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to danger, the ukrainian authorities ordered the evacuation of old children who had lost their parents and don bess. this is denise from god. no, not shaggy kimberly mccoy at on that them i. e una. what if girl or boy's scheduling you little militia to diana? detain them, ratner. yeah. bag you. leah nasa rancor. children's ombudsman in the new guns people's republic is investigating cases of missing children. said his former campbell, i was in there is to see him just a dr. blanca serafina. just ask them for pitching out or to leave at our schooling or not, then just get them on it. don't worry, don't put the label on your little guns. can ordinary spooky ditty dahlia, a family and my have a shell as well. guns collateral. net is poor. liquor 9 in school flesh for peter, go wouldn't let those stories that are not were schwartz him. you should your loyalty. should you buy if you gate nissan?
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yes, no, she wouldn't have a girl. and i probably, emma was not scottsdale actually breaking the today enough, which actually annual 2022. so a repeat with children once again, being evacuated from territories controlled by cave grain up with her. so political, no, did you thought it? if not, since you got out of here i your love. catherine will ever lehman up with control now. okay. yeah. it does. yeah. it was paula girl. is nash coolant or not? there is pasadena afterwards. it it will get it is a blue yellow kid. it today, august the number that is public, it would have not got. you got to post a school bush located 40 sticky way. we is the bush. she has it says me here was mostly premier in that college is the uncle had worked for children. hundreds of orphans from the dentist peoples republic were evacuated in the same manner. but it's anyone's guess how to find who have essentially been abducted from dumbass.
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the most favourable outcome would be an option. but there's a question mark on that. diagnosing molina, a friend, yes. as a corner north, come through that process. right? yeah, i'm good g was the no, i am a senior. i bizarre gideon teaching new york, but the more the organ about it, but the teachers thought diagnosed in the earlier. yeah. will ed, so what you mean by me? anthony, ukraine ignores all international legislative norms and refuses to say anything about the fate of children. it is taken the way up and for a much where did you put them muster in the car with sigma kunda did keep a scarlet, la, oregon, children had thrust blankets, lou jesse french and g things passed. the red cross seems to be suppressing information
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regarding the missing children from don bass. oh and the doctors without borders, organization allegedly involved in human organ trafficking in conover appeared just as the children were being taken away. mm. mm abolla don't mind me and that was a dirty robbery. my gauge and i stepped out of his up 0 to cheer. and it's really weird when i thought they did the selling a garage. the num gets us to put out of is up when shannon settle come goodness, but them of their nation with respect to 20 milligrams can never missed. macabre statements of ukrainian figures, such as dr. chin off, reinforced concern about the fate of the children evacuated from don bass, dubbed the ukrainian doctor, manga cheer, no open recalls. what do away with dumbasses children saying those in the 3rd row
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in fact, are to be killed. lows in the 2nd row in a year or 2, they'll move to the 3rd row. apparently many ukrainians come with anti russian propaganda support his statements. 2 2 ah, is them out? it's in just them when you thought it since our new city get is a puzzle. anya, ziegler crane. i'm not sure yet. i'm a good guy and you will was guardian got out button to push a digital arizona on this night at least was that of ali vila, yesterday it is what that will text them pretty low grain. a piece of i to the right now she did door come down. you was there such as the hoarded selected it 30, but control know green, the cock. where can you model with that mileage? richard scott, machine field commander
