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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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a a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed, new or store disturbing images coming from dawn bass, where at least 13 people, including 2 children are killed and a massive artillery strike by ukrainian forces and gun ask city center. according to local authorities. we hear from residents, they're coming in the shell right over my head right here. the only thing that saved me was that i stepped out with the flipping the narrative, western media, and now say bodies. and the city of is you show signs of torture by russian
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soldiers after earlier saying there's no evidence to support such a theory. mm hm. and china is outraged after president biden's as washington will defend taiwan if beijing attack this going directly against the longstanding one china policy, with from moscow to the world. this is our tanner national. i'm rachel blevins and here are the top stories this out where we begin with the latest from the don bass were 13 people have been killed and at least 8 others wounded. any ukrainian artillery attack on the city of don. net that's according to a statement by then there. now a warning you may find some of these images disturbing. the shelling targeted crowded areas in the city center vis footage shows the aftermath of the hit on
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a busy central square where civilians including 2 children were killed while they were stepping out of shops and waiting for a bus. we blurred out images of the human cost of this latest attack by cubes. forces. the attack came in 3 waves. you fast shall landed behind that building of a where the bank is. we do not know where the 2nd one ended. you said one fell right here. there's a bus stop here, a cafe, a market. this is the center of our neighborhood. no one uses cars here. it's a pedestrian area. i don't among the go away. but only the shell flew right over my head right here. so the only thing that saved me was that i stepped out to go to what they're doing is horrible. you try to survive the boat, it's just impossible. i left for russia, but now look, i've come that would result. but i feel good lawyers aren't. he corresponded maxim
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alt hurry was in the area, covering the aftermath of a previous attack. when he heard about the incoming shelling and rushed to the scene, he brought us this report sort of of so the internet has once again been sheltered . the central buck who commissar street has been hit, leaving at least 13 people dead. it's a horrifying and disturbing scene. many people were killed near store. they were just customers were passers by before you. while we were documenting ukrainian shelling of another part of the city. this latest attack occurred with the civil chamber of lugens people's republic has called for an immediate vote on whether the republic should become a part of russia. the chamber says such a move would facilitate reconstruction and further development in the republic, as well as ensure protection from ukrainian forces. luke on see officials say they are confident that the republics residents will vote in favor of the move. as many
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have hope to join russia since the conflict broke out, and don bass 8 years ago, officials and the neighboring dynamic people's republic, and the hearse on region have also said they may hold a similar referenda political analyst, dimitri bobbitt says the people of luke gone to believe that russia will guarantee their safety and provide stability except that it will be a part of that rational guaranteed. and it will give us all the support that all the russian tap. it will cover the protection of russian media, legal protection. it will be defended by all the wives or the russian states. and basically this is what people really want. they want protection, they want guarantees that they will not be get back to you. or as you know, the means, or the principle that he behaves on the conditions that will become
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a part of your grade again. well, the key of the bottle here are the conditions. it continues to kill people that so now they're patient as wrong thing. and they want to become a part of russia. that's true. only one narrative. that's moscow. calling out western accusations which says russia is responsible for a mass killing in the city of is you as the establishment media uses the same tactics. it did. and the controversy get to just to know there's still the same scenario as butram. everything is unfold and according to one scenario, it's all a lie. we're will of course be defending the truth in the story. much earlier are to correspond, maria, the notion of i spoke with my colleague nikki, aaron, about the details of the events. and is you this story is developing very fast and leaps and bounds with accusations actually coming before evidence on sunday. the
