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which are also needs to help put to litigate conflict sir. and to overcome conflicts, particularly in again his dance goes to. another important area of our corporation is boosting economic potential. we expand, tried to investment to undertake commercial projects. the share of settlements and national currencies has been growing as the president of cause extern said, we are open to the entire world and local we, we know to belong to any blocks that us that we provide assist. unless to address global food and energy crises, and they are the driven by major mistakes in
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finance and energy mistakes. that's all the parties make sure. ora effort, sir, was today. we are not to go to stick user and we hope that all the members around the world will work when they're in the same fashion. they will stop using protection isn't sanctioning a clear example of the say go to stick behavior is the decision by the european commission to lift the sanctions against fertilizers. we know that foot lies is playing a key role in national food security. well, we welcome the decision itself, thus the sanctions in the line. we explanation of the european commission. on the 10th of september 2022, they have been removed only for the united states, but only those countries can purchase all fertilizers. what about developing countries?
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what about the poorest nations around the world where we get and since we have the, especially me said decarlo, who represents the united nations, he would like to ask the united nation secretariat and also discussed it with mr. gutierrez, the secretary general to have it. and we just need to call you, if you are you, part of the european commission are going to remove those restrictions which have a discriminatory nature concerning as a developing nations so that it provide access of russian fertilizes to those markets as well. i also updated you and secret your general market that was scheduled to be the mega c pours of the e. u. now you have 300000 tons of thrush and fertilizers and we
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can hand them over to developing nations for free. russia is all sick with boosting, it's a grain exports. this year's going to be fair to meet and tons. next year's going to be $15000000.00 tons was 90 percent of our food goes to the markets of latin america. then you should be 2 weeks free and other continents in the same if that issue in your equipment, we're going to sign a number of documents to improve the efficiency of international transit corridors to stimulate and set a pro regional tray to promote technical industrial corporation. the introduction of high technology in agriculture and health care, we need to continue improving our operation, dean,
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humanitarian. if you wouldn't communitarian areas, luxury new modem and cultural area to we will sign a document corporation in tourism and museum 50 with provision yet, but not to chase. but we believe that the a c o could host major sports events a success if we believe we need to set up an association of sports organizations that meet your service, then you will come. so as we said previously mentioned, yes, you remember stay on the make us welcome to come up with the expansion of corporation . always those countries that are re g in there to work with us that are interested in ways of dealing with the seo. this is why we believe we need to finalize the exception of iran with me soon as she's wagging to sign a c p. a documentary today to sit down to be memorandum. we believe that the full
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membership of iran will take a positive contribution. iran plays a major role this region and around the world saying they love, this is sheena, we fully support the decisions to launch of the proceedings said to that was, well, is that for barriers to join the c o? because we have always welcomed valor is it's been a strategic ally and partner for russia will definitely boost or a potential insecurity, trade and politics as well as military and ties. and we welcome provisioning status of the observer to carter south saudi arabia and egypt, and kingdom of bahrain to wait in the mall des, answer myanmar no matter. and the united arab emirates,
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mr. cruz relation to lean on the list of the countries that would like to cooperate with the ceo. ease felt limited to those countries and the applications sub by other nations. some are when you might definitely need to be carefully conceded. so with a positive attitude with a now to conclude, i'd like to thank you president of was focused on for the hospitality for the wonderful organization to congratulate. so it was based on, on east it's got chairmanship and i'd like to say was to wish success. it's you are indian counterparts who take over chairman shipping the sort of thing. i do know that is thank you so much because in the russian president vladimir putin, thank you. if you, well, that was russian president vladimir putin speaking at a meeting of the leaders of the member states from the shanghai cooperation
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organization. just to give you a short rundown of what vladimir putin said at this meeting, he spoke mostly about the rise of multi polarity in terms of the world order. he said that the s t o is going to is already striving and is going to continue to strive to use national currencies in trade deals between member countries. this would of course, lead to a decrease in the power of the dollar on a global scale. and you said that he hopes that the west, specifically the european union stops using sanctions to try to force other countries into basically doing what they want them to do. russia also said it's going to be increasing grain exports in the near future, especially to the continent of latin america. and vladimir putin also said that russia fully supports the full membership of iran, which the leaders of around, of course, signed a memorandum of commit. and to join the organization yesterday. so russia is now
