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a so much as i pointed out on the billions of systems to what i see these 2 new policies don't ruin q lation says use a gun, bob. ah, this is who 11th grade. we learn that not to do a social is more nazis were good. they were heroes of ukraine. correspondence uncovers nationalist propaganda in school textbooks as he travels to the city of scott dall skin ukraine's hassan region. but it controlled by russian lead force. nato admit it had been planning to expand its military presence along russia's border years before the war and ukraine begun to completely ignore in moscow's red lines. the trail of the afghan people about how locals have fronted
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us plans to transfer 3 and a half $1000000000.00 of frozen afghan assets to a swiss bank. we hear from kabul central bank level, one of the rightful owner of the frozen assets on the afghan people, the decision of the us to transfer one part of that amount to a swiss bank is totally illegal according to international law under not so happy birthday as the ca, marxist, 75th anniversary, we look at the track record of the agencies laws under control. this is from the cuban missile crisis to the taliban resurgence in afghanistan with 7 am and a new week is just getting underway here in moscow. i'm peter scott and welcome to 30 minutes of news analysis nazi we start off with the latest developments in ukraine where battles continue for the hock of region. give had previously
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announced the complete takeover of the city of coupons saying the russian lead forces had left the eastern parts of the city. however, it's been reported that fighting is ongoing and that russian troops continue to hold defensive lines along the asshole. river, which runs through the settlement controlling the eastern parts of co pianist amid battles following a ukrainian counter offensive in the region osmotic gasdio has travelled behind the front line to the city of scott dusk in the head on region. and he sent us this report. the russian national guard behind the front lines they wage a different kind of war. fresh intelligence is coming. ukrainian nationalist, part of a sleeper cell has given himself away. national guard sped that yet the go ahead with that. oh,
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with with the move in court, you will the board of the finance if this one here it doesn't, it's model with the proposal. very good here for june. 3rd, sort of 3rd, but on this it is put off in almost every case. the excuse is the same. someone asked them to watch a weapon or a bomb cache for a couple of days. it almost every case turns out they live in crane is waging a massive terror campaign. in areas it has abandoned all loss here has opted for car bombings, assassinations, and tara almost entirely aimed at civilians. those ukrainians who dare side with
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russia. it can be a death threat, a bullet, a bomb, or a tactical misha. sca dobbs far from the front lines and of little military value was recently targeted by a barrage of ukrainian touch. good me, selves. 2 was shot down. one wasn't, he said i thought so i was calling to let her know, but i will let you know. so we're pretty saying a push go, don't try to help stella near lasonya. are you finding written one of the scandals? i didn't usually if that's where the thought in the money for wakefield. by that morning i do, especially if you're welcome to use the peculiar rachel. if i am the subject of music volume from nick before me, the steps that have been used in the eyes of ukrainian nationalists, the locals, deadly seen, was to accept russian control. they adjusted to a new life and to kiev,
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that is unforgivable. ah, it may seem surprising the school rather what was found here. peter, misers rushes argument that it had no choice but to act. schools were being turned into temples for radical nationalism. these are some of the textbooks that have been removed and the seroquel of ukrainian students, for example, here in these textbook, 5th grade, the textbook, we learn that the, my dad revolution was the right and just thing. and this was written by the people who were behind the my dad revolution. they went straight to the kids in another textbook. this is for 11th grade. as we learned that national socialism or nazis were good. they were heroes of ukraine. here you have old bach propaganda posters. he's with nazi collaborators. yet kids a told that they were heroes of ukraine,
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that russia has always been a drag on ukraine and has always abused ukrainians. we learned that i'm on to k, which was a hero of you crate. these nazi collaborator behind the deaths of thousands of jews in, in just one instance that has been verified and proved you also found the number of coursework. so essays written by students, 11th grade, this again, they were made to write essays about step on by better step on, but better. who is people not only collaborated with nazis, it offered them their help put in money. since a lu massa could $60000.00 push civilians to make way for pure blooded ukrainians, that's of course includes indoctrinating the young pumping them full of hate before they know any better. but that is now the past. they stood him until j a. so
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we'll keep it all in an archive. we won't destroy the books, they will be captain allen museum. we will replace them with textbooks that russia has already started to supply. and i'm sure there will be more supplies in the future. the school somehow kept its heritage the museum here choose history as it was a modified by political trends and nationalists dogma, ukrainians and russians, learning and living side by side in peace and harmony for generations. but i wanna show you something as we come here, a little girl. 3rd, 2nd read, went up to our driver and gave him these picture her and the soldier and the rainbow. life here is going to be very, very different. more at gasdio r t from scott's hassan region.
