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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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is constantly robbed by political and corruption scandals. oh, but it didn't stop mo, google obtaining you kind of it is in 2022. ah, breaking news on the international this now at least 4 people are killed and a ukrainian artillery attack on the city of dawn. yes, according to local officials they're among hong kong residences. ukrainian nationalists reportedly begin hunting down suspected collaborators following last week's withdrawal of russian lead forces. we do believe that that could be an issue . i think it will harm africa marginalized,
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according to the message from south africa. presidents after meeting with joe biden as motions and propose new legislation that would punish applicant countries cooperating with russia. if you want gas open, know to bring to buy piercing cause the sanctions on the pipeline to be lifted, saying russia has nothing to do with any decline. a very welcome. it's just turned 4 pm here in the russian capital. and this is nancy international with the latest world news that is good to happy with that we start with some breaking news from the border between russia and ukraine, as one person has been killed. and 2 others wounded in ukrainian shelling of a village in russia's belgrade region as, according to local authorities. earlier on saturday, another deadly ukrainian shelling attack was reported by authorities in don. yes,
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a warning you may find the following images disturbing. ah, they started from dawn. yes, shows that some of the victims and the devastation caused by at least 6 rounds of shelling in 4 hours. the man says 4 people have been killed. he also said that fragments of french how it for artillery shows have been found at the c. a central administrative building was targeted in the attacks. our correspondent bed was caught under the incoming fire while reporting on notation with ukrainian forces resumed their showing on saturday. we can see an injured woman here who's getting medical help right now. this is in the city center. your hope so far been 6 rounds of shalimar and it's currently ongoing with sh, inclusive group work from the washington. we're bummer with us
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on the bus was on machine shovel here with you to do an explosion is also be recorded in low dance, could targeting the prosecutor general's office according to local officials. the prosecutor john will and his deputy were killed in the blast. no other casualties have been reported so far. russian investigators have opened a criminal case into the incident. the center of the city of her song has also been shows by ukrainian troops at local russian banks on thursdays claim that 5, you as supplied hi mas rockets were fired at the office of the cast on administration during a meeting between local officials for people who reportedly killed and 12 wounded and advised that the ukrainian president's office has described the attack since quote, to legitimate and referred to those killed as quote,
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military targets and nothing more to the front line now is battles continuing, ukraine's north eastern hawk of region including areas in and around the key city of kapinsky, ukraine previously announced that it had taken complete control of the city. but report say, fighting is ongoing, and washing troops continue to hold defensive lines along the all school river which runs through the settlements elsewhere in the same region. kids both report to be on the hunt for those in teams, traitors and private day to have people considered to be quote, collaborators has been posted on telegram along with calls for violence against them. he's shrunk reports last week, saw dramatic changes on the ukraine. chessboard washing force is positioned in parts of the heart of region were sent south to help on the battlefield. in dawn bass, this allowed key of to regain control of these rather vast areas over here,
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mainstream outlets were quick to report on what they called a major success by the gradient army. however, how key of pretty much immediately began to treat some locals. there has fallen on deaf ears mala wilson but you know, tony with a forced to leave their home. but now i'm well aware that not everyone was able to get out and they will now be repressed. ukrainian, nazis will not quit attempting to filter the population. population as they so claim the ukrainian people, which they say is not like the russian people, or the question then is why do they exterminate their own people and the ukrainians, just like they do the russian when the russian troops moved in, in february this year, locals had 3 options for the war to the west fleet to the north, each russia, or stay if they didn't want to abandon their homes and poverty. the fear today is that pretty much any one who chose option 3 could automatically become a traitor and the view of ukraine's military. and that's possibly an open road to
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abduction or even death. the hunt for traitors is on full throttle. much of it is being done through the telegram messenger app, you creating national creat telegram channels, where they publish the personal data of so called enemies of ukraine. now what about the criteria? well, it seems that it's up for any one to decide. it's reported that even receiving humanitarian aid from russia could cause real trouble. here's some of what we came across on telegraph. the city of cooper and has been liberated. now we are beginning the search for traitors. all the addresses are already there. we are adding a category called the occupants collaborators. these are those who help the occupants build checkpoints, feed them, and so on. these are the fanatics of the brush and world from less chance. after the liberation,
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we'll need to save the child from such excellent parents. some have been sol armed by the hail storm of controversial telegram posts. they launched a petition on change dot org addressing telegrams founder dear mister durham, on behalf of the russian people living both in russia and ukraine. we are asking you to put an end to telegram being used as a tool to co ordinate political terror and mass murders, ethnic cleansing, and mass extra judicial executions are unacceptable for any nation. but this is exactly the aim of publishing personal data while calling for violence. it's been reported that groups of locals are still trying to flee the hark of region fearing reprisals. but according to the russian media, ukrainian authorities have blocked all roads from the area. they're also confiscating people's passports. all of this has been strongly condemned by the russian foreign ministry. liberty vocal was, it was interesting, had arms by the numerous reports of the so called filtration activities carries out
