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and all, in both cases, the solution lies in the diplomatic, not military plane, says the russian general leading c s t o special mission in armenia as well as of the shortness or today's task was to visit the territories where the clashes took place, where the armenian positions were subjected to fire damage, which as we try to be as objective as possible, it is written in the s harder of the collective security treaty itself. that priorities are given to political and diplomatic methods with motion. while we try to resolve issues peacefully as much as possible with rushes, push for the new global order of affairs. international organizations face new challenges, inevitable transformations. and the latest stress test, the collective security treaty organization is going through might mean that the block too, is not immune from change. hamburgers done of reporting from armenia, r t. well those are the new stories that shaped the we care on our t international for more on any of them do head over to
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r t dot com. i've got on the back with another look in just over 30 minutes time in the republic of moldova ranks was one of the poorest countries in europe a small door if it goes from boston uncle. oh sure. my good. the mother, when he was her annual g d, p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. and even that poultry amount is mainly made up of remittances, central abroad by migrant, moldova workers loss doesn't. we can't drug following a molar. america with the economy, revolves around agriculture over children when you lots of push to pillows across the road, but it's probably comalla was there to sleep. was off of my other primary ascii seal, equip or for any kids. but only lia presley's old freshest lineup, bellanca murphy, just sort of thought of some thoughts. edison got out of those upper
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a unemployment is off the charts, moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty. we respect the country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. and the u is constantly rocked by political and corruption scandals. but all that didn't stop mold over obtaining e u candidate status in 2022 and revisiting the possibility of re unification with romania in republic, monday the boarders emerged as a result of the ussr being dissolved, fabricate, partially underworld, witty in 1990. there was a growth in national consciousness as in other parts of the former soviet union. what actually happened was civil war. blood was spilled over territory.
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nationalists demanded that the moldova state language should be remaining effectively. some said that the romanian language equated to moldova, but moldova authorities didn't recognize other nations as equal at the time that was held. the unrecognized trans mystery in moldova republic emerged on the right bank of the near the river and go zia, an autonomous region within moldova, emerged in the country south. 2 ah, the carpet festival is one of the most popular events in gaga was here, the autonomous regions celebrated every year. hey, there this is that correct? yes, yes. oh, nathaniel, and valentina honor darcy in. gotcha. they're not just musical jewel called yesterday. they're also husband and wife. i missed him. wish must be
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a blanket upon the ground movers in this is their farewell concert. miss highland valentina and their 4 children are going to russia good can be bad, but people them to have it. but the problem doesn't want to put people in the normal guy, you know now which is a well a car bomb english portion. you play your theater with soaring prices for gas and everything else. the family of 6 simply can't survive in moldova, my middle, my lip believes it's not your poison. a cousin that was quoted with some, with my lawyer, a platinum nation with she has got more poignant is from others. a change in my so my love of yours cause
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of which your physical avoid crushing sheila pleasures. what? while boy you ready for a book now? the only 1st reason ah, the criminal case was brought against the will. don't kitchen your journalist and blogger, nikolai castillo, and he has published numerous pieces about how descent is systematically suppressed in moldova water. some way thrush me. she woke up dora dug by yontsa weiss, jamal dover, my a sundry party up us near the ground. come up. good boy, a store is the worst. a laura leigh, are you only a marquis? she said, with dodge was he's young. talk last he chose please. when you're from old boy. could keep he's like she is not please. my 1st reason why you must
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would be the source to national missile does mushroom when you're missing with the keys, please like use little of be supposed to live with you. she media me up by the serious go. so use of the other near palmer i village. jim cooler, williams this is just last year. i am in a my son don't you come friday with over 30 years of independence. moldova has literally be swamped by non governmental and nonprofit organizations. in in 19 nineties there were only 38. today there are $14000.00 the largest are in one way or another linked to the source foundation and received $20000000.00 a year. a full those funds the recipients claim was spent on democratic development
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in the country in keeping moldova on each democratic pass. incidentally, the head of state ly acendo as a direct relationship with the foundation. she was a policy consultant and then joined the source foundations. moldova bowed. many of her supporters who now work in parliament went through the same recruitment process . the my son at washing machine, the summer south africa are dealing with a lot of money for them, but it just about to chin. you've order was feared or senators mold or get upset with me for dish calling you so our mouth. so anyway, my was out of new hampshire to shriek, mold a little menu that came over to them who stood him all those features. this is an issue, mr. michelle. she should be able to get on a little bit longer than yesterday. at the beginning is from winnie doors. watson, mulberries, euclid, teachers, good bush, cuz rainiest alerts, which little while possibly want to pull the chairs emotional causal, euclid,
