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tv   News  RT  September 12, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ah mm ah at least one person is dead and for injured as the result of shelling in the belgrade region. this in scotland, russia city located very close to the ukrainian borders sold widespread damage to some of its residential infrastructure. also in the program, a bridge in the heart of so on region coming under ukrainian, shelling a local authority, se west and supplied hide mas rockets. the youth in the attack, france and romania set to sign a deal to a booth. ukrainian grain shipments to europe on the mediterranean, that un and warns that africa is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis. on the program we hear from people in ethiopia with the west always claims
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they give an age to africa in cash and weight. but indirectly, it goes back to them somehow. now since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grains with . so i'd cruising into the monday evening. i was here at moscow and a very will welcome to you from all of us here at odds. international soap, at least one person, as we understand, has been killed and for others injured and shelling in the bell garad region that is in russia, that is southern russia, close to the border with ukraine. this is unverified footage of loud bangs heard in different parts of the city. one person killed and 3 of the 4 injured people shall ukrainian citizenship. that's according to local authorities. officials also confirmed the ed defense systems
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sounded there alarms adding that a board checkpoint was cheryl said he also suffered damage to his residential infrastructure, leaving some parts of the town with power outages over the last 24 hours. now in other developments in the countries in ukraine, a bridge has been targeted by ukrainian fire, that's also according to local authorities. the attack was portly, carried out with high mas rocket systems with russian ed defense systems activated in the repel. ukrainian forces fired 6 rockets, but the engine off ski bridge was not seriously damaged. the crossing has come under repeated heavy sharlene from key as forces and is one of the main transport arteries of that region. now article, it's a city of more than a 1000000 people, as we're portly experienced a power outage today of the widespread blackouts will confirm across bost area of ukraine overnight in flames. they help the nice guy to power station that was over
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portly hit late on sunday. a key if he blamed russia for the attacks moscow has yet to comment. however, the russian ministry of defense did confirm strikes on military am placements in the heart of the region over night. with more on our story is all correspondent, the remains embedded. the news regarding the blackouts began circulating in the early hours of sunday evening as their social media showed that articles on the ground had stopped functioning as passengers had to walk through the tunnels in order to get out of the metro system and on to the ground. so elsewhere in the city of far, paul salvas, public transportation like god, trolley buses that use a streets of power lines have caught on fired as the result of the power outage. also due to the alleged air strike. so local power station, including a one of ukraine's biggest heat and power units have caught on fire as
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well at this point. so the power was restored in some of the places. now ukraine's president vladimir zalinski accused a russia of targeting critical infrastructure. and he had confirmed her blackouts in the cities of ha, ha, ha to cough and don't ask region as well. he also said that there was partial blackout in the regions of never up at troughs. and assuming now russian defense, the ministry are yet to comment on this, neither confirming nor denying some involvement. however, in its said, daily briefing, a russian defense, ben is free, is, has said that key of regime are deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure on the areas that russia currently controls. and that includes and then go dar, that's the home to europe's largest nuclear power stations. now,
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russian defense ministry saying that this is a john in order to cause suffering to the civilian population and just to destabilize the situation in general as well. now, that suffer is suffering of the russian defense ministries talking about is very much phillips. i hear in done as where i am as thousands of people have been without electricity for months and that also includes running water. we get water here once every 3 days. and that's because the ukrainian forces arts are getting a pumping stations as well as gas pipelines and electricity lines as well. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry also said that the key of had suffered losses as 4000 of its soldiers had been killed and 6000 wounded. and that's in nikolai of region alone. meantime, the u. n's,
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atomic watched or chief has again been trying to draw the world's attention to the continuing attacks on those up at all. if you had nuclear power plant, the facility is still coming under happy shelling even after the i. e. s. a recent mission to the nuclear complex, with some of the shells, shrapnel, having nato serial number stamped inside the bodies director, general rafael grossi offline. the latest developments that of monday media conference sharing continues and their direct impact on, on the reactors on associated facilities. in particular that the spent fuel areas where the, where the spent fuel is located with owner in the program here at ot see i did speak with former job and m p and a member of the left party, martin told so how he believes the i e a is powerless to act, he says, it's under political pressure. i am sure be strong enough
