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is investigating cases of missing children, so she is permanent molars with. isn't that there is to him, you shall draw a bianca. should i pay it yesterday for pitching out regularly with ash, calling them out, then just get on my ear. don't worry, don't put table on your little guns. can ordinary spook you. d g e r w a premier my have a shell as well. guns collateral. net is paula canton. i mean school place. shut peter, go wouldn't let those stories are a lot more shorts. him, you should get lucidity, should you by. if you get kate easiest. not. she wouldn't have a girl. and i probably, emma was not scottsdale, i should burgundy today enough, which actually i knew up. she 2022 saw a repeat with children once again, being evacuated from territories controlled by cave, grandmother. so political, no, did you thought here it not said you got a doff here or you're not comfortable even up with control. now crania danger,
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it was police as school intermountain is pasadena off to was that you will get it is a yellow kid today. logan's benevolence is public. it would have got you got a closer look at about school. listen, i did it already. the key way we is, the boy feels that says dick me, ear was muslim. premier in our colleges. the o'clock works with children. hundreds of orphans from the da nets, people's republic were evacuated in the same manner. but it's anyone's guess how to find children who have essentially been abducted from dumbass. the most favorable outcome would be an option. but there's a question mark on that. diagnosing molina, a friend, yes. as a corner nor control the pressure y m d t was the no, i am a senior. i bizarre gillian kitchen, yet you're clear, but the more the organ never did the baby to destroy, diagnose and olivia you have a lead set up. what you mean by me. anthony plain ignores all international
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legislative norms and refuses to say anything about the fate of children it is taken when they're ready. i think so much wendy. but then we're still in the car. what sigma kinda did keep us go la, oregon children. i had to rush, want that 2nd. ah, yes, if they are charity, i things pest. ah, the red cross seems to be suppressing information regarding the missing children from don bass. oh. and the doctors without borders, organization, allegedly involved and human organ trafficking, and crossover, appeared just as the children were being taken away. mm. mm. i don't, my, me and that wasn't it? i would imagine, as jim, again his up fiona cheer is going. it's really weird and i fucked it the selling
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a garage, the num gets as if you put out of disappoint channel. so come gordon list. but some of the nation with guns cannot and macabre statements of ukrainian figures, such as dr. chernoff reinforce concern about the fate of the children evacuated from don bass, dubbed the ukrainian dr. manga chin off openly, cause we're doing away with don bass, his children saying those in the 3rd row, in fact, are to be killed. lows in the 2nd row in a here or 2, they'll move to the 3rd row. apparently many ukrainians pumped with anti russian propaganda support his statements. 2 2 ah, yes, i'm out. it's in just a minute,
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thought it since i leased it together. if was alaiya ziegler crane, i'm not sure yet. i'm good with the sky and your little was going and get out for those to put a did you will get a lot of on this now. this was that a wiley really? yes. this what then when you text them yellow grain up is of i to the right now she did dot come down, you was research, asthma, hoard it's and i did it, did it, but control no grain. the cup, where can you imagine that mileage really just got machine field commander, romano, merchant, go as witnessed. numerous crimes committed by ukrainian neo nazis in don bass numbers the fuel? no. well, no credit. kudos are going now showing in the metal plating by say, i thought of the killer machine, little torch cool. nipple story we did. it was still no, still better or did you build good? unless you learned you chunk will out, but don't push thiefs barajo. if sure, ah, well,
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she's in milan, gyla foolishly, i trust them all. shadows if you're stuck adora nicely. she mailed you a tory device. linda to me. doria, lucila value value, sanction malady dear, which can last proper dollar. asked stevenson the do schmiel no one is gillian. yeah. mm hm. mm shush. my children remain children with they always need a sense of wonder and joy boss of the lugens pabo this what kind of academic russian drama sierra gala me. how
