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tv   News  RT  September 14, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] hello, bob, nice protected own existence with a lot of the international ukraine sharing kills and civilians in the last 24 hours. according to local officials who say us, i'm a broker please. at least one of the, of the chief of on the land state of the union speech rate. as i browse hopefully on the conference ukraine, instead of cairo price inflation and gas deficit and other issues affecting
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ordinary people with government imposes about rise. i suppose an effort to increase domestic availability as devastating floods wipe out a british commonwealth is a clean as of one of these countries the i'm the nation of i'm going to put a plan to hold a referendum to become an independent republic. another member safety band is dropping old, colonial name, naming that people should be respect. kind of now, not naming, listen, i'm going to a go to wherever you are in the world. this is all the international. i'm mommy and the here. all the talk to you to this hour. we begin with the latest form. the dumb
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says you train out to be showing still full civilians in the village, north of go love kind the dust republic over the past day. that's off the local officials in the neighboring, the gangs through public said at least 2 people died in the ukrainian strike on tuesday. a word of caution. the following images may be disturbing. here is the aftermath of the attack which hit the city of a chance. official say the showing came during a humanitarian, a delivery to locals, as it was us supplied by miles rockets that hit the area. meanwhile, the governor of russia's belgrade region has reported renewed ukrainian shilling village on the border, but at least 2 people wounded. those are being evacuated this come a day after the crating refugee was killed and 4 will wound in a similar attack by keith's forces. this comes as hundreds of ukrainians have fled to russia following
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a recommendation by the acting head of ukraine's ne harko region. the influx of refugees was treated recently when he was a military forces to control of a number of towns, their fears of ukrainian reprisals in those territories have been growing with threats being made against anyone who has cooperated with russia is what one of the refugees told us not to lose her. 3 of them, the shell started and they fired at the administration and shops shops where there were russian products. they were looking for people with russian passports and they tortured them. these were the national battalions. the credit army seemed to be ok, but the battalions didn't carry for was women or children. they didn't even speak ukrainian or russian. we thought it was very scary to state or moscow says he, great lasers demands to the
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e u. a so profoundly burdensome they'll amount to shackling the block in 2 servitude. to discuss the issue, we're joined by our t close one e gaus jeden over in the senior, eager to join us our eager. i mean, what the security proposals, i mean, these treaties about will absolutely mark. so it is the thing, these are the proposals that have been drawn up by care of and, and as for grasping some basic, a key of and nato, they together worked on it. and essentially to give you the brief outline, just the gist of it. that is a basically are as if ukraine was a member of nato without actually joining the block. so according to these proposals that you asked, the u. k. canada, poland, italy, and a bunch of other european nations are, are to be the guarantors of ukraine safety. basically they would again, they would share the same obligations in front of ukraine as if it was a member state of nato. for example,
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they are listing out the so called preventive measures. like, for example, military, you finance, infrastructure and information when it comes to supporting then direct investments into ukraine's economy and direct arms shipments to ukraine. basically what europe and the united states are already doing and this conflict. here's how president lensky, under his natal counterpart, announced these proposals have a listen. these were, this is the key issue. this great big 1st step was everybody you've done a great job. you've done a lot and work together as a team lead, but this is just the 1st step in the 1st but an essential step. so this is clearly a joint push of zalinski and, and as for rasmussen and nato to kind of engulf europe to draw it into this conflict even more because right now this deal looks quite lopsided. i should say,
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cave gets everything. america's military, industrial complex gets loads of orders and basic and loads of work and loads of money while europe gets a lot of obligations and a lot of responsibility, right? ukraine feels like that europe is, is all giving. so right. like of the golden goose, if you like, always giving the egg know that the gift the get, the gift that keeps on growing. who have brushes, reacted to this. well, basically, this proposal, there's absolutely nothing to restore and to bring peace closer to restore peace in europe if you like it. essentially, this deal is exactly the opposite of that. it's the opposite of what russia wants are on its borders once in its backyard. if you flash back and rewind to february into january to december, when russia was voicing its security concerns and was saying, well, we do not need another nato snail member states on, on our border. and essentially,
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this is exactly what this deal is proposing what these proposal are all about, what these proposals excuse me, are all about to our, to not, maybe not to make ukraine a nato member state, but well, effectively, the same thing. so according to russia, this world, this is exactly the opposite and in fact it basically, it makes europe a bit of a slave, or if you listen to the spokeswoman of the russian foreign ministry again, have a listen mister. good ear. this will tie the hands of the european union in such a way and put them under such savage, several dependence that they will never recover to their full, my economic growth and development. now that they in such a difficult situation, they have proposed such a terrible shackles and to silent in their blood, it will be a never ending hora. in fact brushes, former president mitre mc vetter even went as far as saying that these proposals
