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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 12, 2022 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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with action with ah, ah, ah, who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing for future problems to cause sure, as we speak on the bill in your senior, mostly mine or wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas new g i g with the letter from, you know,
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with regard to joe biden. imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang a with hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle
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kemp claims it is achieved military breakthrough when you cranes, east and south. if true is this enough to change the course of the conflict? and at this point, this seems rather doubtful. however, the so called breakthrough will surely ensure the conflict continues. ah, to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guess, wendy's and in our slow he's professor the university of south easter norway as well as author of the book was a phobia propaganda in international politics. and in budapest we have jordan said, well, he's a podcast or the goggle which can be found on youtube and locals. are gentlemen cross, capitals, in effect, that means you can jump in time, you want, and i would appreciate it. i start out in budapest, of course, as a flurry of discussion about what zalinski claimed as a breakthrough in the conflict in the south in the east. as i said in my introduction here, um, but i think if you start unraveling it, it tells
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a very different story. and there hasn't been much reaction to how the russians will react to this news. hear your thoughts, george? well, it's clear that the initial offense was launched by a ukraine inherit. was a failure. they sustained very heavy casualties and made no progress. the one in the east northeast around hark off is obviously be more successful and they have made territorial gains. and the one really can't deny that at the moment they all set back for the russian side. they evidently were not prepared for this draw. let me know what was preparing the hair was preparing for our thought, which again raise questions about how good their intelligence was. but there's no
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question that the russians will respond to this and they already responding. because last human human is strategically in watson. but more seriously, for the russian side, is that they, they appear to have betrayed the people that trusted them. i mean, after all, the difference between now and to 2014 was the russians made promises this time when i'm going to leave you when i'm going to bandon you to the returning ukrainian army, which is already stories coming out, the ukraine mistaking reprisals against anyone will see, to collaborate with the russians, but i do think that russia will respond and i think they'll respond by realizing that the concept of this special military operations has to be all to that. this is not. 2 the need they do need more man power,
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they need to really up the and they need to put in more. 4 hardware because ukraine has had received a lot of a military hardware or sophisticated hardware from later they receive training from nature the fighting better than they were. and clearly a need to prevail. and that means that they will have to make a much greater commitment than they had originally intended with. and when there's a lot of thoughts, obviously here in moscow about what's going on with this, quote unquote a counter offensive. but there are some people that say that this is a can to like the what the west likes to call the anglo saxon world like to call the battle of the bulge in the ukrainians or the germans. in this case where they throw in everything they have a major thrust and 2,
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it would achieve a victory that is hard to define here because it's only one small part of the battle field. but then cynics will say that this is a very costly p r. stunt forgive to show to its patrons in nato, that it can actually do something with the arms that it's received. and i'd like to point out there are many that say a lot of the arms that are used in this counter offensive work for. and they weren't ukrainian your thoughts? well, it depends on the results on this. so counter offensive in the car will produce, i mean, this is still on clear. it's only been a few days in a row. it can go both ways so, so, so it on, on, on one hand is firm and the crane has made it huge, sweeping games was for your territorial all the way to him, which was a strategic for us. of course,
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the need is time to come out and it on us from the north so so, so this is quite significant, but of course it can play out in 2 ways. i know that this will be a painful loss, strategic it territory, loss for russia. this could put it in a difficult position. alternatively, we might see that this the creative forces because they've been stress too far. and given that the man is huge and sweeping games, a lot of this territories were being li, populated by russian troops. there was mostly don't boss, malicious. so it is, it all depends how, how russia will respond to this. and it's still, i don't have a crystal ball. i was going to work with what we can look at. well, what went wrong, you hassan? because and then you know, the crane and also lost a huge counter offensive. but this story is also going to end up incomplete failure
