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i mia ah, with the republic of moldova ranks is one of the poorest countries in europe, a small boy, if it goes with dust bunker, nor should my golden mother when you visit. annual g. d. p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. and even that poultry amount is mainly made up of remittances, central abroad by migrant, moldova workers, la garza, we can't drug following a molar. the meal with the economy revolves around agriculture for virtue when his lots are opposed to pamela walker will probably call mobile watch their british lee rapidly either,
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and their primary cost is still awkward. pursuant yet little millennium presley wishes dynamo, bellanca, marci yourself would have thought of some doors that are single to thought a daughter a yes. or the unemployment is off the charts. moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty. we respect the country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. and the you is constantly rocked by political and corruption scandals. wow. but all that didn't stop mold over obtaining e u candidate status in 2022. and revisiting the possibility of re unification with romania it's interesting because may do the borders emerged as a result of the ussr being dissolved sub with your partially underworld. with in
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the 1990s there was a growth in national consciousness as another part of the former soviet union. what actually happened was civil war. blood was spilled over territory. nationalists demanded that the moldova state language should be romanian. effectively some said that the romanian language equated to moldova, but moldova authorities didn't recognize other nations as equal at the time that was held, the unrecognized trans mystery in moldova republic emerged on the right bank of the near the river. and google was here and autonomous region within moldova, emerged in the country south. ah, the carpet festival is one of the most popular events in ga, ga, was here, the autonomous regions celebrated every year. a clear? yes, yes. oh, miss hale and valentina honored artist and go was you there?
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not just a musical jewel called yesterday. they're also husband and wife. a missed him with a number of carefully brown movers in english. this is their farewell concert. miss hale and valentina and their 4 children are going to russia for good any bad, but the by them to her, if you are going to was it was, it was the normal guy you is an hours from pittsville ala carte news portion. you play your theater with soaring prizes for gas and everything else. the family of sex simply can't survive in moldova, my middle, my lip believes that it's not true portion. a discussion that was quoted
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with some with montoya, a platinum nation magazine, with which it is got. when it is the mother, a note with my son, i love your discuss which your critical avoid crushes, cheerless pleasures. what data? while boy, you 30 for a book now you only for, she's ah, the criminal case was brought against the will. don't kitchen you of journalist and blogger, nikolai castillo, can he has published numerous pieces about how descent is systematically suppressed in moldova water. some ways to rationally, she woke up dora dug by yontsa weiss, jamal dover, my a sundry party up us near the ground. come up. good. we're store, use the worst done. we'll probably warner media. you know, only the mark. you see,
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if a garage would use, if you could speak with us who grew up dodge was he's too young for last. he just post william from old boy khaki, but he's like here not sleeve. my 1st freeze life uniform would be, but he thought food enough from little dust masks when you're missing with the keys . he's like use little of be supposed to live with the media. mommy up there by the said yes. cover. so you get the new palmer, i believe jim cleaner will use this is just like i in my son, don't you come by with over 30 years of independence. moldova has literally been swamped by non governmental and nonprofit organizations. in the 19 ninety's there were only 38. today, there are $14000.00 the largest are in one way or another linked to the serous
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foundation, and received $20000000.00 a year. a pull those funds. the recipients claim must bend on democratic development in the country in keeping moldova on each democratic boss. incidentally, the head of state maya sandal as a direct relationship with the foundation. she was a policy consultant and then joined the source foundations. moldova bowed. many of her supporters who now work in parliament went through the same recruitment process . ah, me at the, my son at washing machine, the son of south africa are dealing with a lot of uniform them. but it just about to chin you'd want those up was feared or thought of mold or get upset with me for dish calling you, but it's our mouth. was van ram once the bottom it was shipped to st. mold. little when you ah, you think him oberon? he stood him all those feet so that history easy. she missed you,
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michelle. she should do most the good on little bit longer than yesterday. would you the beginning is from winnie doors. watson. mulberries, you're pretty good. push because it interest alerts it, which instead of our bustling, went to the chairs and brush nickel. julia thompson. natasha. what was your group of with a donation that vehicle upon the right that the don't those are personal with somebody animal. those. if the sanction the luxury vehicle, which was a brochure, and i didn't want to leave garcia, she loves her homeland and language. the children and mother live here. she has a big house with a small garden. but now he's one of many young mothers to whom emigration is given . oh why that is nature's at all, either setting at santa me or what's the message me a thing it in and his husband is a construction worker like many moldova. and he often works away in russia. he's not at home now either. he works so his family can make ends meet. we'll get that out with him, succeeds younger i see is can when you should out of now me subsea here. cc'd.
