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is there, those is no way it was. yeah. like they just had like i don't, i don't bus is on bus if and deal this would not have happened for vedo as by them didn't push this agenda. this was like that because i'm yeah, that will also new stuff to do to what about a, a good a. yeah. this is steven will not be the one that says it's but it's okay to film to stay with them. so when you actually move them, really not sure what it is is this is them way grad
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bubbles because you are all going on it. but other read them when you started with a bunch of federal, which yeah. is it is public is sierra. be a good at shabbots. we're for, we'll do it to ship it. what's the model? yeah. and what amiss? it's was now. so guess i'm not, you know, it's not covering up the we're not see on a list of the show me it naturally was funny. and if i to limit the mr. jimmy kirk botello soon us not to let them over the this is bonnie at the bombay school not last year to be in the bush. it is a teacher. this is julia cook bogey bla, bullshit. awesome. this is dawn. i'll be attending won't,
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but will follow steps give them. yeah. they're bushings from below. ok, you me? what on you know for them to see just a moment this call, it wasn't really quickly. i assume that this proceed up just on this new bill or spinal premier, senior class mathematica financial. but it's not me. you can go to the level do a primary proper then you would mean the plus with trying to get them. you knew me at that with
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another book or city there be technica who requested for the rest. just got the proceeds. yeah, yes. the models, you know, on robot. if all good, listen, i don't mean that they should put on pistol it at the top of them out to people. very short notice. but i, you know, with a, a, with a new a miata with the momentum. yeah. so you, it's a don't know, i will give you a not to school quote,
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something before the media that's actually going on with them this, god bless out a put him at them. did you get all this is our memory buffer. you theory a sneak, there's just some infrastructure today. and most of the south a sports shark, there was a lot of commercial business, shallow soil. a bill was a resident with a, was it the city? the
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following is a good for me with an office with this i had to put him with me. yes. from the bush and it will not season now. she did the way a sort of battery would me ago. no push these, got any new british less, you know, young at the there though, it's no way with a live id number unless it deal with a ppo, which is soonest near to them. but the number in the city, what honestly is labilly?
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so why does it, cuz i'm a prostate bunker pushed into me little pavilion, single process. talk about the database with backup course that oh no, no. what did the jordan general industrial be? but what does that mean? so cranes can start on it is ah me not quitting super simpkins i took a couple of, you know, mashonda polygonal krinski, or c linea frontal. dis certainly postiani or should be la casita cra, becca. ned has been a bill. us us put a new trends, getting me from that the bill could assume that i'm to just the lazoodo. you know,
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what's the noise? does a thank you. we can review with you choose level was your home is sure, but when you go to do it gets hook me up today it's samantha, look, it seems so if you bought the mill, dump them up, i want you to stay on the loop, pulled them just the letters are chilly, said was not only yours, but you said she had a sweet. you could tell him about them. a friend like that. can you shoot presupposed somebody's visibility? comes on. i'm incubators are send it to you guys. so it is, i keep it in that issue that the bus stay on this when you get in for about about of to sure more than a day or something the we will know lou on yet,
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so we're just going to get there. so the brittany would that opportunity to show perceive bullied utah school convention, a 2 bedroom apartment a bonnie deal us. let's see deal of what i don't really feel, paula. paula? soon as he does your push for will it under group all of us me to south? good dollar insurance better it dark. wonder about a lot of sinners to meet them. so if i beat the upset, i just put it with me just up get bonus juice. over little, so we're waiting. you didn't was name gab, so should there shortly. keep it. couldn't it elected? yes, yes, double w my district. thank you. pity you. square slot by you know you over the years, but they are, i feel good. yes, no food members come in the comment that we used and i'm not sure what it's at the moment, but it's similar to the more than occupational, valuable shim wassner or for me, and then with the meaning. no,
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glad that you don't your company looked and yet it got screwed for much, yet i thought i thought i thought, but it was for a deal like there should be not you. but most of the dealer testra deal. it's not beside cross was wrong with it. was but you possibly i can passage for gordon kimball, jonathan yamuna. lucio with a we should look good. does she? i'm dormer. but those are the moves of which was a governor free yet. you come here? yes. but did they make i can a crime? stole that, would that and get that lift that my mom. hello i oh,
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the ukrainian tried and ah ah, this is yes. this is curtis dunn group and sitting in northern city. i was there in 2015, happy days. its british military like make slaves and quote, and then this is just so people know, it's like a military to my name is 8 and as one from great
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britain i spoke to ukraine approximately 4 years ago. in the beginning it was just made us arrived and then more foreigners started to arrive to join the military. say roughly about 10 most of my contract. i've been in the training marines. and just upon 7 months ago, i joined the motor battery units. and since for the past 3 months, 3 or 4 months we've been in public poll, i've been assistant preparing the mines fire when with when we got called to do a mission, it was approximately 49 days after being besieged in medical amanda toners, we had free options because food had run out, i munition had run out, he said you can choose to go with the technics to try and break out of the
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encirclement. or the 2nd option was that you could try walking out of menu, pull like smithy notes, and then the 3rd option was to surrender. i chose to surrender since being and, and, and that's i've been able to like the bombing, like internet's. and so yeah. and then also menu as well. menu full was a real like reality check for me. and so like videos from people interviewing the citizens telling how as well is tons in residential areas. how, how they were used, basically, a sibling hostages, me at the moment. the people's republic is currently
