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tv   Documentary  RT  September 22, 2022 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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ah ah with my dad 2014, neo nazis rise to power. the extermination of ukraine's russian speaking population, ideas of confrontation between 2 ideologies. and as a consequence, the start of russia special military operation.
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this chain of events inevitably shaped a different, equally important front in dumbasses, struggle for independence, one of which poets and musicians stand shoulder to shoulder with . i'll briefly neglect thought that the one will them. but more of the court talking about, i'm not sure to the bottom thing i did. a motion is required to be watching willa mama, who's gone mama, mama, home with
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homer to quibble herd. but said, if all of that, that your home of idiot a little guns get since you're the caught sam yoke, sushi carlos, your money to chill idea. which to players to play that was that a shot for? yeah, with the ship. all mystical numbers is julian escamilla or scorn, the crab walnut. mcneish them begun that the best against him demand them steerage chronic cravat, if not towards the face, the building hbo, which is all on some of the cuts the whiskey syndrome. and he actually has not come down yet by gib labelling chalet of his doctor, your clerk, and when i get it, if i even e, he's not understandable or what's it seemed and then, but she's not seen. yeah, i shall see. barely, but she didn't come with them. no, says crunchers. show my reason the. we're both here going.
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$1000000000.00 was modesty when she's a boy argy solution. yes, the true. got that the building, the when that son i looking for them. he was pretty young because he'd say star daniel as a populist adult. she didn't ask anything on the book money among echoes. i wish the m united cell. i know what your fleet it's never been but you had a lot. yeah. i knew that nobody lost about you know, what it is wrong. somebody will assume i see at that a good the focus. those are still out there yet. they think it's michelle crushed on a new milady got it. so it was rumor hoarded julia. if you look at the principal, they then if you have to the, when you change well up in your snack, you've had some wires with them clean. yes. he is de la. what happens? not any billing each of them. cynthia like kind of shows off to somebody today.
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a chinese, a cup of tea, other shot are locked almost with yes, my repairs kazi, or trickier or not, i wonder what you mean mc last night. just put on to find a new book, cooking that the dive form you quote, listening to the child is not asked to come to that vo, chet's a bowler at the children of wine cancer. my dad just thought that scene mother is just a sheila, which morning i think that i would love to have a little over dinner at the moses with a question with synergy granular
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new with how i was one other one that i asked him, what is it with a lot of mine is it it all get this come to the police all with just me a call it i was just with reach him thing you mind if you have a you to a store on the bill. i got released chance. got a switch from chatham near to die. some village chance. yes. oh correct isn't gabrielle danika co payment you stay up with have you been with us because we're contacting a firm which is unfortunately
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a little nervous because of that. yeah. so we using it so you should be that done that to lydia with us yet the install is stupid. almost with sure that the exit. yeah. give it another song for your the really worth the filter is chunk about for tv. eleanor bullet, flor nashville national. no filing receivable. sure cool. carol go fee that we do regular feeding. ah ah, with the quote listed, every nealus here with us when it's an appeal, it wants to when i need an office, my name is deanna with
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a piano. i started my 2nd phone line, which is the worst if i knew when for them about your cam keeps it by your call will with expedia. latha shall be there. for constantino bases, may sneak code named cat, gave his life in the line of duty on july, the 7th 2022. she would, that was enough. oh, the children, we also want to watch with edison mckenna. did that, do that for you? this week that sonata should have, that of all are, you know, this is along the decimal each other, all of them are 2 separate. however,
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for jordan with dish of law, all sure the students 3 others will never been because nobody goes to watch. what gets in with them? i convention. yes. just for you. i wonder if you're not detest store yours. she goes to your daughter vamos on that. i was a city she needs to go to the ice cream at the finish. no, she will bring foot of yours. yes, very calling her i suppose from the wish. all chilling you buy it with his orders on line
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a frontier unit from wednesday issue across with his decisions. yes yes yes, i mean. 2 you need she want if you're not going to. yeah, sure. julia. i don't watch a lot of ability. i id. i needed the only thing with my senior. a boy yet
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a senior and with people i know when they get the blue ball from the children, then yes, legally, she is short and full. would it a genus by somebody with a canadian, with actual back it will get you some some more thing. an issue with
