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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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ah, ah, with a, it's a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed, new or stuart disturbing images coming from don't boss for at least 13 people, including 2 children are killed in massive artillery shelling by ukrainian food and adorn yet $0.50. that's according to local authorities. we heard from residents that come on the end of the shell, flew right over my head right here. the only thing that saved me was that i'd stepped out flipping the narrative with the media. now say board even the city of is the on the show signs of torture by russian soldiers of the earliest saying there's absolutely no evidence to support such
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a theory and is ready for with these raid several palestinian human rights groups and feel at the front door so i think terrorism allegations, without providing any evidence, we heard from a representative of one of those organizations to say, israel wants to find that stuff. we want to stop doing what we are doing. and everybody knows that. and other organizations have submitted a few communications to the international court to providing evidence on crimes that have been committed, occupied palestinian to record a very warm welcome. this is all t international with the latest news day is good to have you. with 13 people have been killed and at least 8 others wounded in the latest ukrainian artillery a talk on the city of. don't yet ask. that's according to the statement by the math warning you might find some of the following is upsetting. the shelling,
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targeted crowded area in a city center. this footage shows the aftermath of an artillery strike on a busy central square where civilians including 2 children were killed while they were outs. shopping out the stepping outside of shops and even waiting for a bus. now we blurred out the images that the human cost of this latest horrifying attack don. yes schools are, it is a still working to determine the complete number of casualties. as you can see, several buildings and public infrastructure were damaged. local military officers have been inspecting the scene to determine the weapon which caused the deadly blast. some of the local resident susan 5, the attack spoke of the horrifying ordeal. moody attack came in 3 waves. a. you fast shall landed behind that building of a where the bank is. we do not know where the 2nd one man did you. sad one fell right here. is there is a bus stop here, a cafe, a market. this is the center of our neighbourhood. no one who uses cars here. it's
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a pedestrian airy avenue from you don't among the go away for only the shelf flew right over my head right here. so the only thing that saved me was that i stepped out where to go to believe what they're doing is horrible. you try to survive the boat, it's just impossible. i left for russia, but now look, i've come back will resolve or see what if i see corresponded max, him out, sorry, was in the area covering the aftermath of a previous attack. when he heard about the incoming shelling and rushed to the sea, he brought this report to reserve a finance has once again been sheltered. the central bark, who commissar street has been hit, leaving at least 13 people dead. it's a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed near a store, they were just customers or passers by. while we were documenting ukrainian showing of another part of the city, this latest attack occurred. ligan's people's republic was also targeted in an
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overnight attack as authority say, the city of sucking up with hit by 5, nato type high miles rockets, a cultural center and the school were destroyed. no casualties have yet been reported. the civil chamber of the la guns people's republic is called for an immediate vote on whether the republic should become a part of russia the chain to say such a move would facilitate reconstruction. and further developments in the republic, as well as in shore protection from ukrainian forces. no guns confessed to say they competed that the republics residents will vote in favor. as many have hope to join russia since the dawn bass conflicts broke out 80 years ago. and they were gone, yes, people's republic is one of the officials and the care on regent of also said they may soon hold a similar vote unless dmitri babich things that people like guns believe that russia will guarantee safety and stability then it will be a part of that rational therapy, and it will give all the support that all the ration therapy. it will cover the
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protection of russian media, g, legal protection. it will be defended by all the wives or the russian states. and basically this is what people really want. they want protection, they want guarantees that they will not be get will back to create or as you know, that means group or the principal that he behaves the conditions that will become a part of your brain. again, key of the local here, the conditions continue to kill people that so now they're patient as wrong. they want to become a part of russia. that's true. only will narrative. that's how moscow is slammed western attempts to accuse russia of mass killings and the city is the end of the establishment. media tries the same tactics that use when covering the control the butcher. the to just tonight is to which are the same scenario is butram. everything is unfold, and according to one scenario, it's all
