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changing and hopefully we'll see a different set of priorities or new york times best setting also at martin joining us live or not. you international really appreciate your time. nice chat. thank you . thank you. good to talk and i thank you for joining us. there were naughty international, a pleasure helping you company is always a busy program with more for you to learn about that for a oh i. 6
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0, it's matthew needed to look. can you come with the nice couple with new beula some weeks you what the vine? not the class that ash net. yet new. really new yet the couple or can you put actual i thought of you may as sit the same post circle north sped, some thought daily. 6 pack was saturday, i'm adrienne adrienne spectrum, a board game baker, across the country. i'm sick about 2nd doll, but tommy xterra was saying, you expect our 2nd dollars take dial. i from infinity in eco,
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i noticed there why you could lock you into those. you really can pick them ha ah . being asked of what missile dislodges? ya. pennsylvania ticket shut. this is david naming your budget this fallen and pony eunice again. he out. why don't given us the thought i got it. and not be a soldier, did not take nig. 3 not said by
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a story political. all browser on you feel all on the are quanto sandwich, new order lane. you better must course. got better buggy scholar in say, papa, you know, suddenly he has a cough on these. give up. we'll get a minute. teresa. ya, bill mobile? yes. i'm not charging mom to sort of break your bulk of the billing in a lot. this case shows us just back near misquote him marson as well you while div easy while friend this us, what is a new dcea says ah, [000:00:00;00] with cell is still less please use the v you? yes. what they should, should you thought chicky dorothy
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o bookshelf to measure that up to what federally need to storm with dish that she does that quite an emotion. everson with that, with that wishes to work on my mind. you can, if you need to, you are looking for something from my any channel. the lack of the you can be says name here is a society i am all those every what then he's your for yearly, it's aisha. they a black, a, u j e o n. yes, i was. thank you. you're so nice. so
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we just need to do what you felt like was this sure use or just shoot me stuff. what you need me just bring them to the bottom. you can always do you in the hospital, it was more than the less you a couple different dish. but as a unit for me to feel secure or put the resolution still blue cross or blue sky really got quite a yet of the of, or, or to see the,
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the closer easel point. but don't show cold show book why isn't that the seals you when you miss team, we need to be near 5 feet down, which is still in your home. we'd get the money to get them. but i see those are we have new booth. you can, you could cooking them for them that them with the coupling with them. she put a graphic them to me to make you get them with me at the your mom was in the course like any of my youth expo,
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which it coil is nice with back with that that i want to let to work with that big . yeah. that is that yeah it, but we can get that moved because with somebody not what he's yep. who go in, get them to wonder what each young glasgow with back, what joy, that family he built by cheap, some way. move than to why and kick is to provide you with the whole thing. keep that quite the thought. you could, if you have to pay attention to play, shift the store to buy movies, to move the door. so you'd be able to see what you select. you fuselage. so we decided to talk to somebody who stood dover, go digital out below. she see what you use in this level with kids for school, i guess what was thought, but also to get on
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a new engine core sheet. my system might not get the result or did see that you've all paid for the only i use this is luke with dorsey. it is a little bit of a scuffle bottle with my mother, which is a lawyer, one that you missed. if you want to pieces, we specialist you nobody ever porch, but it'll be homeschooled for stoker with georgia, bio. celeste feels because of the phone with a google. she is a good show. the
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me and the other thing is that the leg night off authority is reveal hearing for martha products and more water market dollar deal or cost. our citizen was quicker or dictionary to narrow bill. discriminative must meet robin in her mouth and nicholas pneumonia. tours that are both of the mobiles. usher said, you said bounty economic of our lead rachel fitness and effective way most miss must the 3rd to be gone. poina those ship central wallace to
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the photo. pretty album. ah no here the 1. 1. ok, read this will be a new company. been market more clear on you my book booklet. february 30. you put know men, your best bet you get that of the faith. enter your company for the other. more my opinion go on with hope of ya niche, and then you might use the sofa. my on that board chair, your digger. d. still watching disney, eager to read, he accused ye neg maria longing had thought such it to your previous store is the hot. besides, but i read ye was the sky, you proud to touch the horizon? noise shall the soldier, eugene nella, fiscal music if you estimate, although chose this mode somewhat chased or some if you know wrong in more more or is it all mean? yes, we're yes, g e b, a guy yog. ah,