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the way it is that she was be wired words that i bought 2 words. one school who wins, kiddo, i need 3 year minimum, but she's going to get a hold of them. so just near a month 70 gym. so you would you new ship machine, ukraine? yeah, i talked to ms. each of those. what kinda let me see. mm hm. be a go meet that he's dish him on the dog or william quarter to probably have some pieces to heal approval, gleneagles stomach, yet us mother would sell off of congestion yet mother, she's going to have probably premium, but most of them you'll,
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you'll get the roof but it's also the gifts were busy, boldly what she meant being of if you would you got or if she just built, but you remiss and they would be equal with them. but school ways, ah, a
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doubles are going to put well, talk to you about your other school. i hope i see a with a ford edge that also issue somebody over there with a
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a way, if you don't mind, but that was did it because you guys, you must dallas lowe, who still 3 minutes with it. they used the session young. good today that way that you brought, if you was there were 3 bad, right? you got all the state to what the, what else that was sort of did of them with law before or died and i know statement up
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with you guys. there's 21 north america leech this video was put on. yeah. if you don't come with the mail, my mailbox, obviously, they're terrible. did anybody, seattle, katara, the jolla seen the records millions cut noise just to know what to record, diabetes on was quarter. what? no i she was out with our sleep when they can get off get the ball in for the me keep it cedar. i t for my dog nish for tom cream,
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but on the bus snowy. she didn't, but she didn't by see could our life is false thought. what do you bring all shania says that choice was to me. correct. i thought it was like to what ones are control mirrors and you might have some good at this is a just a referring to them. that's just a sam. ah, would you bet july day by shy boys? what could i, what i need on the sky, on, which has to fall into new me. it's just no, was moses to them, boost of somewhat, but i gave copies. i to sketch ma mazda customer. the minute i'm boy wasn't establish, i'd say cramps to me is image image. claire catch up with the yahoo! it was nice. we will not because my mom always bites of party. i've class somebody marya, the horses, d. c. as in yet to set the operator to an agenda. yes. yes. could cut this off, like i told him was i am whose name, which i would tell tom don,
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your sales lord should the premium for granting marriage with him was have she to tom cook steadily. so one way or then with me when course that of nicolas misty. we talked about it appraisal yet from smith. it was with cost. no. can you say yes. tell my child by at the moment the wind caught them even caught them stop, but i wish to move by ocean. i'm curious to the city style with by the us this the liquidity go slow for the star to kill cookie pistachio with kaiser in yoga. glad sheer today. no i chelsea cut over to the peters last week and yesterday at the appraiser to go with smithy. evans crossed my appraiser,
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anna brown with the core to become with the be santa, away the new, yet the toaster. desolate from when you will will not be seen as korea. the good with the cat concentrates are all brozowski. hilo, 8 b. c. no idea. any palmer guys? no good by yet. but you move it right in our show. east. put you on the switch. talk to him when i do, i need you to miss her what theresa was nearby? yes. commodity galena don't, don't do it. the turning push alert that the only color that's only khalilah that's only gone as the rest minister won't be a goes out. any of our sin put us,
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you'll know she was nice because doing fall ball was to was you were telling that all that on the price you should need it in as, as a yoga and repair fitness if that was issued on your bill is as catching on those that are more muscle before that with the on the bitter kind of she'll get it knocked on you directly. you directly are gonna touch. they be sure that thursday in the day we're all good at yesterday that the appearing in us is on tom t as in yellow need she to report that i missed motional, they walked so gonna search is leave on just really oh, do just the theaters come for it that he brought, she lashing invalid all k, w c, v. pretty glad, and then yet the least nuke of our last, let's say you cause you read am ludy chance to me as the sub boy backwards. boyd exit cruel delisa bracelets, e d. s. kim i, erica bill tucker model. dividends kim, that she did love, i nipped biscuit, affordable elijah, is a chaise, emily, caribbean li. pleasure though it
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it catholic with leads is profound. try them a little they should you board that what that what, what you're gonna get i'm gonna get out of my one that's to just anyway i can what day you want monday. my, my that you're good. i just got by the a so good now what should i should do it i believe because i am a new boat. he was not familiar with the luck with guy. this is jessica china is actually what i do not can smolley. belinda,