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a lie. we're will of course be defending the truth in the story. earlier on, a correspondent maria phenomena took me through the details of the events and is in the stories developing a very fast and leaps and bounds with accusations actually come in before evidence on sunday, before a minister of the czech republic, the currently holds the president of the council called for a specialist to national tribunal to investigate what had happened in his room, but actually before even the probe he actually called for started the minister claimed that the russians left behind mass graves off hundreds of short and portion peoples. you can see claims without any of the evidence with no grounds and before any official investigation. western media coverage is also remarkable. as soon as the christians took the city back had, as you remember, human hika, the region had been under the russian control since praying. western journalists of course started slotting a to see with their own eyes. what's going on on the ground. and on thursday,
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an advisor to the quint interior ministry told the b. c that around $1000.00 dead buddies happened, discovered in a zoom. interesting though, is that the telegraph journalists were there at the same time on thursday. and they later published nautical saying that they didn't see any evidence to that. the telegraph did not see any evidence of that scale of death during a visit on thursday. category denied knowledge of any war crimes. we didn't to interact with them and they didn't interact with us. he said of the russians from what i know there wasn't detentions, executions, torture. so as you just heard, not only the didn't see where their own eyes, but they talk to local residents who actually were leaving their on the directions . and they said, but nothing about had happened. but still we hear about accusations and mass brazen war crimes. what is strange and actually said a that in less than a day after that the tag are suddenly changed
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a finality that's after the authorities. and he had started talking about 2nd boot to happened in his room. and ever since they started using the word torture while covering the events in him and that sudden change is at least suspicious. you would agree. well, i understand that kev says they have evidence of a mass graveyard. is that not correct? well, 1st of all, the use of the term mass graves is completely wrong. the pictures that so far have been published by your credit in western media show actually, and make sheaf cemetery in a forest, not a pile of dad, but there's an a d h. this is the picture that comes to mind when we hear about mass race. there are crosses there and names on it and days of people's das. there . the question is, who is buried there? russians to the c t and of march beginning of april and for the next 5 months key of course has been trying to take it back militarily. and here is a local resident asking the same question, who is buried there?
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and i have to tell you that of course, all videos coming from the ground from isn't particularly a very hard to be verified who has been sharing my home for the past 5 months. i couldn't even go out into my yard who has been doing this. that's the question, and who shall the market? i want to know who's been shutting my home. we should have looked to the sky to see who it was. we did not know exactly when these graves appeared, but if key is talking about fresh graves and we know that russians have been there in a zoom in the last 5 months, that could be the russians had been burying ukrainian soldiers. and this could be true, that sounds likely because we know that there is the sad part and that key of did not take actually care of you credit soldiers killed in action. but anyway, it is nothing to do with mass graves that we hear about in the mainstream. and also they arrive in grades with date of death before rushes to control of the town. and
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you cannot use it to fuse russians. actually, that's absurd, but it's not the 1st time that moscow russian forces have been accused of such atrocities. of this nature. springs to mind. yes. that to say that quintinella ations of russian crimes happened disproven in the past. maybe you remember there was a huge candle when the ukraine in human rights ombudsman was actually fired. denise of a, her name was off to, had been revealed that her claims of mess, sexual violence, allegedly, at the hands of russian military worth fake. and this is not my words, this is in the words of the ministers in kiev, the incompressible concentration of the mass media of work and numerous details of sexual crimes committed in the unnatural way which he could not confirm with evidence only harm to crane and later no, the niece of even confessed that she did that to boost weapons supplies to key if so, maybe now when ukraine one small weapons,
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they are trying to use the same tact as they used before. a big loser in the ukraine conflict. the european union, that's according to former greek prime minister and opposition. nita alexis, the press who points out that neither russia nor the us has suffered any significant economic impact. the u. s. is not losing neither economically nor geo. strategically. economically, russia is not losing either. the ruble has become one of the strongest currencies. it is europe that is in a vortex. and in my opinion, there is a clear lack of leadership vision strategy. while the former prime minister emphasized his solidarity with ukraine, he said brussels needs to reevaluate his measures against russia. so the e u is not quote, shooting itself in afoot. his claims i could a sentiment recently expressed by the speaker of hungary national parliament who said that amid the conflicts the e. u has been acting against his most basic economic interests. greek diplomats,
