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2022. so repeat with children. once again, being evacuated from territories control by cave, grain up a lot. so political no, did you thought here it not said you got a doff here or your love got horrible every minute, but control now crania danger. let us bella galleys. now school intermountain is pasadena after was that you will get it is a play. you live kid, bullying guns been the one that is public. it wasn't gotcha. got of course the carpets ghoulish. i did it. gloria vicky way. we as the official sales that says me here was muslim premier in our colleges for o'clock works with chile, hundreds of orphans from the dynette peoples republic were evacuated in the same manner. but it's anyone's guess how to find children who have essentially been abducted from dumbass. the most favourable outcome would be adoption. but there's a question mark on that. diagnosing molina, a friend, yes. as
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a corner nor control the pressure why nam did g was in, i will, i am a senior. i bizarre gillian kitchen yet your lip, but the more the organ ever did the baby cheapest one diagnosed in the earlier. you have led up what you mean by me and them. ukraine ignores all international legislative nomes and refuses to say anything about the fate of children. it is taken. we've already been for much more digging for the muster in the car will treat bar under the keeper, sky, oregon. children i thrust want that's a hulu issue. theater, g. i. things in the red cross seems to be suppressing information regarding the missing children from don bass. oh, and the doctors without borders, organization allegedly involved in human organ trafficking in kosovo,
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appeared just as the children were being taken away with her in your bill. i don't mind me and that wasn't it already. mcginnis. gm or toyota chair is going it's really weird and i fucking the selling a garage, the num gets as if you put out of these up going channel. so come would list. but them of their nation with guns cannot macomber, statements of ukrainian figures, such as doctor chin off reinforce concern about the fate of the children evacuated from don bass, dubbed the ukrainian dr. manga chin off openly, cause we're doing away with don bass, his children saying those in the 3rd row, in fact, are to be killed. lows in the 2nd row in a year or 2, they'll move to the 3rd row. apparently many
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ukrainians pumped with anti russian propaganda support his statements. 2 2 ah, use them out. what's interesting when you thought it, since i leased it together for july or visit lou crane a national yet good with the sky and you will was guardian got out valdosta flushed a ditch and will let us order on this new leaf. mister wiley, will this what family text them read yellow grain up is allowed to provide much of the door come down. you was researchers nor did selected it, did it, but control no grain. the cup, where can you modern with that mileage? richard scott machine. veal commander, romano, merchant, go as witnessed. numerous crimes committed by ukrainian, neo nazis, and don bass. number 50 will know where warner good it's, you know, it's
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a good not swinging autoplay thing by say i thought of so because i'm assuming little touch, cool. maple story really took was signals to get your all did. you will build good unless you are in your trunk will help a don't push thiefs barajo if sure. ah sure. a she's in milan, viola solis, shall i choose them all. shadows, if you're stuck at dora, me silly. i should still need you to re evaluate linda to me. kentoria. lucille, a valued valjean, sion malady dear, which can last proper direly. asked captain stevenson the do sneeze. no one is selina. mm. mm. slash my children remain
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children. i mean they always need the sense of wonder and joy loss of the lugens pabo this what kind of academic russian drama, theater gala, michel york, phillip over never forgets this that from jesse or to not get it back. like it said, i shouldn't like to keep the substance through. it's the other thing on those are i did last year to also care for children who have lost their parents that are watching work by last year mom. so if somebody present, can we just have to let them? god was just more money among libretto, me my gets caught. gloria e. my last or could we? prior county jim scorecards, j astellas, his mom of pop a kiss de la jackie. i need it gets kindle clearly until i
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leave to dallas. he is the deputy audra storm. she slipping my chest over as it is negative, a spit, i need you to alexander for isn't that what it is national? it's yard that on because you used to chose one which in tissue lying and on us just to peggy, she sat there with national data for 8 years, they've been killing people in don't best every day. this includes children and they kill with weapons supplied by nato. mm. oh, essentially testing wrong. we are interested in testing more than systems in the fight against the enemy and we are wiping arms manufacturers. what does