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sorry, i didn't gram emergency because i to have name upon the me. what can your sweetener? those are groceries, please let the clinician with repeatedly got my mama boys busy with this chilly plight. it is a grassy sloan booster. 3, the she did it this year is the more please sure. it's in the 3 millard, there is priscilla calling. you guys would twitch ariana packaging, brilliant engine. oh, you more to hear about him? oh, go. madame pretty gesture this tony. it's jojo at bhaskar machine. you're welcome to gather follow normal bowl. the 1000000 following the model of causes of foreign, his own local emissions cripple the ship. astronomy is so short. inflation has been the highest on record in europe, exceeding 33 percent real wage. and then from growth is half that for food
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inflation, moldova ranks 10 in the world just behind the opium. the countries external dent has shot up to $9000000000.00, household debt levels of the highest the country has seen in 20 years. oh neighborhood, a good movie on some europe. new hebrew hood have worked, you sure have prevail or what our joy, the losses i did to leave you both when warm up later with amway, jones dormer guardian, unequal jo, brother, home, sam, believe i would have nuclear. this will bring in just the ones that i'm wishing i was mad. your toner co, repeated jenny, that danielle said. gig gunshot is a successful moldova, and pharma. he has 80 hector, as a bland, but all his successes mean almost nothing. now the agricultural sector which can't survive without credit and state support, his honest aveson diet really cools great. what. busy
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these corn and wheat field straddle a boulder with ukraine. what comedies and present, because it is a perception, you would have a quote from lancaster that you put the could be the couldn't get the quick let you . look, i will rational words. i did j thrash no close to last night, w dot actually, god will get dyson. what to me? i just need to let you are so bad me, lou on of you ebara that i did not routers in the book of oma, would you layla? yes, because your home to home and i yes but doesn't in you don't lose them. i mean been a boy that about the brought to so i will not over the course, but i read is full. so she will the use of issue monsieur militia. you can put out a post of course, surely circa was gone about a few. could he thought he pro thurmond and luckily not golden has been used. he took them in use your mug worth us because that is a gen to cost
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a new ship for the kiss i what you know when i go on my police, it's just not again to be completely of what is in the for the air force is going to get asi, you've backed up a master in part of you got him with my insurance. i'm afraid to put that. yes, coiled by you all had your as the predators from or origin of short, they were large for issue. i'm wondering, donald, always mr. why me? yeah. order. just given which 30 plus years. i mean, that's your order. i mean, you mean yes and that is going to use this became older. ah, please don't stop me kicking because i think you've missed the lug nuts the minute . those 2 minute blue karlesha machine is received from schoolstore risky from lanier deal. if he, if bullying, he was at russell in the 3. miss harris with the cooks thing in the marcellus. busy he mores what credit you saw it. he made dumas. you see you couldn't was no
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predictors was when each you can then you are from patel, is the preaching is present. what was the sheet encryption you put? can you believe she was in 30 years of independence, moldova has had 6 presidents, 3 of which were acting heads of state all these years. the country has swayed between sides from russia to romania and back to russia. my acendo is molto was 1st woman president. she positioned herself as anti corruption before entering politics. my son, who worked for the world bank as an economist and kitchenette and as an advisor to the chief executive in washington. during her presidency, she practically undid all of her political opponents efforts. her main opponent, eagle de don, is under house arrest. the opposition party leader, ill unsure is on the run, wanted internationally his right hand. marina talbot is out of jail, but under house arrest. and it's not just politicians,
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any one who publicly disagrees with mildred was political course. seems to be subject to criminal prosecution. but i won't go going with them. can you wait with it? so that means that she's to supply them to stevie stiffly, up on your end. but don't find all posts as it up was love novella. when you can find that navy ship, then you publish cool. go over your clue that you stretch of something that you skip with. yes, i will post mortem for po voucher when you're not supposed to be on those or what the report is public html bullet. busy he read them, smith's little me. lemme the performance of watching lashley premier says daniel, last wednesday, august, last name degree reverse, adapt yourself spe, one care, 1 o'clock. what? 3, he made interesting. any commitment to what the adjustment of the senior should owe money, or he will shift to 40 minutes to support the chest. it guilty in such esteem, and that i mean only in the near princely social animal. bellanca cannot say he imprisoned laos wishes to line them. old asked, who is the car?
