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tv   News  RT  September 21, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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for medium on that end, there'll be a quote on that in my chair. so sorta doesn't want that extra money. but i know it's a good bit like, ah, to protect our home and sober and see territorial integrity and to ensure the security of our people. i consider it necessary to support the proposal of the ministry of defense to conduct partial member lays ation. in russia, the russian president announces a true build up claiming it necessary to ensure the defense of the nation with who they went on to claim the west is fighting collectively against russia. but moscow has the capabilities to with oh, boots in favor of it. all these events have shown that we have one path, the sooner the better, without rushing with locals in the bus. they,
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they're ready to make their voices heard about the people they're renting, ukraine's castorena's up widows. yeah. regions are set to hold. what for random to join russia in the next few days with a very well welcome. it's just turn to p. i'm here in the russian capital, and you're watching all see international with the latest news update. i've got my puritans and i'll say, partial military mobilization in russia during a televised address to the nation. she learned young lady, mom to protect our homeland sovereignty territorial integrity and to insure the security of our people. i consider it necessary to support the proposal of the minister of defense to conduct partial mobilization in russia. i repeat, we're talking only about partial mobilization that his own citizens who are currently in the reserve will be subject to conscription and only those with prior
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military experience. who have served in the army, they will also go through additional training. the decree for the partial mobilization has been signed and will begin today, september 21st. my colleague, my attorney may till till i seize maria finacialow about what the mobilization means, the rational and the potential implications of the upcoming referendums. been dead . hey, we've had the russian person just told us this morning. um, what do you make of the whole statement? how do, how do you see it? yeah, i, moran and 15 minute televised page early on wednesday via my potent announced partial mobilization across russia that starts tray to wave wife more potent at its dressing that only those who have combat experience or military specializations. those from the country's military reserve, and those who have already been serving military service here in russia will be mobilized. and also he added that all those troops will 1st before going to the
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front of the having additional sasha military training. and i have to say that this statement didn't come as a surprise, as moscow has repeatedly been warning key about a number of red lines, better not to be cross, but as you know, things at the front have recently been very tough. and just recently ukraine with huge support of its western allies with a lot of western weapons. and a huge number of foreign fighters on bear side started counter offensive. and a huge part of how to complete that had been under the control of the russian forces. and united forces of people's republic often has found longest since frayne . has been taken back out of horace. this is something that russia cannot ignore, ignore and light repugnant, sad that while he, if seems not to be ready to stop, it's an necessary stat mobilization. and also he said that this is actually a duty of russia. let's take
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a listen. when you motion me mean we cannot let and we have no moral right to hand or work people close to that would be torn to pieces by execution. you have to respond to their sincere desire to determine their own fate. the parliament of the people's republic of dom battling, as well as the meal true civil administration of the care saunter ends up rose your regency and do to hold referendums on the future of these territories and turned to us to russia with a request to support such a step was we know that the majority of people living in the territories liberated from neo nazis. we showed the primary historical lance of nub irosia to now i want to be under the oppression of a neo nazi regime ins up rogia in the personal region in august and on ask. they have seen and are seeing the choices is committed by neo nazis years in the occupied. there is of the heart of regency. still these layers of been deborah and nasty, punish her skill, people and torture, and throw them into prison, to settle scores, and mach civilian way to deal with them. but also taken after the president defense
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minister survey chicago gave a little bit more details on mobilization. he said that currently there are 25000000 people here in russia eligible, former let mobilization, but we are now talking only about 300000 people mobilize. and he also emphasized that university students and those who are currently serving military service in russia will not be mobilized. and he stressed that all those additional troops will go to the font up to take part a. you a fancy sped to how keep the rain take him territories and provide additional control over these regions. you know, i said more of a security thing, that with all the, sort of an, amid the mobilization of the military to the region that could change the status quo of the silliman feel peroration of widen. re put new stress that the status of moscow special military operation on the ground does not change with this recent announcement, and will continue according to the plan. and while wide, potent sad, the west is actually sticking to wiccan rush and eventually actually destroy