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what's nemo minute? is easter in a be semester? should we sold this lot this year? it not said you easiest sort of to thought the ball good lanyard could landscape grey was sort of betty. yes my york small watch an invalid again. d o. d or jan bri up. not a lot about gym mirrors done. yeah. a good you had the blessed harass where you crest and i did. you shall, mores number and that chela you don't burn barry day. what storming apple bay. it's thrashing the yeah. what, but to be the tortures my to do you do more, your store not what. what did that so much for talk. got dory. i needed for ashley by know, i had done the molecular snub urinary the allies,
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lenore way up to the north is i believe dos double of i 9. you touched or what it's been there, you're more with the credits. yes. now you have a nice did it is evil like you my year blue learn more. did it get on my you feel free, but i did them e mean to me, but that should move here any more than by here she i had no he or she like to cut out a young origin. you're sick on slide yet. if south the ration of the death row but idea what go right. the words here. now we have no issue mike in the
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mining here, but i hear what i thought. my worries. well we'll put you attempt to a full will of a for you. i will be other dora mama elaine, you'll be a lap laptop with a good 5th daughter. griffin with aah! or a flight? i yes, this is in new york. and there's some reason i am still yesterday be james janette? yes. rose creek authority over at store values. grove, printer can very get, get you and would i get calls? no, sir, a deal up
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a scale. you story. cough and probably when i go to taco or pasquals got the new dock. awesome. but it's now which will show up neither baba's cuz other ones cuz i had no central number english. ne got about. yeah. now bob escalade all the short news, they are merely tele. ah a ah ah, well oh oh
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oh, oh, a ah it ah, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point,
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obviously is to rates trust rather than fear a take on various char. i mean with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah no, i get a bill to really get this book alicia, to this to show me other visit brought
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roll katasha. montague or a lawyer for the colors gonna stay. glaucoma focused kayla. look what you spoke with today. yes. you have to go like in metal music or that the had usa you let's just do barrak of that the this study with
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a total not ready to less with your what is precisely noonish. you see me and i mean like in the, in the difficult so, and then we're done. i mean, you grad menu when you city may be a commission like if they came over, don't take it. honestly. mila is yesenia beloget. smith lol, the solace bill is that the new bill of the new at those names liberal mcg appreciate reason of john a young crossjay because of age. so. so let's go last. jessica does it, does your body shop, but i will let you know because it zed ah,
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a guy with a oh, morgan rain. rewrite a question for record. thank you know, slumber a gave a deep breath. let's say song spoke of stylish feel. so
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a as in that's with the social thing that stay out machine civil, but isn't that i think that it almost choosing no problem with them . i did change it to both of us in this notion of yes, a yeah, i'm with him at induced emission. i'm the ocean, the what i'm going that i admit i do need to i'm with a start with the yellow at that and we get been changed it storm since we didn't build it. that's not she in that in meal there. your zip. along with to know if it's the
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with section with that serial number yet yet my income. but i to pull you up with that i turned in all time. cyrus bullshit. and i to let the ration at newton cha life it is baghlan merits with us. yes. and that's what that stuff with, you know, i've never been there fits that there were 3 bathroom. yeah. and this is cindy with with the kid. show me. it's a little younger than that. it's jonathan. waive. yeah. if the thought for a follow up with some more it if so natural
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ah, we see a little issue 30 of them, a glock. be sure the more do i need not serious discuss what is your last, why you she will just going to promise love nature. sonya vehicle if they miss phenomenal dulles agency cereals, you want to go down there, check. what did you get through it? look, i've not be up there bluffs. grieved of believe what, what they said, what was it that you get through able to use it like i yeah, my sure. yeah, i'm with a more in that it was a mr. sam, we must arrange who must say, don't just nibble as if you see it. when the music julius navarro defeated totally every minute. what's a good number to get caught up method of missed the senior group of tests done up to me at the double up. right, you can, that is the media pulls video from sure. let me schedule them a morgan their course just honestly, morgan dear steve christie, is this bill?
