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a sudden is that a continued ukrainian shelling had been done, but at least poor people reported killed an artillery tax by kia sportage on the city of don. yes, they are among hong kong. right then says ukrainian nationalists reportedly begin hunting down suspect to collaborated following last week's withdrawal of russian lead forces. we do believe that at the time i think it will harm africa. drew marginalized according to the message from south africa, president of the meeting with joe biden as washington for past noon legislation.
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that would punish african countries for cooperating with a very well well come, you're watching all t international with the latest news. that date is good to happy with us. now, one person has been killed and 2 others wounded in ukrainian shelling of a village in russia's belgrade region according to local authorities. earlier on saturday, another deadly ukrainian shilling attack was reported by authorities in don. yes. awarding, you may find the following images to study. ah, this footage from dawn, yes. show some of the victims on the devastation caused by at least 6 rounds of selling and 4 hours. local authorities reported 4 people were killed and 8 others injured and fragments of french how with the artillery shells were found at the c. a central administrative building was targeted in the attacks or correspond that
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there was court under the incoming fire while they're pausing on location. ukrainian forces resumed their showing on saturday. we can see an injured woman here who's getting medical help right now. this is in the city center there have so far been 6 rounds of schellenberg, and it's currently ongoing soon with reward from the voices. it's, we're done with awesome, close on machine shovel here with you to them in nearby city of golf. curt schilling by ukrainian force. it has claimed the lives of 3 people, 11 others were wounded, not according to the local men who say the kindergarten was among the buildings hit
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. an explosion as also been reported in lou ganske targeting the prosecutor general's office. i taught him to local officials, the prosecutor general and his deputy were killed in the blast. no of the casualties have been reported so far. russian investigators have opened a criminal case into the, incidentally the southern city of care so, and has also been shown by ukrainian troops, a warning that you might find the following. images upsetting local russian backs or forwards. he's claimed that 5 us supplied high mas rockies were fired at the office of the care. san administration during a meeting between local officials for people were reportedly killed and 12 wounded, an advisor to the cranium, president's office as far as to describe the attacks as quite legitimate and referred to those killed as quotes military targets. anton nothing more. hello to the front line now as parcels continue in ukraine's north east in hawk of region, including areas in and around the key city of ca,
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piano. ukraine previously announced that they had taken complete control of the city, but reports a fighting is on going on. russian troops continue to hold defensive lines along the osco river, which runs through the settlement. elsewhere in the same region, care sports is reported the on the hunt for those things. traces as private day to have people considered to be quote, collaborators as being posts on telegram along with calls for violence against them . ill try and go to details. last week saw dramatic changes on the ukraine. chessboard washing force is positioned in parts of the heart of region were sent south to help on the battlefield. in dawn bass, this lock key of to regain control of these rather vast areas over here, mainstream outlets were quick to report on what they called a major success by the gradient army. however, how key of pretty much immediately began to treat some locals. there has fallen on
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deaf ears, mall of those funding rooms. him, you know, to me with a forced to leave their homes. but now i'm well aware that not everyone was able to get out and they will now be repressed. ukrainian not sees will not quit attempting to filter the population population as they so claim the ukrainian people, which they say is not like the russian people. the question then is why do they exterminate their own people the ukrainians, just like they do the russians? when the russian troops moved in february this year, the locals had 3 options for the war to the west fleet to the north, each russia, or stay if they didn't want to abandon their homes and poverty. the fear today is that pretty much any one who chose option 3 could automatically become a traitor in the view of ukraine's military. and that's possibly an open road to abduction or even death. the hunt for traders is on full throttle. much of it is