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to say what they have been seating. and if they have seen the numbers which prove that it has been made of nature, nature rockets, and why should the rational shoot them? i mean, no one merely no one who has a clear mind what belief that someone should be in a nuclear power. and then if you would see it wouldn't affect the last reason that you're crying, but that would affect region in russia as well. so as far as i can see, the crying in government, it's using this nuclear power to blackmail the rec center states to even a for, and export more weapons to then i think this is very funny because it's very dangerous or to some other front lines. now was russia says that withdrew troops from the northern contact lines in the holocaust region of ukraine. and is relocating them
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south to the don't yet where public to bolster operations that the city of cope young because now split between control of the 2 sides in the area where ukrainian troops recently filled the void left by russian forces. so france and romania have reached a deal which allows them to increase ukrainian grain exports to mediterranean countries, but is made un warnings that the food security situation in africa is on the brink . i will sign in accord with the romania that will allow you green to get even more grain shipped out to europe and developing countries, notably to the mediterranean countries which needed for food. according to the un, only 30 percent of ukrainian grain shipments have been supplied to low and middle income countries under the black sea grain initiative. it was signed, if you remember, back in july to ensure the safe passage of grain through ukraine's ports to mitigate a global food crisis. and last month, the us released
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a report showing ukrainian ships the heading mostly to european states. and it claims the initiative is not being implemented as intended. in fact, some citizens of the continent we heard from say that they feel neglected. mega form is an umbrella. we have no information of any aid arriving had a derived here. we would have seen accused the bread easing and the price dropping . that would have been the proof, but there is nothing. the west always claims that they had given a to africa in cash and weight, right? but indirectly, it goes back to them. somehow. they give it in spoons, and take it back in shuffles. i had heard that there was a ship being loaded for ethiopia. we have not seen any grain so far. therefore, now, since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grain for themselves. by, according to me, if it was possible, this grain would be directed to african countries taken the promised grain to each country is, is against our wish there well developed countries and they can be compared with
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africa. welcome again. and if it green decides to send the grain to you, countries that we're going to suffer greatly. most african nations depends on the grain from ukraine. so if it is directed to can specifically do that, it was shelby at b. so you loper, and while the un warns that the world is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis, global food prices are down due to shipments made from the black sea ports. but of course, concerns do remain about future supplies. the same time nation, such as southern or the south, a sudan i should say, in yemen, are facing quote, catastrophic conditions. and that's according to the world food program. over now, to turkish journalist a hockey. ok. he expects a new agreement between france and romania not to be just on paper. i certainly hope that if france being in the loop right now, means something that europe hands are getting is getting aware of the fact that
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what they're doing is not nice and diverse. small now they, they can play that kind of the colonial game. they used to play one. now there's internet, internet and global connection, and everyone knows what's happening in europe in a 2nd is electric, or in a, wherever it is all the work. they cannot play any more games and let the u. u m. program. re route this green vector where it should be going to so the revelations found and hunter biden's laptop could have changed the 2020 election results if the media had fully reported the story before the election. and that's according to 48 percent of respondents. in a recent poll and the newly released film, my son hunter sent some of the public into
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a frenzy thought his fear l. isabel explains the hunter bite and laptop saga is back in the headlines this time via a satirical film, distributed by bright part media titled my son hunter, which selves into the allegations and apparent international debauchery of joe biden. son and the events surrounded the infamous laptop scandal. do you know who i am with the government to pick up the repair shop? sure. it was built life. i just want to go with the crowd funded movie also details the contents found in hunter biden's laptop which led to a mass censorship of the story. particularly of the 2020 expos, a article from the new york post, which social media giants,