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and doesn't you please leave marshal, grinning from brutal to mister questioning? faltered pistol looked at her bare sinkter clinic tomorrow. her sister melinda jet, the chicken jelly daughter, glen cha, doors thought they would have thought, innocent or what's interesting. got out of doors, i mean and i knew it was good i we moved the one in no, nobody to not almost communicate with you know when you were there any extra bigger than people flee? moldova on mass. it is a major demographic problem. almost a 3rd of moldova and citizens now live outside the country, most have moved to russia. they leave alone in groups and with their families. mil and valentina are going with their 4 children. i believe you're still my model blacklist affordable an issue for him once in just a new lou, most of the quite you spoke earlier,
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put off of mr. no cookie massacre really low, much mueller core as though lead to the snots with long and use not the board matches, or little virginia to shut. look at the green washing the se busch family will remember this road from old dover to russia for the rest of their lives. anxiety over their trip as even passed on to their children. so far they've only crossed one boulder with romania and they still don't know if they'll even get into russia at all. or will that last actual barrier appear in front of them? ah ah
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ah, with the modem boss from you, i just need them in, grab it, missouri with key at the ocean. just keep the process goes to the dealer. molly complete with the name of spoke with the phone with she would she you of the betsy professional, lithium, the prevalence of all. but usually you to the level think this will be a full
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us lava. bought a 2 was me, did him school of elk on global on my staff. i spoke with the pathologist, what was the age? the blue level with valentina crossed 5 countries and travelled, 2500 kilometers, slept in the car, and lived on instant mails at feel stops all with their children. that finally they make it to russia. a people who butcher had to go to the finish line, been with moldova, the sterner ad nice champion of me to but daughter grant of the believing that this
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possible to win the selenium. moldova postilion on the hood, it was a vision of him when next one must have a popularity in it. in them, one of them, one of the p, become old weapons with mr. king a she at that point you can see about the engine won't pull a minute. clinical cool minimum would afford. but at the, at that point you should have any information about war, a rental car. so yesterday, several of the 4th one is that the customer relationship with my mom not to raise their mortal will. cheek idiocy was humidity. yeah. oh not sure. of with the school in michigan television. more thing for the moment. you, clinician, nichols, not he thought i knew the least really eager to don branded by the current government as pro russian could have stayed as president for
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a 2nd term. the election was very close with the gap between him and san do within the statistical margin of error. the 2nd ballot was needed, but external support for sand improve decisive. i got a better list in my as i'm going to approach you can do that for the one i do show presented but also collectivism cost to ship rapidly around their primary consti, moldova territorial integrity in sovereignty. we respect, addition years i'm, although pretty my, so your world look into more good ministry prosource for younger south america, kitchen euro mall laura, or just seen that got a cuban a solution. did they are tim o'connor, so jelly polk jelly? cockburn corpus really inches. mulder was main sponsor for now is the united states, but funding is only given with certain conditions. after russia launched a special operation in ukraine. dentist immediately made it clear that although it remains neutral, it will stay in the euro, atlantic fairway and condemn moscow's policies. since february the 24th,
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the united states has given moldova $75000000.00 in humanitarian assistance, at nearly a $124000000.00 for economic development and security. in the summer of 2022, washington promised kitchen of another $64500000.00 to maintain democratic and economic stability. money from the u. s. and e u pays to maintain the state apparatus. meanwhile, ordinary citizens barely make ends meet and cannot even send their children to school. anna is also about to leave the country. but she has the toys detect spoiler lighting, your yarn, the kids and the cock motion of per kilometer ditty. just of a sobriety gunk of school a distinctly illusion. news i will go with it or nothing but a short tempered talk. we shout, which will you will you honey young's man of quit the providence garage? torkel symmetrical school is and course dashed interesting duties of railing which
