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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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obama's protect his own existence with ah ah correspondence gets caught in ukrainian shelling of done yet as at least 4 people are reported killed in the latest attacks by key of forces. a breakdown of democracy. that's the assessment given by the european parliament hungry, stating that the country can no longer be considered a full democracy. and russian president vladimir putin condemned the west st. it's pulsated the idea of destroying the russia for decades,
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and seeks to use ukraine to achieve this goal. ah, it's sunday and that means it's the weekly here on r t. i'm peter scott's. and here are the top stories from the we just gone. first we start off with the latest news from ukraine. one person has been killed on 2 others wounded in ukrainian shelling of a village in russia's belgrade region. that's according to local authorities. while another deadly ukrainian shelling attack was reported by our authorities in done yet on saturday, a warning you may find the following. images disturbing. ah, less footage from done yet shows some of the victims and the devastation caused by at least 6 rounds of shelling in 4 hours. local authorities have reported. 4 people
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were killed and 8th injured with fragments of french how it's a shelves found. the scene are corresponded, they got caught in the incoming fire, while reporting on location was a loser. ukrainian forces resumed their shelling on saturday. we can see an injured woman here. she's getting medical help right now. this is in the city center here. have so far been 6 rounds of shelling and it's currently ongoing. sh hulu. what, i'm not losing it. we're done with those of us. we don't sell them here when he didn't in revisiting this week on friday. another round of selling hits, harrison in the south of ukraine for people were left dead as the city center was
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allegedly targeted by at least 5 us supplied high mas rockets. that's according to the russian backs or forest is there. but this unverified footage is believed to show locals running from the blast. 30 people were initially reported wounded, but one woman later died in hospital rockets stroke the building of the regional administration during a meeting between officials. the head of the local labor apartments was wounded while her driver was killed. okay, he has accepted responsibility for the attacked and called it's legitimate. as well as selling increasing numbers of civilians are being injured by so called butterfly or petal lun minds which can leave people with life changing injuries, artes rom, acosta. have sent us this report from the city of the next. artillery is not the only danger. facing the people here in the nest. ukrainian army have also been using so called petal mines or butterfly mines against the civilians here in de
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nest. this is what they look like, completely unnoticeable to the naked eye. and if a person's steps on this mine, it will make that person full i. so i can pick this one up because this is a merely an imitation. but you can see what it looks like. it's very small, it, it can fit in the palm of my hand. and once again is completely unnoticeable over the last 6 months. more than 60 people have been maimed for life by stepping on to a small petal. mine like this injuries our limbs, people's limbs that have been completely torn off. according to local authorities, there are still thousands of these anti personnel mines around the nest people's republic that have not yet been discovered right now there warning all of the population to be very, very cautious right now,
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mentoring the hospital here in done ask the trauma center where they treat most of these patients, i will speak now to the chief of the local trauma center. whole. tell me exactly what him and his staff are dealing with. but a conductor will certain people get very serious injuries when they come into contact with these objects? often their feet get torn off. this mine is dangerous because during the explosion in the secondary damage, an element is asphalt or sawyer. these elements, in fact, the skin and sub thermal muscles, you should never pick them up. you should immediately called the emergency services . this mine is designed to creep old people not to kill them and this is much more frightening. ukrainian nationalists continue shelling of the city of the next not only will heavy artillery but with these so called betel mines as well. the weather
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here, is it changing right now as well? that means we're about to get a lot of mud, a lot of snow. that means that tiny mines will be completely and noticeable. and that also means that doctors at this from a center, it will have a lot more work from lancaster of r t done as people's republic for the hungarian prime minister has compared e u. anti russia sanctions to energy midgets imposing sanctions on an energy giant . that's as the u parliament earlier stated that hungrier can't be considered a full democracy. artie contributed rachel marston takes us to the details. european leaders haven't stopped talking about how much they want ukraine in the u . and how keith is virtually the embodiment of european values. just this week, you commission president ursula vander line said during his swing through, keep that quote,
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the essential process is well on track. it's impressive to see the speed, the determination, the preciseness with which you are progressing. she also said that ukraine needs quote more business, more income through the you were talking here about the country recently considered to be the 2nd most corrupt in europe and ranked 122nd out of a 180 countries on transparency internationals, corruption index on par with zambia, galvan and mexico now compared that posture with the e parliament motion approved this week in a 433 to 123 vote. adopting a report concluding that hungary has become a quote electoral autocracy. meaning that european values and democracy were under systemic threat in that country. we deeply regret that the lack of decisive action on the part of the european union has contributed to the breakdown of democracy and the rule of law and fundamental rights in hungary, making the country a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy, hungary as not a democracy. it was more urgent than ever for the parliament to take the stance,
