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the al gore. not right. and you go to the media at the 3, lose your somewhere. reading. i use my dentist again. that is the only for the history. are you watching it out them walk across the movie, lum. behind us listening to my thoughts and knowing that the extra mile wide mobile virginia will need to show the sub's daily news
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should also have the release soon. this is very register. but usually rama should had other useful fortune brought up really or the chrome can you're supposed to go see every bit of your credential screen. hello. football to chest live only will if it's christy. i'm serious. i think that the smartest and didn't order from a level of our ownership ramp up should we're getting it through or get into the builder on her own mental device design. none of us not from flawlessly or short over carla when do list 3 other rational. sure. are you sure? well nurse room in which one do wish got what? you know what?
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he but please give a call. tomorrow. we'll be listening and should look them up for both. don't not with the what group, what group national adult wants to play. with . double guns, students don't go to more convenient to pull their, your total progressive home. a
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couple of children, nico, can you just started to pull up a little bit, then you will, you know what i did now going to picture. so watch a 3, me 3 me a to know you was sure. costello. so those 2 guns, campbell with a, well,
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they did the other a la economical, but yeah, that's it wouldn't buy a fellow who would like a seal and i really just, i missed school. that's dollars up. it's pretty ideal for what we did was period will be to ship up. so i think you have to deal with it. while it was somebody at the local channels, you set up with just pick ups that it would love when you subsidy and with not spending to throw kilometer huttfield dot com. yeah. so it's good then, you know, it's pretty good. it pops, 3 of them will have to go. the thursday will not start with
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a to know what the question is. so the sauce onion upstairs literally just a minute or 2 or 10 years, much for being a professional and she'll make it 3 sure. sure. mm. hm, so we'll focus on your resume or communities for a for a marker that santa rosa marshall in marshall school on the beach are yes, i pedestal personnel. no customer for probably probably probably perform the cost of serial and mrs. appleton. i and yet i bought my some of the sort of salaries for so let me throw fidela with the log in. it has the what's out there? first of soon i'm on a shot or more tail, sir,
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i'm sorry. but i was looking at the water lip. i thought you said when you pulled off. delivers little of course, but i knew i knew that you love wards. mark how? well pleasure. oh yes. the who had it took up when you're ready to have it it. it past years award that us when you ask was, was small that i thought back. oh gosh with what to move. oh, could you come to the doctors and yeah, when you, when you might yeah. what we proceed, that she can, she put too much websites with us waived and just washing chicago. it's
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a blue one. you would have israel and you had that settlement with see about it. so to so did the typical that might be needed. so the focus decided on you just what's begin with sweep ludy poignant to store teeth, to someone i need to continually reading human an appraisal. what then? the 2nd is debbie simon. you said recently, and we had a couple of other se, i keep it in a couple study. it would not do, should received a circle from world will not some on fidelity bidding study. it pushes a, b, c, e, r transpose a for the kid in one year, immediately. authority bullet cesar is then you put on the body to just what the disco colored you, pastoral dollar naturally if you get to the lesson huddled to think super late yesterday and you saw what only push load it up. so the toast which has been put on line. what on the raina marcelle killing? it will drain. krista, get guns, kit is again. yeah. this will just look and judge immunizations. and he doesn't need to look. usually put pullman control zappa with the show. so green. sure to
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pin moore's not prescott russell is up at me. believe the kid is up a movie and they progress up a new milestone claim in chief schanzer enable of as a position. just teach us control money and the dog i believe it appeared. sho, get poor, let the worst of with bustling youtube's bits association to kiddos angel. ah oh, what does she look a bit request? the appalling in your appearance said, well that's just all not the liptrot's will not go with a garage on prop future, just because i had a peer outside with the feel way like we didn't last some. how do you push lead? not is up a new train was done, can we waive what is somebody with a new prospect? especially if you know what the ex awesome. thank you. so my daughter proceeded to
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the list of will not process. if you get a passport from will senior request proceed, but you will wind up with me. yes. oh, thank you. so my look in the up and you plug fusion criteria, obsolete pro. okay. do you use us? yes. them boss. you more shameka are you? i love boys, russia. yeah. it was it warranty. colorado. oh, can you hear me? you are near her. i didn't read. sorry she knew to those me digits, thought syllabus to go up would need nibbling cuckoo to wash him lip. look at the slain for a month for garcia. what is it, jim thought us, she's go figure out some nation. please learn. you see if there's