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york glebova never forgets this russian jetta. orchard long give it back. it said i shouldn't like to keep the substance through. it's just that i think those are i did in the theater, almost. who cares for children who have lost their parents flesh that they're watching work by like your mom. so if someone was not going, we just have to let them god was just born mom. when you mogley, perhaps my gets caught. gloria my last talk away. prank county, tim scored a j as dallas is mom of pop or kiss. deluxe or chad therapy. native gets kingdom bulio until i leave to dallas to he is the deputy audra storm, she slipping my chest over citizen with us between the 2. ah, alexander fas. i know what it is, national it's yard thrown,
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because you used to chose one which in to harangue and nas just to peggy. she said to nick national data. for 8 years they've been killing people in don't best every day. this includes children and they kill with weapons supplied by nato. mm. oh, essentially a testing grow. we are interested in testing more than systems in the fight against the enemy, and we are inviting arms manufacturers. but they're, they're new products here. ah us these are the laundry quin yang with grains clear lest greenlee will post touch if i choose no mystery. but the one
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you genius, blue, red hill near oceanic, no gans people's republics ambassador to russia, has been at the forefront to the information was in 2014. and in that one a chicken pacific sick of them were vinyl deutsche. as i mean, your room window nothing the what you said room than those love rug dorothy that will be visited with what was in it. would still it lim, cortisol, beloget, res, for the well, she meets, every sport is over a cup. we sure dos and yet most just to get them got calon. you know that he is nick of your mark or is he leon's keeper, which inch that you bear with me? that he didn't mccullin's that that night that you did? yes. things about how to shop, a garage door, birchwood village. julia could be what she thinks, india, what fruits, arizona at such i suggest that you can show that my legal guardians of more than what you to 0. it's even more than that. i should. that's this. we have to cross label dish ah leslie at the one that
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means the most. i do the loosely steve though, each it i grain and yet, and on the which was unbeatable. just then by the machines. but winnipeg lot the way to store. she'll agree because each e diligent i am doing just to her teacher as well please the some i'm dealing with the media council sessions. marquilla, she bitterest with. not due to graham is buddhism theater. there is about the student on the arena it, i'm sure, when did you say news news in that old news when the promotion that they're bouncing little bit about that with neither musicians thursday, what are we doing with them? it isn't with them. we just were here, but all this is that about the with nathan, you up those that of would you the 0 and that you do as a wish that you did through that they will session. you will know that the new was that night on the season. you're plenty of outage of building shells, no variance of drinking session that you nor your bullshit a flip of your food unusual yet which it is outside. if that a little from they grab, it was when they come and we'll see to minute them's i to the radio to jeff. look
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ah, to like 1 o'clock, bush complexion, up with the great patriotic won't. symmetry stands on the other side of the road. translated from ukrainian, it's labeled unforgotten, unforgiven, about 3000 jewish children and civilians killed by the nazis are buried here. however, israel does not condemn ukrainian neo nazis. hm. is there any other michelle? no, not physical therapy. i also want to detroit crane no cards. this is vicky at the politicians corporation. would you like to see check that again, civil means that i'm not supposed to look up to that, but there is a to crane we have when you are not season and i hear it and the functionally performed out in the, in your val gordon. ah no crime shows that the one year from where we're similarly a senior citizen and that's why he listens that oil as their own affinity senior.
