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tv   News  RT  September 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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a joe biden imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. mr. bursher boomerang, ah, ah, advocating for a multi polar, well, it's not based on someone's personal rules about how glad may appear to describe the storm for the one time between moscow and beijing. at the summit with the chinese need a sheet in pain breath, it has been slammed off the telling people to send the bills to most europeans struggle with storing energy prices. you have reached a point where we are unable to pay the electricity bill. we are asked to earn up to 2 salaries to pay energy bill and the international red cross say the global hunger issue emerge long before the ukraine conflicts, despite the west trying to pin the blame on russia.
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a very well malcolm. this is the international with the latest world news update is good to happy with it. now, russian president vladimir putin is met with the leaders of china, iran and pakistan on the side lines of a summit of the multinational shankar cooperation organization. the gathering in the central asian republic of is becky stand has focused on promoting a more motive polar world foreign policy tandem of moscow. and beijing plays a key role in ensuring global and regional stability. together we advocate for the formation of a just democratic and multi polar ruled order based on international law with the un in the central role. it is not based on some rules that someone has come up with and is trying to impose upon others. attempts to create a unipolar world,
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have recently turned ugly and are absolutely unacceptable for the vast majority of countries. vizier jerbill should the face of on pros, sedans, had colossal changes on the global scale. we are ready with our russian colleagues to show an example of responsible world policy and play a leading role to put the rapidly developing world on the call from sustainable and positive development. the tentative between the leaders of china and russia has been among the most anticipated during the i. c o summit. foresee it is the 1st in person meeting in a very long time. the to has discussed, regional matters bilateral relations of course. but what is maybe even more important global issues a lot has been sad as you just heard about in you reality. and you wore old order if you wish, in which the west he's constantly losing its influence and trust. and also about growing role of non western centric organizations like the as seo blood,
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merck with novel so sad that moscow respects a lot, may genes balanced and mature position on russia's special military operation in ukraine. but of course, everything went great. as usual, it's these negotiations are always structured in a businesslike and concrete ways with the discussion of the tasks that they're relevant ministries space. so that's how it went this time as well. in the summit container is here, we expect more meetings and more strong words on friday as well. this is the big is gathering off the shunt hi corporation organization in it's more than 20 year history of 14 world leaders are attended and apart from china, widen reporting has already mat, he's counterparts from kim just on the 20 sun and pakistan it's prime minister is sad that is lamar buds relations with moscow are very exclusive and solid. let's take a lesson. it is on its own. it doesn't need any of the support. it is in
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the future. and it is more at the cost of any of the and we want to excellence. you build out allusions, but you're good country with full commitment and full good occasion. because you had a super bowl and focused on stand to gain from this mutual cooperation. mister an understanding, so why more potent is also expected to see with the iranian leader, he's forthcoming meeting with mr. more days, also grabbing a lot of media attention. now, teheran is getting ready to become a member of state of the, as ceo, had his meeting with widen reporting. the iranian leaders sad that, ironically the fact that both russia and iran happened to be under american
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sanctions place a very important and a very positive role hanes strengthening relations and friendship and corporation between moscow and to her on just to remind you of russia today is the world's most sanctioned country. let's take a listen to what the iranian leader has to say. morrow italian americans think that if sanctions are imposed against one country, they can stop its will and its development gone. but they are wrong. the fact that both russia and iran are under us sanctions can actually help strengthen our ties and simplify the implementation of our agreements. the whole world knows that the u . s. is incapable of negotiating. it violates all its obligations. every one is convinced that the e u has taken a passive position and is also unable to fulfill its promises. the summit stores at the time of yet another escalation in the relations between bach went harry vaughan, and of course it is expected. the during his meeting will be as it are by johnny leader, was reporting is going to discuss the situation at the border between as it by john
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hand armenia, where recently they're happening, deb lic washers with more than 20 people killed. they armenian prime minister, was also expected here, but in the last moment, mr. pershing and said that he is not attending the summit due to this situation at the border also bought turkey her. mr. aragon is already here in uzbekistan and we expect that with one more point they will discuss the supplies of russian gas. and of course, global issues again, lot has been said about a growing role of organizations like the as ceo. and we heard earlier on thursday, a breast secretary of wideman potent method of response saying that there is no aim to make the ass yo and alternative to military organization. this is friendship in the name of something and not against someone. and i will add that this is the friendship between 20 countries with the combined population of 3000000000 people,
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literally a super power lines that with iran now becoming a member state is expanding me most sancho cooperation, organization leaders, each planted a tree in the big city of a summer crowns, after the 1st working day of the summit in a symbolic event, to show growing strong relations between that countries we heard from the vice president of the sense of china and globalization, vic, to gow, who's that the demand from countries to join the shanghai cooperation organization testifies to the alliance is my tallahassee and ambitious future. as steel has a special recipe because it does not embrace war and confrontation or use of false it embrace is peace, negotiation consensus, focusing on development and protecting stability and peaceful evolution of the situation rather then for example,