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are in fact bringing the 3rd world war close. right. and has europe said anything? yeah. may have they that reacted in any way. well, europe is a bit of europe is essentially an observer here. i don't think anybody there were, there were no indications that anybody consulted with brussels or with any of the major european states be germany of france, et cetera. but basically, europe is, well, it's almost as if it was held hostage here because the time and time again, we hear european politicians saying, well, we are eager to help ukraine. we are eager to give them money, for instance, to give them loans and to even arm ukraine, but only to a certain point because they don't because we are greedy or something. but because, well, basically because we won't have enough arms and military vehicles for ourselves, for our army. and we've heard repeated statements of this nature coming from various european politicians. and after almost every such statement, fast forward
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a little bit more european arms and more european heavy military vehicles are going up basically and route to ukraine. so essentially what the united states are doing here, they are well, almost like they're holding europe hostage and the forcing them into giving more and more and more. and from these proposals, it's absolutely unclear what europe gets in return, if anything, as far into them in the gift, as i said, that keeps on giving right. ok. now that was of course, the correspondent eager journey us then now, okay, this is on now. arouse events, an executive vice president of the center says he is dictating how europeans politicians should act. let's take a look. i'm just made at the statement that the criticism that is thrown at germany and other other member states that are,
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that may not be providing as much as ukraine would like. and then let's say that this is essentially drawing down their own surprise supplies. and essentially the will rising nato members for a country that's not part of the, it's not part of nato. there's no defending democracy. it's not really the countries of political career students, so they have to watch out for themselves and they should be watching their people. unlike what minister burbock to hear more about ukraine than the german people to see the amount of weapons, the amount of a flowing in the money flowing in the crane. and yet they talked about insults of the senior people. this is just me,
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it's humility. i would find it the military humiliate if i was your european diplomats. have those types of comments made? it said the ukraine is dictating the path. it's shocking to me. as i can only see that happening if, if they've got a big brother behind the supporting the big brothers are that are with the european a chief ursula vandalism gives a state of the union address that raises his eyebrows as she focuses more on the cleaning conflict then other urgent issues within the block bias as ordinary europeans all struggling to make ends meet them. had skyrocketing price inflation. as soon as russia chokes, cross the border into ukraine. our response was united, determined, and immediate. and i think we can be proud of that. new york solidarity with ukraine will remain unshakable. let us get the details. our pharmacy
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contribute to rachel miles and joining us from paris. rachel, how are other e, you politicians reacting to on the land speech? well, anyone tuning into the ear commission president ursula vander lyons, annual state of the european union speech this morning. could be forgiven for thinking that ukraine was actually in the e. u. when, of course, it isn't because that's all she could talk about despite brussels own sanctions. policies, amid the ukraine conflict being single handedly responsible for downloading cost of living hardships on to european citizens. europeans wanted to hear what brussels planned to do for your opinions to ease their pain on everything from energy pricing to inflation. several members of european parliament were upset with what vonda leon had to say before from that he's getting, it could be a lot a, you just have to speak to citizens to business. so i can promise you that none of
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them is concerned about the russian friend, but they are concerned about is that they are having to deal with the damage caused by years of devastating policy for thought. i'd quit bo, we have her talk about general policies, but the objective must be to look after the interests of european citizens and respond to that concern at all. i have come here with the gas bill that people asked me to show you 2102 euros for people are worried about not being able to hate their homes. when you feel more focused on wall energy security and mitigating high energy prices. is the most pressing task, the situation we are facing is very difficult. your opinions are angry, the time will soon come when you have to stand before a judge and say what you have done for the european dream. or some of their commission told us that the sanctions will bring russia to it's nice. we just don't, you promised us that the sanctions would hurt russia not repeating,
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and the prices are continue to skyrocket. and all this time russia has happened. li profited from the energy market. we get more it's almost like the ukraine conflict, allows european leadership to avoid dealing with their actual problems. and those problems have been longstanding and predate the conflict in ukraine. listening to vander line you think that everything in europe was going pretty well, which it really isn't. you'd also have to understand from listening to this, that seems like brussels is intent on persisting with its disastrous policies towards ukraine and sanctions on the european people that really affected citizens and its economy. and as if to illustrate how oblivious she is vander line announced that you energy companies would have their profits kept. so now instead of the russian or foreign energy price cap that some member states wanted initially, it's now e, you, companies that are going to be paying the price for the e,