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being done through the telegram messenger app. you're creating nationalists create telegram channels, where they publish the personal data of so called enemies of ukraine. now what about the criteria? well, it seems that it's up for any one to decide. it's reported that even receiving humanitarian aid from russia could cause real trouble. here's some of what we came across on. telegram the city of cooper and has been liberated. now we are beginning the search for traitors. all the addresses are already there. we are adding a category called the occupants collaborators. these are those who help the occupants build checkpoints, feed them, and so on. these are the fanatics of the brush and world from less chance. after the liberation, we'll need to save the child from such excellent parents. some have been so alarmed by the hail storm of controversial telegram posts they launched a petition on change dot org addressing telegrams founder dear mister durham,
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on behalf of the russian people living both in russia and ukraine. we are asking you to put an end to telegram being used as a tool to co ordinate political terror and mass murders, ethnic cleansing, and mass extra judicial executions are unacceptable for any nation. but this is exactly the aim of publishing personal data while calling for violence. it's been reported that groups of locals are still trying to flee the hark of region fearing reprisals. but according to the russian media, ukrainian authorities have blocked all roads from the area. they're also confiscating people's passports. all of this has been strongly condemned by the russian foreign ministry. somebody will go with what she's no longer by the municipal assembly. so consultation activities carries out by the plan, insecurity services and neo nazi formations in the territories left by the allied forces as part of their regrouping thousands of people are affected by this is frightening to imagine what the cleaning armed forces are doing to them. now,
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with 1st and foremost, talking about these people being killed, these issues. the saddest thing is that even when innocent people are suffering from shelling or missile attacks, there are still under threats by neo nazis at checkpoints. and on telegram ukraine's president landscape has found himself in the midst of a control the sea off the he posts for a photo with soldiers, one of whom appears to have been displaying a nazi symbol. it seems to be a sco symbol used by they not c s. s notorious for his crimes against humanity during world war 2. this, those who was quickly deleted from zelinski social media account following outrage by uses. twitter has place a label of sensitive information on links to media reports about it. so landscape was earlier supported himself wearing a badge for the depiction of a human skull and the takes ukraine or death. well, this is certainly not the 1st case of nazi symbolism appearing among ukrainian soldiers. the infamous as of battalion uses and not see wolves hook icon on its
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uniforms. and it seems such sentiments all the rise elsewhere in europe. here you can see creation football fans walking through the streets in milan this week, performing nazi salutes. that quickly sparked a strong reaction among the republic among the public in the streets of milan in 2022 fans of croatian soccer club deena mos zagreb march. with nazi salute, this is what happening in europe today. it's 2022 and this is the level of anti semitism that we are facing in europe. dina mos zagreb fans performing the nazi salute in the streets of milan, enlightened europe today to be more precise. yesterday, croatian fans and milan walked around the city on wednesday singing not the songs and hailing hitler. tell me again that sees don't exist, and the russians are on a witch hunt wake up. we have some academic and independent journalists, jason, michael, who said that all 3, he's in the west have been more lenient about neo nazi,
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sent him. and since the conflicts begun, and ukraine has been happening for a while across much of the west of the world, it has been given a free pass in ukraine because it's been a ball work of defense against russia. you know, the, the west of the media, which in 2014 was quite, are limited by the level of nazi 70 semitism, especially in western. your claim has since the beginning of the military operation in your claim has effectively apply. and i to see what we have to try and understand for those of us, you know, in the west, unfamiliar with ukraine is that this level of nazi support is normal in west of ukraine. classes have wrapped on the streets of bell. great off the officials in serbia's capital decided to band a parade that would have been hosted by the cities l g, b, t,
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community the, the countries president has sudden recent week to be applied parade will be canceled due to security reasons, or supporters of that decision held up, she type i think it will harm africa. drew marginalized continent. the act which the south african president is referring to is aimed at close countering malign russian activity in africa is introduced with the washington state to control most goes many relations with the continent from trade to military ties. he's come all the time that takes us to south africa and washington's rocky relationships. the united states and south africa are coming together again. yet the world views could not be any further upon. this is the 2nd high level meeting between the 2 country, preceded by us secretary of saint anthony, blinking his visit here on the continent last month. harris,