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li, anita chris on buffalo. he previously served in the countries permanent representation to the e. you said he agrees with saperstein's, there's assessment as the people of europe are paying for the use failed policies. i totally agree with him. that's the big loser in this, in this conflict is, is europe european union and it's people because it is weeds of people are going to suffer of either ship that they exist today in, into europe, in union and, and this so called leadership is something stupid measures because contrary to the interests of, of europe, because we are big now with the energy prices and with all the other negative things that are happening to so european people that was paying for the stupidity the leaders. so n g crisis in europe would be who, who,
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her sanctions and start discussions, political discussions between the west and russia. in order to solve this problem, it will help humanity also. and take us away from, from the danger of having a nuclear holocaust. us president joe biden has raised eyebrows, isn't questionable, comments, he's recently given to the u. s. media as far as 2015 fit for all phase and even thing, because pandemic has ended under his watch inflation rate month to month just oh, just a niche. it fair dominican is over. some people ask whether you are fit for the job . watch me. proof of the put is in the. sadly we're watching. and the entire world laughs because we have been watching you shake hands with the air. walk around like you're in a days at stage direction,
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from your speeches to the actual speech. you are a laughingstock and in turn have made the usa a laughing stocked all. we do watch you. we see you're failing mental acuity. we see you stumble over words and forget your place. we watch how you walk like a zombie. as far as your schedule, it's empty. you do a couple of things. then you go home to delaware and nap. that's what we see. dude . excuse me, jack. widen has tried to smoke off mounting economic concerns as us price. inflation has skyrocketed to his highest point and for decades. and although he says the pandemic has ended, there are still around 60000 new cases reported daily in the country. as one is about $400.00 deaths from the virus bite and also insisted that he would send us military forces to defend taiwan in case of a conflict with mainland china. a statement that sparks immediate condemnation from beijing, the u. s. had previously refused to answer directly about whether its troops would
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be involved in such a conflict if it would occur. the white house lays about tract, somebody in statement saying washington's policy hasn't changed. we heard from ed martin ahead of the us conservative group phyllis that shefly eagles, who says such incoherence could be disastrous for u. s. foreign policy. in the world's people look at the leader of america and the leader of our great and wonderful and strong military. and they see a guy who doesn't either know what the policy is or is being corrected by his staff . so my concern is that he's changing policy based on an interview and then changing it back an hour later. i think it's a disaster. his answers as you played some of the clips that are in coherent when he's being asked about his incoherence. i mean, it didn't make sense, whatever he was saying about up an inch or something. again, you talk about incoherent talking, it's 88 percent, plus month to month. everyone is dealing with the idea that he sort of shrugged it off and said things are short, a stable, it's stable if in
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a way that is absolutely decimating. and i mean that term specifically decimate means 10 percent. it's taking 10 percent of our money away because of his policies . it's a disaster and it's the biggest reason, frankly, that he's going to pay the biggest price in november at the poll at the polls. is ready for his happy rating, palestinian human rights groups that have accused of supporting terrorism without providing evidence. the surveillance camera video shows these radio authorities breaking down the door of rights groups all faced with some of the service men, even taking selfies and photos together with their phones. then they took a sheet of muslin filled off their front door, issuing an order to forbid anyone from entering several palestinian rights groups of experienced. similar raids with that door was sealed, shut it as well as accused them of involvement and deadly attacks by palestinian forces while they say that most likely being targeted because they've been documenting alleged abuses by his ready soldiers. we heard from
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a local legal center that says the rates literally trample upon palestinians fundamental vice this attack on palestinian civil society as an attack on the entire palestinian people and their right to self determination. these organisations were not given any opportunity to defend themselves against secret evidence that the israeli security forces allegedly hold against them. we have from time seen a lion who is a legal research on project manager at al hawk, one of the white groups that was rated. he says that israel is trying to silence these organizations on the end, the activities. they are trading our organizations simply because they want to silence us. they want us to stop doing what we are doing, especially available of the international criminal court. everybody knows that i'll talk and other organizations have submitted a few communications to the international court. it providing evidence on crimes