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their new products here? ah, these are you in the canadian with the greens fear lest greenland label post. i cheated lawyer. i treated them. yes, those are about the when you genius, blue, red hill, near ocean acre. no guns people's republics ambassador to russia has been at the forefront to the information war since 2014 and a lot more natural examples. erection of them were very little daughters in the room window. others the what's your social, the muslim rug daughter that will be visited with what was in it. it will just to let the lim, cortisol gilligan's responses when she reached groceries for disorder. please. sure to send you a motion to get them a call. when you notice it, he is nick of your mark or is he leon's keeper, which is like super weights that he didn't mccullin's? not that night. yes, mr. becker shop,
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a garage door birchwood village hill area could be where she picks in via fruits or it is on that such. i suggest that you can show like molly grains of more than what she does. you know, it's even worse. not a ship. that's us. we have to cross enable dish. ah, it's me at the one that speeds with a motion for you the loosely steve each it, it was green and yet, and then the which was a bit of sustained by the monster chance. but when the parking lot, the way to store sugary, because julie's and william blemishes talked, her teacher was all pleased with some of the deals through somebody consultation spoke with beatrice, with not due to grain, you sports theater with auto renew. it does show, when did you say you should know when the promotion of the product buddhism bought with nathan me you to transfer. so what are we doing with them? we usually go with them. we just with the problems are about the with nathan. you have to stick to boot duties, you to one that you wish that you did through that there was session,
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you will more than you will start on that on the season, your plan you what i would like to be the initial snow variance of drinking session that you more, you're boucher, a unusual with which it is outside. if they're eligible from their grab, it was well, they come on. we'll sit you minute them's i to the radio to chat with telecom net gladish pixels up with the great patriotic wall cemetery stands on the other side of the road. translated from ukrainian. it's labeled unforgotten, unforgiven, about 3000 jewish children and civilians killed by the nazis are buried here. our, the israel does not condemn ukrainian neo nazis. hm. is there any other shot? no, not physical therapy, notes for warranty? detroit crane no cards. this is vicki, the politician go petitioner, would you like to see it still means that or not?
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so she's looking for it, but it isn't the crane we've when yona season, linda and i had another functionally pulled out in the, in yoga. ah no crime shows that going. yeah. my wisdom really, it says isn't that what he listen? is that oil has their own affinity senior? can i say the tape? one thing that was that with musical freedom of a thought is perhaps change of credit, even though it's naive music, but that means care for while senior homeless the let's look at them in minsk minced minsk agreement. this is important. local elections on the special status of the don bus hardly implemented the tool. why not? this was agreed by france, germany, russia, and the ukraine blue form of british tip imagined russia. william melanson is well acquainted with the history of the min skakel its own withdrawal,
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a foreign arm groups, weapons, and mercenaries not implemented. we have america doing what it can, sending soldiers arms weapons to keep things boiling under the surface. the u. s. wishes to provoke as much as it can moscow into taking, defend more and more defensive measures in order to justify continuing the sanctions. ah ah ah
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ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult, time. time to sit down and talk. mm mm. the implementation of the mince agreements. assume the peaceful restoration of don bass is part of ukraine or mm. but apparently washington needs
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a got the one of someone who born knew it wasn't it also with the machine that you're so when you, when a small galaxy you did an additional perspective. but the political leadership of ukraine and it's overseas managers apparently think otherwise, you can do what's called a when you get to cookie of when they what they, what did you think? yes, these children did cower in basements yet even then they continue to study to draw on to dream. i am,
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i'm in a i love i would surely a left but like what y'all are still the little regime. they're not bust off. the bus was a much less, some of a lie if there was life is like, there will be your full money's of all that. and what i mean? yeah. if the law some children read poetry learn lilith's call, slung the treasure. abraham no glass, no said the last minute shall against me now sir on lacrosse, who has go school?