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rahman, or merchant go, has witnessed numerous crimes committed by ukrainian neo nazis in don bass. none of the people know where warner computers are going, not showing in the little biting boys here. i thought of the glamour showing mental torch cool. me pro store usually took was singers to get your old at yahoo glucose unless you are in your trunk or i'll put on put thieves barajo you sure. ah. with similar digital solution, i choose them all should of 0. talk a direct nicely. she mailed you a tory device, linda, to me. doria lucila. will you valjean sion malady dear, which given us proper dollar a square, quickness pearson do sneeze. no honesty, leon. yeah, mm ah,
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shush. my children remain children when they always need a sense of wonder and joy boss of the logan's pabo this what kind of academic russian drama, theater galena, miguel york, felipe of her never forgets this love from jesse or to not give it back. it said i shouldn't like the did the subsidies through. it's just reaching out those are i did it in the theater also cares for children who have lost their parents that are watching work by lights. him on september 1st. now can we just have to let them come was gets borman william ugly perhaps. i mean my gets caught gloria in my
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nest or could we bring a copy? tim schoolkids, j astellas. his mom with bob at kistin. i show a jack. happy ideally gets kid on delia until i leave to dallas to he is an 80 audra stone. she slipping in my chest over as it is negative, but i needed to alexander for zanna what it is nashua it's yard around because getting used to chosen which in to harangue and nas this to peggy, she said to nick, naturally, charter for 8 years they've been killing people in don't bass every day. ah, non vincent roots, children, and they kill with weapons supplied by nato. a oh,
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essentially testing draw. we are interested in testing one of those systems in the fight against the enemy, and we are by the arms manufacturers to test their new products here. mm hm. but he did a quick angie medically with a opens care lesson, the grade level post that she didn't know if i shouldn't. i missed those are about the when you gina lou, ready on the ro snake against people's republics, ambassador to russia has been at the forefront to the information was since 2014 and in that one in chile composing, mixing of them were vinyl though it's yours. i mean, you, him, window, that is the way you several them, those love rug daughter that will be visited a boy watching it will just did it limb cortisol. beloget res ford is what it, she meets, every sport is the way to cook. we sure those any of those just to get them
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a call the one you now that he is nick of yet mark or is aliens people which inch they should be. but the v. tilly mccullin's that, that night that you did yesterday just about how to shop a garage door, actually village lyrica will be what she thinks, india what fruits in his owen, that's us. i suggest that you can shout mcmullin grains of morse. know judy 0. it's even worse not i should. that's the swift across my bullish. ah. this me at the one that means the motion for by do the loosely, steve, though, each it, it ha grain and yet on, on the which was and beat on home sustained by them was socialist. but when the parking lot, the way to school, she'll agree because each e julian women, blemishes to her teacher, uncle, for his the some of the dean who submitted council sessions, marquilla, beatrice with not due to grain. his buddhism theater. there is about this been done with you, the water virginia. it dumps you into the us, so you should not only when the promotion at the what also because i don't want to
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with nice. i mean you. so from there. so what was your little more basic with them, with just what the problem is or what the with make them. do you have to stick to booties you to one that you wish that you through that there was session, you will more than you will still on the season? you're plenty of what i wanted to be of the initial so green, so many. so from that you more your bush, a unusual. you put your his outside. if they're eligible from their grab, it does when they come on, we'll sit your minute, thumbs. i each of those yo gets up with us till after 1 o'clock ish excellence up with the great patriotic war. symmetry stands on the other side of the road. translated from ukrainian. it's labeled on forgotten, unforgiven, about 3000 jewish children and civilians killed by the nazis a buried here. however, israel does not condemn ukrainian neo nazis. hm. is there any other, michelle?