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that have been committed in the cooper palestinian territory. they do not want anybody to say anything to them. they want to continue committing their crimes without any kind of accountability. anybody who dares to do this is classified as a thoroughness and gets their offices rated and sometimes receive even death threats . they wanted to send the message of disrespect to the organization and the work that it is doing. they distributed some of the business cards on each other. they took senses in a sign that shows them not respecting the work that we are doing and shows the other guns that they are enjoying. that's a state that is considering itself above below. and that is the normal reaction and that's the normal behavior of their soldiers. it's not that they act such in and
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human rights organization even sometimes they bit each others to killer palestinian who can shoot him and who can kill him. and after the killing they just appear to be very happy when they kill him or her. it's a state that is very elegant, that it acts as if it is above the law, and they believe that nobody is going to hold them accountable. and as long as they are not held accountable by the international community, we believe that they will continue to act like this. us secretary of state antony blanca needs to meet with the top diplomats of our media and as a by john in an effort to resolve tensions following deadly border. clashes between those 2 former soviet republics, which has recently us how speak in nancy pelosi visited armenia and a show of support on pin the blame directly on as the by john. she also said all medians felt let down by the response of the russian lead c s t o security alliance
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. we should be using our influence, our leverage, showing that armenian democracy and sovereignty is a priority. it is interesting that they were disappointed that they, that fact finders them not protection of from that relationship and perceive what happens. let's see what happens next. nancy pelosi visited the country in the context of the most intense fighting we've seen in the region since there was an out now deadly conflict in care of now both sides. blaine, each other and sanctions have been continuing to rise. now russia was not satisfied with nancy pelosi strip because it didn't offer any clear solutions or any roach and resolving tension. furthermore, while nancy pelosi was in the country, there were protests against the collective security treaty organization that echoed nancy pelosi words and even waved american flags. now nancy pelosi while she was in
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the country, made a point of blaming azerbaijan. an ally of turkey for the entire crisis is now bach, who was quick to respond. the statement made by the speaker of the us house of representatives, nancy pelosi, which distorts the situation in the region, is deeply regretable, considering that the period of midterm elections to the u. s. congress. he's approaching it since that. that's the policies use of this visit for her domestic political agenda and to gain the support of their immediate lobby circles in the us . it is unacceptable. contrast for political intrigues and lobbying interests from the u. s. domestic political agenda to the south caucasus region. voyer armenia, now many are drawn parallels to nancy pelosi, his recent trip to taiwan, and almost resulted in an all out military standoff between china and taiwan. it seemed like nancy pelosi went there for the purpose of intensifying disagreements and disputes. and that may have been the result of her recent trip,
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but it seems like policy united states is to go around the world escalating sanctions, causing problems, causing intensification of disagreements and then sitting back and watching the results. many are not pleased with nancy pelosi, his actions. it seemed like the results of her recent trip are not exec good for the world, but we still have to see further reaction from the united states as well as from other countries. a high ranking to you politician has suggested that turkey should face sanctions if it joins a china lead economic lines, the san car cooperation organization, the 2000000 pieces. nathan, on the e, you must keep a close eye on turkey's presence in one, nato and the european union must ask themselves how long they will let air dawn dance around on their noses. nato member turkey is doing more to circumvent european sanctions on russia than china. air de one puts the brakes on finland in sweet and joining nato. and now he wants to join the s c o together with iran. it