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with russia that there was pull of it back. and then you create a troops are exposed to open fields and they were ordered by artillery aviation and the sauce thousands of their soldiers being destroyed. and also under some military vehicles being destroyed as well. and then russia took back to the territory and ended up to be a very costly affair for training. but they're kind of offensive a slightly different because 1st of all, the geography is different. this mark and forests area, which again the highest and also gets under the rushes, were prepared to have the military, as i mentioned in, in the area with, in those very thin. and it's in the military forces. so it, so it was much more, it was a better on fundamental for this offensive. so i think it has shown that rush
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military began with matters now rush response if they're able to to, to crack backing to this region where there are so many of trumps their finest. or it could be a spectacular failure for the credit. it could be that the battle which, which brought them through in their best. that's why i mentioned the battle of the bulge. ok. and we'll have to look at all possible alternative option, which is able to hold this areas and then a strategic victory. so it is hard to say that it's a bit earlier, i think it was taken back by how much territory was taken. and this can also be seen as a weakness because it comes from solid control and you can consolidate then this, this strength could very quickly become a weakness. but again, it is this over fresh. so it's hard to say, i guess over the next week, we're going to see how this plays out. you know,
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a ga one thing that is being played out now. it's living here in moscow. i heard it since february 24th. i'll use an english language, a d m, when they, when we take in the gloves off. this is, this is a catalyst here because there's been an enormous amount of restraint restraint when it comes to infrastructure, civilian infrastructure, wanting to keep casualties very low. you bring out probably the most important point, disappointing the civilians on the ground which is very, very key. very, very key is not the most important issue actually, because this conflict will come to an end one day. but it's the hearts and minds that are in play right now. so, i mean, some people i know are saying finally, finally, you know, we have to do this in earnest. ok, there. this is a special military operation, least today is not achieving what it was supposed to up the game. that's what i'm hearing. i think so too,
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because really low the russians did this. they seemed like it was a very clever maneuver. they attacked a force that was maybe a, maybe even less than a 3rd of the size of the defending force, which is a big fight, wants to be reoriented towards the side of any or prevailing. and they the chief quite a, quite a lot during these months. on the, on the progress in the, you know, they got the entirety of the people's republic. they haven't made that much progress in on it since july. so i was really a problem. but of all it was that they were occupying quite a lot of territory with minimal forces and that will always vulnerable to a counter attack. and once it becomes clear that nato is going all in your brain,
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i mean just to say that you never a restraint on what the setting your brain and you create is also no longer restraining itself. i mean it is attacking premier. it's gary on assassinations in russia was going to be more of that terrorist attack. so, you know, you really have to think, well, we've done what we could on, on the, the special military operations of what we're going to win. then this has to be a proper, a full out war, and then all the things that you say, you know, a fax on infrastructure, all that you use infrastructure attacking the entry points of the hardware native sending it, all of that now has to be considered because this really isn't working. i mean, if this was supposed to have, right, this is not supposed to be the victim. oh,
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a counter attack, particularly in a region that he's actually close to the russian. well hey, let's continue with the reactions. glenn, because we had one austin in germany, was basically saying whatever it takes, again here he, i've seen his reactions. i thought he would be a little bit more and brilliant, but he wasn't. but maybe as we've all said here, it's early days here. but the, the people that are pro war that want to scholars, proxy conflict with russia, they, they must be sitting pretty right now. yeah. well then then the connection. yeah. i keep discussion oregon. did there to be coming out of state has been that initially might also be a thought for henson about sending it to powerful equipment because they were afraid that this would lead to rush further escalation. they started with russia will respond, the kind of what they said, that the lesson was coming out of the united states to say that this is that the lesson is and i trusted into anything that they were able to bring in more and more
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powerful weapons, longer longer range missiles, rosshouse respondents. so this is kind of the dilemma for russia. if it, if it escalates it can risks direct risk of direct confrontation with united states . however, it doesn't really tell it on a states from her smile. well, they've not been approved tally. i think there's no reason why we should send ever and ever so. so this is a think you're going to see perhaps a response from, from russia because also what you're saying, i went out the rules and restraints. let me go and a discussion on the events playing i didn't say ah, ah,
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ah, he with ah, with d. o.
