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wilmington is up a yell m t poor little gospel number. that is probably one of them got you got of course the carpets go less likely to $3050.00 quay way we is the boy for fear that says me here was mostly premier in our colleges. the alcala works with chile, hundreds of orphans from the de nets, people's republic were evacuated in the same manner. but it's anyone's guess how to find children who have essentially been abducted from dumbass. the most favorable outcome would be adoption. but there's a question mark on that diagnose and molina a friend. yes. as a corner nor control the pressure. why young did ye was the no, i am a senior. i bizarre gillian teaching new york lit, but the more the organ ever did. the baby teaches through diagnosis and evelyn. yeah. yeah. we'll add that up. what you mean by me? anthony. ukraine ignores all international legislative norms and refuses to say
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anything about the fate of children. it is taken in the right thing for much. when do you put them up there? isn't you're the guy with cbre under the keeper, sky, oregon. children. i thrust want that 2nd. ah, yes. if they actually teach things past, the red cross seems to be suppressing information regarding the missing children from don bass. oh, for the doctors without borders, organization allegedly involved in human organ trafficking, and crossover appeared just as the children were being taken away with hernia bella dome. i mean that wasn't it. i would imagine i stepped out of his up sierra. she is going, it's really weird. only fucking business selling a garage them gets his people out of shallow settle,
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come with them. of their niece, a municipal macabre statements of ukrainian figures, such as doctor chin of reinforce concern about the fate of the children evacuated from don bass, dubbed the ukrainian doctor manga. she had no open recalls for doing away with don bass, his children saying those in the 3rd row in fact are to be killed lows in the 2nd row in a year or 2. they'll move to the 3rd row. apparently many ukrainians hummed with anti russian propaganda support his statements. huh. 2 2 use them out, which seemed to them when you thought it since our last year together to push alaiya ziegler great in the national yet going to get with the sky. and you will
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was guardian got out the door to push the disability order on this night. oddly, was that a wiley village? this what dan will text them? you know gray in a piece of i to the right now she did door come down, you was raised, the chest hoarded selected, it did it, but control no grain. the cup, where can you modern that a mileage really just got machine field commander, romano merchant go, has witnessed numerous crimes committed by ukrainian neo nazis and don bass numbers to fuel. no, well, no credit. kudos are good not showing in the gold, but they buys here. i thought of the glamour shooting metal torch. cool. we pro store usually took was still no rush to get your all did you build good? unless you learned your chunk will out, but don't push thiefs, barajo you sure? ah sure! a similar gigi lasonya, shall i choose tamala, shadows, ears, tarka dora,
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nicely wash, extent, mailed you a tory device. linda, to me, korea, the sea level, you'd valley jean sion melody. dear, which given us proper direly asked simpson do shenise no honesty, leon yeah mm mm slash my children remain children with they always need a sense of wonder and joy bonsa lugens pabo this what kind of academic russian drama theater gala mika york, felipe of her never forgets this,
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that from jesse orchard long did berkeley. it said i shouldn't like the teeth subsidies through it's gathering of those or i did it in the theater also cares for children who have lost their parents. that they're watching worker by lights here mom. so if someone was not going, we just have to let them go. bush gets borman. when among libretto me, my gets caught. gloria my last or could we prank county. tim scorecards, j astellas, his mom of pop a test and a short chat. piccadilly gets kid on bulio and sally, she dynasty, he said that she tiara storm, she slipping my chest over citizen meeting for spit, i needed to alexander for santa what it is national, its yard brown cushioning usage as well, which is just lying. and this to pugs center with national data
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for a g is they been killing people in don't best every day? this includes children and they kill with weapons supplied by nato. mm. oh, essentially, testing grow. we are interested in testing one of those systems in the fight against the enemy, and we are wiping arms. manufacturer is dead and new products here. mm hm. these 1st america, he owned the quinn engine with a o cranes care less grain, millennial pulse that she had lawyer. i treated them. yes, those are about the when the genie blue ready on the roast. nick,