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is time for a robust turkey policy. turkey is currently considered a dialogue partner in that organization along with other countries such as saudi arabia, castle, you are paying politicians, have said turkey and nato state has been leading away from western influencing reason is, but it bill as it builds time with the east, we heard from uses era, the editor enlarge of editor at large of turkish, pul, cause the t r t well to say so he doesn't need permission that it's own policy. why do you need to get permission to partake in multilateral diplomacy or improve relations with countries that you find uncomfortable when we look at the actions are taken by the you taken by the united states at the time they tried to restrict the circus diplomacy restrict turkish foreign policy, restrict turkish weapons, procurement. it backfired on the west. it's backside on the us. it's backfired on the you and to continue down. it depended that so i don't see any difference
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with this going on. it seems that he's interested in taking part in the shanghai for cooperation organization from the report that we're seeing, that it could be a possible application for a membership in the future. and when you look at the circus present, the participation at this time, it was a very fruitful lakers. news that they keep an eye on our website r t dot com. thank you for joining us on our t international. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a little boy and i bought a marriage with you pretty much like a dealer from a school sticky lukewarm. the initial be one of club masika dealer post on zillow, while diaz can used to put by you a new day or 2. but you also the, was the done a lot of that, going to thought that i got the billing system a. what i see being used in the bus is the little gear medation says a dumbbell sub . a traveling is one of the simplest ways to learn new things that the worst if you want to learn something, you don't always have to run an expedition with a huge team and ride to come to the north. people in effect like all of you,
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can start by getting in your car or even hoping on the apply and exploring the neighborhood. if you'll discover lots of things, you know, i'm sure that most people haven't even been to some of the areas next to their homes. the day after that you can go for that and eventually come here to the russian, far east for ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle during the cold war. washington's policy on europe was to keep the russians out, the americans in the germans down, in many respects,
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the same policy remains in place today with the germans. now they have some different ideas. and how is that isolating russia plan going? ah, discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, martin j america. he's an award winning journalist and commentator, and in budapest we have george samuel lee. he's a podcast or at the gaggle which can be found on youtube and locals originally across top roles. in fact, i mean you can jump anytime you want, and i would appreciate it. i would start out with george in budapest because it's quite interesting to me ga because of the situation in ukraine. the hall german question has arisen again. ok. and so if i count the decade, this is a 100 year plus from the german question. the germans are not doing enough. the germans are being too assertive. the germans thinking more about
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themselves. they are, they want to expand the european union? no matter what comes out of the cancer is office. it's a sergeant. schultz. somebody's got some gripe with it. it's really quite interesting and i don't think it's got nearly enough coverage that exerts your thoughts here. you're right, peter. and what's really troubling is the mounting hysteria in germany. it's because this is a country that obviously is a very talented country, but it's prone to hysteria. was prone to hysteria about russia in particular before well, one and again, robot russia. before world war 2 of the saw is re emerging today with sergeant schultz as you want it. on the other day, he went to the book fair, and he told them that as the most popular nation with a great to see can only power as a country in the middle of
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a continent. our army must become the cornerstone of defense in europe. we paid much attention to this. germany will be the key military power in europe, largely because of the nato. great, and if it's benito, everyone's warrant. and people still imagine that the germans are like the sort of they kind of the snake that this dives. we remember from the seventy's and eighty's . well, that doesn't mean that just because that's the way they were in the seventy's and eighty's doesn't mean that that's the way they're always going to be. they are now openly saying that we need to prepare for a conflict with russia or show that we need to prepare for a conflict with russia. and again, no one pays any attention to this. and a banjo was still on the line. now, all talking about europe must unite against russia and europe, and i,
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under germany, this is the biggest, the strongest power in europe. i see, you know, that that's the rub, martin i was, that was the question i was going to be as he usually does here at the very end weekly. because the way that a schultz, fox and other german officials, i sometimes wonder where germany begins and maybe you and vice versa. and then again, i was putting up claiming that germany will spend 1000000000 euro on rearmament. the 20th century wasn't that long ago, martin? yeah, i mean, actually i'm going to sort of closer to the when i, i don't think 100000000 a 100 years is that much money when talking about ministry spending? remember couple things. first of all, the military side of germany was under, under finance for right on time is also quite chaotic. so there's


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