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twitter and facebook removed from their platforms. citing a need to slow down the spread of what they branded, potentially misleading and false information. the film which also highlights various allegations of the bite and dynasties. political corruption add insinuates . joe biden played a role in a mass cover up of the story with liberal media being left in a fury and unhinged low budget trauma based less on fact and more on conspiracy. siri, the film office fringe lunatics. a safe space. my son hunter makes clear early how steep it is an antique bite and law. the film serves primarily as a vehicle to trigger the lives and throw enough easter eggs. conservative viewers that they recognize that this film was made just for them. some commentators even say the movie actually brings to light many more facts regarding the bite and family corruption than the official f b i investigations themselves managed to do. my son hunter movie is doing the job that the f b, i should have done. every one should go and watch my son hunter. it's
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a great red tale movie that all should watch. it's full of drugs and government corruption. see how the big guy and his son make billions republican senators for their part, jumped in to accusing the big tact firms of engaging in a manipulation campaign. trying to cover up hunter story, anyone remotely concerned about free speech or civil liberties. ought to be concerned about the f b i asking big tech weeks before the election to take down information because it's politically harmful to the party. they want to prevail. and by the way it's worth underscoring. we now know the hunter bide, laptop story was true. we have seen in recent months how suddenly in government have sought to use big texas sensor, divergent viewpoints and file and oppose and political speech. facebook suppression of the both article and allegations of white and family corruption highly relevant
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to the 2020 presidential election following guidance from the of the i is highly troubling. funny enough, these claims by crews and others were recently verified by facebook itself. basically the background here is the f b i, i think basically came to us some, some folks on our team as a cape just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. there is that we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda and the 2016 election. we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that similar to that. so just be vigilant. the f b, i actually admitted these claims to be true saying it has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors. the popularity of my son hunter doesn't quite help less than the controversy and public interests surrounding the bided administration. a legit corruption. it seems that the more the liberal contingent
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comes out in full force to discredit or suppress the hunter bite an investigation. the more attention it gets, maybe there is some truth to the u. s. last being scared of this movie. and maybe they are reluctant to allow the free flow of information into the media sphere, especially if that information can be damaging to their political goals. or you're about to get some exclusive access now into the well behind closed doors. i guess the actions of that of the russian f s b have a listen to this in the course of a secret operation by russian f. s. b agents, a number of terrorist attacks designed to target top officials, what prevented in the heart of san region and in crimea. and the people involved in the planning as well as ukraine security service employees have been identified. and correspondent maria for national, got exclusive access. now right behind the scenes laying out the details in this exclusive artie report ukraine security service they as b, u acts like
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a terrorist organization. that's the conclusion of russia's federal security service, the f as b after in almost 3 months long secret operation. they discovered that a, yeah, bunder chuk, and as b officer in ukraine, southern regional have san was organize in terror, acts targeting politicians and law enforcement officers in territories under russian back forces control. he organized a group of people who for cash or even under duress, carried out they as we use dirty work back in july ukrainian media reported that said again, tom cub and deputy police chief in the town of nowhere, a whole fca who key is viewed as a traitor who agreed to cooperate with a new authorities was killed in his car. what they didn't know was that russia's security services had known about the assassination plot. all along from one better chokes, phone conversations. they then staged the death to protect the target and make the
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as b trust. they hate men who was cooperating with the f as b when. ready were waters and when i 1st spoke with his s b u officer, he introduced himself as hillier in later meetings. my conversations with alia, took place in the presence of the russian federation, law enforcement, personnel, tonka, wasn't killed. moscow moved to policeman and his family to a safe place long before his stage. death from there with people from law enforcement agencies came to me. they reported that the special services of the craney nazi authorities had ordered an attempt on my life. they provided me with evidence of this providing video and audio recordings. word was clearly audible, what amount they offered, namely 70000 ribbons for my murder. and the biggest nuance that struck me was that i returned home with my wife and child most of the time. and the record stated that it didn't matter what happened to them. the most important goal was to eliminate me