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can i say that the of what it was that with near them of a thought is crap central crane? i'm if mediately, but that means care for well senior homeless the let's look at the mean means could minced minsk agreement. this is important. local elections on the special status of the don bath, hardly implemented the tool. why not? this was agreed by france, germany, russia, and the ukraine blue form of british dip, imagined reiser. william melanson is well acquainted with the history of the min sky codes. withdrawal, a foreign arm groups, weapons and mercenaries not implemented. we have america doing what it can sending soldiers arms weapons to keep things boiling under the surface. the u. s. wishes to provoke as much as it can moscow into taking
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different more and more defensive measures in order to justify continuing the sanctions. a i a ah ah, the question that india very often is whose rules are,
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is the global order playing by. and the seo becomes an option and a forum for a different set of countries of the way to say that this is a non western grouping. they're all very strong political leaders in their own right in these countries. and they are energy power houses, economic bonuses. they have large population and they're saying that is a different part of the world saying look at a different grouping. ah, with the implementation of the minsk agreements, assume the peaceful restoration of don boss is part of ukraine or mm. but apparently,
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washington needs a got the one of someone who born me it also with susie. she's a conduit to break the muscles and that just when you wasn't biased miguel is he didn't i just to get to you. but the political leadership of ukraine and it's overseas managers apparently think otherwise. i was calling you to hook you up with . yes, these children did cower in basements yet even then they continue to study to draw on to dream. i am,
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i'm in a box pledged on i well the island up i would surely nebo dash line a left. but like what y'all are still the little regime? they're not bust off the road bus. who jane? i shall i some of i lie if they're both of his likes, they're lucky. yes, he offered money of all that. that's what i mean. yeah. if the law some children read poetry, learn lascola, slowing the treasure label on us to the last minute. shall i have to cast me now said on la cardoso, i start school. kimberly,
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why should they just sign wash hospital cough him. he should have really mileage time. i need to visit aust, i'm a little more difficult o'clock. that's the us museum. don't buy me. came to buy your deborah's law for she has skipped school on denila. how krinski? well, how are we gonna city school number 7 was bombed by ukrainian neo nazis in 2014. we're among the 7 victims was a child with corks was really and you know, just, i'm not sure what i did, but after about by thursday stream, say to, for me to pick your school, decide to care for the producer. arguably, you might think you did, you move ah,
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ah, a with ah, there really still is not going to school yet. family is 0. it will these i believe
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that shaky secret glue stood for the meeting? is dialogue order. fair yeah, yeah. if i chose the way the way in the budget like the with national vendor. i kim craig, right? yes. yeah. much. oh you. so like, yeah. which i think the se, but the boat so, but i need you to know which loser would move from w. the used to it, the one that i bought though, of nation wide open comes up. are you ah, yes, and then i'm newly changed since can you by june in the mid tomorrow, what do you want to do? so i think what i was going to say of when you were to justify joe wasn't scope and even with school, didn't show up when you don't want to read you. it is just the political ah, in this day to chunk of simulation. yeah, richie,
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and i wish they're doing the final project. i show us over the dinner table. my tim, for this is given a jesse shadow formula, a fortune law on any of them. all? yes, wearable. ah, these are the children of ukraine whose adults are teaching them to hate and prepare for war. ah, most girl up when i hit cover malackle percentage portraits attack? i think the retina is the extra inc, primo cook cook, at the most, which it is used to be borne car. mm. a sweet fair is held in the school in the city of nikolai of the cookies,
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and named sharon oscar his brain. there are blue and yellow stars on the kremlin and a drink called the blood of russian babies ah, all prepared by children with for approval from teachers and parents at the used sizzle, cheese domain. but the more study beulah, or was learned, say, mobile shy startles kids were rock, still wolf of civil war, would be the editor in chief of your guns t. v. the a nods. feodor scoff, witnessed how the history of ukraine was gradually rewritten, and how its values were substituted for something else. your video card is arbor, clarion, d team, but thought is do it will crane self unless you know guarded store or school grounds for thought. absolutely. rosemay lodge a boiler to warn you what i d assume where did belong to with yeah. when you go, i do will be all kinds of follow up. no more thing up with them. does anyone wish learn or what you thought?
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no one which is pros newest, here with eunice at the thought you employ them was a, this mute was some live anti russian propaganda has a long history in ukraine. children's books, comics and even text books in which russians have depicted as murderous and monstrous oaks. these publications have sponsors in america and the ukrainian desperate in canada own oprah coordinate codeine and usually canada newer grants could just put it at your earliest convenience. could you could sort of unpredictable when of course them just come saluted from their chickens. dear cousin toaster tom, papa mcgiff kept on beauteous, must condemn at the mama gives cubits masculine, usually mama papa butte them a good cook daughter was moved off the market where you can be worth mosley. the counselor must believe is due out or not. so christ you're not, all of them still go. i did die if they're 30 skolnik of what have been throwing out is what the kid is talking was baton is like were european can so options form miram. william was pretty much another minor but almost all anesha. no problem in
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the shit. ready choke you. project rosky history repeats itself. this is how children were once brought up in nazi germany. childrens camps in ukraine resemble the hitler youth comes he, i, the soviet union was the country that for german naziism to the end, and defeated it now ukrainian new naziism once again, collectively, nurtured by the west, finds itself opposed by russia. even obama saw mom deal it forsooth. variables award. that's well gosh, what is a saw my jello gear?