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a to pleasure. when you music of should deal with ashley the deputy coroner, they'll push you to watch with 30 sure. others well below you paid a dutch a year was similar to this is dustin a guy today who does the beauty? beauty? buick. papa, she'll go dumb. oak double her that it will it and yeah the legit but we know sick does this so that they said not in your page. it's a nightmare. it's a button to bond better than with an apple shut down. can result in nauseous. come out of your lute. i'm with gifted the enough,
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so you sleep be right. he's, it was already did the i'm not sure what you're, you're used to be a couple koreans pushing my thought to was village. i will be staying with her is to learn this bill to put his j u a d l m. is that issue here with her traveling at the b b? i was actually that one of my associates just for now i'm going to lead and it was michelle that they may have missed a couple of perspective. he's meters at the united. i'm the mr. to throw a siesta. i mean, little guns keep us quite a bit with the brushing me for that
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with ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, ah ah . earlier story share a surprise, a floor or store back 1st grade, uni skiwski. or why do you like us to be just one of the story is not quizzical. no more than what? what's the reason 1st? your bill where you got my gosh, if i call them though prostate, i mean for is that your, the bottle can see it much. him the audio you got that and then you, you, national use in waste. got, are i studies? she draws them all know them good laura busher and yet it
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doesn't. i don't with tom the bites. i think access point there is a lot on to buy. phillip, i have a good nice to come from florida to the way you put them with layers. what else might have put up with a bully but the what the cookie should use. billy bieber sheet. but on the paper shoe gosh, lar, suddenly, me them for me. can them naturalist of said virginia, poor. so there's getting them bus there was need, were army, you go stoker, but usually use it. decide is for both of the initial condition that the refund middle was one the she was in there, but at the most up. so that would include the bush procedure. was to just one that has all on him and that that here again, it was about him. last casino. not actually you know? no more than a super. yes. go home for you. well, yesterday i had been killing, looks like it was good. i literally just hired somebody hot,
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i'm sure somebody holding the children shepherd content here, but it's not coming up here by essentially a visualization tools. same with the most which carthage thing with only little credit to do that all it had to hotness from internet, but temperature consumable to like, think young commer young. this is not specifically about it because your medical back a building block on with so much ah, to be a good out. same image was a little bit more because it would in motion and what the numbers are
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not this minute. this will be with those. okay. and this with issue with your body, you do, you live with other shuts is to down. that's my book, but not look back to me. i each has brought to where you no problem. i will come today, but you more, we did a abuse that ability to still to done with somebody at dodge approve the what to do should do to talk with him what a lot
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of them has been defined. you pre reached la gay's lasher close talk to me on a fuji. i knew about what it is up for some new front e or a new for the more has to provide. it's just like a new i had some questions to share your thoughts. social skills, going to cost, i'm gonna do what i'm going to me and it is one with, with the wonderful. so you're going approach to buy news. got me to use and let's look at what in doc and use them live getting. i'm sorry, not us. the renewal commission will be with, you know, pop up because it's a little bit the i
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use the gentleman who made it to jewish, illogical or controversial while alas, was just to get the show. well, you know, he's again, he doesn't do any colonial sports, is just the one that should have a blessed way started. you can't do much at austin point you enough by. do just wait. i'm not done. so my loyalty, most of your medical seems nielsen to procure a claim for again. but what he can shoot me to to try deal is to to really move to got a lot of work with them. with trisha boucher post. i need to manufacture ingenuity, and when you come
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in living in a position you'd be the see go they love, she'll let you know of him up from your fill in your will always look hard to do here with those landry or just saw the vehicle will she said she drove them shut up. when you put it, i said, then i thought about can well done. but for the spending more little kind of watch sheila phones with the spirit friction regional suspects. not even when you do you prefer shutting a board or pursue initiative to check with you midway in just a long way and nobody mcneish. i know you said it was the bullshit you get it was can you share a buffer? know what the law of saying? no, not with the law till i went in just to see an issue and just saw bullshit. just sooner than i know cause no issue
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a chance. i was condone some control personally. awesome. did not some of the one that's destroy last model special, i think. good wesley. ah, shots actually are you shooting those? no storage group, all total, bustle, compressible package, just for me to a story when you're going with a venue. marsha and we did not since almost 24 or so don't the shuttle but sure on on dealing cars. thank you. know that those are the bridge mortgage post on your general interest. pest control job ordeal foster from georgia studies testimonial hybrid she vision is shell. if 1st before different levels and so just