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by any me means in this audio recording, it was heard that grenades could be used as well as rifles. in this regard, i decided that it was necessary to cooperate with people from law enforcement agencies who approached me. let me here, i can even provide a video from you to one of the most popular news programs in ukraine, vic now where it is indicated that i was shot, the police officer heard bundle chuck's voice messages. the af is be share them with him. as proof of the you quinn and security services plan here has been that a ciocca speaking to the hired hate man who has a cope. do you understand who i'm talking about? he's now filling in for the deputy head of the department. the call. do you understand which one tonka? yes, he used to be a district police officer to ensure the right person would be targeted. bend artichoke, sent a picture of the victim, and 2 of his body guards to that would be killer. have you seen the photos that tonka the young one? he sold the pictures and so did rushes f as
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b to whom he handed all the information about the plot. so regarding tonka, i was ordered to find information on him. his current address is formula location. and photos of what he looks like. he promised to me 70000 ukraine and richness for tankers head i was ordered to follow him everywhere and eliminate him. when the actual color and tough that taggard's death not know any to a staged, the fake assassin received his bounty on a bank card. this man, can you send us your credit card number? if you have one, you see as a government program, many why you'll have to wait for a couple of days. they'll allocate the money, then someone takes it and brings it to me. and i send it to you. if you can send me a screenshot from your bank out to prove that you got the money coastal overflow, so loyal the my case is not the 1st one and they will make more murder attempts. as considering the latest facts, this is there a direct approach because they are not capable of anything else. they work out
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psalms, arbitrage, methods assassinations, waste, intimidate our families, making phone calls. and i am not the only one my other colleagues also suffered from this the ukrainians called their families, wives and parents and intimidated them, threatened that they would kill them, blow them up. the next task followed immediately. vitaly gordon, an official from car whorf gun had also worked with russian authorities since the beginning of the conflict and thus signed his own death sentence much. you see, let's put it this way, but he definitely goes to his place. sometimes he goes to his parents house, i'll try to dig something up on him. so you could finish off one of these guys and then go on to crimea. but once again, they would be assassin, was working with the russian f as b. and another staged killing was orchestrated under their guidance. or no, he sent me the 2nd task to eliminate gurro, the member of the administration. his assassination was also set up under the
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control of the law enforcement agencies alia promised me 150000 prisoners for gora . they asked me, his target was killed in his own house and the f as b made sure the video looked realistic. it went viral, which allows the in the beginning of august, the law enforcement officers approached me and said that my assassination was being prepared that my family's under threat. they played the audio recordings for me as proof that they wanted to kill me and my family. my surname was mentioned several times and they said specifically where and when they wanted to kill me. in his conversations with the heat men, when they're chuck explained the reasons behind the as be used assassination plots . he was responsible for i kill them and i don't give i don't consider them to be human beings. i have no mercy for them. they're filthy vermin. the c'mon says, fall the cases. i say you fall the cases for the traitors by yourselves. we should slaughter them. not far, the case is bunder took became complacent and can fast. he was behind the keeling
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of another pro russian police officer who was also blogger sharing some green details. i'll tell you how i did that. have you heard that kudos shove? had of police got wacked in case on. he was said to be appointed as the head of the case on region police. he was wax in the head. the whole shot was blown up, the glass shattered. that's it. that killing was real. when that chuck's future plans were ambitious and bloody more killings and more explosions, you wiped that cop out and after that i want to try to low dish. there will be 4 packs with remote control. a man enters to grab a coffee and then the juice pack at the entrance just blows up. i've talked to some guys from as of there, a new toys coming. do you know what a thermo barrett weapon is? is the same thing as a vacuum weapon. and we'll also get anti personal explosives with remote detonation . you won't have to move an inch, was set around 600 rounds of explosives and a ballistic device with
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a keeler war 2. he also boasted that alexander was just one of many or blender chokes, little army. you see i have a lot of kids, like you, i bring up a whole fresh unit of my own private killers. you're the most promising one. i always say, whatever you do or say, my boy is the best guy, even save your contact as my number one son. so who was the hired gun? the store is like the plot of an action movie. he was simply an ordinary civilian one day, a random local resident and former prisoner victor about onion. can his wife got a call from victors, former jail cell mate, asking him to find someone to do some dirty work for the as be soon after ukraine security service itself contacted victor? was one of use of this ukrainian security forces. gary starts calling me. he said it was necessary to blow up the salamander cafe. this is a cafe where a local administration and military members gather. well, we refused to set an explosion the, his birth,