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a russia, the aim of the russian operation on the ground is to counter these after it's in my report. and also remind that that russia did that already in the past. and we'll do it again, stopping all of those, seeking to control the world. let's take a listen. what gartner potent had to say was in our country, possesses varies weapons. and in some components, they are more advanced than what nato countries have under threat to our country. integrity to protect rush and our people will use every possible means and we are not bluffing russian people can be sure those trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons. they must know that boomerang will hit them back. i have to say these are strong words and a very serious warning and defense minister, saturday show go also talked about that so called collective west is currently fighting on key had side and out at least 18 major set lies are currently at
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ukraine service. so russia simply cannot to sit and watch this large scale operation against people of the dunbar region and eventually of russia are just watch it now, so they have to 70. meanwhile, the russian defense minister also gave an update on the losses of both the russian and ukrainian forces came in caves. troops had been hit hard. the party at this time, ukrainian casualties are more than a 100000 people. we haven't said this before, but i believe it has to be mentioned. during the operation we have lost 5937 soldiers. as for mobilization or total reserves amount to $25000000.00 people, partial mobilization would be one, maybe 1 point, one percent of the total number. well, we got a reaction from an indian army veteran on foreign affairs observer. he believes west. the leaders need to be taking the motives by russia seriously. president putin pastor, i requested for basha mobilization,
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which shows shows that he says, oh absolutely great deal and serious illness, sir. a stated aid that is a limitation of the disputed areas within okay. defense minister said jane was in fact the ill be peter fitting that it is just to one bus and off of the game, probably dealership mobilization, give ability, that means you can leave my example if that was to do what do it when? if i were a 1000000 the russians, i made even water. this should bring an option to rebuild for the mist admissions. in fact, mr. nations, them, since i do a lot while you say is, i don't believe, you know, wanting to see how the outcome of what is happening with the distance or the 5th distance. it should, they're not very much affected. but you have been countries are extremely concerned about the early end of water because of that in a distribution on heat corresponded mike garcia is in one of the regions where
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a referendum will be held. he sent this report. this is be long since had coming at this point. it is worth bearing in mind that the situation on the ground has, has changed rapidly compared to what it was, what russia but god, this conflict. but it's when to, to ukraine, with ex professional contract on the, which is less than 200200000 met at this point, the military hardware that ukraine has at the south of this conflict. almost all of this is gone, replaced by what nato has supplied the ukrainian military at this point. he's the ukranian military, ugly name. it is paid for by native. it is fed by nato countries with aid for various will, could i say, should it is armed almost entirely with what it has received from nato countries. and this continues. the goals of the russian special operation in ukraine may be
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the same. the de, not suffice. the country to disarm it, to protect the people of la, god's can and vignettes, the dom boss. but the parameters have rapidly changed. boucher has realized that needs more to when this is conflict at any reasonable time frame. also here in kennesaw, it is apparent that the front must be shifted away from, from cities and populous areas because this rain of me cells does it n american high bus missiles, most of all, most a short down but, but most of course isn't all, many of them live in here, so the nova focus where they are, where they hit residential buildings, apartment buildings, and the dumbass to this endless shelling his has robbed people, people who were even pro ukrainian when russian forces and that many of them are rethinking their positions because of it because of this is walton bob bob, bob,
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by key of forces buses, rushes push for mobilization is evidently, i've effort to win this conflict sooner rather than later to prevent the nato in the ukraine from, from dragging it out with supplies of new weapons with new with new soldiers trained the great britain in european, in european countries, new armies raised 4 key haven't paid for by naval. so certainly a very big development. and it means to be seen how quickly is fresh, rush, and forces will enter the fray. well, let's get the thoughts of our guest and on this. now let's press life to form any p and author godfrey at bloom many thanks for joining us on the program. it's nice to see you. so as you know, 9 am this morning president putin addressed the nation. did any of what president person had to say? come as a surprise to you?