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foreign minister of the check republican currently holds the presidency of the you council called for a special in to national tribunal, to investigate what had happened in his room. but actually before even the probe he actually called for started the minister claimed that the russians left behind mass graves of hundreds of short and porch of people. so you can see claims without any of the evidence with no grounds and before any official investigation. western media coverage is also remarkable. as soon as the christians took the city back had, as you remember, human hike of region had been under the russian control since praying. western journalists of course started slotting a to see with their own eyes. what's going on on the ground. and on thursday, an advisor to the quint interior ministry told the b. c that around $1000.00 dead buddies happened discovered in his room. interesting though is that the telegraph journalists were there at the same time on thursday. and they later published
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article, saying that they didn't see any evidence to that. the telegraph did not see any evidence of that scale of death during a visit on thursday. pre gorey denied knowledge of any war crimes. we didn't interact with them and they didn't interact with us. he said of the russians from what i know there wasn't detentions, executions, torture. so as you just heard, not only the didn't see where their own eyes, but they talk to local residents who actually were leaving there on the russians. and they said that nothing that had happened, but still we hear about accusations and mass brazen war crimes. what is strange and actually said that in less than a day after that the tag are suddenly changed. a tonality that's after the authorities. and he had started talking about 2nd boot to happened in his room. and ever since they started using the word torture while covering the events in him and that sudden change is a police suspicious, you will agree. well,
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i understand that kev says they have evidence of a mass graveyard. is that not correct? well, 1st of all, the use of the term mass graves is completely wrong. the pictures that so far have been published by you creating the western media show actually, and made sheaf cemetery in a forest. not a pile of dad, but isn't a beach. this is the picture that comes to mind when we hear about mass race. there are crosses there and names on it and days of people's death. there. the question is, who is buried there? russians to the city and of march, beginning of april and for the next 5 months key of, of course has been trying to take it back militarily. and here is a local resident asking the same question, who is buried there? and i have to tell you that of course, all videos coming from the ground from isn't particularly very hard to be verified . who has been shelling my home for the past 5 months. i couldn't even go out into my yard who has been doing this. that's the question, and who shall the market?
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i want to know who's been shutting my home. we should have looked to the sky to see who it was. we don't know exactly when these graves appeared, but if keith is talking about fresh graves and we know that the russians have been there in a zoom in the last 5 months, that could be, that's russians had been burying ukrainian soldiers. and this could be true that sounds like legit because we know that there is they said pardon that he did not take actually care of you credit soldiers killed in action. but anyway, it is a nothing to do with mass graves that we hear about in the mainstream. and also the rival greys was dates of death before russians took control of the town. and you cannot use it to a fuse russians actually. that's absurd. but it's not the 1st one that moscow russian forces have been accused of such atrocities. of this nature boucher springs to mind. yes, i to say that to credit allegations of russian crimes have been disproven in the
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past. maybe you remember there was a huge candle when the ukraine in human rights ombudsman was actually fired. denise of a, her name was off to it had been revealed that her claims of mess sac, show violence, allegedly, at the hands of russian military were fake. and this is not my words. this is in the words of the ministers in key at the incomprehensible concentration of the ombudsman media work on numerous details of sexual crimes committed in the unnatural way which he could not confirm with evidence only hom, 2 grade. and later ludmilla denise were even confessed that she did that to boost weapons supplies to key if so, maybe now when ukraine wants more weapons, they are trying to use the same tact as they used before. china has lash out at joe biden's recent statement and which he said the u. s. would send troops to defend taiwan if it was attacked. but would us horses to send the island?