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what that to the united element last meal is, you know, i'm, you know, we're supposed to learn about any pregnant. i'm done with this child keyboard. other real. yeah. yeah. yeah. was paul thought, wow, yes. but that all is abusive. key a small cuz what i was i be just the one that i was doing a family's life event with me because i got a plan. yes for yes. that a pretty good. if you're that you're here by seem over that with love. there she just, besides situated to piece you said you see kira, it's good just to please quit. got a teether. i think the only thing that he always does to put me at the to cartoon
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will come because of a to some with more than the even a piece you believe. yeah, i don't wish to grab those publish date when okay, she won't be a garage and i'm not be a be sure to hear o social seamlessly business to heal marshall swipe wiki skills for promotional sheep self human gym of all important storm choice, waiting the if she's done by sean spirit. if you want to quicker sheets. when teachers go away in the middle of the sometime they finished, i should see water seaman, big go 12, send them with all the broker, given the also the fraction curve, which like, are you sure the partial must course from finish, lower choice cornish on the which are always nice to the group ways it is not shared with them doing that needed that but it's in the way you know it, it's almost equip, resorts. what did you, what the choice, why not, were you able to? she made up my 2nd shape such to heat is your flaming publicity cannot meet you said sticky on the because i'm looking for them. but the will agent number agent, that you might some of the, me a quote that would the bid in the wasn't a complete slowly. what all did want to run with of your work with you by the way that he voice was frantic. i did return to
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each school, so i put the solid man there. ah, yes with that, but it is not like a from them. but mitchell in the pl is blow up with a nibble and you go here, that'll be what on the bottom of page isn't that? yeah, boy, if not, i thought he was born. but nick told me i have station with
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my 0 minute up, a lacrosse me flux a style. never let me go. yeah. would you be a co push to risk frowns on my family members that accept kilometer of some mccraney? we do have on saturday, the co found schedule, can you put on a wireless or maybe some are you working with a double look at us to pressure? it said that over my vision, the electrical bomb, the what us, what are the, is a little girl coming for just grim. he brought a corner unit furnished with her.
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i'm not sure if it doesn't, you have a much water. notice when it comes cory it yet, but i'm still a lot of looked up a little because it wasn't basil shot by us by you. graham measured up our sam from it that i bought it. what number stock? number 3 is a july 3. i let them run the which was a day give it to say wanted to go with store to record my concern with what made them out for them like a going to do share and i'm really doesn't want to hold the modem. new modem, you teach skiff on the water with learn to was that already? what was today with a with
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him i went in and i'm much, i'm mad. let's try to remember a drag. you will know what you ma call it by are either like when you're done with a new with customer service
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because your customer number from somebody about who it is with the truck. so i didn't get to the last minute with that. what's the, what's that on your left says new little bomb with a bit of a smaller unit showing the condition of the symbols or to lean. your bills are based a substantial day scale and the guest i was shooting you just nation. i was to polish enough with them. so she story. i've saved from dr. murray merrill shacks. i'm
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a glove new customer with seals and i need it done bus though. he with no worries meeting a set from a bus. from a semester amana mission, elgar boxes, the dots bitchy mother e are not be dish law, would be a former teacher's logic or dying. my status of obviously peter sla, stop for what's on the pizza or switch immigration towards my shouldn't. it doesn't much allowing, you know, from a, from now on, from it's almost got an important component to a new mala. columbia drinker chested with sugar, a peaceful to william with ah,
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a new cartridge. and i can, if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple of don't put your human symbols on display a guy. so you guys don't talk to strangers. i. 7 avoid noisy gatherings and rallies a marsh. we've eaten your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll russia a
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specific struggle with a training for the shell don't yet 50 wasn't they get at least 6 people i said to filled with the referendum on joining russia on the way in for disputed region to attack the theme intensify. so should i just knew of that with a prisoner exchange. the 55, so did return to russia while ukrainian service been handed over by moscow in can members and the i lost the county and also ahead we must, mister president, treat all conflicts across the globe.


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