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no, not really. we have the problem here. the fundamental problem which isn't understood by western electrodes that, of course, washington and this is all driven by washington with a nato stamp on it. washington don't piece is part of the military industrial, congressional complex. it's all about the military push, using nature. and this is what the problem is, and they do save lives asian as a legitimate ukrainian government in 2014. so we have a problem that the west don't want peace. now, it seems to me that i think most people, ordinary people and both sides these down the west would like to see peace. and here's a wonderful opportunity. we have a stand off at the moment. now, why can't we have this have the site which could be internationally monitored and let the people decide whether they want to be in the crimea, or the crimea wants to be in the russian federation, or the ukraine,
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or the dumbass region that the people decide. and the interesting phenomenon is that in great britain, we accept this system. scott, there was a big political move for scotland and the united kingdom. so we facilitated a purpose like a referendum. there's no reason this can't be done in the ukraine, and it could walk around quite soon. and if the ukraine say no, we won't have the nature whatever the board missed out. foreign troops on the line, this war could be over in a couple of weeks. this is one of the most are necessary was i think i've experience and i'm over 70 years old. i was in the past 40000 say we've had a puzzle mobilization announced and referendums about to be about joining russia to be held in a coming few days. western countries are already condemning this is a sign of desperation and by russia, would you agree? no, i think it's a perfectly logical step to let the people decide it's called democracy. it's
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something that the west used to like. let people decide whether they will be in the federation or the ukraine. now if you look back to 1914, when we had that terrible great war with millions of millions died. and this was all about an escalation of the west escalate it by putting money in. and then the counter move, of course is possible mobilization. and all these things lead to escalation of a war which is unnecessary. now, the problem here i speak is a soldier who was with nato for 25 years. when nature was a defensive agreement, a defensive treaty, it's now an aggressive treaty and it's expanding and that has to stop. and i think more and more people in europe are beginning now to protest against this because they feel that the ukraine, russian federation conflict is nothing to do with us. but the customer is saying that any votes in this referendum won't ever be recognized instead,
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do you expect them to take any other action or is there even anything they can do? well, i would argue that what we need to see is some politicians in the west, like why we have a plebiscite. i'm quite sure that nobody would check it to being internationally monitor. it could be in just a moment. so we know chicanery of trickery would usually come from ukraine instead which the west accepted only 14 months ago or the newspapers and so on and so forth in the west that the ukraine was one of the most corrupt governments in europe. all of a sudden, they're all saying, we don't know where the money's going with what the money is, is no in use the certificates of the military hardware that's going in. this has all the makings of a disaster, because washington will not just stop this expansionism regime change. look at regime changes they've had since vietnam, vietnam, costa rica, grenada, syria,
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afghanistan, libya, the hold of africa. iraq, when is it going away? when the americans going to stop this, expansionism is going to end in something much worse. what happens if we don't take a bit? is there any higher deployments is still at this point to the conflict? so do you think this could bring the west of in closer to a direct involvement? i don't think it's possible incidentally for direction bowman, other than the production of weaponry and money which is bad enough in itself. but if you look at the, the justice supply chain, so and so for the back to be trying to put boots on the ground in the crate, it would be doomed to failure as it was in that kind of stuff. but it seems to me that some of these people lease washington nail gun don't care about that. and the manufacturing of arms don't care about that because and making plenty of money off of this is molly a trillion dollar
