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so there's your boomerang with with a headlines right now we're, we're now to international, right? that sort of get left off. roger's foreign minister speaking of the un security council. he blames the west for the deliberate incitement and provocation of the conflict in ukraine. lateral is also accusing international bodies of closing their eyes on the routine violations of human rights by pierre. we'll discuss this in just a moment. meantime, ukrainian of course is shell or next city. once again, we understand 6 people set to be killed with the referendum on joining russia on the way and forward disputed regions. the attacks have been intensified. so should
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i just a prisoner and strangers, he's $55.00 soldiers returned to russia, while ukrainian service men handled over by moscow, including members of the infamous ass off battalion. they were sent off the medical treatment center goal set it up, pose is mounting pressure from the west, pushing africa to choose sides and the ukraine conflict. that's washington threatens the continent with a raft of sanctions, of a russian energy, while at the same time, craving that no closure with just crossing 7 pm here at moscow and a very busy day. and an action packed program for you today, you're not international. are very welcome to you now. so to elaborate off the russian foreign minister, just speaking moments ago, claiming that the collect,
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the west has been an escalating the war in ukraine, not even hiding that its main goal is to weaken russia as comments made just moments ago. came during a meeting of the un security council, so let's learn more crossing vive to new york with all these i came up and standing by. so what else did we hear from mr. laugh it off just now? sure. well, this was a higher level meeting of the security council than usual with both russian foreign minister, sergei lab rav, as well as u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, addressing the meeting, the un general assembly is going on. so rather than simply having the un representatives there were, there were higher level speakers now. when antony blanket took to the floor, he accused russia of a number of crimes are repeated, the unsubstantiated allegations that are constantly spewed in american media. he was then followed by a variety of speakers. china emphasized the need for de escalation, the need for a political solution to the crisis. the need for fact finding mission to be carried
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out on an objective basis. and then we did hear from the russian foreign minister, sir guy lab, rob, who had quite a bit to say when he spoke, he made a point of using his platform at the united nations to highlight the reality of the situations going on in the don boss. regions that have been continuously ignored by western media. he talked about how the peoples of the don bass regions are being referred to as non humans or species. and how there is a call to kill as many russians as possible, or to wipe out russians, how there has been a war against the russian language. i talked about how the forces installed by the united states in kiev have burned books, as well as burned people. alive and the incident such as their what went on at the house of labor unions that happened in 2014, he described the real atrocities that are taking place on the ground against the
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peoples of the eastern regions and how they are suffering. and how there is now an attempt to prevent them from exercising their sovereignty and carrying out a referendum to make clear they don't want to be part of the government that was imposed on them by the united states after the 2014 coo. so it was quite an all encompassing speech that we heard by the russian foreign minister. he talked about how international bodies are being manipulated to carry out the foreign policy agenda of the united states and its allies about how russia has handed over quite a bit of material to the international criminal court about the atrocities being committed by the altar nationalist forces backed by the united states coming out of kia and how the international criminal court has not been helpful in getting these crimes accounted for and how the reality of the situation and what's taking place, how the russian speaking peoples of the don bass regions have suffered. that is being ignored by international media, but the facts are there for anyone. he wants to see them. white moving words that
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we heard from the russian foreign minister, shedding light on what the united states and its allies and their corporate media would not want the world to see. all right, all it is okay to help in regards to latest now from new york regarding so you left off the russian foreign minister, speaking of the un security council, thanks. might appreciated now the latest shelling of a ukrainian forces of the next city as we understand 6 people and out that 6 injured is according to local officials on need to warn you. right now you're gonna see some graphic images. residential areas have been coming under attack since the early hours of the morning. the attacks to continue right there of fust was hit living body parts just scattered all over the place. and other shell hit the roof of an indoor market. the shelling comes just a day before a referendum with various republics, choosing whether or not they want to join russia. let's get more information now without is murat gas. bus 24 hours have seen a series of tragic events, especially what happened earlier. just 1000, go in,
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in vignettes, people hear about these, these latest shillings, these, these new casualties of people are becoming desensitized to them. nevertheless, 6 people killed 6 injured among those killed a 14 year old girl. these were bearing in mind that even though this is an app, this point because of ukrainian bombardment, which is blind in character with little purpose, but the so tara, amongst the civilian population, that every single day there's a new tragedy in that it's where is my son where is he, where? tell me where they all are. my son was on the bus the viola should that he just the shell hit here. man is lying here there some others mama, i am lucky that i survived. i saw the shall fly in here just moments before he got a bill. i need you. i'm then eunice was similar. they showed us for 8 years and