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thinking about imposing was view onto and the other countries rather than act like a nice if you like me, which is law aggressive, always thinking about wal therefore, is becoming more and more important. and the fact that there are more countries which become new members is an indication that this organization has really ambition to achieve. and i believe it will become an important factor going forward, not only for member states, but all countries around s t o and eventually will be a major factor on the global seat. and while western powers are being stonewalling efforts to end the ukraine conflict to many other countries have been resolving bad, long standing issues without deferring to the traditional dominance of washington. brussels as, as the world is becoming more multi polar india and china linked by a multinational security block. the shanghai cooperation organization has recently
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taken great efforts to end all cities of a disputed region on the borders. hold on for the leaders of those 2 countries were set to meet at the s c o summit this week in the central asian republic office back is down. meanwhile, in the middle east, the united arab emirates and iran have been restoring diplomatic relations. following years of tensions with the you a think it a we posted on passes into iran and kuwait will also appoint a top envoy and a wrong following a 6 year hiatus amid rooming ties in the region. also it should lead a l. c. c has traveled to catherine this week on his 1st trip. there was president following a visit by catherine monic shake to me to egypt a couple of months ago. those countries had been normalizing that bilateral ties following years of disputes as the natives have recently signed 3 lemma randoms of understanding. i spoke with the host of the art. the program was passed on a week about the growing shift towards a more monthly polar world. this is
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a part of a much bigger trend than this trend didn't start with the war in the ukraine. a some in the west may think it that actually goes all the way back to the early 2, thousands when the current developmental model of the globe, the american labs, globalization, has started showing signs of exhaustion and we have a series of can on the crisis. we had a series of someone say, pretty stupid foreign policy decisions, launching a number of wars, then there wasn't condemning that's clearly showcase the, the role of the united states as the sort of distributor of global common goods. it wasn't really up to anymore. you know, trying to port resources for itself and the overall assumption that the west knows what's best for the rest, no longer working and it's not no longer working, even for the west, let alone for the rest of the world. and this countries are just taking initiative
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and into their own towns and pursuing the old national interest. nobody wants to be somebody else. nobody wants to leave according to somebody else's rules, as well as good as they may be, you know, for the west. each country has their own destiny, their own tact, ritchie's of social, economic, cultural, religious, historic development. and they want to pursue their own path. i think there will be more and more countries who will see the benefit of simply dealing with each other in a new way. i want to get your take on something. now i want to show you with tweets by jo, by the and that was posted yesterday and a quote by the us national security council coordinator don't kirby today. let's take a quick lesson for most of the last century, we led the world because we invested in ourselves. somewhere along the way. we took our foot off the pedal in china and the rest of the world started catching up. not any more. my economic plan is building a better america, our message to china as i think, been consistent,
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that the not the time for any kind of business, as usual with mister, proven how he readings the tone being set here by the precedence. and let me just, i can quote what he sad john and the rest of the world started catching up. not anymore to me. that's a very uniform bank. if not the brief statement. what is it supposed to mean that only the americans entitled to some sort of living standards that the rest of the world has? no right to to be catching up. i mean, how else was written trucker that given again, that the united states has accumulated enormous dep. it is already living at the expense of the rest of the world. it has degraded the college of this planet, the west, still trying to impose its cultural colonialism onto everybody else. but the very few countries are buying that. and that's why they're actually coming together in all sorts of international group. it's not being against the united
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states, but for themselves everybody has the right to be who they are, both and the individual and on the national level. the cost of natural gas and dumps after a meeting of the european commission to discuss his plans to tackle the energy crisis lining by a quarter to 2 1500. you are a pathetic and cubic meters. hundreds of bakery workmen, jeremy, have gathered outside the town hall in the central city of honda to protest against rising costs, demonstrations to face. there were like tricks sales and did mon, this financial aid saying that businesses might as soon before the close demonstrations have iraq. and also in the greek capital, athens with hundreds of trade unionists and local residents gathering outside and electricity company headquarters to protest against the on the, for the boot bills. demanding cheap energy for everyone. well, some of the protest to say that household electricity bills cost as much as twice the monthly salaries. hey, from that i have reached
