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tv   News  RT  September 15, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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ah ah, one civilian is killed and 2 wounded as you crane shells residential areas of a russian town, a region must go on beijing are in lock step when it comes to creating a mo, keep all the world about the mid routing described russia and china strong ties with becky don, also coming up on the program because everything went great, as usual with foreign minister says we can talk with beijing the summit, while washington called on china to follow us foreign policy and wine down
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relations with russia. and in a strike kills at least 10 people in ethiopia, great beach and the 33 has been placed with arrest, with a response from the international community which remain focused on you create a very well can see from the russian capital in the early hours. this friday morning, i'm pete to scott and welcome to the program where be joining us from just top top story this all ukraine has shelled the russian city of valley weeki and the bill. good region, killing one. civilian. 2 more people were wounded in the attack, according to local authorities, the with power it was partially cuts off in the town as a local sub station was damaged,
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the shelling hits residential areas, 3 cars and 8 houses were hit. the regions governor says that emergency services are currently working obviously well it comes after more attacks on russian territory over the last 24 hours. a border checkpoint was hits in negative co in the bill grid region, causing a fire at the customs facility bond. meanwhile, in the den, yes, republic, local authorities say that the ukrainian army showed residential areas in the near city leaving one woman dead. sounds in the surrounding area. come on a daily shutting from ukrainian military. that's according to the local authorities . we're sure presidents, bloody may, putin has met with the leaders of china, iran and pakistan on the sidelines of the shanghai corporation organization summit . the gathering in the central asian republic of was becky's done is focused on promoting a more multi polar world or and policy tandem of moscow. and
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beijing plays a key role in ensuring global and regional stability. together we advocate for the formation of a just democratic and multi polar world order based on international law with the un in the central role. it is not based on some rules that someone has come up with and is trying to impose upon others attempts to create a unipolar world. have recently turned ugly and are absolutely unacceptable for the vast majority of countries. ginger beer should say so on prose to that at colossal changes on the global scale, we are ready without a rush and colleagues to show an example of responsible war carla spot and play a leading role to put the rapidly developing warrant on the call to attain your old and positive development, the touch head between the leaders of china and russia has been among the most anticipated during the seo summit. foresee it is the 1st in person meeting in
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a very long time. the to has discussed regional matters bilateral relations of course. but what is maybe even more important global issues a lot has been sad, as you just heard about a new reality, a new war, old order, if you wish, in which the wes t's are constantly losing its influence and trust. and also about the growing role of non western centric organizations like the as ceo. glad my boyfriend also said that moscow respects a lot. the genes bowan stand, mature position on russia's special military operation in ukraine. part from china weidman potent has already met his counterparts from chemist on the 20 stan and pakistan. it's prime minister said that is lamar buds relations with moscow are very exclusive and solid. let's take a lesson. it is on its own. it doesn't,
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anita. suppose it is in the usa, and it is not at the cost of any other country. and we want to excellence. you build our relations with your good country, with full commitment and full dedication. because you are a super bar and focused on stand to gain from this mutual cooperation, mr. an understanding. now, teheran is getting ready to become a member of state of the seo, had his meeting with was more potent, they iranian leaders sad that, ironically, the fact that both russia and iran happened to be on the american sanctions place a very important and a very positive role hanes, strengthening relations, and friendship and operation between moscow and take iran to produce, to remind you of russia today is the girls mostly sanctioned country. let's take
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a listen to what the iranian leader has to say. morrow italian americans think that if sanctions were imposed against one country, they can stop its will and its development wrong, but they are wrong. can you model the fact to pose russia in a round or under us sanctions can actually help strengthen our ties and simplify the implementation of our agreement. the whole world knows us is incapable of negotiating convo. it violates all its obligation was shown. everyone is convinced that the e u has taken a passive position here and is also unable to fulfill its promises. the summons course of the time of yet another escalation in the relations between bach who n terry vaughan. and of course, it is expected that during his meeting with the, as it by johnny leader, white reporting is going to discuss the situation at the border between as it by john hand armenia, they armenian prime minister was also expected here. but in the last moment, mister putnam said that he is not attending the summit due to this situation at the