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no, not susan carter. i also wanted to know crane new car. this is vicki. the politicians corporation, we did that to see check that again, civil means that i'm not supposed to look up at it, but it is up to what i mean. we have when you are not season, and i get in unless the listening you put it out in the, in your who good. ah, no crime shows that the one you were simply saying is, isn't that what you're saying is that oil affinity senior? can i say that the if what it was up with, the thought is perhaps if your credit even though it's not me mediately, but that means give us a new formula. let's look at the means could minced minsk agreement. this is important. local elections on the special status of the don bath, hardly implemented the tool. why not? this was agreed by france, germany, russia, ukraine,
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blue, former british diplomat and russia. william melanson is well acquainted with the history of the min sky codes. withdrawal, a foreign arm groups, weapons and mercenaries not implemented. we have america doing what it can, sending soldiers bombs, weapons to keep things boiling under the surface. the u. s. wishes to provoke as much as it can moscow into taking, defend more and more defensive measures in order to justify continuing the sanctions with ah
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ah ah, the question that india asked very often is who's rules are, is the global order playing by and the s c o becomes an option and a forum for a different set of countries of the way. but just say that this is a non western grouping. they're all very strong political leaders in their own right in these countries. and they are energy powerhouses, economic bo houses. they have large population, you know, and they're saying that is a different part of the thing. i look at a different grouping. ah
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mm. mm. the implementation of the minsk agreements, assume the peaceful restoration of don bass is part of ukraine. mm . but apparently, washington needs a newborn, you wouldn't get also in the liberal forcing me that huge, suzy jesus, a conduit to play the muscles on that. just when you, when biased media and his he did an addition to perspective, but the political leadership of ukraine and it's overseas managers apparently think otherwise. i was calling when you got to hook you up with
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. yes, these children did cower in basements yet even then they continue to study to draw on to dream. i am and my, my name is a bob pledge don't. yeah. well the i love, i would surely a left . but like what y'all are still the little regime, they're not bust off the road bus was a much less some of my lie if there was look like they're love be yes. yes. but one is of all that and what i mean? yeah. if the law some children wrote poetry like lydia
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scala, slung the treasure gable, i'm not even with the last minute she'll against me now sarah lacrosse, always go to school completely. when she page assigning russia, talk of the creation of readily mileage hanging a little more. yes, colonel car, that's the us, me on the top, i mean by you the bracelet for she has school on denila. how crazy is july? we've gone city school number 7 was gone by ukrainian, neo nazis in 2014 who among the 7 victims was a child with corks as an in you know,
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just i'm not sure what to put out for about by thursday stream or say to forget to pick your school decide to care for the project arguably, you might encourage you to ah, ah, ah, a with
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good their readers for is not going to school. yeah. summer is 0. it will, these i believe that freaky grant last which get so maybe is dialogue or fe on yeah . if i truth the way, the way in the budget like no, but national rate or i can break it. i want to do so my junk the se, but the but the but ours maybe didn't know which loser would move from the way in the history of the water bottle of nationwide. but it comes out bought. 2 0 yes, a minute, but ministrations can you by june, in the bedroom or more by your did you think it was i was going it's able in years
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he just that was the by jo. what of school school could even with school, he don't shows up when you don't have a duties. just before you go. ah, is day to parachute the can simulation? yeah, richie. dennis ish there with me, fina just get your thoughts over the didn't hear from a hi tim. this is given a jesse shot of bumbling on eve orchard, austin, on any of them or? yes, robert. ah, these are the children of ukraine whose adults are teaching them to hate and prepare for war. ah, muscular can i help cover nyqold percentage to portraits attack?
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i think the retina is the abstract in primo cook cook at the most, which is also the one car. mm hm. a sweet fair is held at the school in the city of nikolai of the caucasian, named sharon oscar. his brain. there are blue and yellow stars on the kremlin, under drink, called the blood of russian babies, ah, all prepared by children with for approval, from teachers and parents. if they use their chism, she's the rain but almost got a bill of ours. lawrence, a mobile chart startles get, we're rock still wolf of civil war would be the editor in chief of guns tv. the i nod sphere the schools witnessed how the history of ukraine was gradually written, and how its values were substituted for something else. or a video card is harbor clara in the d t. but thought is do it. grain self latching