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by the plan insecurity to services and alms, neo nazi formations in the territories left by the allied forces as part of their regrouping. thousands of people are affected by this. it's frightening to imagine what the quine an armed forces are doing to them now with 1st and foremost talking about these people being killed. these issues. the saddest thing is that even when innocent people are suffering from shelling or missile attacks, there are still under threat by neo nazis at checkpoints. and on telegram ukraine's president zalinski has found himself in the midst of a control the sea off the he posed for a photo with soldiers. one of him appears to have been displaying a nazi symbol. it seems to be a sco symbol used by the nazi ss notorious for its crimes against humanity during world war 2. his photo was quickly deleted from zalinski social media account following outraged by uses. twitter has placed a set, a label of sensitive information on links to media reports about it. so lensky,
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how was earlier supported himself wearing a badge with a depiction of a human skull and the text ukraine or death. well this is certainly not the 1st case of nazi symbolism appearing among ukrainian soldiers. the infamous ass off battalion uses a nazi wolf's hook icon on its uniforms. and it seems such sentiments are on the rise elsewhere in europe. hey, you can see croatian football fans walking through the streets of milan this week. performing naulty salutes quickly, sparked a strong reaction among the public in the streets of milan in 2022 fans of croatian soccer club deena mo, zagreb march, with nazi salute. this is what happening in europe today. it's 2022 and this is the level of anti semitism that we are facing in europe. dina moses grabbed fans, performing the nazi salute in the streets of milan, and light and europe to day to be more precise. yesterday, croatian fans and milan walked around the city on wednesday singing nazi songs and
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hailing hitler. tell me again, nazis don't exist, and the russians are on a witch hunt wake up. less close lives who i could make and independent journalist jason michael. now to discuss this further, thank you for joining us on the program. jason entity think a neo nazi sentiments among ukranian so designed elsewhere in europe being under reported by western media and politicians. well, 1st of all, i think a correction is, is necessary here to describe this as neo nazi is simply on correct, correct. there's no new about us, not system. this is the continuation unchecked. continuation of the actual lapse of them from the death camps, from the sun right during the 2nd world war. this was who checked and ukraine. it was used as a nationalistic movement and was ultimately supported by the gate. we know that from be classified documents to continue the national socialism of the,
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the organization of ukrainian and nationalists. so it shouldn't come in i. so this has continued sort of things. we've got people on the street just openly. doing ne alludes and singing songs about hitler. i mean, do you think nazi sympathizers it just feel free to display those sentiments in your full quite obviously this is the case and this has been happening for quite a lacrosse, much of the west of the world. it has been given a fee in ukraine because it's seen as a bowl worth of defense against russia. you know, the, the west of the media of which in 2014 was quite limited by the level of not the sentiment and anti semitism, especially in western. your claim has since the beginning of the military operation in ukraine has effectively tunneled a blind eye to see what we have to try and understand. for those of us,
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you know, and in the west, unfamiliar with ukraine is that this level of nazi support is normal in western ukraine. that's what they're saying. all right. he's doing enough to prevent the spread of old for nationalist ideologies. no, i would argue it's not. ready doing anything at all, i mean, as i said, as i said, it's being give along the path and ultra nationalism across western europe has being seen. i utilize a mechanism, an ideological tool that can be used against russia. and this is happening in tandem with those who are giving a free pass from the european parliament in the parliament. and in washington, calling the, the russian government not see or shift wouldn't quite clearly we have seen numerous extreme rights when not the insignia being used. everything from
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the solemn alarms from the walls. final know we are seeing the total coffee universe image that was being used by the landscape himself being used by the soldiers with the death had been sick near the skull and crossbones instead of the month of school. the own group and the, those in the, the extermination camps of trend. but can i add this? this is being completely ignored. so why, why can we then say that the, the west is not there is doing anything about it clearly doing nothing about it. now of the past 6 months, we've seen eastern european nations at destroying relics of the soviet past, including historic monuments, pulling them down and couldn't get a fight against a heritage of totalitarianism. so do we think it's hypocritical to allow ne alludes, well, bonding soviet monuments? well, anyone sort of belly or with the thumb drive with nazi history and the, the,
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the 2nd world war would understand the hatred for russia and not to go hand and hand. they are actually 2 sides of the same coin that the, the narrative of jude hatred of anti semitism that is very, very deeply ingrained in western ukraine. you know, this is no secret. you know, this is well documented. this runs in tandem with a narrative. ready all bolshevik judaism, defy this, this mythological idea that somehow russia and today is the full crystal nazi, hey, you know, that russia and today of most of the intertwined almighty in some way. and quite clearly that crazy idea hasn't quite died away. so when we see the defense of not civil in ukraine, when we see the rise of not the idea ology across east of europe and spreading into western europe. and this, coupled with an attack on russia's pop in the history,
