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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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well, it was, it was the case was up and then your big us with that they sure i see that i think it's an old ship company that were still a little below vanessa. getting up with a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed. newer store, they were just customers are passers by disturbing images coming in from don bobs where at least 13 people, including 2 children are killed in the massive artillery shelling by ukrainian forces and the dynamic city center. that's according to local authorities. we hear from local resident living in the south flu right over my head right here. it was. the only thing that saved me was that i stepped out only one narrative. that's how moscow describes western media attempts to accuse russia of mass killings in
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boucher and now in the city of these you a betrayal of the afghan people. that's how local to have branded us plans to transfer a 3 point. $5000000000.00 frozen afghan assets to with, with bank we hear from the cool central bank get the decision of us to transfer one part of that amount to a swiss bank is totally illegal according to international law, with just after 3 pm and the russian capital and you're watching r t international. my name's donald quarter. welcome to the program. now we begin this news hour with breaking news. 13 people have been killed. the latest ukrainian artillery attack on the city of done yet. that's according to a statement by the mayor. a warning you may find some of the following images disturbing, shelling, targeted, crowded areas in the city center. and this is footage showing the aftermath of an
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artillery strikes on a busy central square where civilians including 2 children, were killed while they were stepping out of shops and even waiting for a bus. if blurred out images of the human cost of this latest horrifying attack by cubes force and ask authorities are still working to determine the complete number of casualties. as you can see, several buildings and public infrastructure were damaged and the carnage has civilians were killed while going about their daily business has left surviving residence. terrified with fears of yet another attack by key of forces. those local military officers have been inspecting the scene to determine the weapon which caused the deadly blast. some of the local residents who survived the attack and spoke of the heroic horrifying ordeal. the attack came in 3 waves and you faced shall landed behind that building over where the bank is. we do not know where the 2nd one men did. a sad one fell right here is there is
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a bus stop here, a cafe, a market. this is the center of our neighbourhood. no one uses cars here. it's a pedestrian area. so you know, i'm looking in the go away, but only the cell flew right over my head right here. so the only thing that saved me was that i'd stepped out with what they're doing is horrible. you try to survive people, it's just impossible. i left for russia, but now look, i've come back will resolve. what i see you did on the list are corresponded. maxime l tory reports from the scene. love so that if genetics has once again been sheltered of the central baku commissar street and has been hit, leaving at least 13 people dead. it's a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed near a store. they were just customers were passers by before you while we were documenting ukrainian shelling of another part of the city. this latest attack
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occurred over table little guns people's republic was also targeted in an overnight attack as authority say. the city of the han of was hit by 5 nato type high marsh rockets, a cultural center and a school were destroyed. so far, no casualties have been reported. only one narrative. that's how moscow has slammed western attempts to accuse russia of mass killings in the city of is you as the establishment media tries the same tactics. it used to when covering the controversy at boucher good to just tonight is to butcher is the same scenario as books. everything is of woven according to one scenario. it's so allied we will of course be defendant the truth in the story. while to get more details on this story, we've got our correspondent maria phenomena here with us in the studio. hi maria. so please give us the details. what's being said in the western media about is room right now. yes,
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we see the story is developing very fast. and leaps and bounds with accusations actually come in before evidence of a foreign minister of the czech republic. the currency holds the president of the council called on sunday for a special international tribunal to investigate what had happened in his zoom. but even before the probe, he actually called for started, he claims that russia left behind mass grades of hundreds of short and tortured people. so as you can see, claims before evidence before any official investigation west media coverage is also remarkable. as soon as you credit in took that areas you remember human high region has been under the ration control since free. western journalists of course, started flawed in a to see with their own eyes. what is going on on the ground, and on thursday and advisor to the quote in interior ministry told bbc that around $1000.00 dead bodies have been discovered in a zoom. but interesting is that the telegraph charlie's visited the site,
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the town on the same day on thursday, and they later published an article saying, but they didn't see any evidence of that. here's the quotation. the telegraph did not see any evidence of that scale of death during a visit on thursday creek or denied knowledge of any war crimes. we didn't interact with them and they didn't interact with us. he said of the russians from what i know there wasn't detentions, executions, torture. so not only did they didn't said with their own eyes, but also they talked to local residents who actually were living there in a zoom onto the russians. and they said that nothing bad had happened. but still we hear accusations and we hear all about mass graves and war crimes again. and again, what's strange though, is that just less than a day later, the telegraph changed suddenly finality that's off to authorities in key of started
