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[000:00:00;00] ah, can claim to these a cheap military breakthrough in ukraine's east and south if true is this enough to change the course of the conflict? and at this point, this seems rather doubtful. however, this so called breakthrough will surely ensure the conflict continues. awe on february, the 24th 2022 russian launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pulled back under the control of pro russian. don bass
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with good. we'll go with almost 3 months now. alexander had a cough skis, unit made up of volunteers from done ads. has been fighting on the murray open
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front. if you prefer you from previous conspiracy, i said you're gonna do sir leicester at the foot. you as they start saying that i see the picture looks the i'm capable of postal room. you might get a buzz. you sort of a little budget because you'll ah, oh, banking 2014. how kosky relies they would have to fight in is the ukraine's pro russian cities as protests on keys. my dan escalated into st. wolf that
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someone with nicholas, which he wasn't civil. then you scare anybody to us know when your city is like okay, but i'm with the system or if i was all sure, i'm just and we do it. but i wasn't almost a jewel it. i mean, i think i do not my thought it was all on your part of the the work i still like about it. beautiful. like i just need to speak here when we got your wish to meet with them. new cook miss british their photo professional but artificial turf, yet could have been reached with off to the kuta and ukraine. kind of kosky returned to his native done it. here as in
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almost own russian speaking regions of southeastern ukraine. people refused to recognize the new government. ah, with godaddy for another one who showed no portion of my down in that'll be shy a gore. where did you wanna? boy, a shawl, not or with a question. i'm not in the bush. i guess she we surely lost me up is no i for the much that would be stupid. this is sheila, i'm to consider a song, a cigar. can it be what it was on the home, they call you beast. i mean that he talked to them with the invoice. that is machine streaming yet. oh, i know desa lugens done it, and mario poke. people began to form malicious piano. joe got to work, talk to people as my done a few of them looked at all as could view it. he could look to see what he saw of
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year cost game you do. you're going to go up to $43.00 and it will be earlier. i need to bring up austin. lou, differ from florida to meet the w my senior you based on your boss with the horrible bridge or she will get you brought on another bus with almost with them. but some of the performance, you almost almost midnight with a go to school. when you got over a, we took
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a resource for you for you. what's the medical professor? some like ah articles case prediction came true within weeks. the city then you keep authority sent on my dad. protest isn't amin. it's too was murray. you both a crucial industrial center in southern ukraine in look or you could it's all little screen regionally, i suppose, to live with my chest listening. mclane with butch dental school. listen, a call when you mitchell. i see chelsea news up because all this total excused from scope we thought those crazy sorta, rolla rules. no grade. mitchell is, but it was so shit models can ukrainian armed forces, open fire on civilians in mario on may the nice on that day as is tradition.
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presidents with celebrating victory over fascism with pnc rios
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with with . ready in february 2014, mario po, please sided with the pro russian residence the ukranian on use combat vehicles against them. most of the fighting took place around the cities, police department building. ah, the child look. ready ready ready ready biting they just love. ready because you digital it on, you know, in the holding says, daniel,
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but they only get you with the she can, that's the sort of a push a little bit of a, you know, but i need to take it up with that question. what about the market is don't, i don't think it is all divided magically to send uniform, get my best bet. but then you know, a little bit more, he'd been up and hold it. so local, compassionate, done. you won't be in that clip. i'm not going around those, you know, that was our but the leader with with
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with what it was the whole family. but i think a question, but need to thank you for telling me somewhat during the day because only the only stuff that you put a placebo. then mr. mcgee here go with a she has the what you have done. yeah. flushing it was on it. so you need to, she knew that i knew it will get the dish and was in here a couple of unless i could, they simply say thank you for you know, with the blessing coverage for medicaid indoor he put on the list of allah. but usually the youth collateral will dis,
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formerly qa blood donation sub with ah, just about this, you know, grady me and he was suddenly getting one you to select your or was a store and says to get a minute to pull up the you won't be up a book i'm going to see what the status was me if there was a problem with the motion we sent me last election will be eager to meet down of was done in the people's republic. suppose defense minister in may 2014. he was captured during an om clash with fighters from
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ukraine's as the nationalist battalion. he was interrogated by the leader of ukraine's radical party and the cold in the presence of keep journalists. but give them as good as reason. but in them abroad that the government nipples. if this would be a large number, let me pull it up. i should be a little crazy. go west, but it was like, oh god, why didn't you would those be ceiling? and this will that. but also i don't like to get these because i'll see what happens with it though. yeah, just keep up with them. separate up a keep this is over all is boy you build on use are below just
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a 2014 ukrainian nationalist managed to suppress a popular uprising in maryville and retain control with
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ah ah, a doctor for the school. i hope i hope with a, with
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a choice issue, somebody over there, both of those with you uh, pulled up with it and i do so as you know, that way. i don't mind he remembered these strides the authorities used the next 8 years to turn the city into a fortress aah!
