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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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coolant corruption scandals. wow. but all that didn't scope moldova, obtaining you can do. the truth is in 2022. ah ah, fear among the hark of residence as ukrainian nationalists reportedly begin hunting down suspected collaborator following last week, withdrawal of russian lead forth south africa should not be punished for having rush as its partner. that's the message to the west from the country president. as he meets his us counterpart, if you want gas open, north string to president vladimir putin calls for sanctions on the pipeline can be lifted and saying russia has nothing to do with
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the wonderful saturday morning here in moscow. and you're watching our t international. i'm donald quarter. welcome the program. we start with the latest developments in ukraine where battles continue for the city of coupons can the car of region. ukraine previously announced that it had taken complete control over the city, but reports say the fighting is ongoing, and russian troops continue to hold defensive lines along the all school river which runs through the settlement. the center of her song has also been shelled by ukrainian troops and local russian backed authorities claim 5 us supplied highmark rockets were fired at the office of the gifts on administration. during a meeting between local officials, 3 people were reportedly killed and 13 wounded. an explosion has also been reported in lieu guns, targeting the prosecutor general's office, according to local officials, the prosecutor general and his deputy were killed in the blast. now,
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with our casualties have been reported so far, the russian investigators have opened a criminal case into the incident. and now we go back to car cove where kiev is reportedly on the hunt for those it deems traitors. private data belonging to people considered to be quote, collaborators has been posted on telegram along with calls for violence against them. elite for training gives us more. last week saw dramatic changes on the grain chessboard. washing force is positioned in parts of the heart of region were sent south to help on the battlefield. in dawn bass, this lock key of to regain control of these rather vast areas over here, mainstream outlets were quick to report on what they called a major success by the gradient army. however, how key of pretty much immediately began to treat some locals. there has fallen on deaf ears machine and it doesn't matter to the ukrainian nationalists,
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whether these people actually help the russian army or the military civil administration. they would eliminate almost the entire population that had lived under our authority in any way they would label them all traders. when the russian troops moved in, in february this year, the locals had 3 options for the war to the west. fleet to the north. each russia or stay if they didn't want to abandon their homes in poverty. the fear today is that pretty much anyone who chose option 3 could automatically become a traitor and the view of ukraine's military. and that's possibly an open road to abduction or even death. the hunt for traders is on full throttle. much of it is being done through the telegram messenger app. you're creating national creat telegram channels where they publish the personal data of so called enemies a view. great. now what about the criteria?
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well, it seems that it's up for any one to decide. it's reported that even receiving humanitarian aid from russia could cause real trouble. here's some of what we came across on. telegram the city of cooper and has been liberated. now we are beginning the search for traitors. all the addresses are already there. we are adding a category called the occupants collaborators. these are those who help the occupants build checkpoints, feed them, and so on. these are the fanatics of the brushing world from less chance. after the liberation, we need to save the child from such excellent parents. some have been sol armed by the hail storm of controversial telegram posts. they launched a petition on change dot org addressing telegrams founder. dear mister durham on behalf of the russian people living both in russia and ukraine. we are asking you to put an end to telegraph, being used as a tool to co ordinate political terror and mass murderers, ethnic cleansing,
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and mass extra judicial executions are unacceptable for any nation. but this is exactly the aim of publishing personal data while calling for violence. it's been reported that groups of locals are still trying to flee the hark of region fearing reprisals. but according to the russian media, ukrainian authorities have blocked all roads from the area. they're also confiscating people's passports. all of this has been strongly condemned by the russian foreign ministry. somebody will go was, it wasn't, you know, that we had armed by the numerous reports of the so called filtration activities carried out by the clean insecurity services and on neo nazi formations in the territories left by the allied forces as part of their regrouping thousands of people are affected by this. it is frightening to imagine what the quine an armed forces are doing to them now with us and almost talking about these people being killed. these issues. the saddest thing is that even when innocent people are suffering from shelling or missile attacks, there are still under threats by neo nazis at checkpoints,
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and on telegram. in other news, a high stakes meeting has taken place in washington, during which south africa's president asked joe biden, not to punish african countries for having russia as a partner. ortiz carbo with todd bluff, takes us through the 2 countries, rocky relationship. the united states and south africa are coming together again. yet their world views could not be any further upon. this is the 2nd high level meeting between the 2 country. preceded by us secretary of saint anthony blinking his visit here on the continent. last month. has you as president joe biden found in south africa? leda settled on plaza and then to do his africa, bidding everyone's up to buy favor and the africa with $54.00 countries, massive voting power in the united nations, more or less split where south africa was neutral. a few countries, formerly opposed sanctions and condemnation of russia and the un. some were pro