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talking about another book to happened in a zoom and ever since they started using the word torture. well, covering a zoom story and of course such sudden change is please suspicious. we mentioned mass graves, what more can you tell us specifically about cubes? claim that ukrainian forces found mass graves. well, 1st of all, we have to say that it's t v. the use of the term mass grave is completely wrong because the picture is that so far happening, published by western and you credit media show and make sure cemetery in a forest right. not a pile of dead buddies and a d h. this is what comes in your mind when you hear about mass raids, the rock crosses their names on these crosses and they so people's death. so the question is, who is buried there? we hear from the granite authorities that civilians have been found in those graves . well, could be, but the question is killed by who russians took this town beginning of april and
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ever since for the next 5 months you've created and have been trying to take it back militarily, of course. and here's the local residents. that is asking the same question. i have to tell you that all the video is coming from the ground. a very hard to be verified. and this is what we have. who has been shilling my home for the past 5 months? i couldn't even go out into my yard who has been doing this. that's the question. and who show the market? i want to know who's been sharing my home. we should have looked to the sky to see who it was. next, if we take a closer look at the pictures and videos coming from the ground, some of the graves are clearly marked as form ukranian soldier on known ukrainian soldier. we do not know exactly when these graves appeared. what you've key is talking about fresh graves and russians happening on the ground for the last 5 months. that means that russians have been buried,
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ukrainian military. and we've seen that before because we know that there is the sad part. and when the, when an army is leaving their dads behind, without taking the good care of them, without taking them away without berry naturally of them. and next, there are even graves with dates of death before rushes to control of a zoom. and of course, you can use these pictures accusing russians. well, the certainly is not the 1st time that key. i was accused russia of war crimes. what other claims are being made here against russia? yeah, that's sure and very sad that the granite allegations of russian crimes have been proven in the past. maybe you remember there was a huge candle when the ukrainian human rights ombudsman was actually fired after it had been revealed that her claims about mass sexual violence, allegedly at the hand of the russian military happened to be fake. and this is not my words. this is the words of the ministers and here let's take
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a listen from the income prehensile concentration of the mass media work on numerous details of sexual crimes committed in the unnatural way, which he could not confirm with evidence only harm to crane. and later days of herself confessed that she did bad to both weapons supplies. to keep, imagine that, let's take a listen. i talked about terrible things in order to somehow push them to make the decisions that ukraine and the ukraine in people need. so you have to remember about all these things when you read or watch news about you these days. ukraine now needs more weapons as well. so maybe they're just trying to use the same tactics as they used before. definitely some food for thought. thank you. maria. phenomena for bringing us those details. now the u. s. is set to transfer part of couples assets to a bank in switzerland and the central bank of ghana. stan has condemned that
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decision as illegal miss mila had left the rightful owners of the frozen assets or the afghan people. we had this money for foreign trade payments. the decision of the u. s. to transfer one part of that amount to a swiss bank, establishing an institution, they're to disperse the money to hand it over to some private organisation, setting their own rules for political purposes. it's totally illegal according to international law. how can they refuse to transfer that money to our central bank? this is a betrayal of the afghan people and the people's will and consent was totally ignored. and the afghan central bank was not consulted. we denounce the us decision of the us says it will not release money directly to an african institution, as there is no guarantee that civilians will benefit from it. when the taliban seized power in afghanistan, the us froze around $7000000000.00 of the country's assets. it has since ordered that 3500000000 be used to fund litigation by 911 victims. meanwhile,
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afghanistan phases of severe humanitarian crisis. on saturday, hundreds of afghans protested against us planned to send some of those assets to us with banks. demonstrators waived sanders with, with slogans claiming america for the countries humanitarian prices. they called for the immediate release of the assets and the prosecution of soldiers who committed war crimes and against the americans have no rights to seize or $9000000000.00. they have violated human rights, and again, as it is unfair, if they don't give us our money back, we are a poor country and terrible situation due to very low per capita income america sees and then 1000000000 dollars from now they see they will transfer a 3500000000 to a swiss bank. we are southern country under taliban rule, and our central bank is fully functional demand. the united nation and other world bodies influence the united states to transfer the money directly to our government
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can be spent on getting people. during the last 2 decades, the americans did not serve our nation and they instead betrayed us by bombing, or homeless and massacring our people that a large scale they killed. our children attacked our wedding parties and bombed our funeral. we appeal to the united nations to convict american and british military generals and bring them to justice. our order winning journalist martin j says that the u. s. has imposed these harsh restrictions to gain leverage over the taliban. i think the case of the still money is just one more element of it. obviously the initiative defines, taken. ready administration to transfer the funds to switzerland and hold the money in that account. not likely in the short term, but the money is going to be transferred to the conditions, the rigor placed for the money to actually be transferred to afghanistan. very strict indeed, they're playing the gemini cars are also saying to the africans,