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with these units were later reinforced. and variable became the home base of the as of nationalist regiment. it's backbone propped up by those who strongly believed in the concept of the purity of the ukrainian race. lee, it was a bunch of stuff that led to believe not so just to just go to his also put their little green down below a wallace. this is not silicon was, but i don't not sure to call acumen, payroll greens, cause comments only suits good is and this will not, should abortion, to swatches, thought equal. toto greens can,
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which are the openings come all he did. some will not bring at all with arctic on that away boy from suggestion. yes. all germans amended, don't believe not. you know, it's response to lead, way of getting on the door. william doke, a gift from where young a failure. how does keith gonna just tell you my dear, what made you well hello sir. yeah. good luck with when the battle for mary you will began keith st. its hopes on militants from the ultra nationalist as our regiment. with this a boston new, a couple of quarter numbers, a bomb care. i'm not a good deal, daughter,
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i'm never sure. yeah, my cousin of course, would be too bold puzzles, but to subdue studying with them was michaud garcia, with as of regimen fighters, trained by nato instructors have adopted a new tactic of forcing residence to stay in the besieged city. they use them as human shields. with heidi not you know they do. so when you got a lot of shit on the way to dig up and then the point b when to issue a new charge of them should have
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a list with up with a chance to hear what i knew. but these are like mess him up. i brought them back. go or a senior senior been there and you got one year. we brought that much, you know? no good luck waking them up with them. loose professional russian soldiers and ordinary people from don bass. those who joined the people's militia a few days before the fighting broke out. went to storm. mary, you both are jordon dog. i don't my lease for a 2nd. i thought i did it picky. right?
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they'd say a host, the way a bunch your direction. he started with a really a new march with kind of short of some other countries. you get a feeling boyle, my end,
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you see just bear with me. recently civilians they had to learn of and wolf that tactics in the midst of shelling with a few short interferes
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with while hiding behind the banks of civilians. the ukrainian military turn. hundreds of my re you post houses into strong health with other public with north america who usually both only with well and boy, i deal with a a, a the must. all those booster as
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a boy should through thought about media georgia, a, the with the militants, wanted any evacuation attempts. people thing from the burning city came under precision fire from the ukrainian army, a voice i was looking for like a say, what about a lot about what else? thank you for your help. oh god. oh, gotcha. well, if you do corporate australia style panella, laraca, both, all of our teeth are struggled with your post a little mark with all that we did for the, for the new speed, not from a volleyball, outdoor, or start off care. but from with, with any of our last thing i would say
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a, [000:00:00;00] with the liberation of murder. you will then that an assault on each blog. i'm so became a rescue mission with it, but i just said, oh and that much. anyways,
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i'd go label question here with the machine and not a, [000:00:00;00] a with journalist working in a married couple, no thousands of similar stories. wall correspondent now donna frederickson was one
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of the 1st to speak to residents of a recently liberated murray local neighbourhood. a laugh at what got me here long ago, which is out for you to go out. good luck with her shot. this is sales. ah. go with . did you, did you like your ah, let's see
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a sofa. a chilling parts didn't hold is that also knew about was about was cable i did receive and you put us on the back for which you were in. i said the short wasn't on my screen, but i started. oh, looking to do there's so much leslie, a, a good idea. when you're done with it, you can see me no go. but i'm just looking at the clue you do should proceed to which
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is close enough. i was like, it was actually, but do you see what these to do to get our food? all right. and you see appointment with with since the beginning of minutes reaction. it's volunteers who've been evacuating mario pose residence, a don, it's poet, an adult of
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a is one of them. a year of shocks, vol. see of any of my every day she travels from done it to batch of mary hugo. is one of the way that each attempt could be her last name with hor, done without no partial credit. could you divide it? yeah, it doesn't get all but oh oh let me have a free to store out last night that i bought that. no, don't get that about that. when you put me as a choke chip from your tablet, a good day that we choose this deal. it is different here. the
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credit they look at this boy do. right, that i wanted to get to the glue a with at least one person is dead and for injured as the result of shelling in the bold gold region that is in southern russia. the city located near the ukrainian border seas wide spread damage in this residential infrastructure. a bridge in the heart of san region coming under ukrainian shelling local authority, se weston supplied high and mas rockets. what you did, the attack france and romania are set to sign a deal to boost ukrainian grey and shipments to europe and the mediterranean. i


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