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you as president joe biden found in south africa leader settled on was a man to do his africa, biddy everyone's up to buy favor. and that africa with 54 countries, massive voting power in the united nations. more or less split where south africa was neutral. a few countries, formerly opposed sanctions and condemnation of russia in the un. some were pro western, it is one of those periods where doubles your politics has a sort of tectonic shifts and the decline of the west european chaos, u. k. out of europe, the desperation of europe to get fossil fuels from africa. at the same time, they pretend that they care about climate change, which will hit africa. hardest pressure that both the west and the bricks block put on south africa. it's a tug of war that's reminiscent of the old cold war. and what would be logical behind the scenes is for us to offer you can make incentives and other support for
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south africa that are, i'm opposed to, would not otherwise get. washington is a way the changing of the dynamics to the old world order, and one south africa to be at the point race here on the continent. the u. s. is expected to entice from a point with increased investment and trade a global powerfully to neutralize the bricks and russian influence on the continent . but power, if exactly what south africa needs right now, the country's scribbling power cars have intensified and will tail growth in the continent. second largest economy, while the americans and the europeans continue to pressure south africa to the green energy sauces. i'm a point that any cabinet have not entirely turned back a new t elegy, the west and i was an $8500000000.00 pledge of loans and grants it last year as you and conference and climate change. to help south africa dump is the reliance on coal that the drop in the ocean compared to the $250000000000.00. that research is
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estimate the country will need to invest in the next 10 years. the whole industry council more than 5 percent above because g p, an employees over 120000 people. but while the country is being pushed to ditch fossil fuels, european inputs of south african codes were up 720 percent in the 1st half of 2022. absolutely. there's been so much politics involved in energy decisions worldwide. very foolish politics. africa is not europe, it's time the african countries started to make their own decisions for their own circumstances. many african countries about a dozen. they'll have formerly notified international atomic energy agency that they wish to pursue nuclear as a future. and that is small modular reactors for their circumstances. we are building them in south africa. we would love to have interaction with many countries to install such reactors and not try to follow europe here models.
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foreign relations can be poised out of coal mine. a endeavor, aspiration of fear, but for that was a political party. the ruling african national congress must book is a friend, a partner and accommodate that supported the during the liberation movement in time of colonialism. and it's paula cuts continue to intensify here in south africa. more and more must go. seems like part of the solution. got a bill, it's john is back for odyssey international. we had from an attorney and law professor in south africa, say africa has a reason to fear america because he stays apartheid with financed and armed by the west. rama for us visit to washington. d. c. was actually quite an astounding success. because just before his arrival, there had been quite a few threats that south africa is ambling block in the global economic war
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against russia. and that south africa has to revisit their priorities, which was of a comic threat as well as a lot of pressure and present from a force off south africa has been very courageous to stand up against that pressure . it has to do with the history, with a modern history of south africa. president drama was a very active member of the south african communist party. and he knows from his experience that a pop was finance and armed by the west, europe and america. so he is very conscious of all of a stable and strong ties of friendship with the russian people. now think central asia on the border of care gets done onto jakey's, done where hope have an end to 3 days of violence were dashed on saturday morning by new on classes and violation of a recently agreed sci fi, local journalist fee to get a has a story. i was stumbling, jenna,
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that you to heads up, curtis don, and just as national security comedy still held a meeting at 4 pm and friday during which they agree to cease fire. that was reported by curtis stands border security services. but despite the pack, derek military force is open, fire at the kirk is broaden the town of dust tubes. the following day, around 1115 a. m. and the kirk is military fired back and respond to ticket started said to have again violated to cease fire agreement at $1237.00 when they began. artillery . shelling of kirk is border guard. positions in the ocean region was now renewed. negotiations between 2 countries are again, expected cargo stands, health ministry has reported 24 people were killed, and 220 others wounded. over 130000 people have been evacuated from the conflict area. local authorities, if also declared, a state of emergency incur gustavo back camp region, which includes the town of distinctly, at other humanitarian aid, is being provided to civilians have been affected by the escalation and curtis