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dumb. jason, that was over a seizure with a, with a donation of the a call upon the right that had gone close. the personal on brianna mob ross represents the luxury vehicle which is a brush norton and i didn't want to leave garcia. she loves her homeland and language, but children and mother live here. she has a big house with a small garden. but now she's one of many young mothers for whom immigration is a given as to why the dis, natures are all other setting. it's an, i mean what's the message me a thing in and her husband is a construction worker like many moldova, and he often works away in russia. he's not at home now either he works so his family can make ends meet. look at that, have what they, tim succeeds, younger i sees can when i should out of now my subsea years dc, 2 argent graham emergence cuz i took it in upon the me. what come your swing to 2 dogs are groceries please. he led the clinician with 3 bitterly cock my mamma boys
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busy. this chile, blighted as a ghastly sloan booster. did the she did it, the she, yo resume or appreciated their 3 millard, the respite is allowed when you get the gas would stretch it. anna, caucasian, brilliant engine. oh, do you want to hear about oh, go madam pressure or stallnicher your bhaskar machine? you're welcome to gather to follow normal bowler, the merger korean model, a causes of valon, look and emissions cripple the ship. astronomers of short inflation has been the highest on record in europe, exceeding 33 percent real wage and pen from growth is half that for food inflation . moldova ranks tense in the world just behind the viola. the countries external debt has shot up to $9000000000.00,
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household debt levels of the highest the country has seen in 20 years. oh, a neighborhood, a glad movie. i'm from europe new here, but it would have worked sure. i've please i. oh, why don't you weight loss as i did the ladybug. when you watermark lisa, who dam we'd young storm. a negro jeff. i'm a home we ought to pay them him. lou louise, i would have knew quite of switching. it is. yeah. you know that i'm wishing i wasn't add your toner co repeated to any of the dead. yeah. said gay. gunshot is a successful moldova, pharma. he has 80. hector has a bland but over his successes mean almost nothing. now. the agricultural sector which can't survive without credit and state support, his honest al vacation diet. you're really cool, oscar, you work with these corn and wheat field, straddle the boulder with ukraine. the quote number is the preferred, cuz it is a possibility. if you would have a quote, zoom longer with the key,
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but the quote did, he couldn't get the quote let you look our rational words. i did, j stratton as a new customer, w, does she? god will get dyson. what room nearby is needed? let you are so bad me, lou on of you ebara that i did not roger, but you come home. would you layla? yes, cuz you've underwood many years but doesn't mean you don't lose them. i mean, by the book that i bought a brought to so i will not order the call, but i read is full. so she will the use of if you miss you militia, you can put out a proof. of course surely circle was grad about a $50.00 heap of thurmond and luckily not golden as being used. he took a menus. i am a worth us because that's a pretty good. yeah. yeah. i asked a new ship, earth that history of what you go over major law police. it's just not again can be completely of what is in the for the air force. this could be grassy. what does
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that masha in front of you? a couple of them with, are you on with my insurance, my non profit that yes for your, by your role nadia, as the predators from or origin of shortly belie choice. i'm wondering donald, always mr. swam is the order. you still much master to east north american national honor and that's your order. me and him near me, nathan, that is going to use list with your model. i don't store me kicking because that is new. mr. london. unless the one at the last minute will you karlesha machine, you receive a war storage description. that's lanier deal. if he, if coloring, he was a rustling in the 3. miss harris with the cooks thing in the marcellus. busy the mores were credit. is there any method dumas easily could not and was no creditors was when each you can you are patel is a pretty kitchen, you space and what was the sheet weaker than you? but when you publish it, in 30 years of independence, moldova has had 6 presidents,
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3 of which were acting heads of state. all these years, the country has swayed between sides from russia to romania and back to russia. and my acendo is moldova, his 1st woman president, she positioned herself as anti corruption. before entering politics, my asunder worked for the world bank as an economist and kitchenette and as an advisor to the chief executive in washington. during her presidency, she practically undid all of her political opponents efforts. her main opponent, eagle de don, is under house arrest. the opposition party leader helen showed is on the run. wanted internationally his right hand. marina talbot is out of jail, but under house arrest and it's not just politicians. anyone who publicly disagrees with mildred was political course. seems to be subject to criminal prosecution. but i won't go going with them anyway. but this is erin. hello,