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they just continue how to ask them why they're shelling there in humane just for the for what it was. shelling by the ukrainian army may directly hit the bus and there was another 2nd hit further away in the city. in the 2nd strike, there were no casualties. when the 1st here, 6 people died include one child, the wounded were taken away, they will be okay. last was of course, all and i in then yet square the shelling continues me. we expect more casualties every, every day. here in your song are the ukrainian military yesterday attack with american high mas missiles, a fire station, which were, which didn't have any military targets in the vicinity, anywhere near. but as well as the uni river crossing, the connect have sought to the east and bank of the near port river. it is the only crossing by which this entire city is supplied with, with food, with medicines, by which people take their loved ones,
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relatives to hospitals or elsewhere on the other side of the river. civilian crossing was also struck. thankfully fortunately, it wasn't in use at the time that the, the platform itself, the budge was significantly damaged in multiple, another city, zappa, georgia, someone planted a bomb in a closed shop, 6 people injured there. i am the acts of terror that is being now investigated. believe to be conducted by ukrainian nationalists to once again spread tara, amongst the civilian population. on the eve of the 5 day votes referendum, across multiple provinces, regions, and breakaway republics, the nearest la gods have sought soraya, where people will get would be given a very simple choice, whether they would like to vote to join russia. now for security here, ease ease on alert, on high alert, i would say ukrainian bombardment,
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publications are expected to morrow everywhere where the vote is taking place. or perhaps the scare people away from voting in this referenda. but what it has served to do this, endless shelling the, these are active acts of terror is, is turn. and we have noticed this turn even lose people who supported ukraine, who were against russian presents here to turn them against ukraine. now that they've seen what kiev is doing, have don bass, her song ends up at all. she will hold referendums on whether or not to join russia, despite the very loud condemnation by the west. moscow, as it will support the decision of the people and also increases defense in the regions. there are serious security concerns. the voting will continue until tuesday at a host of ortiz, walter pod program works on a bike. oh, she joined me earlier in the studio and she told me that the referendum is we'll make nato think twice,
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perhaps about sending weapons to key if there is massive significance historically geopolitically. but what i would focus on is the military significance, because essentially by supporting this referenda, what russia is saying is, well, it's, i think a nice trolling of made a charter, an attack against them will be an attack against us. and that completely changes the way this military operation will be perceived, both in moscow and hopefully in the west as well, because it will allow russia to use different kinds of armaments. it will allow russia to use different kinds of strategies and i hope it will impact decision making on the side as well. because you know, sending reference to be as far as against what russia considers its own territory. it's something different. it certainly seems like putting this up in the n t right now as well, and very consciously. and i was watching what blinking in america was saying just every day. and he said here in washington, we are really worried with genuinely worried about what food is planning to do. and you know what, i'm glad to hear that frankly. ok on it. it's good to share washington that good to
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say to hear what you know, not a bluff. he said, yeah, yeah. and that's why like, yeah, he's actually pretty straightforward. in addition, he's not hiding behind the rhetoric. he says what he means and what he's going to do. it's not hard to make sense of what is in his had. there are so many criminologist in washington who for some reason just cannot take put in was straight and he's always very direct about his intentions. she still, she's the 1160 years. we firmly learned that it is mostly dangerous to weaken its sovereignty even for a while to abandon national interests. during such periods, the very existence of russia was threatened that waiting for us to make such mistakes again, we will not succumb to black mountain. intimidation will never betray or lose our sovereignty. and by strengthening it, we are developing our country. sovereignty has become the means of survival and development. it's an ability to make the decisions for your people, what the west has assumed until now, until now is that essentially to was always
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a choice between national south south hope and access to prosperity. the whole idea of globalization is based on the idea that you can participate in the global economic system. if you play along with the west, if you play along with washington, and that's why the west always introduces sanctions and tries to limit the countries participation in the global economy. as a way to punish down for dire rico cintron or for that disagreement with western wisdom. it's not just russia, but all the countries. major countries have benefited from globalization be china, india, south africa, brazil, many others, georgia, for example. they are all saying that, okay, you know, mobile economy is not the american economy, it's not for the american lead, grab it for all of us, and we all have to leave, find a way of living in this world, in mutual respect, but also mutual benefit book now here we're not international, we will have special coverage of the referendums in those regions. of course,