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nato has revealed its plans to increase its military presence on russia's borders years ago before the conflicts and ukraine broke out. and thus defied moscow warning the lines not to cross. it's red lines with more on how nato renee, on the promised that it would not move one inch to the east is fiorella is a this by russia's clearly marked red lines on nato expansion. the west has been blaming russia all this time painting putin as the villain and saying his actions in ukraine were, quote, unprovoked nato is a defense alliance. they said, however, it turns out the blog had planned to expand its presence eastward towards russia's borders. years ago, long before the current conflict began and ukraine, we're talking about the biggest overhaul of our military structures since 1949. the planning for that started several years ago. but now we're implementing
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it. it seems nails defense chiefs didn't hold back, emphasizing a need to sustain and increase allied support to ukraine, the addition of finland and sweden and highlighting that nato will back ukraine for as long as it takes with one collective priority. collectively, we must deny russia the possibility to change today's rule based international order. yet if you look at nato's official policy with russia and the promises from western politicians, things read a little different. nato enlargement is not directed against russia, nato, as a defensive alliance. every country that joins nato undertakes to uphold its principles and policies. this includes the commitment that nato does not see confrontation and poses no threat to the russian federation. we set out to build a good relationship with russia. if we maintain a presence in germany, that is
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a part of nato, there would be no extension of nato's jurisdiction for forces of nato, one inch to the east. it appears that the west is peaceful words have it exactly followed their actions as russian president vladimir putin pointed out, back in february. them when we have promised that they would not push nato's infrastructure eastward even one inch. every one is well aware of that. they said one thing, and they did another, as we say, in our country, they cheated us. they deceived us and put in isn't the only one. many western analysts and journalists have long admitted to nato's arrogant and toned death policy towards russia over the last quarter of a century. warning that continued expansion eastward would not end well. it would be extraordinarily difficult to expand nato eastward without that actions being viewed by russia is unfriendly. even the most modest schemes would bring the alliance to the boat as if the old soviet union and what have these actions of
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expanding eastward actually accomplished for the west other than higher energy cost and a potential dark winter? well, it looks like european nations have rapidly angered their own citizens into mass protests against nato and its disastrous economic consequences. ah, though all nato nations promised not to cross russia's red lines, promise not one inch east and promised that pose no threat to russia. a detailed paper trail of their actions shows the complete opposite. their most recent admission vindicates russia, but also shows that the block hasn't been transparent. and that pompous attitude has not done them any favors economically or with their own increasingly outraged
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populations. moving on now the u. s is set to transfer parts of afghanistan's national assets to a bank in switzerland. the central bank of afghanistan has condemned the decision as a legal miss miller had left the rightful owners of the frozen assets or the afghan people. we had this money for foreign trade payments. the decision of the u. s. to transfer one part of that amount to a swiss bank, establishing an institution there to disperse the money to hand it over to some private organization. setting their own rules for political purposes is totally illegal according to international law. how can they refuse to transfer that money to our central bank? this is a betrayal of the afghan people, the people's will and consent was totally ignored. and the afghan central bank was not consulted. we denounced c u. s. decision of the us says that it will not release the money directly to an afghan institution, as there is no guarantee that civilians will benefit. as the taliban seized power
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in afghanistan, u. s. froze around $7000000000.00 of afghan assets, u. s. president ordered cetera, rights half of that to finance payments from lawsuits by 911 victims. meanwhile, afghanistan faces a severe humanitarian crisis. on saturday, hundreds of afghans processing against the u. s. funds to sent parts of afghanistan's us as to a swiss bank demonstrates his waived banners with slogans blame in the us for the humanitarian crisis in the country. they called the immediate on freezing of the assets and the prosecution of soldiers who committed war crimes in the country. family guy when the americans have no rights to seize, are $9000000000.00. they have violated human rights and have gustavo, it is unfair if they don't give us our money back. we are a poor country and face a terrible situation to 2 are very low per capita income. america seized $9000000000.00 from us. and now they say they will transfer a 3500000000 to