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western. it is one of those periods where governor, your politics, has a sort of tectonic shifts and the decline of the west european chaos, u. k. out of europe. the desperation of europe to get fossil fuels from africa at the same time, they pretend that they care about climate change, which will hit africa. hardest pressure that both the west and the bricks block put on south africa. it's a tug of war that's reminiscent of the old cold war and what would be logical behind the scenes is for us to offer. you can make incentives and other support for south africa that are i'm opposed to would not otherwise get. washington is a way the changing of the dynamics to the old world order and one south africa to be at this point race here on the continent, the u. s. is expected to entice, i'm opposed with increased investment and trade. a global public to neutralize the bricks and russian influence on the continent. but power is exactly what south
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africa needs right now. the country's scribbling power cars have intensified and will tail growth in the continent. second largest economy, while the americans and the europeans continue to pressure south africa to us green energy sources. so i'm up with that. any cabinet have not entirely turned back a new t to the west and i was an $8500000000.00 pledge of loans and grants. last year's un conference on climate change to help south africa dump is reliance on coal. that the drop in the ocean compared to the $250000000000.00 that researchers estimate the country will need to invest in the next 10 years. the whole industry council more than 5 percent because g d p, an employee is over a 120000 people. but while the country is being pushed to bitch was fuels, european imports of south african codes were up to 720 percent in the 1st half
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of 2022. absolutely. there's been so much politics involved in energy decisions worldwide. very foolish politics. africa is not europe, it's time the african countries started to make their own decisions for their own circumstances. many african countries about a dozen. they'll have formerly notified the international atomic energy agency that they wish to pursue nuclear as a future. and that is small modular reactors that for their circumstances, we are building them in south africa. we would love to have interaction with many countries to install such reactors and not try to follow your appeal models. one and relations can be poised out of coal, mine endeavor, aspiration of fear, but for some amount was a political party. the ruling african national congress must book is a friend, a partner, and accommodate that supported the during the liberation movement in time of
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colonialism. and its paula has continued to intensify south africa. more and more, moscow seems like part of the solution. carol, it's john, is that for intentional? we spoke to the deputy vice chancellor at the university of zillow land who thinks that the south african president's visit will serve as a reminder to the us that russia ties with africa are deep rooted us. it's always about the coming in interest and it's meant insert. it's about influence. and i'm assuming that you feel it super paula you one way or another though you do have try and you have you have it was we have every color but did there i how can you was up to got to go beverages and they us find in the process, a person who is probably a client and if you listen to it was when he speaks, he's
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a person who's always, especially when he's on the fence, but what he's very clear about. so the solution is, is of the guy is to get a view of russia ease and has always been papa. and he's a lab who was for his day, most schools only stayed during the years of putting to and the us was not the science over the russian president vladimir putin has blamed the west for its energy crisis, calling for sanctions on the north stream. 2 gas pipeline to be lifted. he made these comments at the shanghai cooperation organization summit and it was becca stem. if you didn't, there was, this is another attempt to shift a headache from a sick person to a healthy one. the energy crisis in europe did not start with the beginning of the special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier with the green agenda populous statements that someone is to blame or only to secure protection against the outrage citizens of their own countries.
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the gas problem does not provide gas or you people at all normal, if it's so urgent, if everything is so difficult, then remove all the sanctions from nordstrom to good and also referred ukraine as a tool of western powers to fight russia and described russian indian relations as a quote, particularly privileged to strategic partnership, you can get more on the key points from the russian president speech at our website, r t dot com. now the summit also focused on promoting a more multi polar world and saw a lot of we are putting meet with many other world leaders, including his turkish counterpart president are the one talks between the 2 lead to an agreement that we'll see 25 percent of russian gas supplies to turkey, paid for in roubles. we heard from an india based foreign policy expert who says that no country should be blacklisted from well intentioned efforts to resolve the global food crisis. conflict has to be thought to
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amicably and it should be followed in a way so that, you know, like, i mean, no one feels content on the one field, black listed on the one. let me as but for security and the whole crisis is very important. issue it has been very confounding issue not going to be part of our year or for ukraine, but the issue which come from a whole was honorable crime is to be raised up. the issue of, you know, of the problem in relation to supply chain, in relation to food security as thoughts and in relation to peaceful means of solving the problem. and i think all the international organizations, rather it is shanghai corporation by the united nation. any one who steps in water board or solving on non hon prime minister park. we had mentioned about all we had
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one for general grant. he had once again read it when he met us on the president in 5 lines. that time in this conflict needs to be false. fully, non precedent, also mentioned to be honorable prime minister of india, that russia understands the comes on something be very valid. but, you know, all important countries together in the role involving all gone solving on parking in issues. i'm usually issues in relation to g, l, l, in relation to g, also be in relation to capitalism. and in relation to the america will not save europeans from freezing this winter. as the heads of us shale company says, say that they're in no hurry to increase in exports. our g contributor rachel marston has more on the details. the e, you appears to be keen on fighting russia down to the last ukranian and also down