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a year budget in the united states military about a trillion dollars that's more than the rest of the well put together. it's a militaristic society. as a lover of america, american people visit to america. i find the big, big, big mistaking to form any piano. oh, thank god free believe many thanks to speaking to us today. we appreciate your time . now in he's at televised address, not me. patient expressed his support for the referendum finance in the dumbass as well as the castorena's episodes. yeah. regions. but i'm in the middle of his public than most of the parliament of de la ganske at the desk. republics and ministrations of his approach yet, and here some regions have made a decision to carry out a referendum about their future. and they appealed to us russia to support this decision. we would like to emphasize we will do everything to provide safe conditions to hold a referendum so that they could express their wheel and make the decision about
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their future. we will support their decision. but they don't, yes until against the publics, as well as 2 regions and ukraine of announced they will be holding referendums on whether to become a part of russia. the voting would be held from september 23rd to the 27th. we spoke to locals there who hope it will pave the way to peace. this isn't the policy to lose it. i'll vote in favor of it. i have an extremely positive view of this is exactly what we've been waiting for since 2014. our people have suffered a lot for the idea of joining russia. all these events have shown that we have one path. it should be done as soon as possible, so we hope that no one will attack russian territory. i will war which in favor, because it's time to become part of russia who have been wait impatiently for e t is. we're tired of the whole situation. this region must return to its home. the time has come, so the decision must be made. i will vote yes so that there will be no more
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shelling and everything will work out so that we live as we did before. we've been heading to worse this for a long time, 8 years. it should have been done a long time ago, and very happy about this. i think life will become more stable. there will be protection. maybe the war will and sooner i'll vote in favor of it. we've wanted to return home for a long time since 2014, the sooner the better. without russia, we have no future. we spoke with the head of the daffodils, j region, who said the authorities would do everything possible to ensure the safety for those who want to express their will. these will want to literally a years. roxanne looked up a sheet. i'm sure that i see the nations will i drive around separate. gotcha region. and the vast majority of residents cult hold a referendum as soon as possible as they want to join russia. we don't want to be some grey's own. we don't want to become ukraine again. we want to become a part of russia, as we historically always have been. it was decided to hold a referendum in such a way as to avoid
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a mass gathering of people. that's why the referendum process will last several days. everyone will have the opportunity to devote if necessary. we can collect votes from citizens at home. this is necessary so that zalinski lead saboteurs won't be able to fire on and shed the blood of citizens who just want to express that will to be part of the russian unity. everything possible will be done to ensure security. and crenan authorities have gone to local that any such referendum is forbidden, as they say, organizes will face up to a decade in jail. and anyone who participates in it will be imprisoned. full 5 years my colleague will research. i spoke with a panel of guests who said residence in those regions would be deterred from voting because of such threats. bearing the guns absolutely absolute. my jury is certainly standing for what we have fighting for for 8 years here. to get full recognized from the russian federation and, and to get back home. that is the mood what has been here for years. and it has
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been defended against the brutal attacks of the kill forces court of people where awaiting that for 8 years. so people are really impatient to be able to voice their choice. and but of course people are a bit afraid about the security because we have the massacre or when to cure in the center of the net, just due to a shooting from the ukranian army. so there are a lot of questions about that from people, but people are really willing to, to voice their choice. i think it will take place correctly and legally because it was the desire of the people off the don't back to have thought she was really mentors. hearing this seal shanghai cooperation organization, if the funds are on their regular nice if, if the breach countries will recognize us. and so that we can get to the movie.
