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tv   News  RT  September 12, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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ah, with at least one person is dead and fall injured as the result of shelling in the bold gold region that is in southern russia. the city located near the ukrainian border seas wide spread damage units, residential infrastructure, a bridge in the heart of so in region coming under ukrainian, shelling local authority, se western supplied high mas rockets. what used in the bronze to and romania are set to sign a deal to boost ukrainian grain and shipments to europe. and the mediterranean thought that the un wants to africa is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis. so here in the program we hear from some people in ethiopia or the west always claims that they've given a to africa in cash and weight,
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but indirectly it goes back to them somehow. now since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grant for themself with stories for this monday from moscow, without the international pleasure that help you with us. so it was, we understand now at least one person has been killed and for others injured in shelling in the bell. garad region that's in russia, specifically, southern russia, very close to the ukrainian border with it. so i'm verified footage of buying this home in different parts of the city. one post that was reported he's killed and 3 of the 4 injured people, share ukrainian citizenship, that's according to local authorities. now officials also confirm that air defense systems sounded there alarms adding that a board at check point was shelled. the city also suffered damage to his
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residential infrastructure, leaving some parts of the town with power outages over the last 24 hours. now in other developments in the conflict ukraine, a bridge has been targeted by ukrainian fire again, dots, according to local officials. the attack was a portly, carried out with high mas rocket systems with our russian air defense systems repelling. many of the missiles ukrainian forces fired 6 rockets, but the engine off ski bridge was not seriously damaged in the incident. the crossing has come under repeated heavy shelling from key of force is on is one of the main transport arteries in that region. now how to cough by city of more than a 1000000 people his report, we experienced a power outage today of the wide spread blackouts will confirm across vast areas of ukraine over night. right here you can see flames lighting out the night sky at a power station reportedly hit late on sunday. a kia has blamed russia for the attacks moscow has yet to comment. however, the russian ministry of defense did confirm stripes on military emplacements in the
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ha to cough region overnight or this 100 open house while correspondence revenge caused a wreck with the news regarding the blackouts began circulating in the early hours of sunday evening. as a social media showed that article on the ground had stopped functioning as passengers had to walk through the tunnels in order to get out of the metro system and onto the ground. so elsewhere in the city oh holds all of our public transportation like god, trolley bus is that you is as sweet. so power lines have been caught on fire as the result of the power outage are also due to the alleged air strike. so local power station, including a one of ukraine's her biggest heat and power units have caught on fire as well. at this point, the power was restored in some of the places. now, you cranes,
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president vladimir zalinski, accused a russia of targeting critical infrastructure, and he had confirmed a blackouts in the cities of article and don't ask region as well. he also said that there was partial blackout in the regions of never up at troughs and assuming now russian defense to ministry are yet to comment on this, neither confirming nor denying some involvement. however, in its said daily briefing, a russian defense ministry is, has said, that's a key of regime are a deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure on the areas that russia currently controls. and that includes and they're got dar, that's the home to europe's largest nuclear power stations. now, our russian defense ministry is saying that this is dawn in order to cause suffering to their civilian population and just to destabilize the situation in
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general as well. now that suffering is suffering of the russian defense ministries talking about is very much felt here in don't ask where i am as thousands of people have been without electricity for months. and that also includes a running water. we get water here once every 3 days and as because the ukrainian forces are targeting a pumping stations as well as gas pipelines and electricity lines as well. meanwhile, for russian defense ministry also said that the key of had suffered losses as 4000 of its soldiers had been killed and 6000 wounded. and that's nikolai of region alone. what i mean time, but humans, atomic watchdog chief, has again been trying to draw the world's attention to the continuing attacks on this order nuclear power plant. the facility is still coming under heavy shelling
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even after the i. e. s. recent mission to the nuclear complex. some of the shells, shrapnel bearing nato, serial numbers and the bodies director general profile grossey outlined that latest developments that are media conference on monday. the sharing continues and their direct impact on, on the reactors on associated facilities in particular, the spent fuel areas where the, where the spent fuel is located. but under, in the program i spoke with for my german m, p and member of the left party martin bold. so he believes the i a is powerless to act. he says it's under political pressure, a should be strong enough to say what they have been seating. and if they have seen the numbers which prove that it has been made to nature at been
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nature, rockets, and why should the rational should i mean, no one merely no one who has a clear mind will belief that someone should be in a nuclear poem. and then if you will see it, what effect the latch, freezing you crying, but the fact in russia, so as far as i can see, been crying in government. if using this nuclear, to blackmail the reps, them stakes to even of her and export more weapons to then i think this is very cynic because it's very dangerous. all right, so some of the other front lines now, as russia says, it withdrew troops from the northern contact lines in the heart of coff region of ukraine and has been relocating themselves to be done as republic to bolster operations there. now the city of cub young is now split between control of the 2 sides in the area where ukrainian troops recently failed the void left by russian