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welcome back to cross like we're all things are considered. i'm peter a little. this is the home addition to remind you were discussing important news. ah ok, let's go back to glen in us slow right before we went to the break, you were trying to finish up a point. go right ahead. yes, one when i rush them again, this wanted to refer a special note operation in february. and the point was then, 1st impulse it's, it's term care about them. as we know, the british band pushed allows you to, to, within, to cancel this negotiations. and then this was a war of attrition. and the special ration as to see it would have been sufficient to get victory in ukraine. but the argument now which i hear in russia up to the nor has changed because news pushing and everything the house. and now rush us to go all the way. so fighting this with one hand tied on their back was on the 200000
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troops, doesn't work. the argument is not a should do at the beginning, wishes to declare for. and yes, i said all this and it just love my day. i just got back from this economic for invoking. i spoke to a russians there as well. and this was the main sentiment that the why, why, why, how some russia more why on the bridge is standing? why? why taking so much, of course, for the civil and infrastructure this, this was a luxury that in february, but it's not a luxury one that is pumping in on this weapon. so i saw this a lot of resentment towards the kremlin being in 2 restraints. and they're in the response. again, this is sending the wrong signals, especially in american, so they can keep doing every weapons because on retaliating time, so what george is viewers here are view the gather
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george, and i do george, you, you're looking pretty much vindicated, right? over the last 6 months of conversations here, i mean, again, it's time to take the gloves up as you've already mentioned, you know, a tax on right near fascinations and moscow. now it's time to up the game and this is a catalyst. there are plenty of people just, one is pointing out here that this will be a catalyst to push through before the, before the real cold sets in. and i think you'll be perfectly justified with that. and also it has to send a met, you know, are we were here, have to understand russia is not just in the military conflict, and ukraine is fighting all of nature right now. ok, this is, this is what the states right now, it's russian against all of nature. and i think we need people need to be reminded of that. i had a, it is late,
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so it's throwing everything at russian. i mean, it sees explicitly a war against russia is using ukraine. the goal here, nathan wants to cross russia once and for all russians, should realize or whatever lou original objectives may have been with the special military operations with the militarization and the liberation of the a lot. that was changed. it's now essentially a civil war for russia against nature, and then russia cannot afford to lose because of it loses this than it is finished . as a great powers and any kind of an actor on the will social level, russia really has no choice and therefore, you know, whatever the extent of the casualties and the hardships that will come about it, start escalating destroying infrastructure targeting here, you know, targeting,
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you know, any, any way, and now they're in your brain. it doesn't matter that much because nate is coming for you anyway. like you already go with a solution that is already have. so you don't have any choice now in the math. it has to go all in. now because this, this way of doing things, it just is not working because it would be more and more of the counter offenses by your brain than out, you know, very confident of themselves. nato is obviously a joy about what it pulled up. so there's a lot more of this and got a call to be seen to be essentially train the people who put their trust, you know, and then another one another angle of this year over the last 10 days or so, there's been an enormous amount of rumors and probably a lot of misinformation, i'm perfectly willing to accept that. about zelinski standing there. there's talk
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of a, a coup against him replacing him even in the russian speaking world, there's even a list of candidates that could possibly replace him. this, this offensive here is really important for them to have him main. it's important to him so he can maintain his position as being the interlocutor of ukraine to the, to the nato world. this is a very important event for him. and so hard given a parent to be successful so far, this has been good for him because the stand last his position at home are you having a some opposition towards, especially in the military and among some of the right reasons, but also to some apprehension in terms of getting with and so you can seem to be losing. so this off and so successful has been more of our students, obviously getting more credibility. but again, how, how, i guess,
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just on the 2nd point, how russia will respond kind of depends on which way it's going to go. when i'm, again speaking, i mentioned that they can do this. this could have put a lot of a troops and all position through the special milton operation, the russian cycle to a on this for some re, re, re take the ground. i think it will go back to this more progressive aspects on russia. but if it's not able to do so, i then i agree with george brush. going to do it, then have to escalate the by escalating this into full war by bringing in much more troops because i don't think we'll live there. there is an optional loss for us on this and, and i can appreciate the green is saying this is an existential fight for them because you can, might not exist after this. but it's also to large extent another logic. so that is also an extension for, for, for russia, because this is not merely leading ukraine and things go back to us before 2014