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to the last hero of its own citizens. europeans who may have thought that they could count on their government to soften the blow of the clammy energy prices and inflation are starting to realize that the elite are more interested in solidarity with ukraine than with them. the most recent hint came this week from french economy minister between the man who suggested that not all local authorities in france could end up with the help from the french government to keep services running amid the energy crunch. you have well managed communities and others the to less well manage when i see communities that have hired massively and then come to appeal to the state because they can't pay the energy bills to pay in place of the communities that compose a difficulty. so i guess french citizens who have the misfortune of living in a community run by bad local politicians, are going to be punished with closures or cut backs of things like city run, amenities, skating rinks, library, swimming pools,
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all because the government will help them out. how are citizens supposed to know if their local governments are to corrupt for french government crisis funding? can they just go to city hall and asked of the politicians there are to corrupt for the french government? because it might be a good idea for them to find out now before winter, so that maybe they can move so much for solidarity. this is exactly what happened during the coven 19 pandemic. here in france, when we were all initially told by the government, that there would not be a to tear society with mandates required for access to daily life. and then they did an about face and demand. the job pass is to access every day venues. again, we're starting to see the possibility emerge of a 2 tier society and a time of crisis one that the government drags everyone into only to then decide who it's going to save. g. i wonder if the quote well run communities just happens to e, those that are run by officials in the same party as the government majority and
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president emanuel mack home. it just seems like this is really shaky ground for la math to be standing on. the met also said that the crisis will cost paris $16000000000.00 euros to cap energy bills, french prime minister, and he's about bona has said that french citizens are expected to pay about $25.00 euros more each month for gas next year. instead of a couple of 100 more, without the cap for gas heating and about 20 years more for electric, electricity heating. now that's a big increase for the french worker making minimum wage of about $1300.00 euros a month before taxes. and it's not like that. you can count on the us to help them out according to one of the largest shale industry investors. it's not like the u. s. can pump a bunch more. our production is what it is. there's no bailout coming, not on the oil side, not on the gas side. oh, but ursula vander line. you commission president said from queue this week,
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that freedom is priceless. asked about the potential impact of europe to develop an energy crisis on support for keith von to land sense 10 in with the crane comes to high cost with our freedom, the international peace order, and democracies. priceless. that's precisely the kind of remark from this, an elected official that shows just how disconnected the e u bush was. he is from the average person who's bearing the brunt of the elite, swore on the european way of life, as it's destroyed by successive self inflicted crises. the energy crisis is worsening across europe, provoking restaurant and cafe owners on the italian island of sicily to protest. here you can see restaurant customers being forced to eat by candlelight, as owners struggle to cope with soaring energy prices and turn off their lights this week as a message to the government. and he are also putting their gas and electricity bills on public display r t spoke with restaurant owners who described their situation as desperate and
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wellness witness that i am on the increasing electricity costs is destroying us quite in a period in which we should save money waiting for the winter where there is little work, we do not really know how to pay the bills. the last electricity bill in august was 26000 euros. while last year we paid $6000.00 euros with the same consumption. we're also going to see, oh moment and what is happening in italy is shameful. it is absurd, yet in my opinion, they are speculating on the citizens. we have reached a point where we really don't know what to do and we can't get out of this tunnel of crisis. blanket companies will get more and more debt if there is a real risk of general bankruptcy throughout italy. don't. a last year got shawna was thought spin that rocky was, in my opinion, there is a lot of speculation on the increase in electricity and even the energy that comes from renewable sources is increasing by 400 percent. it is inexplicable. what is happening going forward? like this citizens retired people,
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businesses will go towards bankruptcy. there are no alternatives. protests over the consequences of the energy crisis have taken place across other countries as well. hundreds of people in germany have been demonstrating against price hikes, demanding new elections, and a new, and an end to arms deliveries in ukraine. demonstrators organized a motor rally with over $200.00 cars, taking part. electricity prices are soaring, following rushes decision to stop gas supplies through the north stream pipeline. and the move came in to dispute tobar, a turbine repair ahead of the crucial winter heating season. also in athens, demonstrators gathered marching towards the ministry of finance, chanting slogans and carrying banners. they say pensions have been fixed for a long time, and living costs are soaring. students are also not happy about police being posted at universities. the united states global dominance
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may be coming to an end, while at least that's according to a new poll in which 50 percent of americans say they believe the u. s. will no longer be a superpower. within the next decade, the poll comes in the wake of a joint statement between president vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart in which they stressed. the cooperation between the 2 global powers is on the rise. moscow has announced it could replace the defunct nord stream to pipeline set up to ship gas europe with a new line going east. russian deputy prime minister has said that the power of siberia to pipeline will deliver gas from russia to russia, to china, a growing gas consumer via mongolia. like, you know, you bought an honorable, meanwhile ran and rush hour, also strengthening relations and security and energy. while it's run has signed up to full membership for the regional power house, the shanghai cooperation organization. we spoke to the ceo of the national iranian