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forces. while france and romania have reached a deal, which allows them to increase ukrainian grain exports the mediterranean countries that has made us warnings of food security situation in africa is dire. i will sign in the court with a romania that will allow ukraine to get even more grain shipped out to europe and developing countries, notably to the mediterranean countries which needed for food. according to the un, only 30 percent of ukrainian grain shipments have been supplied to low and middle income countries under that of the black sea grain initiative. you may remember it was signed back in july, and it was basically in order to ensure the safe passage of grains through ukraine's ports to mitigated global food crisis. last month, the un released a report showing ukrainian ships the heading mainly to european states submit claims. the initiative is not being implemented as intended. in some citizens of
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the continent we heard from say, they feel neglected. mega form is an umbrella. we have no information of any aid arriving had a derived here. we would have seen the queues for bread easing and the price dropping. that would have been the proof, but there is nothing. the west always claims that they've given a to africa in cash and weight, right? but indirectly, it goes back to them, or somehow they give it in spoons and take it back in shovels. and i had heard that there was a ship being loaded for ethiopia. we have not seen any grain so far. therefore, now since the europeans themselves are in crisis, they are taking the grand for themselves. it's like la, according to me, if it was possible, this grain would be directed to african countries. taken the promised grain to each country is against our wish. there well developed countries and they can be compared with africa. work on what you know, if it green decides to send the grain to you, countries that we're going to suffer greatly. most african nations depends on the
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grain from ukraine. so if it is directed to can i specifically do that, we shall be at be so europa. and while the un warns that the world is on the brink of an unprecedented hunger crisis, global food prices are actually down due to the shipments made from the black sheep courts. but of course, concerns remain about the issue of future supplies. the same time nation, such as south sudan, an yemen of facing, quote, catastrophic conditions that's according to the world food program will over now to turkish journalist hockey or cow, who expects a new agreement between france and romania not to be just on paper. i certainly hope that if france being in the loop right now, means something that's europe, hands are getting is getting aware of the fact that what they're doing is not nice and diverse is small. now they, they can play that kind of the colonial game. they used to play one. now there's
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internet, their internet and global connection, and everyone knows what's happening in europe in a 2nd. this happened in africa, or in a wherever, it's all of her. they cannot play any more games and let the u. u m program. read route, this grade back to where it should be going to it's good to have you with us today . so the revelations found and hunter biden's laptop could have changed the 2020 election of results if the media has fully reported the story before everyone costs the votes. that's according to 48 percent of respondents in a recent poll. and that have been newly released film, my son hunter, sent some of the public into a state of frenzy. here's our tease fear relatives out. the hunter bite and laptop saga is back in the headlines this time via a satirical film,
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distributed by bright part media titled my son hunter, which selves into the allegations and apparent international debauchery of joe biden. son and the events surrounded the infamous laptops scandal. do you know who i am? i clicked for me to pick up the repair shop. sure. there was built life. i just want to go with the crowd funded movie also details the contents found in hunter biden's laptop which led to a mass censorship of the story. particularly of the 2020 expos, a article from the new york post, which social media giants, twitter and facebook removed from their platforms. citing a need to slow down the spread of what they branded, potentially misleading and false information. the film which also highlights
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various allegations of the bite and dynasties, political corruption, and insinuates joe biden played a role in a mass cover up of the story with liberal media being left in a fury and unhinged low budget trauma based less on fact and more on conspiracy, siri, the film office fringe lunatics. a safe space. my son hunter makes clear, early house teaches an antique bite in law. the film serves primarily as a vehicle to trigger the lids and throw enough easter eggs at conservative viewers that they recognize that this film was made just for them. some commentators even say the movie actually brings to light many more facts regarding the bite and family corruption than the official f b i investigations themselves managed to do. my son hunter movie is doing the job that the f b, i should have done. every one should go and watch my son hunter. it's a great red tale movie that all should watch it's full of drugged and government corruption. see how the big guy and his son make billions republican senators for
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their part, jumped in to accusing the big tech firm of engaging in a manipulation campaign, trying to cover up hunter story, anyone remotely concerned about free speech or civil liberties. ought to be concerned about the f b i asking big tech weeks before the election to take down information because it's politically harmful to the party, they want to prevail. and by the way, it's worth underscoring. we now know the hunter biden laptop story was true. we have seen in recent months how suddenly in government have so to use big texas sensor, divergent viewpoints and file an opposing political speech. facebook suppression of the both article and allegations of white family corruption, highly relevant to the 2020 presidential election following guidance from the of the i is highly troubling. funny enough, these claims by crews and others were recently verified by facebook itself.