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it all gets under way on friday, as locals vote on whether or not they want to become a part of russia. you can read much more about it. it's a well pretty convoluted subject with an awful lot of opinions and attitudes. read more. it odds, he don't. com. ah . so he may have heard a prisoner swap has taken place between moscow and keith. the russian defense ministry says 55 russian military service men have arrived home after ukrainian captivity at the now receiving the required medical treat. douglas was loc as
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a result of a complex exchange negotiation process. 55 servicemen of the armed forces of the russian federation. don, yes, can, luke asked, republics, who were in mortal danger in captivity were returned from the territory of ukraine, controlled by the key of regime tonight. all military personnel have been transported by military transport aircraft to the territory of the russian federation, and currently in medical institutions of the russian defense ministry. the return service men have been given the opportunity to contact their relatives and being provided with all necessary psychological and medical assistance is that the russian troops landed wednesday at a military airport near moscow. members of the notorious, neo nazi as off, but tally and captured during the seizure, mary up all were among those exchange for russian servicemen and several western mercenaries, including our 5 british and american national, who had previously been sentenced to death by a da next court. they will also release to it,
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and many of the russian soldiers who afraid were quite a contact family members on their return just to let them know, hey, everything's okay. so how should i to florida? everything is fine. why co tiers? everything is okay. hey, now for this, you know what i see. everything is fine. i just returned to russia alive for the british prime minister less trust as i made a statement about a wednesday's prisoners of war exchange praising ukraine's president. but taking a moment, just to make a quick swipe at russia, i thank vladimir the landscape for his efforts to secure the release of detainees and saudi arabia for their assistance. russia must end the ruthless exploitation of prisoners of war and civilian detainees for political ends. what are some critics though say the u. k. perhaps is not in the best position to preach to others on this kind of subject. i mean, we all know the country's face, the number of allegations of the treatment of p, o w, 's, and war crimes committed. well, for example, by you guys soldiers during the war in iraq,
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you may remember one of the most high profile cases concerned that have been mussa . now, an inquiry revealed a 26 year old hotel worker, was arrested by the u. k. military and taken to a u. k. based in iraq in 2003 when he died 2 years later, post mortem found 1903 injuries, including fractured ribs, and a broken nose. the injuries was said to have contributed to his death. and the prob said that mussa had been beaten multiple times by a number of soldiers. well, we discussed the issue with our journalist option to return. see, he said that the u. k. perhaps is in no position to raise concerns about the treatment of p o w. it would be almost humorous if it wasn't so tragic. i know that they had to be. the prosecutor, the international criminal court, had just been speaking of the un general assembly in the same nature, talking points kind of way. but the idea of the british prime minister, british prime minister, talking about treatment of prisoners of war after, as you just mentioned by mussa, that case the at the existence of guantanamo, you will never hear anything from the i. c, c, or washington or london,
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or any major power about the fact they still have a detention to what you can in occupied cuba and how, what does what have to go back for british treatment of prisoners of war. whether it be in south africa, can you offer the libby and eventually nature why with the prisoners of war treated in the so called war on terra, let alone ireland you think less trust? we think more about ireland and given the northern ireland protocol and the torture of irish people in that war. instead of treating about the fact that the supremacy of international law as regards prisoners of war should be always upheld. apparently, africa is not willing to choose sides and the war in ukraine. that's certainly the measures coming from senegal during the un session, alluding to the mounting pressure on the continents leaders coming from the west. part of that is almost like a coalition of the willing with western professional partners threatening those in
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africa to stop using russian energy. miss, unpleasant on africa suffered enough burden to stir its history, that it does not want to be the place of a new cold war, but rather a polo stability and opportunity that is open to all of its partners on a mutually beneficial basis. but the owner of some african countries are depend heavily on imported grain from russia and ukraine. and the west continues fleming moscow for the so called weapon ization of food african states. the trying to stay neutral about the ongoing conflict while receiving support from moscow on getting greater influence in the un and more of a say in the post colonial era. this companies as the united states threatened african countries with sanctions, if they by russian energy. although biden insists the u. s. never forces any one to take sides. we do not see conflict. we do not seek to call war. we do not ask any nation to choose between the united states or any other partner.