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no guns people's republics ambassador to russia has been at the forefront to the information was since 2014 getting them one each other in pacific submit them were final daughters. i mean, you him window. nothing the, what's your several than those love rog dorothy that will be visited with what was in it. it will just to let limb cortisol village to the sports and she meach skills is for this order completes sure. those and yet most just look at the mac, all the one you notice he is nick of your mark or is against people who changed. they said it's that he didn't mccullin's not that night that you did. yes. finish about how to shop a garage door, which we really chill. erica will be was she think, cynthia, what fruits are in his owen? that's awesome. i suggest that you can share mcmullin to who guardians of more than what you did. you know, it's even worse. not a ship. that's us. we have to cross my bullish. ah, it's me at the one that begins with the most far i do, the loosens teeth are each and it, ah great,
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yes. and then the which was and people have sustained by the most the trust. but when the parking lot, the way to store, she'll get it because you like from wayne blemishes to her teacher. vocal for he's the some i'm dealing with somebody consultation spoke with beatrice booth not to do, graham. he spoke with auto renew it. i'm sure. when did you start with ms. middleton when the promotion at the outset? because i don't want to with transfer. so what we're doing with them is with them, with, just with the problem is that about the with you have to sort of, would you, these, you to one that you do your wish that you through anything will session you will, more than you will still on the season your plan, you would, i would attribute many shells. no variance bring exception that you more your militia a unusual. you put your results. if that a little from there grab it was well, make a month. we'll say 2 minute thumbs. i to the radio. get you up with
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us to lag 1 o'clock, bush pixels up with the great patriotic wo cemetery stands on the other side of the road. translated from ukrainian. it's labeled on forgotten, unforgiven, about 3000 jewish children and civilians killed by the nazis a buried here. however, israel does not condemn ukrainian neo nazis. is there any other shad naziism cup but now also wanted to know crane new cards? this is vicky at the politicians corporation. we did add a sea chest, it still means that i'm not supposed to look up to that, but did it have to crane we have when you, on the season, unless the soon you put it out in the, in your google. mm. for gardening shows that the one you were somebody explaining is, is it the same as the oil industry to keep? so you're gonna say that the one thing that was that i am of
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a thought is perhaps gentle. crane, her name is meat, is it? but the thoughts uminski and while sonya accomplice the let's look at the min kaminsky minced minsk agreement. this is important. local elections on the special status of the don bass. hardly implemented the tool. why not? this was agreed by france, germany, russia, and the ukraine blue form of british diplomats and russia. william melanson is well acquainted with the history of the min sky codes bmw withdrawal, a foreign arm groups, weapons and mercenaries not implemented. we have america doing what it can, sending soldiers bombs, weapons to keep things boiling under the surface. the u. s. wishes to provoke as much as it can moscow into taking, defend more and more defensive measures in order to justify continuing the
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sanctions. ah ah ah ah letter to you? no one no, sir, no, no, admiral, who are you? no, no. well, don't,
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was real deliberation of awe. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. with the implementation of the minsk agreements, assume the peaceful restoration of don boss is part of ukraine or mm. but apparently, washington needs a got the one of some, a new born meal. it wasn't it also with
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the muscles and that just a minute why his miguel is he did an additional perspective. but the political leadership of ukraine and it's overseas managers apparently think otherwise. you could call if you got to hook you up when they what, what did you think the drop down? yes. these children did cower in basements yet even then they continue to study to draw on to dream. i am, i'm in a well yeah, i love i would surely nebo interested ash line