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driving me as a mercenary and sometimes guilty. there's a possibility i might might face the death sentence if found guilty. the news ah, yes, absolutely. well, with, with some of the free people good enough we'll shut. can we generally not sure, come on with some stuff with
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the little button somebody. all right. we have to deal with a with a get them off, which can you with a thought ah
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ah, this things to my mom. love her dearly rest in peace. she saved my uniforms, and when the war broke out and over russia, i made sure to take them with me. so this is the original bullet
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proof a we live a war, bullet proof vests because it's bad luck. we're very superstitious to chat dix marcus. so most of the magazines you can see come in here, right from the a k. a. so we had that's all. that is nothing else, no helmets, never. everybody knows be as zach don't back is just a nickname. my real name is logical, is lot good enough coverage than 958 mom and dad left to his father who up in new york 1st slovenia yugoslavia 1st. it broke out of serbian refugees, 1st serbia, refugees leaving and i was look at, we should like, what are you doing here? go help your brothers and sisters. so i needed to go. i needed to go because that's
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my routes. you know, we are serbians. these are young guys, look at that really cool young guys. they don't run away. they're not going to run away. this is your home. so they had to fight. we all had to fight together. this is my baby that's of my 1st coalition to cough. at hears world war 2 thompson favors. photo is about tense. 15 days, operation, 15 days to cleaning at me a. so there you have it. zach new york. i made sure graffiti. im sorry, low zacks new york as it hurts because this was something so beautiful understanding where my mom and dad are from and now america and later to destroy that, to destroy
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a piece of lead you when you took away a piece of me, you know, i bother you was flavio aledo claims is wesley clark general. you took a piece of me. you heard something that was a part of a something did i belong to something that i went to visit in when i 1st arrived here in 2015. i bet many guys are some spanish guys, french, couple of serbian guys of course, and couple of arrogance as well. but somehow we all kind of went in different directions. so when i came to dunbar, i was 1st a war correspondent over c a t v, a journalist. and then after i became an english teacher,
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so it's been really tremendous. a good morning everyone. happy easter. we're heading to marry a beautiful easter morning. this is a sign of victory. what i see in the field is that this would not have happened if nato as bided push was agenda. just walk through this also reminds me of cerebral vocal are, is or nick. it's the same carbon copy a dis special operations needs to be finished. wow. we're starting to
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2nd sees a key. as you can see, i did go sign as a reserve sided across light, some candles today while dad and the great leader, former president, leader of d. p r. i don't watch people's republic alexander. so i kind of tranquil who gave me a new life. maybe a deeper passport, a great man, rest in peace with
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. well i got
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a did well that much is all on the i don't have to easter with the who's calling me as part of the law. somebody gotta listen to the little never been another one of the
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well, don't make them all alex, she's just saying, i'm gonna let him go down to the end. it's funny. memphis of jealousy. political ended up with somebody put it up with me and took it most most by the mean, nick mean is colombia. we got the just the last part of a pay for less than the thought that okay, but i swear. thank you. call her know come or go to mow the just means
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mostly if you don't ask for baseless, you know, come out later. so in this case and look over the principal job. yes. okay. and then my son is in a good speller, kill and newcomers. and is this really nice? you like it just in case i don't i feel strong sooner because i don't go to bed. i think this will. i'm in the board in the political for him to leave for my foot in the investor moment. it's going to sort of meet up with the thought. maybe it was meant that they got somebody what it meant and when i meant they just in the sun and went on
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the same way, me and stuff with joe that she doesn't say you're going to heidi and them by the look with us. you look at a wal mart i left you that the victim in england, people went up. so let me put him on the start and they tried enough for me now for the biggest unit that went on in the morning to get in with other spices. returning english, what i meant this out, the last can
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fit it, some thinking that it's a plug for us and allow us to live in a little bit. karen again, you know, is it well, it seems that it's out of the government. somebody must study the joan could care less and much more responsibility. they can get a job so. so will they give up or do they? no, no, no, the newest son, she didn't tell me the name of it. this will say no into it's not
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a month to buy new la window. what is it a listening bill? i kill us. that'll be some enough to fail. must be a certain, but it's a let me don't in this but as a water system. this is the will came in full and we'll see for know, sanchez was incredible. so again, it's financed it on being in. but it's a game where we are at the moment. so what i can look at it is to call mr. winters, none of us will not come up when i get to the store in finance. norco see us in the course of ah,
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with another why. why do you easy while friend says ah, here for unit one slide yes. south. yeah. thrashing us out with carson for years. now. watch them. not for me. at that, i'll pull up right. people not yeah. little video from sure. let me just kim's room should sort video the why fi ela? a yes. my thought watching in the again the audio fortune pretty up my be a lot about this morning. just financial news
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a ah ah ah ah ah ah, with
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ah ah ukrainian shelling kills an entire family and her phone a warning to viewers. the images are distressing to children are among the victims but a mere potent has arrived and whose becca stands for a summit of the shanghai cooperation organization with issues of global and regional security on the agenda. the meeting march, the 1st overseas trip for china, presidents and the cobit pen deck, with the band. the international red cross says the global hunger problem predates the ukranian conflict. despite the west lane the blame on russia for the world food crisis.


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