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beloved, like you could have been sort of a budget because usually ah, banking 2014, how kosky relies they would have to fight in is the ukraine's pro russian cities as protests on keys. my dan escalated into st. wolf that with someone with nicholas which he wasn't reasonable then yes. good. anybody us know if you could you, when your city is like okay, hold on with the brochure. summary proposal? sure. i'm sure some we do him book put your order them from us to do it, but also for ah,
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with the number that it was all up on you up on the other. the other question, there will be a look at these new districts here. when we got here, we're just giving them new cock this price there for a couple of months or so. but the recognition of nipple, in which 2 of the studies ah, off to the coup d'etat and ukraine kind of kosky returned to his native done. it's here as an almost own russian speaking regions at southeast and ukraine. people refused to recognize the new government. ah, why don't you let me go any further? not who sold the bush and my dad in?
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that'll be shy. a cool putting you on board a shawl, not all with the course. i'm not in the bush. i assure you we surely was mute. no, i don't wish to loopy still peter, this is sheila, i'm to consider a song the cigars. can it be what? what was on a home they call you least i mean that he thought for them cook with the invoice will not be home. sheen showing you mean yet? ah! with guns done it and now do you poke people began to form malicious ciocca talkers to people as my dummy dual credit. 2 of them looked at all as could view it. he could look to see what he sure here because the game you do, you want to go after forest really will be early off. i need to bring up a new differ from florida to meet that old you my senior. you based on your boss with the horrible bridge or see what you can, both of them bustle, most of them,
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but some of the procurement your troubles with when you get over the more of a resource for you, what's the medical emotional protect to so much ah, particles case prediction came through within the 1st city, the new people he sent mom,
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my dad protest isn't amin is too was murray. you bought a crucial industrial center in southern ukraine in look or a new secret store. recently i supposed to live with a nuclear church listed in your grade, and he's still sold it. and when your initial cost to children is up, because all the students music from scratch point for those greatest order that i roll a little, there's no korean intellectual is but it, well, social models can ukrainian armed forces, open fire on civilians in mario on may the nice on that day as is tradition presidents with celebrating victory over fascism with
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more. he has the rios with
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a b. ready in february 2014, mario po, please sided with the pro russian residence the ukrainian army used combat vehicles against them. most of the fighting took place around the cities, police department building. ah, does the child look. ready ready ready ready biting the just look. ready a get you with a she can, that's like this'll be like a little bit of a, you know, but i need to get to that question. what about the mckinney stone? i don't think it's, i think it's all divided metric with this and uniform. get my session with
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all it, he'd been up and hold it. so local combustion, it was done. you won't be in that clip on our point around those que yeah, that was our but the leader with with with what it was the work came about that question, but need to thank you for telling me somewhat during decided to thank you bye.
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oh god only little only to set you put a placebo then mr. gardenia, go with it. oh you do it. but if she has the what your loved ones done? yeah. flushing it sadly. so yeah. the procedure that i knew leo will get the lizard with, with me about the only a couple of will affect the things that we did to provide you with your, with the blood sand, publishable radian door he put of the list of allah. but usually the youth collateral gets formed, nikia love, the initial subway theater solicitor who's supposed to be meeting with ah, just ne, you know, grady mean he was suddenly getting one to select your or wouldn't and says to
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get them on. yeah, well, you won't be ah, well, during the poke, ominous in what the plan of salvation was these decent method. there was this j e edition. yeah, they probably a mic or separate ocean loose. i may just do my show, but on will be, do you go hatching me? santos was dentist. people's republics. first, defense minister in may 2014. he was captured, doing an arm clash with fighters from ukraine's as of nationalist battalion. he was interrogated by the leader of ukraine's radical party, and b, a leg lift called him in the presence of keep journalists forgiveness. go to school . nika grayson is a little miss with an endo member. will that have gone with her nipples?