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with but i live like you're still doubling their numbers off the bus was a much less some of a lie. if there was office likes, there won't be yes. yes, but one is of all that what i mean? yeah. if the law some children wrote poetry like lascola, sloane, the treasure gable. i'm not even close to the last minute sheila has cast me now said on lacrosse, always go to school completely. should they just sign in russia catalogue of the creation of really mother saying, no, he lives at austin, milling long. yes, girl class is
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a still us museum. don't buy me going to buy you the bracelet for. she has school on denila. how crazy is july? we've gone city school number 7 was done by ukrainian neo nazis in 2014. we among the 7 victims was a child with marsh clarksville in your new just, i'm not sure what to put out for about by wednesday stream for say to, for me to pick your school to south care for the producer of sabrina. you might encourage you to ah, ah,
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ah ah, with good their readers for is not going to school yet summer using it it would these i believe that tricky grade list which get some sleep is dialogue. what are they on? yeah. if i chose the way the way in the budget, like the national rate, or i can pray that i want to do so my junk the se,
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but the but the, but i need you to know which loser would move from the way in the history of the award that i bought the of nationwide. oh but it comes out bought. 2 0 yes, and then i'm back ministrations. can you by sure, in the bedroom or i'm want by your managers that they was i was going to say of when you were to just that was the by jonathan scope and you're in school. he don't show up on your way to reduce the frugal ah, in this day to parachute the can simulation. yeah. very she and i wish them the story. the fellow professor us over the did hear from a hi. tim. this is for this is given a jesse shall have warmed linen eve, or chin or hostile alena, the more yes, for
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a brother. ah, these are the children of ukraine whose adults are teaching them to hate and prepare for war. ah, more skeleton i here o scholar, nyqold percentage to portraits attack. i think the retina is the fiesta in primo cook cook at the muscles which i used to go on co. m a sweet fair is held in the school in the city of nikolai of the caucasian, named sharon oscar. his brain. there are blue and yellow stars on the kremlin and a drink called the blood of russian babies ah, all prepared by children with for approval from teachers and parents in their usual
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physical chest of rain. but almost got a bill of ours. lawrence, a mobile chart, stalls get we're rock store, we'll, we'll shove, seymour would beat ah, the editor in chief of your guns t v. not sphere to scoff. witnessed how the history of ukraine was gradually rewritten, and how its values were substituted for something else. original cook is harbor club in the d t, but thought is do it will crane self latching coverage store will skew gray and sofa absolutely draws ne ludy boiler to warn you what id but some way to do another with you. and when you go to will be your crimes, a fellow with no moist thing up with him, does he publish it? well, what's that? no one which is part of his newest, the unit at the thought you improve them was a his mute, western manip anti russian propaganda has a long history in ukraine. children's books, comics and even text books in which russians are depicted as murderous and
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monstrous oaks. these publications have sponsors in america and the ukrainian desperate in canada, oprah coordinate nicole dining usually gone all day. so could our newer grants could just put it which on is used on the platinum? we could, you could put one. i did a book when of course, when you come saluted computer check your dear cousin, most of them. papa mac, keep keep them beautiful. smiles can i miss the mama gives cubits masculine. usually mom with papa butte, mccook cathedral, his mother, the mother of what you can do at moscow, lee, the muslin musk believe is do i have some outs will greens can let all of them still go id day if they're sitting there skolnik of i've been throwing out is what the key and is talking was to tanya took were european can so just form mirror william was pretty much another minor but almost all anesha not per hour in the city. the ciocca project rosky history repeats itself. this is how children were once brought up in nazi germany.