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to last thing is that about the most to if it is only 2. but of course we'll do a tribute bonus videos with this 3 milestone global for a storage room when. if so, all chase thought out, think you mongrels am lithium store, foreign middle boy, you would just, you know, must sarah was mission what the quote to blah absolve. so rather than whichever gift to relatives in the very last about force balls. group loud given image in the service to neural fear, the national tier technology could laura book up with a new pre class when you mild yesterday, which are no, it's all true, but be ugly. the story of blue mir strategic latrina ha ha. would divide for from diamond risk of leon, moldova, rewriting history to restoring stat of romanian nazi. i like world war 2 soldiers
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at the bill after a rainy, a baltic star over you and your thesis you for our water, for we excuse that. our guy, philip roughly rebecca saw bush daniel b r i b which f was you know what? mobile vandal? neither my favorite color in lubbock and on friday i looked up another matter. my sister sean faculty mathematical thought flag. once she is in the national fight, go forth that equal to do on what's on penske woman in our mill, the $1.00 to $1.00 another boy, a c a plus carmella. you got it, it shows and i see her on when they got there. oh, you know it for europe or what you're back with the model of the was it your skin not orthography. swiss mom with mr. ne tennessee. mossey simmons to pottery. um do you come with darling? another number. yes. okay,
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timothy degraff machine and look at him speaking with national did you pick up from us? we lubin, rosky, and zip maluka, schoolteacher. i told him when you can move us fit them near austin book. i'm not sure why he teach with luca who was gonna go with us was i need to need a short laugh. so just a moment he's covered, usually my bill was getting off. so absolute on a short mall. boy, it's been a big deal for you want it so far from winnie or somebody. a bullying is 91 a. while during the 9th of life, the horror movies, i suppose, if you can focus with millions used to make fatty tolbert you want to saline your
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fruitful ah, in 2022 gas prices have rocketed so high that it isn't just city administrators and pensioners having to look for alternatives that entrepreneurs to they've had to abandon tried and tested technology. it borders on the absurd when mueller is used instead of gas. pi, william for like i wasn't in the money in my non love does that. we've got a i plus with a storm of fuel, somebody to say it over if you could figure out for the religious opinion august. right? that visit them purpose friendly? graham, who did believe about masha need to figured squamous people, not sick to grab the phone and be sure to grab a paper estimate. i
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thought, oh my god, them over when i was just remember that noise will cushioning but but they moved in with the new switch from the recital. mitchell austin, confusion flower will re a doorway slogan, way. see me as did he asked liam galloway gifts columbia besides, he couldn't proceed in ohio. it took several days for anna. collect from any other migrants from gaga was here to get to russia. she now lives in new moscow with her husband and children with a weakening leadership problem. ah, that he can, you know, we me, because always with an elephant. sammy perseveres the sweeney problem on. busy as anna made her way to russia, the moldova and security services sent their units to combat the capital of gaga was ja. she doesn't use what does it say, flu? she with what she's choice quite just publish. she thought so
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a possibly a he's putting us through them. he's good, go was you seem to be made to the, to the make up to read just keeping the stream. like you saw stuff, i see losing out. i mean, yes or money losing my apps or somebody. are you looking for a 4 foot switch for more for you and your special service? you can use them sure to was with. because if it's even the move wouldn't probably be that sort of a use of a cruise due to your question in your home, right? yeah. like when your nearest cross my, with a c good news, the bad in the middle of a show that the consumer and the guy wouldn't, you know,
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in tedious, similar to post mode or voters like a guess. forgot because there was a heat at the near, it was more than the chest model was fixed on the chest. we knew that the best for doing this with a much go with you for your problem. i'd be too much with just, you know, to work with my son that you more dollars a more do the work on a one that joe puts in part the romans center. therefore, when, if you got your little doors settlement i wanted to do is you know what the besides custody emma? yes ma'am. this is the final point of miss ireland. valentina is forced march. they
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rented a basic flat in a block in western moscow. many migrants share a similar fate. their parents usually stay in moldova and it's the broken ties that hurt the most. get a low and your goal was to play this microphone when you thought of computer, the se busch family is essentially starting again from scratch in moscow. and it's what most mud opens face today. for them, it's a game of survival ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah, ah, ah ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms, race,
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and his on offense. very dramatic development only personally and get into this. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk ah
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