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a swiss bank where a southern country under taliban rule. and our central bank is fully functional. that would amanda, united nations and other world bodies influence the united states to transfer the money directly to our government. so it can be spent on again, people misled at one during the last 2 decades. the americans did not serve our nation and they instead betrayed us by bombing our homeland and massacring our people at a large scale they killed our children, attacked our wedding parties, and bombed our funeral to sell. callahan, we appeal to the united nations to convict american and british military generals and bring them to justice. our award winning journalist and editor martin j says the u. s. is impose the harsh restrictions to gain leverage over the taliban. i think the case of the start of money is just one more element of the initiative defines taken ministration to transfer the funds to switzerland and hold the money in that account. not likely and
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a short term. so the money's going to be transferred to the conditions, the replies for the money to actually be transferred to africa. very strict. indeed, they're playing the gemini cough and also saying to the afghans with tyler bunch of look, let your central bank distances so politically from you let your central bank agree to a few conditions where they don't. and then we'll let you have the money, you know, and we will trust the central bank distributor accordingly to the very desperate corners of the country. this is a way of controlling countries is a way of getting the taliban to itself in order this the date marks 75 years since the creation of the main u. s. foreign intelligence agency, dca. and while us present, joe biden has previous the praise, the agency as a bedrock of national security correspondent, the drinker takes a low bucket to say is often flawed and controversial track record. just how old is
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what supposedly the world's most powerful intelligence force. it may seem that c, i a should date back to the early years of the u. s. itself, but in fact, it's even younger than the man who's currently president. the agency only appeared after world war 2 and failed at what was most expected of it back in the days to predict the conception of the 1st soviet nuclear weapon, time to flick through the archives, the in your on the basis of the evidence. now in our possession, it is estimated that the earliest date by which it is remotely possible that the ussr may have completed its 1st atomic bomb is mid 1950. but the most probable date is believed to be mid 1953. the words of one of the 1st central intelligence
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directors from 1948 silenced by the sound of the soviet union's 1st nuclear bomb test. in 1949, as the agency celebrates his anniversary, veterans will probably speak of their own glory, like former director mike compel did. a few years ago, i was the see. i director, we live which it, it was the hostile. it's like we, we had with entire, entire training courses if it remind you of the glory of the american experiment, the word glory next to lying, cheating and stealing, perhaps that sounds okay. if your head of the cia glory i was through throughout its history, the cia had multiple failures and has also been shaken by large number of scandals and disclosures. surround the operations, it has conducted
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a significant number of these operations were attempts to topple legitimate governments, heads of states both successful and unsuccessful. what's more warriors, or rather long list of the agencies, mistakes or cases when it was involved in some of the. busy worlds nastiest practices, nothing to do with america security going back to failures, sticking to nukes. the next thing that comes to mind is how the c, i initially didn't expect soviet warheads at americas doorstep and cuba. we all know how they got that one terribly wrong. staying with the 19 sixties and cuba, the failed bay of pigs invasion should rang a few bells. events that turned out to be a surprise for the agency include the 1973 young key, poor war in the middle east, or the 1979 revolution in iran. the seventy's, the late seventy's, were high point for the soviet union. the you, us was in terrible state,