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a point where we are unable to pay the electricity bill. we talked back on supermarket supplies and other essentials to pay the electricity bill. at the situation this year is dramatic. we are asked to earn up to 2 salaries to pay energy bills. this is what the workers have to fight against. it is not possible for us to die for the profits of the few women who are, but i am on the phone with here to send the message that were not going to leave any work or out in the cold because they don't have enough to pay the energy bills, as you will know, we are experiencing more and more energy price increases and we are struggling to survive. but we can't make ends meet and we live only to work with. you know, these people clearly don't know what to do. the average citizen in europe has a very concrete thing that they have to deal with at the end of every month after pay their energy bill and every month that just keeps accumulating and accumulating, and they have no way to pay. so they don't know what else to do on her line, ignored the issue in her speech. and well, she's still brushing it off now, i'm quite, boy, ah,
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we have had talk about general policies now. but the objective must be to look after the interests of european citizens and respond to that concern. so i have come here with the gas bill that people asked me to show you. you have a 2130 euros. people are worried about not being able to heat their homes this winter. natalie sent those bills to moscow. that's where they belong to. that's where the sources. so we shouldn't allow indignation to become blind seeking internal blame for external attacks or accountability must be returned to the one who calls a day to mister putin. you're both all that's brilliance and those bills to moscow . public reaction to the statement went over about as well. as you might expect, scandalous reaction from the president of the commission, whom i confronted with citizens energy bills, tell them to send them to put in millions of struggling people will appreciate it. free surprises, miss bonded line rather than dodging your responsibility. well,
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dress genius presides over the you let them eat cake and send the bills to moscow. not going to pay any bills, cause it fun. de leon just told to send him over to moscow. london line seems to think that europe's energy companies are rolling in profits, but in europe, france nationalize like it actually she did of house which also sells gas by the way and energy experts told the french process today that it's unlikely that the nuclear power plants that were shut down due to plan decommissioning, and corrosion are unlikely to be fired back up by the end of the year as the french government wanted and was planning on to help compensate for this cost exclusion of energy and energy crunch. and berlin is now reportedly considering nationalizing uniform, which is the country's top gas importer. and that's to prevent the energy system from collapsing. so it looks like bonder line may just why go straight to paris and berlin and asked them to cut a check for those. so called excessive profits of what she painted as these raring
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these raging li, successful energy companies, you know, as margaret thatcher, one side, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. so meanwhile, italians are apparently trying to figure out how to cook pasta with the gas turned off after the government authority said to turn down the gas once the water started boiling. you know, maybe they can just bring the, i'm cook passa, into the shower with them, or better yet. draw about of boiling water, cook the past in it, then wash the dishes to avoid having to use the dishwasher, then maybe do the laundry in it. instead of using washing machine and i maybe hop in there yourself for your bath, if you didn't still see the bottom of your bath tub. that way, europeans can ensure maximum virtue and minimum energy prices and helping to save ukraine. ah, now the latest news from the ukraine conflict is keith's forces have resumed artillery shelling over the border into russia. this time attacking a board, a checkpoint in belgrade region, the regions, governesses, the shelling cause defiant to iraq's in accustomed facility there. and here by
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patch will station was not affected so far, no casualties have been reported. meanwhile, in they don't yet republic, local authority say the ukrainian army showed a residential area in don yet, stacy leaving one woman dead earlier, 2 children and their parents were killed when keeps forces shelter, residential area, and the ne, in city of castle, according to moscow, back officials who are in control, their a warning for a, the following images are disturbing. the family had been crossing a road when they were hit by the attack. they died instantly at the scene. authority say the ukrainian forces use the u. s. applied high mas rocket to conduct the strike, the deputy head of because song region administration. so the 50 now has its own alley of angels, a reference to the don. yes. memorial to children killed in the conflict. i don't know who the nazis were, shooting it, but people died anyway. this proves again that entire song. as many have noticed
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today, we now have our own alley of angels. we absolutely believe that all shots fired from american weapons or fire directly by the u. s. we say again that they do not care about ukrainians. russians or bell rou, since they are interested in one single goal, any method of terror, destruction, and murder. at the same time, lou does people's a public authority say a high school in the city of paradise vows was struck by ukrainian shelling one child was killed and sick students of the teacher wounded in the attack. and in the neighboring dawn years, people's republic ukrainian forces shall the kindergarten in their city. other don't catch, i ask, one woman was wounded at bombardment. these are unverified images from eye witnesses. along with the shelling increasing numbers of civilians are being injured by so called pestle land mines, which are intended not to kill but to cripple people in seconds. ortiz, women cars are reports on the ground. civilian casualties continued to mount here
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and then ask peoples republic. however, artillery is not the only danger. facing the people here ukrainian army have also been using so cold pets, all mines, all butterfly mines against the civilians here in de nest. this is what they look like. completely unnoticeable to the naked eye, more than 60 people have been maimed for life by stepping on to a small petal. mine like this, according to local authorities, there are still thousands of these anti personnel mines around the nest people's republic that have not yet been discovered right now there warning all of the population to be very, very cautious. right now i'm answering the hospital here in done ask the trauma center where they treat most of these patients who to contact you will certain