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yes, if in fact, there was an unprecedented attack. us forces us men and women would defend taiwan in the event of a chinese ambition. yes, may found yellin, generally less remarks, seriously violate the one china principal and the provisions of the 3 us china joint communiques breached the u. s. commitment so to not support tie one's independence and send a severely wrong signal to the separatists. forces of taiwan independently. see that china strongly deplores and rejects it, look and is made solemn complaints with the u. s. side one material rounding. the white house later walked back by then the statement saying washington's policy has not change this as the official u. s. policy doesn't commit to military action to defend taiwan. but instead sends military aid to the island. the latest batch of funding for the island announced an
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early september included over a $1000000000.00 worth of arms and includes an array of anti ship and, and a anti aircraft aircraft missiles. the package comes a month after you as how speaker nancy pelosi visited tai pay, which prompted major chinese military drills surrounding the island. i. number of us lawmakers have followed policies trip, and reiterated washington support for taiwan. so now to go further in depth on this, let's cross live to professor benjamin chow from the paris school of technology and business. professor chow, it's great to have you on the show to day. now biden's comments have white house officials needing to clarify that the u. s. official policy towards taiwan has not changed. is there a conflict between what the president is saying and what washington's policy
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actually is here? yeah. people with care of occasions differently. but what is korea is that the us is moving away from strategic ambiguous. when it comes to, to hi, one question, there was this huge hollowing of the one china policy endorsed by d and u. s. c, 900. 79 already last month. because the speaker of the house for lucy visited a taiwan, which resulted in a huge uproar in china, results in the history around a taiwan island as closely as deferred in lie impala succession. and then he came to taiwan for 2022, which the us senate foreign relations committee approved last wednesday to feel which compromise the power relation act of 97 life is aimed at boosting. time was ability to defend itself, military against a potential attack by china, and also deeply to bother us tie one page. now you mention the response that we saw
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from china. so when it comes to the latest actions that we've seen from us politicians, what is a long term impact on that relationship between beijing and washington? puzzle for china knows where well, real short term intention of buy them by the need facing the midterm election to fight for state government and also and also congress control. so playing the taiwan card again, we appear tough. it is bold getting, but it is highly irresponsible with no regards to the peace loving desire of the players and countries in regions. and also for the long term intention. once again, playing up to china, threats, propaganda helps them justify more actions to contain china as the us. it's loosing in technology competition. but this will, i think,
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meets read the situation in many ways. because increasingly, more and more scholars argue that the largest for to the world security is the u. s . the year started a war as a 2 to 3 years in the last 100 years, but not for china. china. so don't really fight a war since it opened up the economy. the 2nd d u n, and a huge majority of the world and also one china principal. so the majority of the will will not be on the us side if the us interferes further with the pilot situation, which is the internal affairs of, of, of china. lastly, now many options for the china people's liberation army. other than firing the lie . brown's into taiwan, the p l a could once again quickly and circled the whole t one island as was last month, but did some. it could be for rio in terms of cutting off energy and food supplies . it is common sensical that taiwan couldn't survive more than a few weeks. in addition, starting a real war means trillions of dollars. loss for the mainland stock market alone in
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the metro hours. it china in some way, it gives. busy each i need one meaning for example, you only mean a cost of tooth radio for the 20000000 people with their. so trying to set up with the mobile phones or coupons to encourage an election in taiwan to support china to withdrew me. if i keep dominance of the island, so what do you say to collins people? accept yes, certainly does come back to that political timing and you know, you make a good point there about the fact that china does have a number of options when it comes to their response. now, when we hear comments like the ones that we've heard from president biden, where he's claiming that the u. s. would be willing to use military force against china. what would that mean for china and the united states? i mean, does essentially see that as a declaration of war, if it were to happen, then it's really a very crucial question. but we must 1st asked if the u. s. is able to,
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to defend taiwan effectively, even if it wanted to even we've done under estimating the us, which i don't think the pitch chinese coupling is under estimating to us. but let's take stock of what the chinese side hatch aside from nuclear weapons. the last h missiles in china are the best in the world. if you have a high one to send the source to mean a china us, we risk b. c. think charge missiles, 2nd. clear that 3 questions of china has supplied the us presence in the region. second, b us as the majority support of the world on this issue. awful moral grounds because the huge number of countries and the you and, and doors to one china principal to follow christ, whether it is credible or on this kind of french. what we see otherwise is that