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i think after after the combined setbacks of the being run out of southeast asia, soviet influence in africa and angola went through their cuban clients was growing . and then we moved into 19, we went through the carter period, which was a long period for ca. beyond that supposed low period, even the breakup of the soviet union in 1991, came out of the blue for langley. but most notably the see i couldn't predict and prevents 911. the intelligence community struggles throughout the nineties and up to 911 to collect intelligence on and analyze the phenomenon of trust, national terrorism, the combination of an overwhelming number of priorities, flood budgets. and now it's noticed, structure and bureaucratic rivalries resulted in insufficient response to this new
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challenge. but surprise, surprise, the u. s. intelligence said they found weapons of mass destruction in iraq. oops, deliberate or not. that was a mistake too. and moving on to the most recent past. oh, that's painful. what did the c i do about the taliban resurrecting in afghanistan? last year. we're back to where we were 25 years ago. afghan gorillas have defeated a superpower and made their country and inviting hostile for a new generation of aspiring terrace. and the cia will have very few american spies on the ground to assess that threat. bid oh, solid. been logged in with his al qaeda or the taliban and it's 2021 resurgence. it's widely seen that washington is still dealing with the consequences of how the c i a flooded of ghana stand with weapons in cash in the 1980s, all to try and deal the soviet union a fatal blow. i have
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a $1000000000.00 a year ahead. new weaponry, i had $250000.00, more or less full and part time afghans willing to stand up and fight. but there are many more archived pages to be flicked through the scope of controversies. the agency has been subject of is truly impressive. ranging from allegations of drug trafficking, when backing the anti communist contrasts in nicaragua to claims of widespread porter and secret prisons all around the world. a medical physical american legislation bans human torture, but only on u. s. territory. subsequently, there is no american law. the forbids using these measures outside of the us. these measures include experiments on people using various medications, hypnosis and other physical impacts. naturally, these are issues that should not be a part of intelligence agencies, scope of activity. oh, what a reputation. sadly,
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it even makes you want to replace the word intelligence in the name with a few other words, food, super m, f, c i. e, e e, has performed functions throughout the past decades. that show it is not purely an intelligence agency, but an instrument of the u. s. aggressively imposing its policy and neglecting international norms and laws. this policy is hedge, a monic, and aggressive towards other countries. well, happy birthday ca. ah, the biden administration has recently pointed to the importance of controlling the digital asset sector will also saying the u. s. government should identify current gaps in crypto currency regulation, petition, crypto experts, chris ems claims us is trying to control crypto currency any seeking to monopolize bitcoin? well, chris adams is currently on the f. b i's wanted list, allegedly for organizing a crypto conference in north korea. and helping the country evade us sanctions. he
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was accused of help in north korea, develop block chain tech to transfer money across borders. you was detained then in february and saudi arabia. but later released as re i decided not to extradite him to the u. s. my colleague donal quarter, got more details from chris adams in our studio. the you were detained in saudi arabia, the u. s. f b, i wants you because you were in north korea and some sort of block chain conference . give us the story. so i was indicted by the by the f b i back in the end of january this year for violating us sanctions that are only a pickable u. s. people, as you can probably tell from acts and on a north american british. and so that was the long trade of trying to leave saudi arabia where i was at the time where i was detained for a month based on an in support read notice and the f. b, i most wanted listing i was in jet the time in which president biden visited saudi
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arabia. i don't think it went well for him at all. i think that, you know, the, the days are gone in which the us can truly and cajole countries even like saudi arabia, one of the closest allies. so i think that, yeah, you see, right. that played a very big part in, in my freedom to me being his, be confused today. what exactly happened at this conference in north korea? so the thing is done absolutely nothing. this is the crazy thing, right? it's, you know, there's really stories of meeting the sanctions dodging mastermind. it's only cost me money. i never made a penny. i think the russian federation has a huge opportunity right now to embrace crypt currency to regulate the space for regulation in order to make sure that you know, sort of money laundering and a sort of crimes use the crypto but to really use it to engage in trade with the world because essentially that's what crypto it's dawn, it's designed to liberate the world from and to create calmness and free trade. and