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people get very serious injuries when they come into contact with these objects. often their feet get torn off this. mine is dangerous because during the explosion in the secondary damage, an element is asphalt or soil. these elements, in fact, the skin and sub thermal muscles, you should never pick them up. you should immediately called the emergency services . this mine is designed to creep old people not to kill them and this is much more frightening. ukrainian nationalists continue shelling of the city of the next not only with heavy artillery butts with these so called betel mines as well. the weather here is that changing right now as well? that means we're about to get a lot of fer mud, a lot of snow. that means that these are shiny mines will be completely unnoticeable. and that also means that doctors at this, from a sensor will have a lot more work from on call for of our
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t done as people's republic. me. my russian lead forces have advanced in don't bass, taking control of a key strategic points near the city. and archer, lots is the latest images from the area you can see and abandon the bunker that was previously used by ukrainian forces. the entire area is located on a hill overlooking the surrounding locality. the current global hunger problems emerged long before the ukraine conflicts that's according to the president of the international committee of the red cross. if we talk about hunger today, it's not because of the ukraine ward. we have seen the indicators of a food security crisis, emerges in africa for much longer than the escalation that we have seen in the ukraine in war. it has been as a complicating factor,
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it has exacerbated some of the problems that we have seen before. but the 1st thing, the k, there's i had more than a year ago when from our hospitals into so hell, when comparing notes with doctors without borders and their impressive network of hospitals in africa. we started to look at the weight figures of entries into hospitals with comes of the west attempts to place the whole blame on russia. and moscow has long advocated for humanitarian helped the country the need and even signed to deal with kids to ship grain to african countries. however, the majority of the serial has gone to wealthy countries instead of glasses. and the west continues to allocate billions of dollars in aid to ukraine. the un have sounded the alarm sounding like conditions in north eastern africa. up to 22000000 people are at risk of starvation. and more than 7000000 people have been forced to
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migrate as, according to the un world food program. food scarcity is an extreme risk in the horn of africa region with around 10000000 children under the age of 5, suffering from malnutrition. we spoke to a guy move darpa who was running for the night, jerry and presidency until june. he says, climate change has been more of a problem faith, affecting global food supplies than the conflicts and ukraine. the problem has been ongoing for a long time and it has a lot of things that has to do with the destruction of resources that we have from the wisdom colonial powers that help for long a short time. make sure that we get food from our doctors where they can be able to give course like russia has agreed. i'll send you an agreement with you. can she brains to some part of africa? discontinue against ensure that we tend issue of security in there. just hold that
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family, come over and talk, is that the european powers department because they have met on 26th regarding the climate change. let go from future forms. the leads them about $100000000000.00 for africa so that we can be able to get it for climate change. the problem is the telephone shot and what a was in africa. if you judge on well, buy a new one above the one. yeah. you know, you got any sent all over. got it. like i mean charge joe loose or white. you don't get off from what i wanted that are willing to off what was just on went by function. brought them simply because you had to usual georgia. you decide that denial, i'm opportunity for us to work, you know, to so by germany has once again time is to increase on delivery, secures the country's economy minister roberts. hardback may be announcement during
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the latest meeting of g 7 countries, or the german politicians have also called for increasing weapon supplies to ukraine. in this new phase of the war, ukraine needs weapons that will enable it to liberate territories occupied by russia and keep them permanently under its control. the west, in particular, the u. s. germany, france and poland should quickly coordinate closely here and adapt its deliveries to the new situation. germany must immediately play its part in ukraine successes and supply protected vehicles, the martyr infantry fighting vehicle and the leper to main battle tank. russia as ambassadors had germany. so again, a t i have say that jo authorities have crossed a red line by expanding weapons supplies the key as he say, such a move will lead to the escalation of the conflicts on an increased death toll among civilians. i'm thinking of brain school is supplying the cranium regime with german made lethal weapons use not only against russian serviceman report,
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but also against the don. bye civilians is certainly a red line that the german authority should not have crossed. taking into account. first of all, the moral historical responsibility of germany to our people for the crimes of naziism during the great patriotic world. of course, such a turn is dangerous. we hear voices in germany coding for further supplies and expansion of the range of weapons. there are a lot of them, unfortunately, you're talking about heavy deadly weapons. even tons. one, it is obvious that pumping care with these weapons is the road to nowhere. this only contributes to the expansion of the conference and the casualties increased, including among civilians. obviously, the desire to punish russia or defeat russia, which is expressed by the collective west to day outweighs the sense of self preservation. there are risks associated with the proliferation of these weapons around the world falling into the hands of terrorists and international criminals relating unfortunately,
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these risks are not taken into account and the pumping of weapons continues to fall . the latest news that thanks and plenty more, we can visit our website ality dot com. thank you for joining us now. not even today. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah
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