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there are numerous cases of loose things to digit credibility in the american foreign policies. the u. s. we tree from august time along with decision to withdraw from sophie and united. so 5 and ben ben curtis spiders in syria in 2019 as well as withdrawing its troops from taiwan. already in 979 are very important samples as certainly credibility is everything there. and it'll certainly be interesting to see how this all shakes out. professor benjamin chow from the parents school of the technology and business. thank you so much for your insight. thank you. the us secretary, as they antony blanket, met with the top diplomats of armenia and officer by john and the bid to ease tensions between the countries after deadly clashes last week. however, us house speaker, nancy pelosi is trip to the region, only brought her to armenia and to show of support and to pin pin the blame
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directly on author by john. we should be using our influence, our leverage showing that armenian democracy and sovereignty is a priority. it is interesting that they were disappointed that they, that fact finders them not protection a from that relationship and perceive what happened a see what happens next. nancy pelosi visited the country in the context of the most intense fighting we've seen in the region since there was an out now deadly conflict in care of now both sides. blaine, each other and sanctions have been continuing to rise. now russia was not satisfied with nancy lowe's history because it didn't offer any clear solutions or any roach in resolving canton. furthermore, while nancy pelosi was in the country, there were protests against the collective security treaty organization that echoed
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nancy pelosi words and even waved american flags. now nancy pelosi while she was in the country, made a point of blaming azerbaijan and an ally of turkey for the entire crisis. he's now back who was quick to respond to the statement made by the speaker of the us house of representatives. nancy pelosi which distorts the situation in the region, is deeply regretable, considering that the period of mid term elections to the u. s. congress, he's approaching it since that then said below his use of this visit for her domestic political agenda and to gain the support of their immediate lobby circles in the us. it is unacceptable to trust for political intrigues and lobbying interest from the u. s. domestic political agenda to the south caucasus region via armenia. now, many are drawn parallels to nancy pelosi, his recent trip to taiwan, and almost resulted in an all out military standoff between china and taiwan. it seemed like nancy pelosi went there for the purpose of intensifying disagreements
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and disputes. and that may have been the result of her recent trip. but like policy, united states is go around the world, escalating just knowledge problems, causing intensification disagreements and then sitting back and watching the result . many are not pleased with nancy. pelosi is action that seems like the result of a recent trip or not exactly good for the world. but we still have to see further reaction from the united states as well as from other countries. less cross live. now to discuss this with international criminal lawyer, christopher black, christopher, it's great to have you on the program today. now what do you think is the point of nancy pelosi, the latest visit to armenia? well, it seems to be to stir up trouble with both russia and turkey at the same time which united states has been doing for many years. the state,
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the intervention at below c, as mr. open said, where their intervention in taiwan is, is really disturb trouble. that's all it's meant to do. there is some connection with the domestic elections in the united states because of the armenian boat, and they wish to get that for the democratic party in the united states. but i think the primary purpose of her visit was to try and embarrass russia because it has defense treaty with armenia, which i mean he's complaining about not being fulfilled fully in there and they were and their view. and it also is an attack on turkey because turkey backs as a by jen and they want to do 2 things at the same time. they want to take split armenia from russia by saying to the armenians, the united states will guarantee whatever that means. i mean, in sovereignty,
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whatever that means, because armine the sovereignty is already assured it exists. so what does, what does nancy close his words mean there? platitudes issued in order to try and create problems for russia in the caucasus. just as her words in taiwan were trying to create trouble for taiwan for, for china, with regard to taiwan. and it's also an indirect attack on turkey, which by a large, has not been supportive of the nato aggression against russia using ukraine to attack russia. turkey is being has not taken part in sanctions and it has been in a way around. she plays its own little game because turkeys arising power and wants to reassure itself of his own position in the,
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in the region. but that's what nancy pelosi trip means. it means that the united states is trying it, as mr. moore passes, trying to stir up trouble and to discredit russia with armenia and try and draw a media away from russia to try and anger as a by gen and stir up trouble with as a version and makes it more aggressive. and therefore, allow more american intervention of what that would be at no idea because the american seem to be very weak lately and being of the sport, anybody including ukraine. yeah, you know, it's interesting how there always seems to be a much bigger goal when it comes to these trips, where you as politicians just somehow make their way to the other side of the world that you mention polos, the stirring up trouble. and she really has established quite a reputation for jet setting and hot spots. and recent times,