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imagine the resolution of my dealer. she thought that he says that the why fi ela redo them cuz was received at the or did you need to know what dr. what lay a dub mcguckie? who signals congenial was oldish, could be a night in the garage, eat chisher you will. we will get in jackson. michelle graham. yes. just really jello it. yeah, sure. jesus on your most beautiful lay a bill put along the common get absorbed up 3. it's in rubber. so on my water out wash hold audrea. and after my teacher, skin nymph beetle. nothing else out me die. no for time the giovanni, nope, is from whole was eyes like old chilly. those now was thought that you whole as i and was but as long as new b m. m as follows in
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a flanger. but he thought that as follows on it back though and ye mo, chart dobbin years. now you again afforded site your volume. it gave it so but brown of minnesota he or those and thus beloget each faxed on march began you being in touch with barry. aud deshar, but he hasn't typically made to up the foyer, austria seemingly opportunities for your going yanine. you'd as creep the other you're pretty classical about a team or on the algebra. no hell, butch, and is not that good? yes. yes. you said on missed that they gave each stop by the throne of me, north of what i hear it is. of course when you put your note i have got oh, what are you? what are you familiar with? is that what it is? you should see where you can plug it in. you're not,
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i mean it's fairly stomach to me. i just really look for let's turn them in. i don't really what i can get you some money into me. i am not the bala mac or in the solution. can you tell me, could charlie stockton, little can national trust. ah sure the middle of the store. sure to keep pretty much not your store organized is a lot or is sure it was when you read use shook her mom a mom with them issue. no, no such and controllable. couple of them was national national us ah. such a time to talk about those are nation wide or what?
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but if you didn't because our state them which detection it like it. and you need to like it, like it. schmidt feel scholarship in there, but it's, it's good through my will spit thoughts. we let the know we like it, the car, what can you look at? dora? you suddenly prize. you see lots of you go go. so what machine you study a lot to you. you know, the can you know, stella piano a problem? come you of jill. if a problem then you get off call, it is but the buff, we've got to approach the denise. so let me see stuff on the often what you just you want some more to put a problem does not see stuff. you really just in the federal wally, but she will know what so just use a me shirts, the premier. so why stick cost?
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so that is what the you want and you put you want my done, you usually human bullet that easier. i would say that the what was from the what she could, you could do, even though it's not to consume will, it was good that you must, you don't want to bite somebody done. no push. you want to, when you, when you meet should what is it give you my, it's a she gonna, a thought was worth studying incentives over the u. g. secret from craig is, can you not? so the guy that was the, she shared desert. so at the bottom of las vegas, begin gibbon latham speech of latortia from the table eastern. the gave us
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a schedule sheet that you were offered at was dish. not obama nozzle rogue, i apologize. they're not tested by the diarrhea master a lot. the scoop you yea, by chance i'll be at the coin. they boxed or be nym to nose, and i was talking about b crossville yamil spit of our, my bachelor or tom. so he's up and now you were open. americans, differences he under chinese abilities names are talk about the biggest or body my of with one, your dominant condition when you are disappointed much because nobody knows when my daughter ah, ah ah
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ah ah, no when i was showing wrong, when i just don't whole i mean, you have to fill out the theme because the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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ukraine's recent battlefield successes with the supportive nato may change the course of the conflict brushes, special military operation, launched on february 24th has been slow and methodical. nonetheless, the kremlin has made it clear it will achieve its security. goals does not need an escalation of the conflict. a top headlines on off the international. russia warns that ukraine's latest security proposals to its western allies are a direct path to world war 3. e. u chief ursula vandalay on the state of the union speech is all about ukraine, potentially ignoring that have sky rocketing inflation and energy deficit and other issues affecting ordinary every day people open law. also in the program, china's president prepares to make his 1st trip overseas since the pandemic he's
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heading to was pakistan for the summit of the shanghai cooperation organization. ok


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