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independent geopolitical analyst, escobar believes the western attitude to africa. well, it's counterproductive. it's a mix of racism. ingrained racism in the atlantis is elite. and the fact that after the only thing that africa is good for is plundering which is the history of colonialism and neo colonial isn't for the past 20300 years. europeans came up with this absolutely toxic sanctions regina. and now they are sanctioning very poor countries across africa, depriving them of grain and for license that they badly need. and even if you went this week, once again admitted that the spectre of famine across africa is absolutely horrendous. this tells you how the u. s. priorities are they basically you have the hard core priority, which is african, which is wrong, military zation and ya, lee,
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which is educating young to africa leaders, which is basically brainwashing young africa into applying new liberalism to africa . so none of these programs such sustainable development the indian ruthie hit record low against the dollar on thursday comes as the u. s. federal reserve hinted at a more aggressive rate hike the cub inflation. i spoke with earlier about all this with a correspondent, engine shot. this is the weekend, so the indian who be have eval on the 5 out there who b has broken bobby key against the us total and beyond looking at for the decline, the currency i saw the thing that is happening, the court or the aggressive read hi god, by the us, federal consecutive d n b r, who do these in for that to be to feel all recession as far as the don't know. so
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do you actually think of the global market economy and the we can, a currency is not just the case with india, a new one. but what's happening is that in asia, i feel they're saying the same problem. there is a lack of india is expected to into rain. that's what i've been given to understand because they don't want any sort of need your reaction daughter. but it was, we had to wait to watch to see what the us to put it simply here in the tearing inflation to be precise. imported in creation. you see india in economy that is dependent on and we import all sorts of commodities like a boy and then that buys for one television goal. and now you don't have to be more to buy the steam commodities we are really looking at, is to get clear and l g bills to get hired and all this is
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a big concern for right now. the noise could that be with us today for this program, for moscow? speaking of the un general assembly, the u. s. president joe biden, and british prime minister less trust. but both stated that, but no point has anyone threatened to russia? food claims he had to act because russia was threatened, but no one threatened russia. no one is threatening russia. well, let's take a closer look. shall we, threats of using nuclear weapons against russia have invoiced officially at least 5 times since last winter. for example, back in february, ukraine's president talked to potentially acquiring nuclear weapons. france said vladimir putin needed to understand nato meant nuclear weapons. a poland, talk of the readiness to host us nuclear weapons, if necessary. or the head of the german air force nato needed to be ready to use
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nuclear weapons. and the british prime minister less trust herself said she'd be prepared to use nukes, if needed. well, let's get the take on it's michael lukes for my senior security policy. i live in the office of the us secretary of defense. wow. mike, looks like we're all going to be brown bread soon. i mean, holy crap, the u. s. u k. lead us stating yesterday that russia had never been threatened. and yeah, just, it's been a range of threatening statements, not by anything small, by the way. we talking nuclear weapons, atomic bombs. michael. yes, it's a scare tactic. and i'm, i'm a little concerned. i think what they're trying to do is height, height, this thing, unnecessarily to, to bring, bring this into more of a, of a conflict, then a and a threat. and then it really is, i haven't really heard threats out of russia on the use of tactical nukes. in fact, i think mr. lab, ralph has stated very pointedly that that's not in their,
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in their military defense posture, unless the country itself was directly threatened. then, then there would be a consideration, but it would be basically an invasion of russia that would be, that might prompt such a reaction. but we're hearing this also from members of congress. the constantly talking about it. i mean, i heard interviews just yesterday where they're trying to raise the scare tactics in, in, in the united, in the united states, particularly. and they, there is a new killer alliance. we have stored weapons, nato. i mean, i'm sorry, a turkey itself is stored nukes in, insulate. and so there's this, this effort to try to intimidate, through the use of tactic,