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it will go from there. will be little novels which will just being watched and i will as do it for sure. because i take that out as proceeding from us alone. bullock i should move by be a little grass go lest, but it was a low i to pagoda. my delight. do alesco those be sealant fire which the city of of this it will all that but also i don't like others to did the eas could help me up with us a little she what a foot laska with it though of the la shy. yeah. she said up to about pretty 3 little without no, just a public, you'd be actual. this is over all is boy you build on yours all. talk just a do 14 ukrainian nationalist managed to suppress a popular uprising and variable and retain control with
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a mouse. another body while div easy while fin it says
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oh, yeah. for union one slide. yes. south. yeah. rational with duck awesome. boys. now watch them up all me at that. i'll pull up repeating that is emma? yeah, pulls video from. she'll let the skills group should thoughts, video wattsey, ella, a bill and i guess my thought was an invalid. again, the audit watching pre up my bill at about this morning at 1st financial ah 2 a
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he remembered these strides the authorities used the next 8 years to turn the city into a fortress ah, with these units were later reinforced, and variable became the home base for the as of nationalist regiment, it's backbone propped up by those who strongly believed in the concept of the
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purity of the ukrainian race lee or them. but i thought that led to believe necessarily to just go to his also put their little green down below a wallace. this is not silly. a pin was but i don't not sure to call acumen, payroll greens course comments. i received credit on this when i should abortion, to swatches, thought equal toto greens can, which are the openings come or will he did. some will not bring it with take on that. oh boy, from september shania settlement amended, don't believe not. you know it's response to net way of getting on the door window . cookies from where young a failure. how does keith gonna just tell you my dear, what made you yell oh when
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the battle from mary you will began. keith stained hopes on milton's from the outer nationalist as our regiment. with this are both only a couple of quarter numbers, a bomb care. i'm gonna get the old daughter on the road drive. yeah. yeah, my cousin of course, no beautiful bull goes off. but you said last year with them was me sure. dorothy, on with as of regimen fighters, trained by nato instructors have adopted a new tactic, a forcing residence to stay in the besieged city. they use them as human shields. with
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godaddy, not 3 nights they do. so when you can do a lot of shit on the way to be when the issue with, well, just with to proceed in hell, a crate up with usually by gross a reference to the new. but these are like national, i brought the go or a senior seeing you been there and you got when you brought that much, you move, neglect, waking them up,
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lose professional russian soldiers and ordinary people from don bass. those who joined the people's militia a few days before the fighting account went to storm. mary, you who door to door, i need to join my lease. but if i actually, if i did it picky. right? they'd say that i bought those must give you a bunch a bill mother here with the whole campbell, a double sheet on the really logical from our lunch with her
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children from with kind of short of thought. again, i will show jessica boiler a boiler by any chance to be able to mumble. you should this might give would be awesome. i don't have to send your food with me. recently civilians, they had to learn and wolf that tactics in the midst of shelling. with
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cd sure interface with a with while hiding behind the banks of civilians, the ukrainian military turn. hundreds of my re you post houses into strong health letting you know most of the level 3 with a little more
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a family with a little be a yes it pro, for the most, all those move to the board should through thought. now that i mean you're a ga, a with militants, wanted any evacuation attempts. people fleeing from the burning city came under presentation fire from the ukrainian army worship. i wish i was looking
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for a lot about what those thank you for your how you know about oh sure. well, if you do a stylus locker post all about what you thought about your postal mark with all that. we did surgical anesthesia, a $100.00 care. but sure. on with, with us i would you want to say no in with the liberation of murder. you will meant that an assault on each blog. i'm so became a rescue mission. i mean with
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do you, but i did say, oh, i'm that much. anyways, i'd go over the question here with the machine a, somebody doing a relationship with
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general slacking in mario bull nose thousands of similar stories. well, correspondent now donna frederickson was one of the 1st to speak to residence of a recently liberated mary jo, cal neighborhood. a laugh at what we've got here, which is out for you to go get a little really, really anal next with her shot. this is sales ah, go with,
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did you said you like your ah so you should himself and even though actually okay, parts didn't hold is that the also knew about was about was cable or bill pisca received. and you put us on the back for which you were in a said the short wasn't on my screen, but i started it. oh, i did it so much less least a
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get an idea on the home. when you're done with a decree, you do a studio which is close enough. i was like, you were to do to get our food. all right, and you see when i go with, with the
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beginning of military action, it's volunteers who've been evacuating mario pose residence. a don, it's poet, an adult. go to the is one of them. a, what do you think shocks, vol. see of any of his life every day she travels from done it to bad. mary hugo is one of the way that each attempt could be her last name. had hor done with it, but she looked ready to do it for the yeah it doesn't get on but hold on. let me know before you're still out last night about that. not wanting to do that. i want to please call me as a chopped, chopped them yet. i would never quit customer group or they do more than erica look
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. but kima goes on a good day that we choose this deal. it is different. she has a credit as long as this boy do it tonight, but i want that value yet. so do . oh, who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your fisher list of course renewed i speak on the billing your senior, mostly mine or will ship. we're banning all imports of russian oil and gas news. i mean, i know they plenty of those with the work. you know, we're pretty good regarding joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia. you know,
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has destroyed the american economy. so there's you boomerang with one? no, no, no, no, no, no, no. what go more real to what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had every now. drill a, it was, it gives you or she'll book a candle to when you suddenly looking
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to keep on move. mom, she no longer thought this is meant new again from all one of our new i'm i got the owner myself. i. i scott, who understood. i wish to know about delay, whole new. i know he didn't guzzle more. polished enough, jr. let's i had to put the sco mother on all our buddy bill could you could help us out. nice. oh boy, that's good to go. sure. so i want to fungus talk to my a new owner. i'm all, i can send more on all 7 a year. you're not on more than welcome to keep us together with
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a, with the headlines right now. what are you international as keeps forces via heavy artillery across the border into ruptures. belgrade region has hundreds of ukrainian refugees flee to those areas from cities recently retaken bike yep. we understand some of the asylum seekers site for years of upcoming repression. spike here, the authorities and our homeland big story, the u back trucks on imposing price caps on russian energy supplies. it's all according to elite document as a blog struggles with shortages and with the sanctions. it's already imposed against moscow.


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