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childrens camps in ukraine resemble the hitler youth camps. i. the soviet union was the country that food german naziism to the end, and defeated it now ukrainian, u. naziism once again, collectively, nurtured by the west, finds itself opposed by russia. even obama saw mom deal it forsooth, scribbles award vessel. gosh, what years a saw my jello gear. there's a saw my need she won use mini was yes. did you sooner rock report or product or state? would that the more not says come on luscious to marcia? ruth kasanya ceiling. one more thing is we need to this mute. when was it from his
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side to response to kaltura? what did the music, even though rules kitchen, it's a flaming furnace to seen. nippy. to cool on the nip, a busy like one midsize the chance. my garza would typically typically go de, which in there is other music it could be said that russian troops are dealing with a large terrorist army that holds entire cities hostage, a force that is supplied and overseen by experience u. s. and european military intelligence in western politics, the lives of ukrainian soldiers are expendable. what's a bush and not all lancaster don't. cranston, if, when you might strengthen as is the important we'll do, we'll develope our medic. nor do they care for the russian people,
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including its women and children. god, it all came with an importance, just knew more than it up wassner more than i suggest number would. so i will cut off corners, right. and those will do it. mm. dumbasses been through hell during its 8 year war with ukraine, a factories, villages, and cities were completely destroyed, ah, over 14000 done by citizens were killed. and so there are questions for those responsible leg broken by scholars up on him political not the please to what the command was. 3 metrowood, what i did on here, but almost at the la bride, they got on the fly, right. so i don't was a lie to dublin, i even got her somewhere near blowing jim on purchased
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a new west 1000000 lights, monica, that's a slave lujan. mm. rights in charleston. i mean that shame what the years 9 years old and you with me as a live but you but that was done you bit is really at the, i'm a bit is really and was they impact food game you've called mom but violated? don't call you the in their feet by the video. let me let you blink. i did, but little of was he just but i do daddy a man and you play him with got number love was similar to look in your 1st and last national jelly on your coin are the musical guy mission, solano, william, leah, you speak a mr. for which him live at the missouri or the least. russell said other fidelis for when you're sleeping. i saw i for when your bill is really ill, sleep claim good. on sam. rental m. m a z. he at the pickup would did the mask on your snack that i see, but that was, but i see a piss love him up by nearly will look. will you polish them for just miller?
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ah, it areas liberated from the ukrainian neo nazis, russian soldiers and the people's militia of don bass, a greeted as long awaited saviours. ah, if he's given little skill, i thought you said, let me explain. you will have a car anymore. he back on, you went to the new place. if there was that nobody did come riding him, get comfort o static, i'm a deval is not the biggest orders. the other players you free up with a bullock doc of them. me says thing. if you said the only about the what the funny my still a see what you guys there as if it was it vicky the need to come in to get with where briefly meet the teacher. ms. bush is really not clear. but in fort worth, orchard with border gonna put her carol school in
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the middle, mom to madison. only miss a bus question in the join. your main idea does align with buddy deem number, but is that a mobile long? mm. every year on june, the 1st on childrens day, miss dence join a commemorative rally at the alley of angels in done ask, and show us park in new ganske me. on this day, white the ruins are launched. in honor of the lost children. mm. i love bush, can you? ah, was it's around the snow, but he blitz digit mallet there. sure. but he did. you wish to cut the ref, william bosnia bus issues that money your phoenix is going to re from wiley with his imitating. mm. may. they have
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a new update in heaven. mm. ah mm. ah. the mustang william, i do it on a most of them on live so that yeah. so, but there isn't any on the horse to don't get on. i natural i'm, i'm just needed someone to do it, but i live them. i just, it,
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them clearly kind of so there's natural, national says machine machine, my will come and get a slight better price for july, which shall i get into the system. but also thought i should deal on that because i said that was in the middle. yes. special c motion thing is you need to know personal team and we're almost to buy new much. that's the window. it was marshall would that if the machine is working very complex for most of them don't put a shield or something on my list of what it should just as a station they sit down to me when you get it all in good, as well as a safe, but you know, from august telling me about this and anything complex bonus, there's a good deal and love and i'm guessing, you know,
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i mostly in the bush school, but i will look up on an appoint or some way we will look at it and just to know what i mean and you're going, i will put them on the machine and the physician will i put it in the region. yes. before the video, i'm going to go i'm going is by way much in that way. when you read to me, but i'm, i will was posted to sit in motion wished and i'm not a fan. right? there is actually one of those will if an interview that i should be able to show me, you can see what it was for me. i know from the show so i can see what kind of stuff you want to share for me. so i showed him and the toner is asking
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me about the actual boeing up into that me ah, one of the most beautiful cities in rushes for research. it sits on the river that runs on the russia, china border. it was for many years the far eastern capital. aah! there's no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them in this is.


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