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me and victor owed. that's why the ukrainian security forces guy asked to find someone else. i came out on the street and met a young guy who i didn't know at all and told him that there's a chance to throw a grenade and asked him, what would he want for doing that? and he said that he needed $150.00. i took out 2 grenades from a backpack z crenan security forces member told me to and i handed them to this young man. he walked away, one grenade used for training, and the other he threw into the salamander. cafe. quite literally had guy picked up at a bus stop and nobody hired to kill people using hand grenades. that restoral explosion happened. no one died as alexander instructed by russia's f as be through the grenade when the place was empty rather than lunch, time rush hour. so use due to a lack of proper qualifications of personnel. the heads of the ukrainian security forces decided to use a simplified path, namely to recruit individuals from marginal groups and evolved nationals minded
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youth cooperation. oh, for the as be you alexander, hell, also known as malisha. the russian word for baby had just 22 years old. was quite a valuable asset. the command told me to god you like the apple of my eye. well, i'll try your find you information. i'll send it to you so that you can make hits at least one your targets and then leave the crimea. can you go to cry, ma'am? i have a friend there also. you see, we can work that. we have everything we need that we have all the stuff in crimea, american weapons, galks grenades, everything new place, new targets. near killings, new victims, renews and who ukrainian security forces officer alias set a task to find a deputy chief of the head of harrison region. he sent me follows, showing what he looked like, where he lived all the information i could need. with the help of these family photos i understood that he was in crimea. i needed to find him and then eliminate him. i asked how i would do that, and i got a reply saying that
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a man who lives in crimea would give me the means to kill my target. to really promised me 1000000 forgiveness for the deputy chief of the carson region head after that ilia changed the task. and now it read 7 ministers of the republic of crimea. i. there are ministers and i understand i know about them. how much do you need mile get it to you? at least that'll come to work at one place. how much do you want man, for a head? if 300 isn't enough, i'll give you 400. if they great or 300, i'll give that to you. a full 100. i'll grant you, full just name the some that all in sim for awful. a hard mission to complete without any back up. that's how alexander was introduced to the as be used contact aim crimea. jo. i asked about the man who was to meet me in crimea. he said he was a good guy. he had cooperated with ukrainian security forces for a long time. and when i arrived in crimea,
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he was to accommodate me and help me accomplish my set tasks. i have a young guy there, a tartar, you understand, he's a good guy. we worked with him, he's a normal guy. he's around 22 to 23 years old. but he didn't serve, he's all man, he hunted fs. b officers down and so on. his name is mahmud they off as we followed alexander to crimea with 7 minister is on and you kill list. the risks were jest to great and rushes special services arrested bass b u agent, exposing the operation to ukraine in secret services. the man then share in the story of his recruitment and the bloody order, as he received from keith knowles, on which period he hungry. and after we started to communicate with him closely, he started to dish out the tasks. the 1st task was to be in crimean territory, natural people who took part in military actions and don, yes, new guns people's republics. i had to secure,
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safe exit from the russian federation for then. and then the criminal security forces offices could detain them. the next task was to take photos of military objects in the crime in will. and veronica regions, the following task was to eliminate the deputy of curse on regions. head in crimean tow, see a cache was hidden by the ukrainian security forces offices. there was a kalashnikov rifle as well as grenades. de bounty was 1000000 for even us. this story is just one of several cases. rush is f as based currently monitoring, as, as b, u operatives in russian control territories carry out caves, terrorist orders. you know, if you're curious, so you can discover more disturbing details about this story in mushers exclusive report for the meantime. here you can do that on auto dot com. your program returns in about half an hour. ah,
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ah, can claim it is a cheap military breakthrough in ukraine's east and south. if true is this enough to change the course of the conflict? and at this point, this seems rather doubtful. however, this so called breakthrough will surely ensure that conflict continues. on february, the 24th 2022, russian launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle wasn't operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of pro russian don bass.


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