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border. also about turkey. her mr. out of the gone is already here in was back houston, and we expect that with one more point they will discuss the supplies of russian gas and of course, global issues. we heard earlier on thursday, a breast secretary of wideman potent method of prescott saying that there is no aim to make the asio an alternative to military organization. this is friendship in the name of something and not against some once. and i will add that this is the friendship between 20 countries. with the combined population of 3000000000 people, literally a superpower alliance that with iran now becoming a member state is expanding. meanwhile, the leaders of the shanghai corporation, organization, member states each planted a tree in that was big city of san mac. and after the 1st day of the summit, and thus the symbolized the growing relations between their countries. after that,
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the leaders were seen as an informal dinner take over the additional central asian dishes and visiting a historical memorial complex in summer company. while iran has signed a memorandum of joining the s c o at the summits with the organisations secretary general calling the de important for both terren on the block. well, earlier we heard from the vice president of the center for china and globalization thinktank, vic, to go, who says that growing interest from other countries in joining the organization shows is ambitious future. a seal has a special recipe because it does not embrace war and confrontation, or use or false. it embraces peace negotiations, consensus, focusing on development and protecting stability and peaceful illusion of the situation rather than for example, thinking about imposing was view on to any other country is not
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a dead act like nancy. does she like natal, which is law aggressive? always thinking about wal therefore c o is becoming more and more important. and the fact that there are more countries which become new members is an indication that this, as it has my policy, has really ambition to achieve. and i believe it will become important factor going forward, not only for members states, for all countries around a c o. and eventually it will be a major factor on the global. see us as washington continues to pressure beijing to follow u. s. foreign policy and minimize relations with moscow despite this is a foreign minister said, gala rove, said that. so between russia and china all going well as expected. our message said to china as i think been consistent that the, this is not the time for, for any kind of business as usual with mr. prudent because everything went great.
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as usual. it's these negotiations are always structured in a business going up in the concrete way. so with the discussion of the tasks that are relevant ministry space such as that's how it went this time as well. let's comes amid jo bodies message the beijing is a threats due to china's catching up. apparently, the u. s. c's of the country success as a lot for itself, many wary of global competition. to me, that's very xenophobic. if not brace the statement, what is it supposed to mean that only the americans entitled to some sort of living standards that the rest of the world has no right to to be catching up here we have the, the leader of the free world, essentially saying that the rest of the world is not entitled to catching up with, with the united states. i mean, how else would you interpret that given again, that the united states has accumulated enormous death. it is already living at the expense of the rest of the world. it has degraded the college of this planet. and
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what is it supposed to go like that the indefinitely without any one else laying a claim to better life as so many countries have been resolving their long standing issues by themselves. it seemed without seeking help from a 3rd party. so you think we're, what we're saying is a great to trend in your politics. only get a resolving is, is a big statement. they're starting to negotiate differences. the overall assumption that the west knows what's best for the rest. it's no longer working and it's not no longer working, even for the west, let alone for the rest of the world. and this countries are just taking initiative and into their own hands and pursuing the own national interest. they're not doing that again. somebody against the west, they're doing that for themselves. and i think as time goes by, we will see more and more of that simply because the, you know, people demanding that on the over decision making. and everybody wants to be,
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you know, on part with everybody else. the american hostility towards china has been manifested in a new bill that was approved by the senate, that would radically be shape washington's policy on fi one. if the documents adopted to the u. s. would interact with the islands authorities in line with the new, the recognize governments, and provide it with more financial aid, which is foreign ministry spokesperson, immediately made it clear to move would dramatically escalate tensions between the 2 countries. she is on the bill seriously breeches the u. s commitment to china on the tie, one question and violates the one china principal. it constitutes interference in china's internal affairs violates international law and basic norms, international relations and, and since a seriously wrong signal to taiwan independence, separate his forces, chinese friendly post to this and, and has launched a serious petition to the west side in b. like how can, with mol on the bill, on the current state of us chinese relations,