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there's a lot more decrypt than just bitcoin, right? say, you know, we have, we have stable quincy box one to one on any weaker encrypted currency. but that would be like us thought as we both years. and those things are of genuine wet, genuinely, right, remittance methods that can be used by anyone. but the great thing is that can be used by anyone. no one can stop them, which is exactly why i believe the u. s. targeted me in the 1st place with thing that tried to control control crypto currency was thing they're trying to monopolize specifically bitcoin right. now, but they, the, the, one of the things that they don't really understand the underlying technology, it's encrypt. so we wouldn't say multiplied it. we said the centralized, right? the centralized community of people, the fed up with this narrative, we're seeing these, the sanctions where basically that we're being told who you can be friends with, who you can invite to come to your house. you know, if, if i, if i live in london, i can't get my friends to moscow to fly in and see me. people are fed up with it
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because we live we, we live in this multi part of, well, i believe already the internet has changed the world phenomenally, in what we would call a web to. we now moving into web 3, which is just going to enhance that and open up the well to even more possibilities . ah, the least 5 banks have been robbed in lebanon amid the country's worst ever financial crisis. lebanon's banks have lot most deposited outs of their savings since an economic crisis took hold there 3 years ago, leaving much of the population, unable to pay for even basic goods. the association of banks in lebanon did announce that all banks will be closed for 3 days. starting from today, monday ortiz to st. i'd. reports was since they looked at one of the banks are being stormed in lebanon. several have been attacked by depositors demanding that they received their savings. customers are threatening to set banks on fire to use weapons and further escalate the situation so that their rights will be upheld. a little more de and darlin,
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we are the depositors outcry association. and we are declaring war and these liberties banks, after 3 years of peaceful means, our demands have not been met. on the contrary, the government is trying to impose a law to control the capital and legitimize the embezzlement of the depositors funds. we are not going to remain idle. they're trying to turn us into criminals, but we are seeking to uphold arise as we are trying to get our money back up. the said all the escalation is creating panic and confusion among bank workers and has prompted the national banking association to completely shut those establishments for 3 days. the interior ministry has called for an emergency meeting to discuss these events and work on a plan to stabilize the situation in the country. no one has any good. depositors need to be careful. it is important that nobody instigates them to destabilize the situation and the country. we know there are powers prompting the customers to do so. the security service is investigating such organizations, but the details are confidential. what in the more roman or what is crisis has been
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ongoing for 3 years. and lebanese government still can't find a solution to guarantee depositors rights to their own money. people keep on escalating the situation to defend their rights because of this, the country has entered into a period of instability. i thought that it was done at the storming of the banks, lebanon has been impacting everyone seeking to uphold their rights. it's turned into a nationwide problem destabilizing the country, and it seems that this is their only chance as the government has failed to find a solution who's saying i yod, r t, a root, any walk that's are up for now. and peter scott's on the back again at the top of the hour with all the latest news and views writes here on nazi international. ah, ah,
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ah, mm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race. is an offense. very dramatic development. only really, i'm going to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful. very difficult . time. time to sit down and talk with
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lou in the ukrainian oligarchy. private armies a murdering thug. had a salary of $1300.00 a month, but this the well nationalist battalion fighters who were beyond the control of the regular army, had to do the dirtiest work, but not even the ukrainian special services dead to perform with mother bother you up. shoot cranes came up on my lease that neil was put in your mind. it was written the must all go good. i unit of christ upon it. so nickel could i and so i watched him william poll nuts and then you got the needles to get out of the.


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