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saying that they support that 100 percent. and vladimir putin also said that they fully support that russia fully support bringing bella roofs into the shanghai cooperation organization. so those are basically the main takeaways from what vladimir putin said there. in other news, ukraine has sheltered the russian border town of valeria key in the belgrade region, killing one civilian. 2 more people were wounded in the attack, according to the local authorities. green power was partially cut off and the town has a local substation was damaged to showing targeted residential areas. 3 cars and 8 houses were hit. the regions governor says emergency services are at the scene with power also. now having been restored, this comes after more attacks on russia's,
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belle grove, with region over the last 24 hours of border checkpoint was hit in new tamika also in the area causing a fire at a customs facility. 6 6 6 meanwhile, ukraine says it considers targets inside russia valid and will not sit idle when the opportunity comes to strike. that's according to a key of official we will return fire regardless of where they are. we don't plan to sit still. we will respond and kind and fire back at them when we get the opportunity that includes preventative strikes against rushes, critical infrastructure. the statement contradicts earlier claims from kiev and washington, the us secretary of state said that ukraine had pledged not to hit russian territory when it received high mars rocket systems. and back in may vladimir lensky insisted. ukraine is not interested in attacking russian territory. someone in the white house are saying that we might be using them to a tech russia look,
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we're not planning to attack russia. we're not interested in russian federation. we're not fighting on their territory specifically with regard to weapon systems being provided. the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use the systems against targets on russian territory. there is a strong trust bond between ukraine in the united states. the threat comes as moscow said, deliveries of long range missiles to key of threatened russia and would cross a red line, which would cause dire consequences. when you have gotten the latest, we have repeatedly stated that pumping ukraine with western reference least a promulgation of hostilities and more civilian casualties. and brings the situation closer to the dangerous line of direct military conflicts between russia and nato. if washington decides to supply the key f with longer range miss out, it will cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict. sir flanders is the co director of the activist group international action center set and she says that key of threats to strike
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russian territory come with the support of the us. every step of the way the u. s. has violated what they said they were going to do. and frankly, ukraine has not a shred of independent action. they are every step of the way armed, trained, commanded by us forces. they make no decisions on their own. and the weapons they have or not their own, they're directly from the us and nato pipeline. so that's why it's so dangerous, and it's also a dangerous moment because from washington they see the meeting. the shanghai was organization meeting leaders of the world. from president bruton, president g, moni and so on. moving together and actually made is more isolated than they were. and the you is in shock, waves of economic recession and falling energy. so they're looking to expand the
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one because they have no solution. and so far, the hotel, what was their own? it was to economic payoff in russia. why did not happen? so the stream frustration on a mold attempt to expand the war for them at least 18 service men on the kurdistan border had been wounded in escalating cross border clashes with neighboring tickets. dan cookies authorities say fighting started on wednesday, one to check forces took up the firing position on a disputed part of the border and the clashes soon stopped, but resumed. today, ferguson claims to g forces are using mortars and rocket artillery. walter g. a sam says targets dan has made no effort to stop the clashes and is using all kinds of military equipment to respond. meanwhile, moscow has expressed its willingness to help solve the conflict, and this is
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a developing story. so of course, we will keep you updated on the details as they become available to us. to go up to the americas, anti china stance is highlighted in a new bill that could radically reshape washington's tie. one policy if adopted the u. s. would interact with the islands authorities, like a recognized government and provide a more financial aid. china's foreign ministry said the move would escalate tensions between beijing and washington on the bill. seriously. breach of the u. s . commitment of china on the taiwan question and violates the one china principal. it constitutes interference in china. internal affairs violates international law and basic norms. international relations and the census seriously wrong signal to taiwan independence separate this forces chinese firmly post to this and has launched a serious petition to the west side of more on the bill and the current state of us china relations. here's our