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there's a saw my need. she won is many. was yes. didn't soon iraq report or product or state would that the more not says come on luscious to marcia? ruth kasanya ceiling one moment is we need this mute. when was it from his side to sponsor kaltura? where did the music, even though rules kitchen to swim internecine nippy to cool on the nip would be diva one the size, the chance my garza would typically typically record the which in there is either music it could be said that russian troops are dealing with a large terrorist army that holds entire cities hostage, a force that is supplied and overseen by experience, u. s. and european military intelligence in western politics. the lives of ukrainian soldiers are expendable. what's
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a bush and that'll walk us with the credits and when you might, stony sinners isn't blotted. we'll do. we'll develope our medic. nor do they care for the russian people, including its women and children. god, it all came with an importance just no more than it up wasa. messages from abroad. so i will cut off corners. right. and those will do what? mm. dumbasses been through hell during its 8 year war with ukraine. mm. factories, villages and cities were completely destroyed, ah, over 14000, done by citizens were killed. and so there are questions for those responsible. later back of the scholars up on them political,
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you're not the please to come was 3. you know what did what i did on here, but on more for the last bride, they go on the fly right here. i don't, well i tell them and i even go somewhere near campbell in sham on a purchase. any west 1000000 lights wasn't because that's a slave. adrienne mm rights in charleston. i mean that shame what their neil is. 9 years old. and you with me as a live but human, but i'm studying bitterly. i'm a bit as really was them cook food, give me a call with nampa violated. don't call you the unless it but up studio. let me let you get ink. i did, but vital. i was he just but i do it already. man. i knew by him with god. number love was similar to look in your pose. a must nationally on your coin. are them? yes. going, going mission. so last william leah, you think mr. for was from liber, missouri, or the least also said other fidelis for when you're sleeping. i saw i for when your bill is really ill, sleep claim good. on sam rental m. my images eat,
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eat it, that the cub would did the last gun? yes, sir. i see, but that was but i see a bit slow in by nearly a whole month. william bolling some suggest. miller ah, areas liberated from the ukrainian neo nazis, russian soldiers and the people's militia. don bass are greeted as long awaited saviours. ah, you get a little steel. i thought you said this me, it's don't you bullock a car anymore? he back on you went to the new place. if there was that nobody is coming, riding him, get comfortable static. i'm at the very least the other, but it's been almost out the previously for you with a block of them. me as think you said the only about the what? the funny my story a vicky. see what you guys there as if it was it vicky the need to come in with a community where briefly meet the teacher. members,
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if we're not clear buttons workforce orchard mother flip border got up, but here carol still in the middle, mom can medicine bowman. miss a bus, mr. enjoying your, my insured by beer does alarm in by the deal that brought by this bad sit down more in the mold as long mm. every year on june, the 1st on childrens day residence join a commemorative rally at the alley of angels and done it and show us park in new ganske me. on this day, white the ruins are launched in honor of the lost children. mm. i love bush can you ah, such around the snow but he did digit monitors,
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but he did yoshika to ref will if i was in the must issues that money your business is geturo from wiley were us as a magician in may. they have a new toy update. mm. mm ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on of very dramatic development. only personally and
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getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk i won't do it the best of both. no issue. but for the mobile one, annual g d. p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. a mobile a washer. push me up on a primary coffee seal from cooper for any chip near printers, new york, which was throwing them on the line to come out. nature little thought they would have thought of unemployment is off the charts, moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty. we respect a country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. n. b is constantly robbed
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by political and corruption scandals. but all that didn't stop mo, google obtaining you turn to the truth is in 2022. ah, ah, it's because they still say ukrainian forces, the shelling for 1000000000 areas where the u. s. applied time on. so okay. we're here from a journalist who was on a local hotel when it came under fire. priscilla who seemed that our hotel had been purposely targeted, it was almost empty. the truck was very weird because besides me, there was only one other person, an administrator there for sure. there was no military on the premises. i think in the west saying it's been cultivating the idea of destroying russia for decades and it's using ukraine as opposed to achieve that breakdown of democracy. that's the.


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