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basically the background here is the f b i, i think basically came to us some, some folks on our team as a cape just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. there is that we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda on a 2016 election. we have it on notice that basically there is about to be some kind of dump of that similar to that. so just be vigilant. the f b, i actually admitted these claims to be true staying it has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors. the popularity of my son hunter doesn't quite help less than the controversy and public interests surrounding the by did administration a legit corruption. it seems that the more the liberal contingent comes out in full force to discredit or suppress the hunter bite an investigation. the more attention
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it gets, maybe there is some truth to the u. s. last being scared of this movie. and maybe they are reluctant to allow the free flow of information into the media sphere, especially if that information can be damaging to their political goals. or the following may sound like some sort of hollywood movie script, but bear with me as austria has launched a probe into a failed attempt by alleged pro russian officials in vienna to establish a new intelligent service back in 2018 and local media as question whether the former austrian foreign minister current can i so might have been involved press reports, say the attempt to launch the new intelligence agency was led by supporters of some right? twin politicians and those close to russia. in the austrian foreign ministry. its claim, the new organization could have become a moscow back spy agency, a use the against the vienna and even other european countries. at that time,
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the austrian foreign minister karen can isaac was known for her strong ties to russia and is now under investigation over the claims. well, let's get straight to the heart of the matter and discuss these claims with karen. can i saw herself, karen, a very good evening to you all the way from moscow? these reports claim that you were allegedly involved in trying to set up a pro russian intel agency, a feeding off of austria's secrets and standing them straight to moscow. it does sound, as i said earlier, a bit like a movie plot. i guess i should ask you, karen, how do you plead the good evening from lebanon? these are allegations and media rumors that have spreading ever since some 2020. that's when i was actually about to move out of austria. media tax were getting worse by the days and there was a formula that was that level of the box. and then the
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indications ations old comics on both germany and all that i was thinking it was all almost all this is a question mark and i had it to the media. i don't do on that my application. i hope all of my offering, the altering voluntary investigation now it's group and got a problem and i will be ready to jump on them and they're all for the for the magic thing is that all the be in read it ruler. education was pure nonsense. i have never been involved any like that. i was never
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aware of anything like that. and that's, it's kind of interesting. but can you, you call them accusations, you call them rumors you say you have never been associated with anything like this, but i must ask you have had any proof being provided to back off any of these rumors and accusations know its headlines. the, the question mark, it's always think of the questions always has kind of nice to know about it, watch involved, you know, it's, it's, it's always strange is reading of something so that some sort of fill the remain. can the alleged effort? i'm sorry, please continue. please continue. i apologize. well, so far i've not received any con convocation to any kind of real traditional parliamentarian investigation. i've always said i'm at that is
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because now the thing is going that in austria claim that i had been cleaning to live on on in order to escape from any kind of traditional investigation. at that moment you complete nothing. and that they want by half of the day they want to take away miles and it's not such a it's a very harsh media campaign, the testing going on now for about 3 years ever in the government. and it was, you know, after bidding the, the form of foreign minister of austria, it does seem that vienna has taken a real chip on his shoulder. and they have been coming off to you for some time. i've known you for a number of years car and we've talked on before. you have been, you have got friends in russia, and it seems that you're not allowed to have friends in russia these days that the whole effort to, to set up this so called spy network. it was reported back in 2018. karen, the story is only coming to light now. is there anything you can draw from the
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timing of this was ed did, i think might be that may be to draw attention away from other textbook checked currently maybe it was more concerned tool tool. ringback peeping other math or the tree and it's it is by and large i will, i mean it more in time of drawing away attention some other cases. but the thing is, well, many of them on the target and the check being was the credit for the game. i mean, like in a blue line a tabloid page, declaimed that i mean in, in that was look at the form in secret mission. and then the point is that this is why it threat editorial office. this is actually why did foreign affairs spokesperson junior partner in