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oil company, and he says that the 2 countries are moving ahead with various joint ventures. a month ago, going on, i think you repeat themselves are partly to blame for depriving themselves gas. europeans should choose a policy that excludes restrictions on themselves and does not impose restrictions on gas in other countries. we all should use logical approaches in energy disputes . currently we have 7 oil reserve wars and 7 contracts worth $4000000000.00 with various russian companies were also conduct negotiations, including on the further development of several new oil and gas reservoirs and on investments. in ellen g, we have a 40 bill in agreement with the gas problem. we have discussed exchanging our experiences and gas and all refinery technologies. and we have reached an understanding of these agreements and i think we will be able to achieve positive results concerning investments, especially in the implementation of projects in the fields of energy, oil and gas refineries. russian reading cooperation is now on
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a good path of development and has its own prospect. and now we go to the kurdistan project, stand border where hopes of an end to 3 days of violence were dashed this morning by new armed clashes. kurdistan. health ministry says that the hostilities have now left 24 people dead and 87 others wounded. this wonderful free people are understood to have been killed and tech has done. 136000 civilians have been evacuated from the conflict zone and earlier saturday morning. curtis sand claimed its neighbor had violated an overnight peace agreement by firing shells at a settlement. the latest skirmishes have renewed fears of a full scale war between the 2 countries in 2021 classes on the border lead to the deaths of 55 people. in other news, an unprecedented report. retraction has occurred in the field of environmental protection
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science as an n g o has publicly apologized for a misleading report that wrongly blamed asian states for plastic pollution, other green organizations. welcome this apology. this unprecedented report retraction as an opportunity to interrupt decades of waste colonialism. ocean conservancy is in a position to raise awareness among other organizations and policy makers about the false narrative propagated by the report. in 2015, the u. s. faced environmental advocacy group, ocean conservancy published a report that blamed 5 asian countries from most of the worlds. plastic waste pollution, however fast forward to 2022 and the engine changed its position now saying that corporations were responsible for producing and selling increasing amounts of plastic. we spoke with political analyst, alessandro bruno, who thinks that most environmental problems are caused by the west. developing countries have been processing the waste of the west for decades in all kinds
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of thing. for example, ships are dismantled and bangladesh and india huge. this man colors and recyclers of old ships and for scrap metal china. and to some extent, other countries like vietnam and and the few others decided to stop importing western plastic waste and other waste. and this caused a huge problem in western countries that has had to revert back to landfills and in some cases, reluctantly to incineration and other issues. but i think the big problem, or the overlying problem is that many environmental issues are approach these days . not practically, but ideologically, there's always the shadow of climate change and always the responsibility of the
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west and at the, in the background. and this causes the search not for solutions, but only for certain type of solutions. thanks for joining us here on our key international. we'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned . ah, a small boy, is this the best of both? no issue my for the mobile one, annual g d p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. last does that? we've got a wash there. yeah. for sure. i was off of my, i got a primary coffee seal from corpus with boom, near please when you switch,
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restoring them all belong to come out. nature laws thought the sort of thought of unemployment is off the chance. moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty. we respect a country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. n b is constantly roth by political and corruption scandals. but all that didn't scope, moldova, obtaining you turn to the state is in 2022. ah, ah, a who's ruled is the global order playing by. and the seo becomes an option and a forum for a different set of countries of the would just say that this is a non western grouping. they're all very strong political leaders in their own
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right. in these countries, and they are energy, po, houses, economic, bol houses. they have large population, you know, and they're saying that is a different part of the boy that saying, i look at a different grouping. ah awe unit 731, did everything from exploding bombs laced with anthrax next to prisoners who were tied to steaks in a field. we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children.
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i plead guilty to having exercised to direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare, chiefly against the soviet union. biological bombs were to be dropped on vladivostok, but a shill of about of jetta and blood go visions. tribunal transcript, general the amount of auto commander in chief japanese quantum army, ceramic bombs containing typhoid and cholera and anthrax. what will so she will you see brain child me today. you will level russia no. nothing to do with it more. my good it uganda. that up, how did serial not sonia. so i wish i could build a pitch would that aah! bombs packed with deadly bacteria. were meant to be dropped on soviet cities.
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o june 21st 1945 victorious soldiers marched across red square. with many of those present with martial va, soleski, as their leader would be re deployed to the far east, immediately after the victory parade. ah your poignant meal of one of those in your savings, cassius? yes, near cheerfulness ticket i sent you a young man yourself can gather your poignant preceding news but gagging your money issue so young. but.


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