thought he's fairly, isabel explains. the hunter bite and laptop saga is back in the headlines this time via a satirical film, distributed by bright part media titled my son hunter, which selves into the allegations and apparent international debauchery of joe
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biden. son and the events surrounded the infamous laptop scandal. do you know who i am with the government for the repair shop? sure. it was built in life. i just want to go with the crowd funded movie also details the contents found in hunter biden's laptop which led to a mass censorship of the story. particularly of the 2020 expos, a article from the new york post. with social media giants, twitter and facebook removed from their platforms, citing a need to slow down the spread of what they branded, potentially misleading and false information. the film which also highlights various allegations of the bite and dynasties, political corruption,
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and insinuates joe biden played a role in a mass cover up of the story with liberal media being left in a fury and unhinged low budget trauma based less on fact and more on conspiracy, siri, the film office fringe lunatics. a safe space. my son hunter makes clear early how steep it is an antique bite and law. the film serves primarily as a vehicle to trigger the lives and throw enough easter eggs. conservative viewers that they recognize that this film was made just for them. some commentators even say the movie actually brings to light many more facts regarding the bite and family corruption than the official f b i investigations themselves managed to do. my son hunter movie is doing the job that the f b, i should have done. every one should go and watch my son hunter. it's a great red tale movie that all should watch it's full of drugged and government corruption. see how the big guy and his son make billions republican senators for their part, jumped in to accusing the big tact firms of engaging in
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a manipulation campaign. trying to cover up hunter story, anyone remotely concerned about free speech or civil liberties. ought to be concerned about the f b i asking big tech weeks before the election to take down information because it's politically harmful to the party, they want to prevail. and by the way, it's worth underscoring. we now know the hunter biden laptop story was true. we have seen in recent months how suddenly in government have to use big texas sensor, divergent viewpoints and file and oppose and political speech. facebook suppression of the both article and allegations of white family corruption, highly relevant to the 2020 presidential election following guidance from the of the i is highly troubling. funny enough, these claims by crews and others were recently verified by facebook itself. basically the background here is the f b i, i think basically came to us some,
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some folks on our team as a cape just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. there is that we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda and the 2016 election. we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of, of that similar to that. so just be vigilant. the f b, i actually admitted these claims to be true thing and have provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors. the popularity of my son hunter doesn't quite help less than the controversy and public interests surrounding the bite it administration a legit corruption. it seems that the more the liberal contingent comes out in full force to discredit or suppress the hunter bite an investigation. but more attention it gets, maybe there is some truth to the u. s. last being scared of this movie. and maybe
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they are reluctant to allow the free flow of information into the media sphere, especially if that information can be damaging to their political goals. the former us president donald trump has claim that the us should never of quit a base in afghanistan. look, look at it. close to a reported chinese nuclear weapons. plant f, garrison, withdraw the way that was done was so incompetent with the soldiers to take it out . first, the military is taken out 1st. that would have never happened. we would have been out, but we would have kept bob graham law. graham is one hour away from the chinese nuclear plant where they make nuclear weapons right. we should never given that up. we gave that up. ok. of course it was just about roughly a year ago that us troops did quit f. kindest on. they had gone into the country following the 911 terror attacks. the almost 2 decades are fighting, claimed, around, well, thousands, tens of thousands of lives. and then us president george
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w bush justify the operation as an attempt to liberate afghanistan from terror. on my orders, the united states military has begun, strikes against the al qaeda, terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. these carefully targeted actions are designed to disrupt the use of afghanistan as a terrorist base of operations. i time to learn more, of course, live to mr. nelson wong, the vice chairman of the shanghai center for international studies, a very good afternoon to you. so thanks so much for joining us here on the program . what did you make about trump's comments that america should not have quit the military base so close to that of the chinese facility on the president trunk late. they saw these remarks during his recent interview with an indian television station, but i think it's,
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it's part of mr. prompts preparation for running for president in the next 2 years. so it basically reflects the political reality of the united states, the most powerful and most real country in the world today. they do have, i believe military facilities or intelligence facilities everywhere around the world. and since not a stand alone case. so mr. wong, i'm sorry to jump in, but i wanted to ask you, according to trump, china has a nuclear weapons base very close to afghanistan. as far as you know, does china have a nuclear weapons facilitating the afghan histone? while i have no idea where our military or nuclear facilities are, because i'm, i'm not aware of bad, but it's, it's quite natural or we're a country like china to have its facilities,
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both military and research facilities in anywhere. do you think interesting that it has some sort of resentment over gret from, from washington here, because who's benefiting right now when it comes to the mineral wealth of afghanistan a year ago when america, a nato forces fled, essentially flat gun just on the question arose as to which country is not, will benefit most from the extraction of afghanistan's mineral wealth, who is benefiting at the moment? do you think the most when it comes to geopolitical power? and i've got his don. well, i have no idea what are the countries that are already age of kind of stuff, but i believe, and i know that countries like russia, china, india, and some other countries in the region are always been pulse with the current data about the g. but nothing concrete has been reported. so what
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about the idea, for example, the, the, the bush administration, g w bush, a 2nd here. the stated purpose of the u. s. presence in afghanistan, of course, was that to deal with a war on tara, in the wake of 911. of course i've kind of thought had nothing to do with $911.00. neither did iraq, and the official narrative really should be more towards the saudis. and yesterday's, if indeed you believe that side of the story, do you think the stated purpose of the us presence and i've got to start with 2 decades, really was sent it up on that of fighting terrorism? well apparently i think the also is know if you want me to answer the question, i think it's mainly because of the way the americans believe how they're going to run the country and around the world. and personally, i believe it's a mistake because in this new century, i think we should have come to realize how we can live together peace
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among all nations. instead of having one country ruling the world and telling everybody how to live out to behave out, run that country. this is wrong, mr. long before i let you go, i'm going to got about 30 seconds left here. i'm going to bring up a story that may or may not be true. april 20, 2017. when trunk was us precedent? it was a highly publicized event. they dropped a mo, an in house guest on the mother of old. bombs is a huge and almost bomb with a massive strength to it. they said they dropped the mo ap to destroy terrorist tunnel networks. there were other stories that said the mo ab was dropped to open up a lithium deposit. the reportedly china was trying to get, excuse me, heavy equipment towards, regardless of whether or not there's any truth to that. do you think that could be a race with some of the biggest players on the global block today to get the mineral wealth out of afghanistan as soon as possible?
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look at lithium, look at the battery powered cars and battery powered houses and so on. and so forth today, is there a race to extract the wealth from afghanistan? i, i don't have any culprit evidence in front of me, but i, i do believe i've got to stand is a country. it was extraordinarily, a good resource. there's natural resources that some of the big countries around the world are interested a and the china is also what should be interested in working with the afghan people to extra base. some of the good natural resources for mutual benefit, but nothing corporate has been reported. so far, all right, nelson wong, the vice chairman of the shanghai center international study is always great to have you on the program, appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. i thank you for your time as well for joining us for this alice broadcast from moscow. this is auto international. we're back soon with.
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ah, with who is the aggressor today? i'm authorized to disco, strong sanctions. today russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future list. of course, with the mind the will ship, we're branding, all imports of russian oil and gas new g. i g with.


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