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a complex city. admittedly in eastern europe, quite clearly, these 2 things, these 2 phenomena are related. obviously, we have these isolated instance that we've reported on today. but how wide spread is the sense to me, i mean, to use the rising, the nazi sentiments in europe yourself. law. yes, we've been speaking about, let's say, specially those on in the last of politics helping speaking about, arise in the right for over a decade. as you know, again this goes all the way back to be full back can before the trunk candidacy. most european governments know how far right some extreme fall rate, political parties who have been elected into their, the parliament at the media house of course, given a great amount of support to the right. so wolf that we hope sad and has gotten
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control. so yes, the, the far right, i think the rise of the fall rate as part of europe's yellow future lie. speaking to jason, michael, academic and independent journalist. so many thanks for your time. really appreciate it. like it. the high stakes me thing has taken place in washington during which south africa, as president said, that any effort to punish african countries for their relationships with russia would be demeaning. leave express our discomfort and our opposition to it. we do believe that in the end, if it is past, it will identify those countries in africa that have some relationship or so with russia, it could be a trade one, it could be an investment one, it could be a, an economic one. and we do believe that that could be punishing type
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of act. i think it will harm africa. drew merchant, eliza continent. the act which the south african president is referring to is aimed at close counseling, malign russian activity in africa if introduced. it was the washington state to control moscow as many relations with the continent from trade to military. ty at east corroborates hartley takes his very south africa and washington's walk. he relationship internationally. united states and south africa are coming together again. yet the world views could not be any further upon. this is the 2nd high level meeting between the 2 countries. preceded by, u. s. secretary of state anthony blanket, his visit here on the continent last month. has you as president joe biden found in south africa? leda settled on one plaza, a man to do his africa, bidding. every one's are out to buy favor and that africa with $54.00 countries,
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massive voting power in the united nations, more less split were south africa was neutral. a few countries, formerly opposed sanctions and condemnation of russia in the u. n. some were pro western, it is one of those periods where doubles your politics has a sort of tectonic shifts and the decline of the west european chaos, the u. k. out of europe, for the desperation of europe to get fossil fuels from africa at the same time. they pretend that they care about climate change, which will hit the hardest pressure that both the west and the bricks block put on south africa. it's a tug of war that's reminiscent of the old cold war. and what would be logical behind the scenes is for us to offer. you can all make incentives and other support for south africa that are, i'm opposed to, would not otherwise get. washington is a way the changing of the dynamics to the old world order. and one south africa to
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be at the point race here on the continent. the u. s. is expected to entice them as well as with increased investment and trade, a global public to neutralize the bricks and russian influence on the continent. but power, if exactly what south africa needs right now, the countries scribbling power cards have intensified and will tail growth in the continent. second largest economy, while the americans and europeans continue to pressure south africa to us green energy sources. i'm a point that any cabinet have not entirely turned their back a nuclear the west and i was an $8500000000.00 pledge of loans and grants it last year. you and conference and climate change to help south africa dump every lions on coal. that's a drop in the ocean compared to the $250000000000.00. that research just estimate the country will need to invest in the next 10 years. the whole industry accounts for more than 5 percent. because g p. an employee is over 120000 people,
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but while the country is being pushed to dish was so fuels, european import of south african codes were up to 720 percent in the 1st half of 2022. absolutely. there's been so much politics involved in energy decisions worldwide. very foolish politics. africa is not europe. it's time the african countries started to make their own decisions for their own circumstances. many african countries about a dozen. they'll have formerly notified international atomic energy agency. they wish to pursue nuclear as a future, and that is small modular reactors for their circumstances. we are building them in south africa. we would love to have interaction with many countries to install such reactors and not try to follow your appeal models. what and relations can be forced out of one endeavor, aspiration of fear, but for some was a political part. the ruling african national congress was, is a friend, a partner,
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and accommodate that supported the during the liberation movements in time of colonialism. and it's paula cuts. continue to intensify south africa. more and more, moscow seems like part of the solution. got a bill if, as john is back out of t intentional, we have so many south african political commentator who says the bible baptist ration is trying to subjugate the african continent with threats to punish the countries the ties with russia by didn't try to add discipline south african government to make it to delight much more clearly on the side of natal address. the americans are concerned about the new the globe. well joe political elevation which is lead better action for the nation, including china. then they believes that africa will dance to adela june. the
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americans are playing. we are fairly happy that this has not been the general response of the african people in african states on why some president vladimir putin has blamed the west for its energy crisis. quoting for sanctions on the north string to gas pipeline, to be lifted, made a comment that they sank high cooperation organization summit in inspect the actually didn't there. but this is another attempt to shift a headache from a sick person to a healthy one. the energy crisis in europe did not start with the beginning of the special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier with the green agenda populous statements that someone is to blame or only to secure protection against the outrage citizens of their own countries. the gas prom does not provide gas r u people at all normal. if it's so urgent, if everything is so difficult, then remove all the sanctions from nordstrom to the summit, focused on promoting