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ready world ukraine says the referendums will change. nothing. is that really the mood and no, no, i see him from the information we have from ukrainian telegram channels to. there is a mood of fan, aching, the president to cabinets in bunkerville because of course, i understand that the front line isn't after the russian territory. they mean that russia, i can officially declare war against ukraine for them. it mean that the last 6 months would have be in the like, a nice pass in heaven compared to what to wait them. several western leaders have already condemned the referendums and say, they won't recognize the rest from says president micron has slammed the plan. vote is a power of democracy with the german chancellor and the foreign policy chief best thing they won't acknowledge the outcome. the us on back to the ukraine has branded the
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move a sign of weakness and desperation by russia. so be an american journalist and with the knowledge believes the west has no right to criticize the self determination of the people at the dumbass. nobody in the e. u. has any moral right to call out anybody's democracy, given that their whole process of unifying the government and expand its authority, was defeated in referenda in france, among other things, other places. and ireland had to vote twice until they got it right. and then nobody was given a choice at all. so, you know, the, you giving anybody lectures in democracy when they're basically a non democratic superstate is, is a parody of democracy right there. but secondly, it's interesting to me that these people obviously don't recognize democracy. and on best because they don't recognize the people there as human because i remember
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very distinctly in 2020, 13 early 2014. the west was very strict about the government and you have, you know, don't use force, don't, don't, you know, violently suppress them. i don your respect, human rights and as soon as victoria newland got to appoint the new government and have all of a sudden all of those calls ended. it absolutely did not matter what kind of force the new government used against. it suddenly became perfectly fine to burn people alive and odessa sent tanks upon absolutely peaceful protestors in heart to call and elsewhere. and then declare war on dawn, bess. oh, absolutely. i mean, the west has been using to, you was love the model to break up versus soviet union. and then, you know, try to, you know, it's talking about breaking up russia and it's also selective standard. you know, it's fine for this arbitrary re political unit to succeed, but it's not fine for ethnic groups who declared their own units the seed unless
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they're the units that we like. like the albanians in kosovo, though it's one of those. it doesn't matter what, like it doesn't matter your category, you could be a republic or a self proclaimed autonomy. the only thing that matters is the west on your side or not. again, the whole point of this entire year has been dead. the west is no longer the sole interpreter and creative rules on the planet. that is the message. that's not my message. that's the message. moscow has been tried to send. and jurors met with a whole bunch of other leaders in summer khan. and they seem to be on board with the program. the world's hunger crisis has been thrust into the spotlight of the un general assembly. the secretary general antonia terrors is demanding that should be no sanctions against fertilizes to ease global supply problems. he was followed by the congress east president who stated resources must reach african countries in need. not must gently address the global fertilizer markets crunch.
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vizier, the world as enough foods. the problem is distribution. but if the fertilizer market is not stabilized next year, the problem might be food supply itself. it is essential to continue removing all remaining obstacles to the export of russian for the lies. isn't that ingredients including ammonia, these products are not subject to sanctions? well as the 1st day of the annual un general assembly, where we hear from various heads of state. and while a number of countries aligned with the united states have been critical of russia. one underlying reality that various speakers have been unable to avoid is the global consequence of the u. s. sanctions against russia. as you just heard, the, you know, and general secretary reflected on the concern regarding global, fertilize their exports and their impact on the local food supply. there are very
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serious concerns being raised now. we heard from a number of african country members of the african union that addressed the general assembly today when they spoke guy on tuesday. and one thing that we did hear repeatedly was concerned about the need for development from a number of leading western financial institutions and, and prominent voices in the way we're hearing about the call for d grow than the name of climate change. but it seems that a number of african countries are determined to see their people rise up out of poverty, and they welcome investment from russia and china. here's what we heard from the leader of the democratic republic of congo. should we do nearly shawn on the economic fronts? what needs to be done is to help economies recover the economies of countries that have been weakened by the collateral effects of climate change and the current of virus. to promote balanced global economic growth and to hold the exacerbation of poverty in developing countries,
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we cannot overcome this challenge without internal good governance efforts at the national level, nor productive investments of capital, nor without real and sufficient transfer of financial resources to those who need them now, one thing that we heard from the leader of the democratic republic of congo, as well as other figures from the african union and developing countries was the concern about multi polarity. and there's a feeling of the way the un security council is set up in certain countries. having detailed power is not really fair too much of the developing world. there was a call to restructure the united nations to give more representation to african countries. countries in south america, countries and asia, etc. this is some of what we heard on that theme of multi polarity and possible restructuring of the un democratic to go continued the democratic republic of congo continues to think that it is essential that we better structure multilateralism
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and enrichment with equal treatment for all of the parties involved in order to create spaces for dialogue and cooperation, which is something that we need in order to ensure international peace and security . that is the united nations that we want to do this. we need to fact urgently to reform the un, which seems to be lagging somewhat at the moment. we heard from a number of key countries that took to the floor on tuesday as the proceedings began. the un general assembly taking place every year and late september as well underway. as always, for all the latest news updates, you can check our website r t dot com, but we'll get back in 30 minutes with more to 7. ah well,
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it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to fill out this thing because the adjective and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah .


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