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his ortiz kelly moulton. so you would think that was tensions rising in the pacific . all parties involved would be doing everything possible, deescalate the situation. however, that does not seem to be the case. we have a new bill passing for the senate foreign relations committee and that bill is seen as a rather intense escalation with china. it provides a $6500000000.00 to taiwan in military aid. it names taiwan is a major, non nato us ally and it expedite arm sales to the government on taiwan. now there were 5 senators who did oppose the bill. the most vocal of them was us senator rand paul, of kentucky. this is not a time to radically changed longstanding policy without an appreciation of the consequences that may follow. now this 5 senators were out voted and it appears this bill is moving ahead. it is laughed the senate foreign relations committee now
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to be up to the rest of the u. s. congress to determine whether or not they want to pass it into law. and then joe biden will have to decide whether or not to sign it . now a meeting is taking place of the 5 eyes and this meeting, you can bet we'll have beijing on the agenda. now the meeting is taking place at an unnamed location. probably a luxury resort, somewhere in new zealand in which security in the pacific region is being discussed . and a number of us officials are playing up the idea of tension with china, of opposition to china. we have the head of the u. s. naval command, talking about how a major focus of u. s. policy needs to be opposing beijing in the southern hemisphere. we can say plainly that the united states has neglected its relationship in the south pacific amour, accounting for not by engaging more deeply. the hoping concerning actions by the people's republic of china have in the region, including the secret security arrangement with the solomon islands that have been
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concerning for the united states of america. and i think a concerning, also for new zealand as well. yeah, it states is also talking about putting preemptive sanctions on chinese officials in order to deter military action against the island of taiwan. we also have other calls from us officials for more sanctions and more efforts to curb beijing's influence around the world. now, many are looking at china and admiring the great restraints that the country has shown. when nancy pelosi visited the island of taiwan that was largely seen as a provocation. many are now wondering how far the united states intends to go in trying china's patients on this issue and others. on new zealand, former associates minister for foreign affairs, robinson, pleased the us wants to use the people of taiwan as pawns to escalate regional tensions. setting an extra $6000000000.00 o 2
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o d heavily armed taiwan. and it means that we all love a signal to china that we're preparing for war against to. so it's a very dangerous situation. it's an escalation and anybody's terms, what it is is using the taiwanese people bursting if is having china, an angry reaction, which of course, they will, it's actually interference in the southern part of chinese territory. but like the people of the ukraine, the united states wants to use the people of the taiwan as pawns. and it's dragging other countries into it as well in the periphery to, to the area, into heighten tension. that's where the pressure comes on and to claim that they will defend taiwan when it's actually american aggression board, or almost aggression against china, which is the problem is a pucker see the greatest lights over to
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africa. now where at least 10 people have been killed in ethiopia, northern sea, great region into air strikes on wednesday morning as violence as resumed after a 5 month low. drone attack hit a residential area in the regional capital makella, at least 30 people were also wounded. the on conflict between the federal government on the t great people's liberation funds begun in 2020. it's a great rebels. the q soldiers from neighboring eritrea of joining ethiopian government forces in a coordinated offensive. the recent attack follows an air strike that has a kindergarten in late august, which killed several children. some you'll get that you says that residential areas are coming under attack. the fuel burn government is husband insisting from the gate code that it's fighting the terrors entity. and to gray, they're trying to root out a terrorist organization that they say is and will be destroying ethiopia,
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if not content. and the t p left has been saying that the job and government is trying to eliminate their leadership, st. open government as i choosing them was trying to come back. you have to know that the t p never was in government for, for many years or for 27 years, including in a government, a coalition government that was led by them. the filter and government has been said they're taking actions again, the t p a left interest because they think some of the weapons, some of the trainings are happening in this neighborhood. but the t pair left is saying, that's not true. that's not happening in this neighborhoods. as many as 500000 people have reported died from war and famine in ethiopia to great region in the past 16 months alone. that's according to research as monitoring the situation. the un says that 5200000 people need emergency food assistance in the northern regions of t. grey, i'm horror and afar. now,
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the 2600000 people have also been displaced with some forced into neighboring countries. samuel gets you again says that the conflict may drive the whole region into chaos. you know this conflict once again. i can't highlighted enough whole much. it has truly affected gilbert. no, justin, that's a grey region, but i'm far enough far and far beyond. there are now millions of people not and even the u. n has been saying they don't have the resources to really help them as it goes back to one year of conflict of famine. if you don't stop or if you don't slow down this conflict in ethiopia, it would truly change the region. because utopia has a population of at least 115000000 people in what happens in the you're back to the effect it's neighboring nation. people have taken to the streets across haiti following the government's decision to raise fuel prices to boost