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use ukraine policies. so much for the western free market. i guess the whole speech was like a mix tape of the use greatest hits. she talked about expanding the block to include moldova, georgia and ukraine. when there's hardly enough cash to go around already. she made a lot of noise about green and digital transitions, which just sounds like a pretext for talking and taking more control over people's daily lives. she announced a new 3000000000 euro investment for hydrogen energy, while ignoring the brussels sanctions. have single handedly revived fossil fuel projects and infrastructure. it just sounds like the leadership in brussels from vander, line to chief diplomat jones of burrell, are totally russia obsessed, and tunnel visioned. and it is the kremlin that has put rush us economy on the pass of oblivion. that is the price for russians rush, us,
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and fourteen's trail of death and destruction. and i want to make it very clear. the sanctions are here to stay while they're focused on sticking it to russia and vladimir putin, low income spanish families are now finding it harder to afford healthy food basics . that's according to a new report in al mando. a new survey is also found 85 percent of spaniards worry about the impact of the ukraine crisis on their daily lives and say that life has become 30 percent more expensive. so while european suffer fonder line is basically telling them to ask, not what can be done for them in this time if you engineered hardship, but what they can keep doing for ukraine to paraphrase that famous line from president john f. kennedy. well, that was great. rachel, thanks a lot for joining us here in moscow. we'll speak again soon. all right. now,
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to central africa where 60 farm associations have off government officials, the national investments into the domestic agricultural industry to help ease of dependency on food impuls given the current crisis. we need governments in central africa to give us the means and resources so that we can produce enough seeds. because now we don't have a sufficient amount to ensure our food sovereignty. there is an urgent need and the farmers organizations are very willing to solve the food crisis. and in the south of the continent. the situation is dire with economic and environmental factors contributing to a potential humanitarian disaster. in zimbabwe, 3800000 people are without a stable supply of food and in between of france. so that number comes to 3400000, wanting gambia over 300000 people are desperate for their next meal. associate professor at the university of south africa to me bea,
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bea. silicon believes the food program and poverty in africa will be growing until the you and adults flexible policies. the that it is that while we are, you know where to where the gap between division, who keeps on going and going every day, every hour. i know that he should be coming. he started becoming poor. do you have 2 of them? it is that nothing will change and especially where we are to do. we're 46. i'm the 15. i'm g a r b jones. all reach out based on the case in general. so some extended outages, but we'll continue to see this. kept going and food becoming a public, as long as the united united nation or their own general does not playing flexible policies, start with
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a key for those who are poor and those who i need if they can suffer the consequences. what about the progress of the post, which is i think, i think guys is one of the continental stuff i can get consequence of this kind of functions as the main right. thanks for the southern africa. have been dealing with poor hall. this. the situation is due to get worse as massive flows and pakistan and india will cut import. that as is them about has been exposing full 1000000 times and policy is to the region. and you, debbie has been a city contributor of $21000000.00 tons per year, but those days seem to be over now the price of the commodity is expected to rise off of the indian government has banned the export of rice with aim to increased domestic availability all these correspondent runjun sharma
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explains it's already been the export to wheat and now the indian government has put a blanket ban on exports of broken rice. additionally, a 20 percent duty is also being placed on the export of all non boss maddie mal rice, barring to premier, were i tease the soil, comes into effect after the 15th of september. when this no deviation came on, if evening, lot of consignments were already either emerald ordered under preparation, and they were ready to move to the ports. we estimate that it on the $5.00 to $7.00 like guns or would have been under this kind of situation. so it's a huge damage because they will all get stuck and all the how good it and the concerns of activating the government blamed and abnormal increase in exports and said it's more was to control domestic food inflation in the abandoned exports
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because it had less talk or wheat and rice following an unexpected crop failure. moreover, rice producing states of india such as been job arianna, be har, an order for dish sol. week monsoon, the c r and that's disrupted and destroyed. crop yields. india exports rise to more than $150.00 countries. and broken, rise to all was 75. as for experts, the sudden hauled in overseas shipments could mean an upward trend in food prices disrupting the global supply chain. the move by india, which accounts for 40 percent of the global rice trade is expected to father put pressure on countries that are already struggling with soaring food inflation and worsening food crisis. due to extreme weather patterns, heat ways, and the conflict in ukraine to look at paint from cali to uh, 2020 india was the only country video maintained its exports did not rest.