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considering the alarming rate at which the rule of law is backsliding and hungary, the report sites, a range of issues from academic and religious freedom to minority rights, but also judicial and electoral independence. the report could have literally been written about ukraine, yet the you and it would have been flattering yet the you desperately wants to shoehorn ukraine into the you. it comes at a high cost, but our freedom, the international peace order and democracy is priceless. you now can see that it could come to an end with victory for freedom and democracy. ukraine's problems haven't gone unnoticed, including by western mainstream media and human rights organizations like amnesty international members of ukrainian forces and paramilitaries, also subjected detainees to torture and other ill treatment and used detained civilians. as pawns for prisoner exchanges between the warring sides. credible allegations emerged of torture and other egregious abuses by ukraine's so called
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volunteer battalions, ada, and his off. last year he had his main political opponent, arrested, and his assets seized by the state. at the same time's lensky shut down 3 of ukraine's most popular television networks, channels that not coincidentally, had criticized him. the e wants ukraine so badly that it has created a new european political community set to meet for the 1st time on october. first, kind of a kitty table of countries that aspire to e u membership. so if you crane and hungry faced the exact same criticisms except ukraine's are far worse with ukraine. of course, being worse, ranked for its problems than hungry, which already passed the sniff tasks. well enough to get into the e in the 1st place. then why is the block drooling over ukraine while spanking hungry? it can't have anything to do with the fact that hungarian prime minister, victor, or bon is against sanctioning russia. and his forged ahead with new russian energy deals, while the block cuts off its own supply can it?
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it sees the brussels definition of democracy and european values, however lofty they are, are synonymous with a hearing too and promoting this globalist agenda. and when that particular box is text, everything else apparently takes a backseat. the head of nato's military committee has admitted the alliance begun planning the expansion of the block near russian borders several years ago. the statement comes after nato leaders agreed on a significant buildup of his forces on the eastern flank by 2023 jude, the ukrainian conflict. we're talking about the biggest, over whole of our military structures since 1949. the planning for that started several years ago, but now we're implementing it. the blog plans to increase the number of high alerts forces on its eastern flank for more than 300000 soldiers in the near future. the
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nato countries have pledged the increase defense spending. now the, despite russian red lines demanding the block to stop expanding to the east and not include kids in the alliance. while ukraine is not a member of nato, the international ministry alliance has been a key player and it's ongoing conflicts with russia. michael malice, a former senior security policy analyst of the us actually defend for he believed that was washington's decision to break the principle of nato's non expansion towards russia. it's actually the united states was the one who was leading this effort, going back to the clinton administration to go against an agreement that bill clinton gave to, to, to, to russia. that it would not seek to expand. but all the while it was. and now we're seeing that nato is looking for a new agenda. and we saw just very recently in their closing statements up there now and not only including the arctic,
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but also china as something to keep an eye on. and russia has, had, had made it clear this latest last december, in, in, in statements to the united states, united states, i don't think the europeans would have done what they, what has now occurred if it weren't for the united states and the neo cons with neoconservatives within the u. s. government pushing, pushing, pushing this agenda and trying to take advantage of it, probably thinking that nothing whatever that russia would never do. what ultimately happens during the shanghai corporation organization. so much in those back is done earlier this week, but you may putin blame to western powers. what he claimed was manipulating ukraine to fight against russia. and if there's any difficulty for decades, the west has been cultivating an idea of a straw and the soviet union, and then russia. they've always wanted to see our country disintegrated. now they've started using ukraine to achieve that goal this week,
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but even pretend met with the leader of china. iran, india pockets done. and turkey and moscow agreed to sell russia natural gas on kara, with 25 percent of the payments to be made in roubles. 15 also slammed the use things the block lifting sanctions on russian fertilizer exports only to ignore the needs of developing countries and cold russian indian relations. a particularly privileged strategic partnership with more key points from the summit. his maria phenomena. the 2022 s c o summit, the biggest in the shanghai corporation organization is more than 20 year history has been called a historic 1. 14 world leaders from the origin region have gathered here and it was becky stunned summer cons. to discuss a new world order that they now witness emerging as the west seems to scatter to lose its influence and trust globally. the voice of non western centric alliances
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like the seo is louder than average. the food crisis is among the key problems addressed during the summer and summer canned global supply chain. the pandemic and the ukraine crisis of course, disruptions in global supply chains as a result of the entire world is facing an unprecedented food and energy crisis. the s c o must take effort to develop reliable, resilient, and diversified supply chains in our region. for this better connectivity is no doubt needed. but at the same time, it is also important that we give each other full transit rights. not only i see our countries as some of the world's largest grain producers and exporters have addressed the problem. let's say they're ready to offer a solution ketchel, but muted russia's increasing great exports. world markets this year will be $30000000.00 tons. next year we will increase it to $50000000.00 tons. 90 percent of our food goes to the markets of asia, africa, and latin america. we know how important fertilizes are for solving the food