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revenue. many haitians fair the new measures will worse and the already dia, economic situation on each haitian authorities announced the wednesday, the gas prices with more than double the new spots. riots across the country, which is already in the grip of gang related violence. to journalists have been shot dead in the unrest with their bodies being burned. the killings bring the death hold for at least 10 people. haiti struggles with a 30 percent inflation rate alone. remember, we is haitians do not recognize aerial, henry, we did not vote for aerial, henry. he doesn't have a mandate, no legitimacy to be where he is in classes. the situation here. now we want the government to leave the country. we are buying gas high donor $18.00. earlier we spoke with the co founder leader and speaker of the alternative socialist party, john and alberto, who thinks that haiti needs a power transition. we are having the very serious,
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a very strong public proposal to sort of the transition made that with the so called montana agreement, the montana agreement, it was an agreement built by the secret society by most of the political bodies. and this is the most relevant, relevant we did a serious agreement and we did inside that agreement, we had an election, a very fair democratic and consensual election. and they are trying to ignore re, you know, why? because it is haitian because it is from good inside they, they would like you either to have the solution coming back in the pocket of any b, head from the international community. the so could call group and say, and that is impossible. and finally, the hungarian foreign minister has slammed you lawmakers after they criticized budapest constitutional and electoral systems, labeling them quotes,
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a hybrid regime of the electoral autocracy. as i will play parliament, you will visit that case. i think the well paid members of the european parliament would be much better to deal with the real problems in europe. for example, they could spend their salaries on help of the people of europe and its economy after energy prices in iraq, triple do that, or quadrupled as a result of the sanctions regime that needs that they should rather be concerned with how to get europe out of recession about how to get euro out of high inflation by how to get europe out of high energy crisis. that's your when the whole policy of sanctions were started in brussels like with a strong support and inspiration of the european parliament that the promise was that it will bring us closer to a solution. latasha, in contrast to the war has been going on for more than half a year. and the people of europe are finding themselves in increasingly difficult situation because of high energy prices and inflation as i pay that. so it would be good if the european parliament were to address these issues and not repeat all
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kinds of unfounded accusations against hunger. what they got on them about the use budget commission also wants to strip hungry of 70 percent of its funding the countries anti migrant. i'm conservative policies have caused displeasure with the block for some time now, along with his position on the ukrainian conflicts read a fest has abstained from sanctions against russia and prefers to maintain constructive relations with moscow. 433 e. u legislatures now claim that the country has violated the democratic principles since 2018, sending its political system into what they call an electoral autocracy. is the country's foreign minister again. why did america hungarian people have now clearly decided in for parliamentary elections in a roach and what kind of future they want for the country. and we stand that some people in salisbury and brussels think that the hungarian people are not mature enough to decide their own future for active and resend that. they are interfering
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in trying guarantee people's decisions. it is the democratic constitutional right of the fingerprint people to decide on the future of the country and think urine people they have clearly dancer, and we reject any slandering medical surgical democrats, or we could look at the figure. clearly. we spoke to nicola markovich, who a political analyst who claims that the youth attempts to dictate rules or those infringe democratic freedoms and values. any state which stairs has a specific use, whether they be for religious cultural, historical reasons is out of line compared with russell today. brussels is an authoritarian regime. this is, was hypocritical in and then the current situation is that brussels is having the attitude of an authoritarian regime, telling countries what, how they, mr. that they're there. they're judges what type of plans they're down to, to farm or not what their positions must be concerning. russia and other countries, so the, what marriage is supposed to be. so the european union is dictating to the different
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member states, what they should think, what they should do. and then the european union is telling the people who have been quoted for by their people that they are not democracies. this is this, this is a conundrum which is actually very scary because if an authoritarian state is starting to decide what the democracy is than all democracies are in danger, especially those in the european union. of course that's how the world is lock in us friday gets underway in moscow on pizza scott's on the back again with more news use analysis, neo nazi infants with with
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