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made. or if. 5 thing here, so it is russia perceives this, i think right? this, so as being an existential threat. so for this reason, if they're not able to push this back through this format of the special, no, they're question, i don't see any other alternative than russia going in full war by the claim. one crane. so this of course will be huge escalation and will probably be complimented with the other thing such a striking where you find that western military personnel in ukraine and the delivery point. so weapons and infrastructure, presidential power, i don't know that it will be much more aggressive. i think so. and then it goes back to this dilemma that the it is a dilemma is it is the other side escalates. if you do nothing else, the americans are so clearly communicating in this, in russia than us being we can, there's no risk. there's no response. in other words, let's continue more have your weapons until we see an unfavorable response. russia
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. so this is for this, i think this is a dilemma process currently. and the dilemma exist equally for nate, them because they know is all in on this, they have to, when they're ability is on the line on the line there even legitimacy, i would say, considering it with every passing day, the pain that europeans are experiencing because of the sanctions, the energy crisis and what not, i mean this is turning into existential from all sides, depending on how you interpreted. so ok. and as you pointed out earlier, you can afford this to happen. and so this is why we're, we're really at a rubicon, right? now, so something has to give one way or another and it's going to be, you know, i hate to say in our day and age, people have to say we need a win win situation. know we're in a situation win or lose george. i think so,
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because so it was b probing using, wow, we're her go, well, we'll just go, you know, listen these weaponry a, something even more dangerous, lethal a russian doesn't do that. so that probing for russia, but i was up to rush to do the same to grow, right. ok, we're going to go in and we're going to hit here. we're going to hit the western forces that maybe a strike all the roads, railways, my hardware is getting into great. what's needed to do so far over even later they can send in on and leave ukraine dry. but they themselves have not been prepared to get involved in the war. so you can ok, are you prepared to get involved yourself? are you ready to get directly?
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well, i don't think they are, which is why it was russian just probing. major ok, go ahead. see if you are ready to escalate and get it and get into a direct line with us. so i think that's probably the way rush is. good to go. when your thoughts on that that was the next answer from george. your thoughts? yes, no, no. i agree, i think that's the direction of going. that's why this is all dangerous because for everyone, this has been an existential. are you paying in russia models us are going to help make us well is it loses this? it's already built is gone. so i, so when, when you haven't seen that, everything to win or everything to lose, they're willing to, to escalate that take huge risks. and i think that's the direction of rush as well . so it's a very dangerous point in time for everyone. and no one want to say yes or no. escalate very, very quickly and,
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and interest path. so and george, when we have to point out, you're going to george here is that the, the casualties of the cranium are taking or just enormous, enormous. and there's a lot of criticism within your brain and so on how callison, casual, the military and sends it forces into the line of fire because it actually rates really very high here. and i mean, depending on the sources, it could be 10 to one, you know, the intent for every 10 ukrainians, one russian. so you know, the, you know, you can, you can go down the path of these offensive, but they're very, very costly. a few seconds to george, go ahead. yeah, they are very closely, but i think what's mostly troubling for russia is that there's been no collapse in morale. and even in western stories about these extensive casualties, they report that the, so does the wound a so does, they can't wait to get back on the front. so the brain,
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unfortunately grip of this anti russian etiology, so deep by the hatred or russia that they just ready to sacrifice. you know, i don't know how many tens of thousands of lives, just to fight this war. and, you know, unfortunately there's too many within major countries also in the grip of this historical hatred of russia. well, this is where it stands on gentlemen here, i want to thank my guest and are slow and budapest when i think our viewers are watching us here to see you next time. remember ah ah, ah
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a magic you pretty much like a do you live muscles? if you look on the initial, be one of them not to get a diaz can use to put body when you do or 2. but you also the was done those a what i see the skinny bus is the little gear medation says
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a ah, your top line right now here we're not international at a bridge in the heart of so in that region comes under ukrainian, shelling local authority say western supply to high margin rockets were used in the time wrong, bank romania are set to sign a deal to boost ukrainian grain shipments to europe and the mediterranean. as the un warms that africa is on the brink of an unprecedented hon. good crisis. well, we hear from people, anything with the west always claims they'd given a to africa in cash and weight, but indirectly it goes back to them some help. now, since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grain for themselves. and a new poll reveals a majority.


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