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shortage. the day before yesterday, i also informed mr. gutierrez, about the 300000 tons of russian fertilizers piled up in e u. c. ports, we are ready to transfer that free of charge to developing countries. i would like to ask the un secretariat to influence the european commissions decision, not in words, but in deeds to demand from their colleagues and the european commission that they lift these obviously discriminatory restrictions on developing countries and provide access for russian fertilizers to those markets. as well in the semi final document, the ecier declares economic sanctions. if not imposed by the un security council are incompatible with the principles of international law. putin has denounced the restrictions as economic selfishness. yet keeping the look of striking example of this selfishness is european commission's decision to lift sanctions on russian fertilizers if it turns out that only they can by our fertilizer. so, and what about the world's poorest countries who were,
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although often referred to as an anti west ally, is the assay all claims to not be against any other country, a block. but that doesn't mean it is without enemies. should the jewish and as the world is entering a new turbulent phase, we must cross the trends of the time of strength and solidarity and co operation and contribute to building a closer s c o community. with a common future guardian, we must support each other to ensure security and development. prevent external forces from inciting color revolutions and jointly oppose interference in the internal affairs of other countries. under any pretext. iran is getting ready to become the 9 member states. man prove it shares. yes, your family's values are you out here in recent years, economic and political much literalism has been syria threatened. and the american government is trying to impulse isn't on demands and loss on the nation community and contravene sovereignty and independence with all its pulling and has to put the extensive use of completion on its agenda. undoubtedly, american unilateralism seeks to hold countries back from the independent path of
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development. today they had high corporation organizations unites 20 countries with a combined population of 3 and a half 1000000000 people. that is half of the world with 5 more states, including 3 arab countries. now announce to be soon joining the seo the alliance is fortunate had to become global superpower. that simply cannot be ignored. regional tional r t from someone account, it was a becky on the pleasures have ruptured on the streets of serbia, capital after abundance, l. g b t parade took place. the great police arrested more than 64 people on saturday while 10 police officers were
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injured. the serbian president had cancelled the events over security concern. but the forces of that decision held a counter rally thing the parade, contradicted religious unconditional family values and but to the weekly. now, india has been the exports of broken rice, which is often used to make starch and rice flour. and that's in an attempt to protect it. domestic food market. however, it is the fear that the move will lightly drive up the price of ordinary rice on international markets with all the details, his ortiz runjun sharma, it's already been the export to wheat. and now the indian government has put a blanket ban on exports of broken rice. additionally, a 20 percent duty is also being placed on the export of all non boss maddie mal rice, barring to premier, were i tease the soil, comes into effect after the 15th of september. when this no deviation came on, if evening,
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lot of consignments were already either emerald ordered under preparation, and they were ready to move to the ports. we estimate that at on though 5 to 7 elect answer would have been under this kind of situation. so it's a huge them is because they will all get stuck and all the how good it and the concerns are back to the government blamed and abnormal increase in exports and said it's more was to control domestic food inflation in the abandoned exports because it had less talk or wheat and rice following an unexpected crop failure. moreover, rice producing states of india such as been job. arianna, be har, an order for dish sol. week monsoon, the c r and that's disrupted and destroyed. crop yields. india exports rise to more than $150.00 countries and broken rise to all was $75.00. as for experts, the sudden hauled in overseas shipments could mean an upward trend in food prices
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disrupting the global supply chain. the move by india, which accounts for 40 percent of the global rise trade is expected to father put pressure on countries that are already struggling with soaring food inflation and worsening food crisis. due to extreme weather patterns, heat ways, and the conflict in ukraine, hulu. girl at times from cali to a 2020 india was the only country, vito maintained its exports did not rest. if you look at thailand, this 60 the export for something vietnam restricted. so what happened in dylan is that the whole world started looking at india for someplace, this fight covey, our export service. so that records you know, going to be then the then put security across the world will get
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dental rocha, rice, the eas, essentially fragments arise green broken into for you during transportation drying, all milling. i know it's not defective or less nutritious. in fact, it's very popular in some of south asian countries, rook and rice and india as used primarily for ethanol production and as animal for door. and of course, for human consumption in several countries. india has been the cheapest supplier of rice in the world by a big margin which is shielded several african countries. but all that aside, the priority for new delhi for now is to boost domestic a well ability region sharma, r t arianna fund one of the world's most renowned medical journals has released a controversial report that didn't exclude the possibility that the covey 19 pandemic could have. been caused by a pathogen leaked from a u. s lob alonzo reports came after 2 years of research and despite us,