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tyler bond look, let your central bank distances so elicited from you. let your central bank agree to a few conditions that were laid down. and then we'll let you have the money, you know, and we will trust the central bank distributor accordingly to the very, very desperate corners of the country. this is a way of controlling countries is a way of getting the telephone to itself in order punishment. first verdict to later, that's how iran has described a u. s. position before the international criminal court as drawn says the west violated around sovereign rights by illegally confiscating billions of dollars on fabricated charges. foundation of this case is the elementary principal that relations between states must be based on international law. the u. s. legislation cuts the link between punishment and responsibility. united states
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legislation doesn't bother with questions of proof or of attribution or of responsibility. never mind proving that iran is guilty, you know, new particular case sentence 1st, verdict afterwards. if the united states believes that iran should answer for its alleged actions under international law, why did it not seek to bring this matter before this court? rather than breaching international law itself thereon claims the u. s. not only violated international law, but also a bilateral treaty between the countries. it's seeking reparations for $2000000000.00 and assets seized from iranian banks and companies. you said it was taking the money to give it to victims of terrorist attacks. blame aren't blamed on the iranian state. but tron has adamantly denied the claims that it's supported
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terrorism. yet more on this story. we're in a cross live now to sad mohammad mirandi, a professor at the university of to ron hyder professor. i 1st i want to ask you what you make of iran's opening arguments against the u. s. what are the merits of these claims? it's pretty clear that the claims really should be made by iran, not the united states in your peace, your behind you was to find out the shaws regime before the revolution. in fact, it was at that time when the united states began to really terrorize the running people in 1953 be carried out. who in the country overthrew the legitimate government in iraq and installed the shop. and the united states helped him secure and created his position and create a secret police to subjugate iranian people until the revolution. and during the
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revolution. right after a key mass occurrence on which was called black friday in a square called charlotte, which is now called march a square. large numbers of the riots were gone down on the next day. jimmy carter called the shop and gave him his full competence. and then of course, after the revolution, the united states tried to undermine the new government by supporting terrorist organizations, separate or separate or separate this organization. and then they supported saddam hussein gave them a weapons along with their european allies. so the u. s. is the real culprit when it comes to your on u. s. relations. but of course, it is the super power that is able to make claims and then mobilize the media to make it look as if it's the victim of the fact that the international criminal
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court is hearing around side in itself is important. do you think that the international community is generally against these unilateral actions that the united states loves to take? well, the united states has withdrawn from this organization. no, they'll have nothing to do with it. and we know that the united states will not abide by its decisions. and we also know that the european countries and, and western countries will baby united states, whatever happens. so it's not as if the united states will be force by the so called international community, which basically means western countries to give compensation. i myself survive to chemical attacks, as anyone in any government in, in the european union or north america come to me to offer compensation to offer
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the 10s of thousands of iranians who are suffering from chemical weapons as we speak, compensation or even an apology. has anyone even spoken of giving compensation to the 10s of thousands of iranians who die over the years and during the war as a result of chemical? but i don't know how many thousands die, but if you include the rockies who are gas by saddam hussein, his own people, they were, i'm sure they are in the 10s of thousands. but, you know, this is not something that the europeans and americans will ever do because their war crimes, their invasion of iraq, their destruction of libya, the genocide in yemen, which they help bring about the destruction of act on the sun. all of these crimes that are committed by these, this collective group in nato and their allies, such as an australian there's, there's never going to be accountability, at least in the foreseeable future for, for these actions. so they're the real culprits. yet they present the victim
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as the aggressor and of course, as i said, they have the power of media. and therefore they're even able to make the global south believe a lot of what they say about the global south. well, as you mentioned, the united states pulled out of the international criminal court. it also did not only sanction russia, but also other member states of the i. c. c. in the past. iran condemned these actions and said the u. s. is trying to avoid international trials for their actions in afghanistan. so what do you think about that? yes and it's it's, it goes across continents and across the world. the united states is trying to make men as well and has been trying to make venezuela suffer as much as possible. the people of cuba have been under siege for many decades more than longer than iraq in nicaragua. we see that the united states has intensified its attempts to impose