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coverage store will skew, crowns with her absolutely. rosemay lou depaulo to warn you what i g assume. where did wonder with you and when you go to view crimes a follow up? no more thing up with them. does anyone wish know what you said? no one which is part of his newest year? big eunice at the thought you were promised them was a this mute was them live and he, russian propaganda has a long history in ukraine. children's books comics and even text books in which russians have depicted his murderers and monstrous oaks. these publications have sponsors in america and the ukrainian, desperate in canada own oprah coordinate, and called on in usually canada newer grants can just put a picture on his visa, causing him recruit. you can sort of one of his eatable when, of course, when you come saluted from people there chickens, dear cousin, understood them. papa mac, keep keep ambulances. moscow and i'm at the mama gives cubits masculine, usually mom with papa butte, mccook cuz daughter was moved off the market where you can afford mckelly. thompson
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must believe is due out sonata will green's camaro. them still go id day? is there 30 skolnik of that? have been throwing out is what the kid is talking was baton is the core european can so just form mirror william was pretty much another minor but almost all anesha and the problem in the shit ready choke you. project rosky history repeats itself. this is how children were once brought up in nazi germany. childrens camps in ukraine resemble the hitler youth camps. i, i, the soviet union was the country that food german naziism to the end and defeated it
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now ukrainian new naziism once again, collectively, nurtured by the west, finds itself opposed by russia. obama. so mom deal it up for shoes scribbles award . that's well gosh, latisha saw me joe gear. there's a saw my new issue or news many was yes. didn't soon rocker border park or state would that the more not says come on luscious to or sir? i was kinda the ceiling. when was it is when you to this me, when was it from his side to a sponsor got to, to play? where did the music even though of your choice, the same internecine nicole on the nip, i believe i won the size the chance. my jazz, i would typically typically america, which of that is at a meeting with it could be said that russian troops are dealing with a large terrorist army that holds entire cities hostage,
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who the force that is supplied and overseen by experience. us and european military intelligence in western politics, the lives of ukrainian soldiers are expendable which as i said, bush and that'll lancaster don't cry if when you might, stoney, said mozilla in blotted. well, we'll double different p i music. nor did they care for the russian people, including its women and children. i didn't know where to rules came with the new process is just me more that up. why wouldn't i suggest no matter what? so i will cut off cohen years, right? those will be what? mm. dumbasses been through hell during its 8 year war with ukraine. mm. factories, villages and cities were completely destroyed.
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ah, over 14000 done by citizens were killed. and so there are questions for those responsible leg broke up because i was up on them police to come, but not the please to what the command was 3 model than what i did on. so what i'm, what are the la bride they're going to florida? oh, hi darren. well, i didn't, i even got i somewhere near boiling michelle, on a protege near westminster where you white modern scholars asleep. adrienne mm rights in charleston. i mean that shame what the neos manuel salgado and you wouldn't use it, but she will. but i'm spending bitterly at the somewhat bitterly and was named puck thought gave me a call with nampa violet. it don't call you the unless it but that's the deal. i mean that she didn't cook, i did, but vital or was it just bread? your daddy? a man and you buy him. woodcock number love was similar just
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a lot in it. those are last national jelly or new coil around them if can can mission. so i love watching live new speaker. mr. for wishing live at the missouri or the lisa with or another ford dealership on, usually. so. so i, for when your bill is really ill, sleep claimed you don't see them ready until am i to mercy. he let the thought a couple little nascar. yes, no, sir. i see, but that was, but i see a bit slow him up by nearly look. will you bowl or some such as mueller. ah, the areas liberated from the ukrainian neo nazis, russian soldiers and the peoples militia of don bass are greeted as long awaited saviors. ah, but if he's getting little skill, i thought you said it was a c, e o new bullock occurring in. would he back again? you? which is our new place. if there was that nobody did come riding him get comfort on steady karma de riley's. there was a bit of orders as a green leafy with a boiler. got dr. mrs. thing if you said the by the what the point you might there
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with other nice very likely see what you guys there as if it was it vicky there me different with really briefly to emma bridget from europe. i do not clear bin sports was orchard with wardrobe good. i was still in the middle month to medicine. oh my god. it's ruining my and my dad does a lot. mm. every year on june, the 1st on children's day messages join a commemorative randy at the alley of angels and done it and show us park into ganske me on this day. white balloons are launched
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in honor of the lost children. a bush. can you check on the snow, but he pitch digit mallet there? sure. but he did you wish you could to ref will if i was in the bus issues that money your fees need is going to re from wiley. what is the me checked in the new year? mm. may they have a new choice? update in heaven. mm. ah mm. ah
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ah ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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with continued ukrainian shelling of the dumbasses at least for people who reported killed in an artillery time like he had forces on the city of don, yet fair among harcourt for evidence of ukrainian nationalist reportedly began hunting down suspect to collaborate following last week's withdrawal of russian lead we do believe that that could be punishing i think it will harm africa. drew merchant eliza.


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