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this is steve jeff. sleep apnea, of what in baton, sign up for stores, it was 12 novella. when you go navy ship, then you publish cool. go over. you clue that she starts on some pretty teacher scope with yes, i will post mortem proposed were children when you're not supposed to be on. those are what the rotors public will mobile. yvette them smoothly. remember the performance of what shouldn't lashley premium? so darn, you're good laughs when school was last name degree reverse adaptive. most of us one care. i want to plan what 3 he mentioned that he needed from each month. the one, the adjustment that's near to them one year he wishes to 40 minutes support to achieve the guilty in such esteem on that, i mean only in the near principles social animal de la mancha nazi nampa is leo's wishes to line them. old asked, was the car i knew? doesn't you please leave marshal groaning from brutal mister questioning for the best that it could be a center clinic tomorrow for system and that jet,
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the children jelly daughter, glen cha, doors thought you're seeing what a thought on the what sort of single drops out of those i mean that's and i knew it was good i we knew mulder one in no, no it's not almost communicate not with news with people flee moldova on mass. it is a major demographic problem. almost a 3rd of moldova citizens now live outside the country. most have moved to russia, they leave alone in groups and with their families. mil and valentino are going with their 4 children. who are you? you're still modest blacklist the boys issue for him once in. just a new lou most of was up watch. you know, stoker, let's put off there. mr. no, cookie massey really low, much mueller core, as though led to the legion smotts with i'm is old and it's not the morning which
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is a little more pushing at the shuttle political motion. the se busch family will remember this road from dover to russia for the rest of their lives, anxiety over their trip as even passed on to their children. so far they've only crossed one boda with romania and they still don't know if they'll even get into russia or at all. or will that last virtual barrier appear in front of them? a watch and it was a in a shadow shorter one. and i'm not trying to stay like a
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national z. lesher shyly yours in there when you bought it, when you sit down with poor slobber bog. oh, you know how to meet with gog level on life. i spoke with valentina crossed 5 countries and travelled, 2500 kilometers, slept in the car and lived on instant meals at feel stops all with their children that fine lee, they make it to russia
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a trip up with them to finish with moldova. those are nice to be on of me to but the grant of the bolivian little this possible to when they selina moldova was stay on the hood. it was a vision of him. when next one must be well polite in it. anyway, what's the name on that apron become all the weapons with mr. king? a she at that point you can see about the engine won't pull mimic the concord cool . minimum would a full bus to get a bunch which i just need information about water. a dental car such as to the sample of your fucking one is that the customer relationship with my mom not to read your model which he can you see? was he media still? yeah. yeah. yeah. not sure of with the school vision of
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children and more than you, but the longer you, clinician, nichols, not a thought when you least really eager don't branded by the current government is pro russian could have stayed as president for a 2nd term. the election was very close with the gap between him and son do within the statistical margin of era, the 2nd ballot was needed, but external support for sand improve decisive. i got a giving you a bottle list and i have some kind of quote, you can do that for the one i do show presenter, but also collect unit cost. there traditionally up at mann or primary consti at mulder as territorial integrity in sovereignty. we respect additional years, i'm all pretty. my schedule would look into more good ministry prosource for younger south america, casino mold organ or order. similar products, given a solution. did they with him? because i for jelly,
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polk jelly. kimberly acquaintance really inches. mulder was main sponsor for now is the united states, but funding is only given with certain conditions. after russia launched a special operation in ukraine, kitchen you off immediately made it clear that although it remains neutral, it will stay in the euro, atlantic fairway and condemn moscow's policies since february the 24th, the united states has given moldova $75000000.00 in humanitarian assistance at nearly a $124000000.00 for economic development and security. in the summer of 2022. washington promised kitchen of another $64500000.00 to maintain democratic and economic stability. money from the u. s. and e, u pays to maintain the state apparatus. meanwhile, ordinary citizens barely make ends meet and cannot even send their children to school. anna is also about to leave the country. what she has got through detection toilet lighting, your yarn,
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the kids and the clock motion of per kilometer to ditty stuff with sobriety. gunk of school a dis, dish. lennerton is always go with it or nothing but a short camp leisure, which will you, will you really young man of chris brown was garage, torkel or celeste school, isn't course. dustin just teaches a braylan which to last 30 days that are both too much to get into meeting but of course we'll be traveling bonus videos with ist 3 milestone global for a storage room. if so, all chase thought out they came on, girls am lithium store for boy. he would just of no more surplus rashawn what the quote to blah absolve. so, rather than which only gifted to the liquor to stella when lasted thought for stores cra, plow abode, give image in a significant other fear than uses a tier technology to put out a book up a new procrastinate when your mild yes, leave. circle. it's all true,