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claims of the virus originated in china seas. fiorella isabel explains over 2 years after the covered 19 pan down mac, put the world in a frenzy respected medical journal, the lancet finally reports what many were crucified for saying that while the origin of that virus is still unknown, it could have been leaked from a u. s. lab, we must take hypotheses about both natural and laboratory spillover seriously until we have sufficient data as a whelming evidence for either so in no tickle research related origin is lacking. the jury is still out. more than 2 years into the pandemic. the search for the origin of sauce covey to remains incomplete and inconclusive. the medical journal published a 58 page report on cove at 19, but the mere suggestion that the so called the lab league theory might not be a conspiracy. after all, has sparked much criticism from the coven misinformation,
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police who have been denying such claims for 2 years. labeling those who questioned the mainstream narrative conspiracy theorists. this may be one of the lance, it's most shameful moments regarding its role as a steward and leader in communicating crucial findings about science and medicine. it's really disappointing to see such a potentially influential report contributing to further misinformation on such an important topic. so clearly some are refusing to accept that they could have been wrong, but that's not the only and apparent disinterested investigating this theory. with any urgency, there's also been strong resistance when it comes to revealing the findings of the research. independent researchers have not yet investigated. the u. s. laboratories engaged in the laboratory manipulation of sars co v like viruses, nor have they investigated the details of the laboratory research that had been underway and will hon. moreover, the u. s. national institutes of health and i age has resisted disclosing details of the research on stars covey related viruses that it had been supporting,
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providing extensively redacted information only as required by freedom of information act lawsuits. perhaps these details may not make the media and those censoring dissenting voices looked very honest, considering it was the media and particularly the liberal media that were the leading voices in denying any notion of a man made virus. it came from an lateral source. it didn't come from the lab. people looked at the genes, the transmission was likely from animal. the human is quite clear in this case that it came across through animals. why did you dismiss the lab league theory as, as credible? i didn't dismiss anything. i just said it's a high likelihood that this is a natural occurrence from the environment of an animal reservoir that we have not yet identified. but this isn't the 1st time that issues of transparency have arisen regarding western reports on the crone of iris pandemic. in the summer, the chair of the lancets cove at 19 commission said there was
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a real campaign to block an independent investigation. i want clear independent scientific investigation and transparency. one way to do this would be a bipartisan congressional oversight investigation that had subpoena power. give us your lab records, your notebooks, your data files, of virus drains and so forth. but we know right now we're operating in an environment in which the government is working to hide the data that we need to make a real assessment. the rapport also suggests that people were blindsided and unprepared for the crisis. but let's not forget western arrogance and exaggerating their ability to handle it. another report from 2019 said that the developed world was best place to be able to get through a pandemic. but that wasn't exactly how things unfold. it. it was widely assumed that the united states in europe had the strongest pandemic response capacities and would fare best in a pandemic. the 2019 assessment failed to predict the poor quality of the public
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policy response to the pandemic in the european region in the region of the americas in the much higher quality of response in the western pacific region and number. so i right, according to the world health organization itself, that's from cove it in the western pacific were 266000 while deaths in europe or estimated at 2000000. so the stereotype that that developed western world would fare far better than the poor, backward rest of the world. did it quite play out as expected? neither did the blanket statement that every one questioning the narrative was a lunatic spreading misinformation. like in many other areas, it seems that the lack of transparency from western organizations, the media, and the politicians, leaves a lot to be desired. one thing is certain, the jury is still out on the origin of covet 19 and people will continue to ask questions. putting trust in the west as handling of major crises in serious doubt.
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well, usually people who have nothing to hide usually tell the truth quite easily. so one is left to wonder. what is the worst government hiding that granted for many, at least early on the pandemic, it was known that this was genetically engineered. there are facts on the n, a h r, and the cdc, that a doctor anthony found she was on to another. a gentleman named a barrick. again, the eco health alliance was actually funding this gate of functional weaponized viruses. so we knew this over 2 years ago. unfortunately, people who did say this were saying you were misleading the public its misinformation, but now 2 years later, it's actually true. governments need to regain the trust of the citizen. because so much depends on what the government says and we believe as citizens to be true, and governments need to take a step forward to, to regain that public cross. hopefully it'll be done quickly. well,
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that's her up for now. what are you doing this weekend? i hope you having a good one on his peter scott's on the block with another look at the top stories at the top of the allen mm. ah with natalie muscles on noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on nash domingos place to mama cook, go show it to someone to look up for this ashley of nbc. wanted to work with
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