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sovereign suffering on ordinary people. so in latin america, people know quite well the viciousness of the american government. and of course, as i was saying earlier in our part of the dirty warren, syria where the united states and its allies supporting isis and all these other extremist groups, just like they've been doing in ukraine when they were supporting right wing. and they are supporting right wing nazi's, new nazi militias and ukraine. and no one will complain about it or no one can complain about it without getting into trouble. they did the same thing and here they did the same thing in nicaragua by supporting the contrast, they did the same thing in iran. they supported the m e k. terrace organization in iran, which kills 17000 people. fought for saddam hussein. it's a now they're based in europe. they have offices across europe in north america and central bases and albania, if thousands of foot soldiers in albania right now carry out cyber attacks and
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their cyber armies funded by nato government. well, do you think there is any prospect that the united states will face consequences if a ran sees victory in this case? could it have any sort of serious impact on u. s. foreign policy? well, in general, i think that the united states is on the decline and the united states and its european allies are facing a much more difficult future ahead. they will not be able to control the rest of the world, like they did in the past. and there, and as we move forward, i think their scope of authority will radically decrease. and whether or not there is ever a punishment in store for the european union who gave for example,
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chemical weapons stadiums and the united states are giving them the military intelligence to use it. and the political cover to get away with it. whether or not there's ever any accountability is one thing. but what is important is that as the united states find it, adversaries are going to remember these things, whether it's in iran, on us, on venezuela, anywhere, anywhere else in the world. russia, people are going to remember this, and they're going to remember what the united states did to them, and that itself will have consequences. professor at the university of toronto, said mohammed mirandi, thanks a lot for joining us on the program. once again. thank you. the lebanese banks are too close for 3 days for monday, after a series of hold ups by depositors demanding access to their frozen savings. financial collapse took hold of the country 3 years ago,
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forcing around 3 quarters of the population into poverty. here's our teachers saying, i add with more, who says that of dishonesty, banks are being stormed in lebanon. several have been attacked by depositors demanding that they receive their savings. customers are threatening to set banks on fire to use weapons, and further escalate the situation. so that the rights will be upheld. a little more de installing. we are the depositors outcry association, and we are declaring war and these liberties banks. after 3 years of peaceful means or demons, have nodding mats. on the contrary, the government is trying to impose a law to control the capital there, and legitimize the embezzlement of the depositors funds. we are not going to remain idle. they're trying to turn us into criminals, but we are seeking to uphold arise as we are trying to get our money back up. the said all the escalation is creating panic and confusion among bank workers and has prompted the national banking association to completely shut those establishments
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for 3 days. the interior ministry has called for an emergency meeting to discuss these events and work on a plan to stabilize the situation in the country. no my, that he good are the depositors need to be careful. it is important that nobody instigates them to destabilize the situation and the country we know there are powers prompting the customers to do so. the security service is investigating such organizations. hi, but the details are confidential. the let the, the mold woman on what is crisis has been ongoing for 3 years. and lebanese government still can't find a solution to guarantee depositors rights to their own money. people keep on escalating the situation to defend their rights. because of this, the country has entered into a period of instability in i thought the label was done with the storming of the banks, lebanon has been impacting, everyone seeking to uphold their rights, is turned into a nationwide problem destabilizing the countries. and it seems that this is their only chance as the government has failed to find a solution who's saying i yod,
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r t, a root, any a while. before we go, take a look at some live pictures behind me from london's royal park, or the queen's funeral procession is ongoing members of the royal family as well as world leaders are attending the ceremony. the procession is accompanied by free 1000 members of the british armed forces. the carriage holding the queen's coffin was also used during the funeral of her father, king george. the 6th queen elizabeth coffin will be taken for burial at windsor castle. the queen was the longest serving monarch in british history until she died earlier this month at the age of $96.00. ah ah, b extra
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watching r t international. my colleague, nicky aaron, will be taking over with more news and just about 30 minutes, so make sure to stay to ah, ah ah
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ah ah, we ah ah ah, ah with ah. the ukranian oligarchs. private armies, a murdering thug had a salary of $1300.00 a month for this the well nationalists battalion fighters who will be on the
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control of the regular army to do the dirty work, but not even the ukrainian special services to perform. the mother ship creams cannot lease us putting in line. it must go to a unit of crisis upon us and the cream so ours can win appointments and then you can still get out of it. but all sorts of she was focused on the me to be like, ah, was by you lots of korea now. what old on the printer can foam bridge completely? coca what not pulling up a student wishing you're going to take the federal ministers on the machine. yeah.
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boy, do you do more? yes, i was done. i'm not sure how to don't by volunteer unit commander of me know because i've been defending his territory since spring 2014. he's personally witness. dozens of crimes carried out by the ukrainian military from the us and i'll be in the office for that week and then that's what they put on. but the one office was going to make a call up and you minute and yet the cordial, i know that a source that was done she was you know, it's not the one you will do. i guess the.


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