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dance government has said it plans to accommodate refugees. drawn to gustavo in hotel that in the capital, bish gary marvin, a russian like military alliance and the collective security treaty organization has supported continued pistols between concur gaston and edgy. gustavo calling and both sides to resolved their issues diplomatically and to avoid further boiling. get there, you're not actually tactical authorities have said they suggested a ceasefire. twice the care gets done, but the care gets military ignored. those offers, tonic officials have reported a chair gets military forces, use heavy artillery to show villages and to dick is done and also attacks a tonic checkpoint on the border. cookies dunn's president has declared his country will not give up a meter of its land. the leaders of china and india appeared together in public this week for the 1st time since a military confrontation erupt a 2 year as we go over
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a disputed region on their shed. border is who leaders did not conduct bilateral tools to the meeting of the s c o security lines posted by as becky done. but their appearance was widely viewed as a sign of warming relations that countries had even agreed to withdraw the soldiers from the conflicts area just before the summit was held. we heard from former indian diplomat vish new pri, cash. who said that negotiations are the only way to resolve the dispute. happened was very limited. disengagement of 15 me but for point 15, which is one of the pocket said it has been stand or been has been or de escalation . yes, it is the positive look. when the disengage went, it may be 15, but that's about we have absolute complete korean contrast in the dialogue process . and i'm sure when that happens, if you've been a zeal, it is your dialogue in the course. she will anxious ideas in the 21st century,
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resolve the issues of problems on the to the dialogue, not through aggression. america will not save your opinions from freezing this winter as the heads of us. shell companies say they're in no hurry to increase exports, also contribute to rachel, marston, hospital the e. you appears to be keen on fighting russia down to the last ukranian and also down to the last hero of its own citizens. europeans who may have thought that they could count on their government to soften the blow of the clammy energy prices and inflation are starting to realize that the elite are more interested in solidarity with ukraine than with them. the most recent hint came this week from french economy minister between the men who suggested that not all local authorities in france could end up with the help from the french government to keep services running amid the energy crunch. you have well managed communities and others, the to less well managed when i see communities that have hired massively and then
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come to appeal to the state because they can't pay the energy bills to pay in place of the communities that compose a difficulty. so i guess french citizens who have the misfortune of living in a community run by bad local politicians, are going to be punished with closures or cut backs of things like city run, amenities, skating rinks, library, swimming pools, all because the government won't help them out. how are citizens supposed to know if their local governments are to corrupt for french government crisis funding? can they just go to city hall and ask of the politicians there are to corrupt for the french government? because it might be a good idea for them to find out now before winter, so that maybe they can move so much for solidarity. this is exactly what happened during the coven 19 pandemic. here in france when we were all initially told by the government that there would not be a to tear society with mandates required for access to daily life. and then they
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did an about face and demand. the jap passes to access every day venues. again, we're starting to see the possibility emerge of a 2 tier society and a time of crisis one that the government drags everyone into only to then decide who it's going to save. g. i wonder if the quote well run communities just happens to e, those that are run by officials in the same party as the government majority and president emanuel mack home. it just seems like this is really shaky ground for la math to be standing on. the met also said that the crisis will cost paris $16000000000.00 euros to cap energy bills, french prime minister, and he's about belma, has said that french citizens are expected to pay about $25.00 euros more each month for gas next year. instead of a couple of 100 more, without the cap for gas heating and about 20 years more for a lecture to electricity heating. now that's
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a big increase for the french worker making minimum wage of about $1300.00 euros a month before taxes. and it's not like that you can count on the us to help them out according to one of the largest shale industry investors. it's not like the u. s. can pump a bunch more. our production is what it is. there's no bailout coming, not on the oil side, not on the gas side. oh, but ursula vander line. you commission president said from queue that this week that freedom is priceless. asked about the potential impact of europe to develop an energy crisis on support for keith von to land said tenant with the crane comes to high cost with our freedom, the international peace order, and democracies. priceless. that's precisely the kind of remark from this, an elected official that shows just how disconnected the e u bush was. he is from the average person who's bearing the brunt of the elite, swore on the european way of life, as it's destroyed by successive self inflicted crises. not everyone agrees with the