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government, where the green market extra stations allegation to the i do with them. why am i a tradition mean, however, i'm really busy with the why mean not? and i'm trying to learn to my, the house on the room renting. and i'm just too busy with the data breaches vinyl. i really can't bother about tradition ration, but it does seem to be unfortunate that you're finding yourself in this position these days. karen, i wanted to say you are the form of foreign minister of austria. it's a foreign ministers job to engage in diplomacy, to have friends all around the world that that is what you are supposed to do. it just seems to solomon and particularly to myself, at this point, having spoken to you over the years that you having friends or even associates or whatever here in russia, it seems that that perhaps has got you in trouble when all of western europe was
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involved in a massive russo phobic ante russia campaign. it's also a to that to the point where there are talking you personally, it seems karen and that's what we felt also here in russia when the press, when the western pressure is off, the rock, i mean doubles already a lot of irrationality. before february this year i could see or kind of never even went in 29 teams. for instance, at children. the book that i had written was translated into russians. the also new pay beheaded. it's like the very strange business between size and the family and children's books, transportation business. and i mean they did this tiny, ironic things, but they bought the worst by the week by the 1920 auto complete control.
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i'm currently writing a book, which i will summarize some of the things that happened need also in france. and there is a lot of sense of the people that i will say that are problems and the fact that i have attended with them on a world which had been on my mind are ready for you. very delighted with the chance about out of there on the topic going diplomacy and i gave every interview, every happening amount. what they are today. i am secret missions. boy, this makes some already according to some, some kind of a witch hunt with a certain european officials just trying to come off to you
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a karen can i so the former austria and foreign minister, we always appreciate your joining us here in our teams. national. we wish you the best of luck as you fell off these allegations and rumors, thanks for joining us. much good evening. thank you. i thank you for joining us as well for the program. the former us president donald trump is claim the us should never have quit a bass enough dentist on located close to a chinese nuclear weapons facility f. galveston withdraw the way that was done was so incompetent with the soldiers to take it out. first, the military is taken out 1st. that would have never have, we would have been out, but we would have kept bob graham. bob graham is one hour away from the chinese nuclear plant where they make nuclear weapons right. we should never given that up . we gave that up. ok, of course it was nearly exactly a year ago that us troops quit. i've got test on. they had gone into the country following the 911 terror attacks. almost 2 decades of fighting left while tens of
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thousands of people dead. and then us president george w bush. he justified the operation as an attempt to liberate a dentist on from terra on my orders. the united states military has begun strikes against the al qaeda, terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. these carefully targeted actions are designed to disrupt the use of afghanistan as a terrorist base of operations. well, we raise the story and the angles to it with the vice chairman of the shanghai center of international studies. almost president trump late, they say these remarks sing his recent interview with an indian television stay in . but i think it's, it's part of mr. trump's preparation for running for president in the next 2 years. the way the americans believe,
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how they're going to run the country and run the world. and personally, i believe it's a mistake because in this new century, i think we should have come to realize how we can live together, piece of all nations, instead of having one country ruling the world and telling everybody how to live out to be a how to run that country. this is wrong wrapping up this our program here from moscow and archie international. thank you so much for spending some time with us here at the arte international headquarters already were busy monday. its been, we are back soon with more of your new ah ah
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ah ah, oh, a
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a ah. give claims it is achieved military breakthrough in ukraine's east and south. if true is this enough to change the course of the conflict? and at this point, this seems rather doubtful. however, this so called breakthrough will surely ensure the closely contained day
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a doctor of brings food to the city and on her way back she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mary. you pull any more paper about over the guide. not symbiotic syndrome with accumulated are door is women of a dumb this chris will new hershey give us kind of post the material for coastal with coastal grains just right up of the little logo jones. now get them to you that, that the crazy night, but as of the rich, genuine, you wasn't deal of the young people to know also that those who may have not got an e. what group you have a child shows about doing young real noble port of.


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