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probably the 40 flu minutes for deals latrina ha ha would divide for full diamond risk of leon. moldova, rewriting history to restoring statues of romania is not see a light world war 2 soldiers at the bill. off the radio vaults. it's not over union thesis, should you call for our water for only excuse that air drive for parsley. rebecca saw bush daniel b r i b, which f was going over. mobile van will not be much of a color emma can on frankie looked on another matter. my sister sean fighting a tunnel mathematical thought flat to quantify. she is going to be an actual flight car force that equal to one month's on pence quantity. now milton, one of one of the way i see a mass carmella, you got it, it just shows and i see 01 because that, oh, you know, it will, europe or what you back with
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the model look of was a church scheme, not auth yogurt. swiss mom with mr. one, us east, tennessee myoshi simmons to pottery. nom de leon are the number critique back of machine marketing the speaker nationally to pick up from us. we lubin rosky as if maloof schoolteacher told them we knew them to move us people near wilson book. i'm not sure if he teach with us was i need to need a short last a gun. let me give school usually more deals with both. so absolute, i'm a short while boy, a boy. yes. before you would you just offer me. so if somebody
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a bullying is my what scratch with looming out of life. behold more weight, you wish life a bullet be 4th of volkoff of noise used to make fairly sober you want to saline your fruitful ah. in 2022 gas prices have rocketed so high that it isn't just city administrators and pensioners having to look for alternatives. but entrepreneurs to they've had to abandon tried and tested technology. it borders on the absurd when manila is used instead of gas. pi william for like a wasn't any money in my non love does that we can talk about i plus with a storm of fuel forbidding display. it is good figured out for the building. it is the thing in the gas room that me the dim purpose, brand new rom,
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who did the really well know what masha did to figure scott? not to grab the at the shop with best buy? i thought, oh my god, them over when you launch has been met, that noise will professionally. but why don't we move in with the news, which we will get recital, digit posting confusion, flower will re a doorway slogan, way. see me as did the athlete home goldfish cash call of me as pathetic at adams preseason ohio. it, it took several days for anna pike, for many other migrants from gaga was here to get to russia. she now lives in new moscow with her husband and children. with a weakening, we'd have seen problem. ah, that he can yonah sweet me me because i always and yes
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a problem on. busy as anna made her way to russia, the moldova and security services sent their units to combat the capital of got go with the news. what does it say, flu? she with the what she's choice, what your scope with, what? so a which you are possibly thomas for intake. i can't guarantee he's putting us through them. he's going to go with steam had to be made to determine how to reduce the string of the stuff i see louis cuts out again. yes or money to do my ass or somebody or you lose it by yourself, almost will not profit i it's a full fortune. what's more for you? can your specials every should finish them? sure to was with no grain. you look good because if it's even the wouldn't, but that's sort of the protein that i need to speak with a
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use of a cruise due to your question in your cool the yeah. like when your nearest cross my with a c good news to browse in the middle of a show that the casino and the guy wouldn't ship nor india simone boulder because the mold door was like a guess forgot b, as those were sort of see if they knew it was more snow chest mulder which gets tiny chest when you at the base for doing this with each with a much go with a bunch of that good stuff for stuff with my just even i want to look i'm with my son that you're more dollars a to come on a part of the going to know what i found on the enough to operate a little money. bob. more do that work on. i'll stop the little one that
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just puts into the pot to romans center dashboard corner when she got out your little doors. i finished each week long. wanna do that. galena with aside the good 3 on the use, the mesh. this is the final point of miss ireland. valentine has forced, marge, they rented a basic flat in a block in western moscow. ah, many migrants share similar things. their parents usually stay in moldova. and it's the broken ties to her, the most. a and your goal was to play this microphone when your computer, the se busch family is essentially starting again from scratch in moscow. and it's what most mothers face today to them. it's
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a game of survival a ah, ah, ah .
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ah, ah. all correspondence gets caught in ukrainian shelling of done yet because at least 4 people are reported killed in the latest attack by kias forces. a breakdown of democracy does the assessments, given by the european parliament to hungry, stating that the country can no longer be considered a full democracy. and russian president vladimir putin condemns the west. then it's cultivated the idea of destroying russia for decades to use ukraine in order to achieve this goal.


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