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t caleb up and so you would think that was tensions rising in the pacific. all parties involved would be doing everything possible to de escalate the situation. however, that does not seem to be the case. we have a new bill passing for the senate foreign relations committee, and that bill is seen as a rather intense escalation with china. it provides a $6500000000.00 to taiwan in military aid. it names taiwan is a major non nato u. s. ally and it expedite arm sales to the government on taiwan. now there were 5 senators who did oppose the bill. the most vocal of them was us senator rand paul, of kentucky. this is not a time to radically changed longstanding policy without an appreciation of the consequences that may follow. now this 5 senators were out voted and it appears this bill is moving ahead. it is laughed the senate foreign relations committee now
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to be up to the rest of the u. s. congress to determine whether or not they want to pass it into law. and then joe biden will have to decide whether or not to sign it . now a meeting is taking place of the 5 eyes and this meeting, you can bet we'll have beijing on the agenda. now the meeting is taking place at an unnamed location. probably a luxury resort, somewhere in new zealand in which security in the pacific region is being discussed . and a number of us officials are playing up the idea of tension with china, of opposition to china. we have the head of the u. s. naval command, talking about how a major focus of u. s. policy needs to be opposing beijing in the southern hemisphere. we can say plainly that the united states has neglected its relationship in the south pacific amour, accounting for that by engaging more deeply. the hoping concerning options by the people's republic of china have in the region, including the secret security arrangement with the solomon islands that have been concerning for the united states of america. and i think a concerning,
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also for new zealand as well. yeah, it states is also talking about putting preemptive sanctions on chinese officials in order to deter military action against the island of taiwan. we also have other calls from us officials for more sanctions and more efforts to curb beijing's influence around the world. now, many are looking at china and admiring the great restraints that the country has shown. when nancy pelosi visited the island of taiwan that was largely seen as a provocation. many are now wondering how far the united states and tends to go in trying china's patients on this issue and others, setting an extra $6000000000.00 to over the heavily armed taiwan. and it means that we are not the signal to china that we're preparing for war against to. so it's a very dangerous situation. it's an escalation. and anybody what it is is using the
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taiwanese people bursting there is having china, an angry reaction, which of course, they will, it's actually interference in the southern part of chinese territory. but like the people of the ukraine, the united states wants to use the people of the taiwan as pawns. and it's dragging other countries into it as well in the periphery to, to the area, into a heightened tension. that's where the pressure comes on and to claim that they will defend taiwan when it's actually american aggression board. oh, almost regression against china, which is the problem, is a pucker see the greatest, like at least 10 people have been killed in ethiopia as northern tiger region and to air strikes on wednesday morning and says violence has resumed after a 5 month. whoa! the drone attack had a residential area in the regional capital machaela at least 13 people were also
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wounded. armed conflict between the federal government and the ty gray people's liberation front began in 2020 the trial. ty gray and rebels accused soldiers from neighboring a retreat of joining ethiopian government forces and a coordinator defensive. the recent attack follows an air strike that hit a kindergarten in late august, in which 7 children were killed. samuel get a true journalist and independent analyst says the residential areas are coming under attack. the fuel burn government is husband insisting from the gate code that it's fighting a terrorist entity. and to guy they're trying to a new tout a terrorist organization that they say is and will be destroying ethiopia, if not content in the t p left has been saying that the open government is trying to eliminate their leadership safety open government as i choosing them was trying
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to come back, you have to note that you can never was in government for, for many years, or 27 years, including in a government, a coalition government that was led by them. they open government has been said, they're taking auctions again in the t p and of interest because they think some of the weapons, some of the trainings are happening in this neighborhood. but the t p left a say, that's not true. that's not happening in this neighborhoods. up to half a 1000000 people have died from war and famine in ethiopia, tiger region over the past 16 months. the united nation says that 5200000 people need emergency food assistance in the countries northern regions and nearly 2600000 people have been displaced with some forced into neighboring countries. the humanitarian catastrophe has received little international attention as the world focuses on the ukraine conflict. this is alarmed a number of international groups, including the world health organization. the world can do this. it has the means