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a little higher. so just give me. ready ready just to give you the initial premium, i mean a associate valadez. well, not smears. do mean him. no, it won't come. you know women pretty. he's pretty cool. but should you follow up with you? yeah, i'm okay. what we'll do enough. let them. yeah . that goes along with some doesn't so personally at the school bus, i recently messed north when they should often use a computer, but with us don't not join us. we'll put that i brought to here today. most i would like to watch a portion in court sessions as in good session supervisor. and then we'll show you
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lou, you've said was that a white filling with a she wasn't fiddle. i want some more stuff just to see with little we should still do it when you got our story, you did them or not. didn't know what can you catch up with could he will he did. i'm yet cuz i can click on there was a dollar demo with them. you still with them. we don't want to know what can you, what
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was it the quote to you was it won't go me no more. i don't. she was short. it was a book with a web log with a cut, which is the like, missouri with this, essentially this where you this is all unless you need to coordinate some of
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them for a port, they can just start with a good one. it's not that i was able to do you want them to connect with the store with with
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get away with some lips of michelle, but i think i should set it up, but he's on them. he's a vc mom focused. it will duncan other than they just did it too much. that is good. mickey, let's it looks a little bit whiskey in that video should do the situation the most of what was that the work done when i spoke with you much that did it good morning miss dempsy. this will be with them. but anyway, that a senior or question your so thought us, if you did not get them,
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we get to go post that they'll get it on my way to like when you must get suddenly william i've got ah witted up. and you see that the worst were jesus you did? yes, we should just open the window door. william me of the musical roster. in yes. where does the door national know puerto a don't cheat is most so most of massive ovals has thermos wanna hot go on that much enough. not please conceal muster on a thumb candle vehicle. i just wanted to follow up to the shell spot for the move
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move should be what you move you sounds im lash sale is the only city. so really driven enough old is williams. we've got new to you, but i don't, they really will tell you, took a symbol and dug all over the course. of course we didn't actually miss. i just also i mr. willard and actually we still, you still hold with, i'm not a problem with those on almost lost i was going to the bus not as must all i need a yes my through on the when you got this plan, this will it a back to get all the, when you are looking to ship issues, just walking to the moon mission, i am will not on the beach. so the q b emilio on more than for down with all of the all to get an idea of progressing canadian. if they have not been with the thumbs, obviously interested, you must forms your monkey mean spoke to them. each process that you'll always ask is more than they live at. now when you look at the blood up or a new book like, ah, i still know i still have been in a bit of a machine. i. oh,
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wonder if i told her to muster. but i still calmly, but i was in your leash that was a star called to the next night, attended the guy. i moved austin if i decided not to bring you way, you measured else the loss of his i saw that what he will because also what is new should we make it look still wasn't good stead, which it which i think you place the middle of better which i mean, you must you to have to what of glad to work with the distributor. we've got dish the dish out, the what after all, and your little jury, you'll like additionally why not? glad you're not sure they will say it's because there was more that says when you look grandma misquote, just as a white occlusal guard, this initiative usually said he was gone as a tv and yet, oh wow. in theory and feature to one that i mean can us now to music what you will get a you guy will show this just go over all modal bucklin yet we face with
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enough for can you look when you are naturally, scott? i was a little all calls will let us alone muslim penicillin incomplete and irrational. you show them so be writing merely to let you put be long on that. she did believe from what a slip of the month about on, which was of the mark about with the will anyway. but look at what all this is just look like. must poly. and i mean, you came in the machine doesn't, but i wish la mutually a thought of our annual wished emotional information as i put almost a w, sold out on political when you mores with them or they will close up with mr. on the was in a mazda at company with conflict. the much more was painted by medium to go along with
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with, ah, ukrainian shelling kills at least 2 people in the public. local official say you add time. marge rockets were used in the attack. ukraine top diplomat slammed germany are not supplying enough weapons. just viper lin saying they've reached their limit india's government and poses a band on right. the exports aim to increase domestic availability. i was devastating floods wipe out a president. biden claims administration is successfully coping with economic hardship, consumer prices re.


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