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if you look at thailand, they're 60 the export for something vietnam restricted. so what happened in dylan is that the whole world started looking at india for supplies. this fight cove eat our exports serviced, so that records, you know, i know, going to be then the then the put security across the way. we'll get dental rocha right. the ease essentially fragment, the rise green broken into for you during transportation drying, all milling. i know it's not defective or less, you fishes. in fact, it's very popular in some of south asian countries. rook and rice in india as used primarily for ethanol production. and as animal for door, and of course for human consumption in several countries, india has been the cheapest supplier of rice in the world by a big margin which is shielded several african countries. but all that aside,
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the priority for new delhi for now is to boost domestic a well ability region sharma, r t arianna my last head over now to the u. k. where civil liberty groups a worry that police are shutting down. protestors who disapprove england. you king and the monarchy in general, last off the several p will of an arrested off of voicing their opinion. ah, the latest is the arrest of a man in edinburgh who had killed prince andrew during the procession carrying the late queen's coffin. the police reported he pulled the man out of a crowd while some fellow onlookers appeared to punch him. also in edinburgh, an officer stopped a man to check a blank piece of paper. he was holding to question him. if he was going to write something, quote, offensive about the newly crowned king. hold up
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a blank way. you want to watch stuff on it. now, you know, i don't like, hang on a sign and you know, if it's and we've got so am i not my case might be useful guys that we can just okay, we can get on them. okay. political analysts and edits or read so radio says the right to free speech is allowed in the u. k. but there are some caveats. the free speech in britain is much like british democracy and freedom to protest. you're allowed to protest as long as it doesn't inconvenience anybody who's in power. and you are allowed to tell the truth long after all the guilty parties of retired and failure to abide by that generally elicits a very unfavorable response from, knows empower what the british establishment have been saying is that it's ok to protest, but you've got to do it, when the time is right, so you can only protest against the monarchy when nobody's paying attention to the money, you know,
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will pay attention to your protest. so it just reveals the 1st of all is a great deal of obese apocryphal. even the rule is a britain with regard to this, but also that there is a large amount of law on the books in britain that is used to restrict protest and previous speech. now, this is not used a lot of the time when the rule is don't require it to be, but it's for when they want it to be in, it's therefore occasions like this when they want to project this image of total national unity and nobody can be allowed to interrupt that nobody can be allowed to dissent to publicly. the queen's death is once again raise questions about the future relationship with commonwealth countries, where the british monarch is the head of state antigua, and by buddha, plans to decide on whether to become an independent republic within the next 3 years. so says the prime minister, the move would remove king charles the 3rd as the head of the caribbean nation,
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australia. another country in the commonwealth says it may not put king charles on his bank. note. booking a long time tradition of honoring the monarchy. also following the death of queen elizabeth, the 2nd more form of british colonies, the same time to make and break from the path. politicians in uganda want to drop colonial names from locations in their country, such as late victoria, named after another former queen. the local say it would be more appropriate to name these faces to honor their own prominent community members. instead of colonies who oppress the indigenous people, it is not sad oh, to men does such as the name of those colonies us because as our country, uganda, we know we are. but yet dick and we love our country. we should nam, our stretch as the names that we want. i believe ugandans also needs to be involved
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to feel like we own this too. like this is our country and to enjoy to know, don't, and how for media names or streets names that you can associate with, you know, i think name mean bliss is aft up. people should be of respect and of love, not naming missus agonist. people who hope all made us suffer, sliver looting us ah, making us poor the same people that came and coordinate our brothers and sisters, the same people that took our people in slavery by tree name our thinks after them . yet we ourselves in africa. we have hardly does that of great question. you had lead us that are more passionate about this country. again, political as an example of okay says the united kingdom should move forward, pos it's colonial history and establish international relations based on mutual respect. well,
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i think it's 1st to say that much of the profits of british capitalism in the 19th and into the 20th century, where again, via a looting of nations, particularly in dia, but other countries as well. when britain or other colonial house go to places, they don't go to develop them, they go to remove the well from us, which is what we did with india. and what we would have done with uganda, kenya, south africa. and really what needs to be done is that needs to be re balancing in the british relationship with the well, we are still, our government is still coasting on the, on the rich is obtained in the colonial period. that needs to be a new relationship between britain and the world, which is based on an equitable relationship between sovereign nation states. not something which he dedicated towards defending the profiteering of the city of london or defending british investments. it's about mutually beneficial and respectful diplomatic relations and that's the kind of relationship the britain should be building in the 21st century,
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not long which is constrained by the colonial attitudes of the past. while that runs out this news, our for more international news updates go to r t dot com, where you'll also be able to catch up on any problems you may have missed saying that moving back on the, our top stories. ah, the oh, nice. the russian stage never, i only know some scheme that again was the 50000 speedy one else was about the even though we will ben in the european union, the kremlin machine, this date on russia to date and or
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t. suppose next. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with a 1000 as well. wow. do you easy while for ah, yeah. do you have one slide? yes. south. yeah. rash with


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