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chief of the e. u. commissioners. hundreds of taken to the streets of power is to denounce nato and western policies against russia. in the face of the eas, escalating energy crisis protesters called for lifting the sanctions against russia as well as leaving nato and the e. u. they went as far as to say, presidents micron is unfit for office and port for him to resign. the energy crisis is worsening across europe, provoking restaurants in cafe own is on the italian island of sicily to protest. he can see restaurant customers being forced to eat by candle light, as owners struggled to cope with thawing energy prices and turned off their lights this week as a message to the government. many also putting their gas and electricity bills on public display asi spoke with restaurant owners who described their situation as desperate and nashville tennessee. grandma. the increase in electricity costs is destroying us quite in a period in which we should save money waiting for the winter where there is little
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work. we do not really know how to pay the bills. the last electricity bill in august was 26000 euros. while last year we paid $6000.00 euros with the same consumption. we're also going to see l moment and what is happening in italy is shameful. it is absurd, in my opinion. they are speculating on the citizens. we have reached a point where we really don't know what to do and we can't get out of this tunnel of crisis making companies will get more and more debt if there is a real risk of general bankruptcy throughout italy. a loss gets yona, chris thought, spin that, but obviously in my opinion, there is a lot of speculation on the increase in electricity and even the energy that comes from renewable sources is increasing by 400 percent. it is inexplicable. what is happening going forward like this? citizens retired people, businesses will go towards bankruptcy, there are no alternatives. so latest news updates, discussion and debate, and much more. you can find that on our website r t dot com. thank you for joining us here and i'll see international
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with a . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic, that development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time to sit down and talk
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back. in 2014, citing the military danger the ukrainian authorities ordered the evacuation of old children who had lost their parents and don bass. this is denise them got no nationality. belabor quiet on that. i. e una. what if girl or boy's sicilian? you little militia, donna detail number. uh huh. yeah. bag. do you? leah nasa rancor children's ombudsman in the new guns people's republic is investigating cases of missing children. so shed his formula was in there is to him to shed dr. blanca, should i just ask them for pitching out or get to look at that schooling or not. then just get them on it normally don't put the label on your little guns. global net is public, you ditty dahlia. a family and my have
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a shell as well. guns collateral. net is poorly canton. i mean school bush to peter . go wouldn't let those stories that a lot shorts him you should get a loyalty. should you buy if you do, kate? yes, no. she wouldn't have a girl. and i probably ama was much got for sale. actually breaking that you're getting enough. which actually annual 2022. so a repeat with children once again, being evacuated from territories controlled by cave grain up with her. so political, no, did you thought here? if not, since you got out of here i your love. catherine will even up with control now crania dungeon. it was paula girl, is as school intern opting. it was said, you know of to was it? it will be, it is a plea. you'll m t thought a little glass been level that is public. you would have to look at your go to post a school bush located 4050 way. we have the boy she has that says me here was mostly premier in our colleges. the uncle had worked with children, hundreds of orphans from the dentist peoples republic were evacuated in the a man,
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but it's anyone's guess how to find children who have essentially been abducted from dumbass. the most favorable outcome would be an option. but there's a question mark on that. diagnosing molina, a friend. yes. as a corner north control that reservoir yam did. gee, was the no, i am a senior. i bizarre gillian teaching yet you're clear, but the more the organ never did. the baby to destroy diagnosed in the earlier. yeah. will lead up what you mean by men 70. ukraine ignores all international legislative norms and refuses to say anything about the fate of children. it is taken and the radio can for much. when did you put the muster in the car? what sweet bar there did keep a scarlet la oregon tour.


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