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can bully ship h assigning rush the look of the creature, the friendly mileage hanging a long? yes. curdle cur. the stewardess meal, don't buy me either by you the bracelet for she has skipped school on delilah. how crazy? we'll finish a lot with new gun city school. number 7 was gone by ukrainian neo nazis in 2014. we, among the 7 victims was a child with corks as an in, you know, just from national, wanted to put our for about by was day stream or say to forget to pick your school decide to care for the producer of believe you might encourage you to move ah
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ah ah ah with good they're really still is not going to school. yeah. summer is you know,
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it will these i believe that freaky grant last which get so maybe is dialogue or fe on yeah. if i choose the way the way in the budget like the what national rate or i can break it, i want to do so like yeah which i think the say but the but the but ours maybe didn't know which loser would move from the way in the used to it that it was that a bottle of nationwide but it's comes out bought. oh. 2 0, yes, a mirror that really changed since anybody show in the bedroom on, on what you want to do. so i think what i was gonna say of when you do or is it just that was the by jo. what a school school could even with school, he don't shows up when you don't have a today's just the physical ah . is dead. so i show the continuation. yeah. what is she gonna dish there with me?
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fina just get your thoughts over the dinner table. much tim, for this is given a jesse shot of bomb linen eve, or channel hostile on any of them. all. yes, i was. ah, these are the children of ukraine whose adults are teaching them to hate and prepare for war. ah, most kayla can i help? cover michael percentage to portraits attack. i think the retina is the upstart, in primo cook cook at the muscles which i exhausted. he bianca m. a sweet fairies held at his school in the city of nikolai of the caucasian,
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named sharon oscar. his brain. there are blue and yellow stars on the kremlin, under drink, called the blood of russian babies ah, all prepared by children with for approval from teachers and parents. if they use their chism, she's the rain, but almost got a bill or was lawrence a mobile a child startles kids were rock, still wolf of civil war would be the editor in chief of guns tv. the a nods via the schools witnessed how the history of ukraine was gradually rewritten, and how its values were substituted for something else. your video card is harbor club in the d t, but dollars do it grain. so unless you know, garbage store will skew grounds for thought, absolutely. i rosemay lou depaulo to warn you what i g assume where did belong to with you. and when you go to will be your crimes. a follow up? no more thing up with him. does he promise no, or what you said?
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no one which is part of his newest year beefed eunice at the thought you were promised them was a this mute was some live. and he, russian propaganda has a long history in ukraine. children's books comics and even text books in which russians have depicted his murderers and monstrous oaks. these publications have sponsors in america and the ukrainian desperate in canada own oprah coordinate codeine and usually con, ave soccer. newer grants can just put it, which on is use of the president mcclintock. you can sort of want to do to book when, of course, when you come so lose your computer chickens. dear cousin toaster tom. papa mckeathan beautiful smiles and i'm at the mama gives commutes masculine. usually mom with papa butte, mccook cathedrals moved off the market where you could be worth more scholarly. thompson must believe is due out sonata will grange to muddle them, still go, i did die if they're 30 skolnik of what have been stung. alice, what the key and his talk was baton is the core european can. so just one mirror of william was pretty much another minor,
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but almost all anesha. no problem in the shit ready choke you. project rosky history repeats itself. this is how children were once brought up in nazi germany. childrens camps in ukraine resemble the hitler youth camps. i the soviet union was the country that food, german naziism to the end and defeated it now ukrainian u. naziism once again, collectively, nurtured by the west finds itself opposed by russia. even obama saw mom deal it forsooth, scribbles award. this will last latisha saw my jello gear. there's
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a saw my new issue or news many was yes, the didn't soon rocker border park or state would that the more not says come on luscious to marcia rules kasanya ceiling. one more. that is, we need to this mute when was it from his side to response to kaltura? where did the music? even though rules kid shows the same internecine nipple to cool on the nip, i believe i one michelle the chance, my garza, what to put it into the copper i got the which in there is that a meeting with it could be said that russian troops are dealing with a large terrorist army that holds entire cities hostage, who the force that is supplied and overseen by experienced us and european military intelligence in western politics. the lives of ukrainian soldiers are expendable which i'm sorry for bush and not all