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she's visited both ukraine and taiwan just this year. so when it comes to her overall intentions, and basically how do you see this is being allowed, right? because she's 3rd in line to the presidency. however, when it comes to the binding ministration, it seems as though pelosi is kind of writing her own book. here. how do you see it? i don't think the nancy pelosi acts on her own and any more than the chinese things she acted wrong when she went to taiwan. this is or is a, a missed that the americans create to make it look like u. s. congress acts independently as an arm of, you know, nice case government nasty closer does not do anything without the approval of the president that states and the for the state department in the ca, that's to think otherwise, it's impossible. everything she does is approved. and so her trip there was approved at the top level in order to go there and syrup, trouble for russia,
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because they're failing in ukraine. they have failed in ukraine. that's quite clear . and that's why they devil these war crime, or just they had the guess you just love you, for instance. so that desperate about what's happening ukraine, they tried to distract the world by stirring up trouble and other places. and they're trying to weaken russia by stirring up trouble. honest. other borders in the south just then is becca, stand all along. the board is from, from the balkans all way through mongolia. and you can expect more of this kind of thing. so united states is, again, not only meddling, it's creating, it's acting, an aggressive way to tries to conflict. it's not there to try and create peace in the region with as a version armenia, because our whole tone was to take the side of armenia,
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even though the facts about who checked who and then most recent events is not clear. and, and as by jan has and armenia both have claims to the region which is involved in the conflict. we can't get into that because very detailed, very complex. but russia stance trying to be a peacemaker. p speaking troops there, and mr. president putin's role the last few days to try and calm things down have seemed to work when she comes in to try and stir things up again. and that's the whole purpose of it. to try and make russia it looked like it can't control things to make, to distract the russian government with another problem on a southern border when it has to deal with what's happening, ukraine and to destroy and also to also let's not forget to, to damage turkey. as well, because turkey now is involved with syria and iraq rushmore to deal iteration in
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turkey and in syria, where american forces have been invading for several years and still occupying the country, which nobody talks to re, re, certainly a lot of moving parts, their international criminal lawyer, christopher black, we really appreciate your time in analysis. your work in the us is continuing to per south africa towards a green energy policy and away from coal. that despite a wave of power outages across the country that are force people to cope without electricity or correspondent corolla that law talks with locals who say ineffective government policies are leading to the closure of small businesses. $45000000.00 to help south africa transition away from coal. this was the announcement by the white house following a meeting between us president joe biden, as well as the south african counterpart. so i'm a pause. this at a time when blackouts have been intensifying in south africa, so much, so i'm
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a plaza cut short his working visit to attend to this potentially disastrous situation. that not only threatens the national economy, but also his own president looked, president obama was as canceling of his appearance at the united nations general assembly is not going to bring an end to rolling blackouts at the current the country's currently going through because he is himself the sponsor of the current electricity blackouts that we are seeing on the basis of the policy decisions that to him and his government have taken that policy. decisions on energy we ship in economy can catastrophic and financial ruin as far as this problem isn't new. in fact, it's been 15 years of real suffering for south africans who have not only grown desensitized or have also lost hope, will not come to you room for overbearing. this is probably the worst proceed with
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possibly losing exposure. which effectively means all of us have in the suit regard to with grove hours ago, which would effectively mean of small businesses. power generation in south africa is not just insufficient, but also a political question. there's a push by the west to whole south africa up as a model for transformation during the upcoming international climate conference in egypt. this november, the 1 south africa to give up code. but coal has been not only a source of energy, but also an employer to over a 100000 people. in the 1st instance, that term green energy, the only thing green about it is the name nothing else. now that is on the one hand, on the other hand, it has nothing to do with ensuring that the country is energy secure. it has everything to do with corruption and greedy profiteering. because today the evidence is there, south africa has got.


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