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a more multi polar world. and so to meet with many other world leaders, including a turkish counterpart president, the one talks between the 2 lead to an agreement that was the 25 percent of rushing gas appliance go to turkey, pay for in rubles, we heard from an india based foreign policy expert who said that no country should be blacklisted from well intentioned efforts to resolve the global food crisis. this conflict has to be solved to amicably and it should be solved in a peaceful way. so back to, you know, like i'm and no one feels. heartened on no one failed blacklisted, god one, let me as but for security and food crisis as a very important issue, it is the very confounding issue. not going to be rushed off. are you off or ukraine issue which come from a whole one honorable crime and is to be raised not the issue of you know,
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the problem in relation to supply chain in relation to food security as thoughts and in relation to the full means of solving the problem, and i think all the international organizations, whether it is shanghai corporation, whether be the united nation, anyone who's that's in florida or solving on non hon time minnesota park. we had mentioned about all we had one general over and he had once again greet when he met on the inside line spent time in this conflict needs to be solved peacefully. non precedent also mentioned to be honorable prime minister of india. russia on bill spencer comes on up in the very last thought. you know, all the important countries together in your role in solving all gone on far too many issues. i've personally issues in relation to g, l, l,
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in relation to be in relation to capitalism and in relation to the farewell ceremony paper. census east, queen elizabeth the 2nd, the country's longest serving monarch is currently ongoing. the queen's body is lying in state inside london's westman, the whole, where hundreds of thousands of mourners performed a 5 mile line friday to pay their respects to the morning. the fatal ceremony is scheduled to take place on monday. the one, the biggest in the country's history with over 10000 officers to be involved in keeping the peace from members of the british public. however, say the government is spending too much of the tax payers money on the event the may feel for the u. k. a facing a backlash, not only for members of the public, but also from diplomat says heavy restrictions report to the been imposed on, well,
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they did the riving for the funeral. the us media outlets politico has reported that a travel protocol was sent to respected embassies, telling the dignitaries to arrive at westminster abbey, in shed buses. an exception is said to have been made for joe biden, for him, his own private transport list after returns. he says, there's speculation that is due to biden's age. this stems from a legal copy from downing street. remember, the prime minister of britain has only just been elected by a 1000th of the population by tore the members. and it's not buckingham palace saying lis leaked memo says because of security, the world leaders are going to have to go by bus. that's usually the speculation is joe biden. people saying presidents, happy to go by bus, but he's over 18. so if it is a way to avoid it, we will try the humanitarian crisis as the japanese and financial times cause it's
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only 24 hours that paper is being talked about. the fact that britain is basically a poor country of poor people with some very rich ones. and the fact that this is happening at a time when course, the british government says it's giving $4000000000.00. it's given $4000000000.00 to the landscape in ukraine. let alone the cost of the funeral and these of the m and silver british occasion and ceremony that symbolize disparities in wealth, blood lines, heredity together with the fact that the new british government said one of its 1st opening salvoes, it will borrow more money than any other government in the history some say to basically fund fossil fuel companies because of the energy crisis does. it's called a long time coming from all of the agencies around the world. you can take the website r t dot com will be back at the top of the
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ah ah, the republic of moldova ranks is one of the poorest countries in europe. oh, if it doesn't last bunker not issued by gordon maloney vision. annual g d p per capita is about $4000.00 euros and even that country amount is mainly made up of remittances, central abroad by migrant, moldova workers, la garza, we can drugs of follow in on the lower the meal with
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the economy, revolves around agriculture over children when you're supposed to pamela walker, with republican mobile, was there to surely probably either near primary ascii book with us or any kids. lia presley's old freshest lineup, bellanca murphy just heard a 1000 thoughts that are single to thought a daughter. a unemployment is off the charts, moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty are we respect the country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. and the u is constantly rocked by political and corruption scandals. wow. but all that didn't stop mold over obtaining e u. candidate status in 2022 and revisiting the possibility of re unification with
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romania into public. it may do the borders emerged as a result of the ussr being dissolved, fabricate, partially, underworld, witty in the 19 ninety's, there was a growth in national consciousness as in other parts of the former soviet union. what actually happened was civil war blood was spilled over territory, nationalists demanded that the moldova state language should be romanian. effectively. some said that the romanian language equated to moldova, but moldova authorities didn't recognize other nations as equal at the time that was held, the unrecognized trans mystery in moldova republic emerged on the right bank of the near the river and galicia, and autonomous region within moldova, emerged in the country.


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