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because for some crimes. and if when you might, stony summers is an important well we'll do. we'll different medic nor do they care for the russian people, including it's women and children. good, it all came with the new brothers just knew more than it up. what would message number would so i will cut off corners. right. those will do it. mm. dumbasses been through hell during its 8 year war with ukraine, a factories, villages, and cities were completely destroyed. ah, over 14000 done by citizens were killed. and so there are questions for those responsible leg broke up because i was up on them police to come, but not the please to come with me. murder would be what i did on here,
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but almost at the bride they got on the floor. right. so i do remember was a lie to wi enoch either. somewhere near, near below, and jim on purchased a new west 1000000 lights, a flaming adrienne. mm rights in charleston. i mean that shame with a new name yourself and you wouldn't use a live but you are, but i'm spending a bit is really at the i'm a bit is really was they impact food game you've called nampa violated. don't call you the unless it, but that's the deal. i mean that you did, inc. i did, but little of was just but i do. it already met. i knew by him was cut number. love was similar gives you look in your poser must nationally on your coin. are the mythical guy, mr. phil asked, was him yet you think a mr. for which from live at the much sad i or the least also said other fidelis for when you're sleeping. i so i, for when your bill is really ill, sleep claimed you don't say them regular, my images eat,
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eat it the to the cupboard did the last gun. yes. not that i see, but i'm was but i see a bit slow him up by nearly will look. will you bowl a some such as mueller. ah, the areas liberated from the ukranian, neo nazis, russian soldiers and the people's militia. don bass, a greeted as long awaited saviours. ah, but if you get a little steel, i thought you said the c e x, don't you go look a car anymore. he back on you went to the new place. if there was that nobody did come riding him, get comfort on static, i'm at the rallies database give orders doesn't previously free with a bullock dock of them. me says thing if you said the only about the what the funny my story and not very likely see what you guys there as if it was it, vicky them different than i think a community where briefly meet the teacher ms brush. if we are not clear
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but in sports was orchard mother wardrobe. got up, put her carol school in the middle. mom to medicine, bowman. miss a bus 1st initial when you mean by bit does ally good buddy deem that brought by this bad sit down a long mm. every year and you the 1st on children's day residence join a commemorative rally at the alley of angels and done it and shows park in ganske me on this day. white the ruins are launched in honor of the lost children. mm. i love bush. can you? ah sure on the snow, but he did digit monitor. sure,
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but he did. you wish to cut the ref will if i was in the issues that money you a from what he what us is imitating the new year. mm. amazing. have a new choice update. mm. hm mm mm ah, with no one. no, sir. no, no, admiral hook, no,
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no. we'll go more shrill than what the ship unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. real, no to production for this year or sure, good. did that they're not killed when you saw new rochelle. he on more modern thought general manager thought this is meant new. more enough. i've been there and i've got all of them myself. i got your name. i go on monday, i thought i wished enough about joy. oh, new i know you did room or got more polished enough
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cheerios. i had to put the scar, their mother and all your body bill. can you go out hours? nice. oh boy, that's good to go on. what the on this the wall. she my i knew i know i'm all i can send more or said mom, good student. i don't the, you know a lot on all of them. i think if i got a question, the india a global order playing by and the a c o becomes an option and a forum for a different set of countries of the was just say that this is a non western grouping. they're all very strong political leaders in their own right in these countries. and they are energy power houses, economic well,
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they have large population, you know? and they saying that is a different part of the world that saying i look at a different grouping with a long talk residents. ukrainian nationalists reportedly begin hunting down. those labeled collaborators got after last week. withdrawal of russian with south africa should not be penalized for having the russia as his partner. not the message to the west from the countries. president rum oppose. he made his u. s. counterpart. if you want to just open notes stream to present the net present coal for functions on the pipeline, we lifted saying russia has nothing to do with europe and you try.


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