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or is as the world came together 2 weeks ago and did a very good job in helping ukraine to export its grains. okay. that's a good job. but why can't we also push as a global community so that the 6000000 people can get foot to it. medicines to be treated in telecom, to talk to their people bank to access their money and media so that they can speak and that the woodland can know about their, their problems. samuel get at you again says the conflict will have long lasting consequences and main drag the whole region into chaos. you know, this conflict once again, i can't highlights it enough hallmark. it has truly update that if you know,
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just in the to gray region, but and now far and far beyond, there are no minutes of people not and even the u. n has been saying they don't have the resources to really help us. you feel like it goes back to me or of, you know, conflicts, famine. if you don't stop, if you don't slow down this conflict in ethiopia, it's truly change the region. because utopia has a population of at least 115000000 people in what happens denito back to the affects its neighboring nation. people have taken to the streets across haiti after the government raised fuel prices, leaving many haitians in fear of an already dire economic situation. worsening patient authorities announced on wednesday that gas prices would more than double to raise funds for the government. the news sparked riots across the country, which is already in the grip of gang related violence. 2 journalists have been shot
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dead in the unrest with their bodies being burned. killings bring the death toll to at least 10 people as 80 struggles with a 30 percent inflation rate. that's with us with the situation here. now we want the government to leave the country. we are buying gasoline at donor $18.00. de la? no, ma'am. we is. haitians do not recognize ariel henry, we did not vote for ariel henry. he doesn't have a mandate, nor legitimacy to be where he is. arial henry became hades, acting president after his predecessor was assassinated. his political rivals have accused him of participating in the murder and of being an american puppet. after he agreed to take back haitian migrants to ported from the u. s. henry himself has appealed for international support and pledged to hold elections. earlier we spoke with the leader of the alternative socialist party in haiti who thinks haiti needs new elections. we are having the very serious a very strong public proposal to solve the transition,
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haiti that with the so called montana agreement, the montana agreement. it was an agreement built by the civil society by most of the political bodies, at least the most relevant, relevant. we did a serious agreement and we did inside that agreement, we had in election a very fair democratic and consensual election. and they are trying to ignore it, you know, why? because it is haitian because it is from good inside. do they would like you had to have a solution coming back in the pocket of any b, head from the international community. the so could call group and say, and that is impossible. don't go away because we'll be back with more news and just about 7 minutes.
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the summer because of my seat. not it was the reason why we should show credits on much, but we're can i love chris? was it was the case was up and then you beg us to work for you will that they should receive a notice of chicago from that were still a when the love and i think it's an opposite of a rush in the state. little narrative type is on the northland scheme with anyone else with ban in the
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european union, the state on russia today and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. a with me and united states has always had a variety of tools, news, and tags on other countries. economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about here.
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and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country to talk to. we have a responsibility for the whole world and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be one. 0, no one, no, no, not a little more real to what they should end up unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly
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biological weapons program that the world had every now a real not to protect it, but it gives you or sure did that. they're not killed when you suddenly a he on more money to know my thought is meant against the more not up on there and i got the lamb sale. i got your name. i notice i wish to know about joy. oh, need a little feed or got more or less than a jr. let's i had to put the disco mother and all that body built. good. you got hours? oh boy, that's good to go on. what the on this the wow, she my and new on it. and all i can send all on all said mom gates it,
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i don't the year you're not an all put them out that they give us a little bit with
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a a, a lot of your potent or just countries to stop using sanctions and protectionism and criticizes e policy at the shanghai cooperation with the center of care song has been heavily shelled by at least 5 highmark rockets, causing death and injury to local civilians. and an air strike kills at least 10 people in ethiopia, tiger region. the territory has long faced unrest with little response from the international community which remains focused on ukraine in.


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