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tactical nuclear weapons. and that if use, that would be a major, major game changer. without it, michael, wouldn't it? i mean that would just be mutually assured destruction where they will be know when it's just only losers. and the next one will be fought with sticks and then mit mr . does the link mister zelinski has threatened to go back to a new killer posture through production. they probably have the industrial capability or they did that, but they certainly have the know how, because they used to have nukes stored in the, in ukraine. so this kind of talk just accelerates and causes greater escalation of tensions, which is totally unnecessary. that's all we keep saying, mike, listen, we just keep seeing more escalations attentions with more rhetoric, more and more anti russia, anti this anti that? i mean it's well, it's hard to keep up with frankly let's, let's talk about pollutants announcement about a partial mobilization michael. 1.11 point one percent of the entire russian
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military on forces being activated here, 300000 soldiers. then we've got referendum the next in the next few days. why? why do you think putin has announced the partial mobilization? well, i think he just wants to be ready in case ukraine decides to do more offensive activities . he knows that us the supply and the critical intelligence and that, that and then it's creating the they just want to be ready in case the ukraine wants to go on more in a fax of posture than, than they have been and wants to protect the area of don batson and thompson, and i think that that's something that they, they want as well the people who are there. so it seems and i think that he just wants to be ready. i think the, i think though that weather is going to have
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a major play a major factor in this. and i think what the ukrainians are trying to do is speed up things to keep it, keep asking for more and more arms. but that can only go on for so long, and to be consistent with a counter offensive. ukraine has to have a cost flow, but i think russia is going to alter their, their approach as a consequence of the recent counter offensive. for michael, it was only a few weeks ago, the russian president vladimir putin said we're going to slow down. we're going to slow down the movement in ukraine to reduce civilian deaths and, and damage to a civilian infrastructure. that statement coming at a time when europe in later is complaining that they're running out of ammo. they're running out of weapons to send into your credit. i mean, god forbid, ever came down to it. it won't be long before europe has very little left to defend itself. is it a cutting ploy or what is it? i guess a maneuver on the military global chess board,
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when putin said we're going to slow it down to reduce civilian casualties. that he also perhaps think that this would help to further draw down european mo, supplies well, i think that's going to happen inevitably, unless you're peons and the united states go into more of a, of a defense military production posture within their, when the, each of the countries they're going to have to do something if they want to consistently and continuously supply these weapons to ukraine. but as far as what mr said, you want to secure what you have already acquired. and i think that that is absolutely necessary. i don't think it was the, i don't think yet that is the intention of moscow to, to take all of ukraine. i think the, i think as long as he can defuse the ability or limit the ability of ukraine to become
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a nato eligible member. i think that that he, that he will have accomplished what he sought to do because that was a threat. he has, he considered, and also pointed out to the west and to nato before the military operation actually began. michael is not going to go about 25 seconds for this one, but please, please follow me here. so get off saying that america is teetering on the brink of being a direct party to the conflict in ukraine. could it be at some point that russia goes off the decision making centers? 20 seconds might. well, it could, it could if, if this war expands in the united states, expands, it's already a world conflict, it's having a world consequences. and i think that if you neutralize that decision making areas, then that that will probably have to be done in order to neutralize this thing and, and try to get both sides to the negotiating table. i michael maneuver formerly of
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the u. s. office of the secretary of defense, we appreciate it. thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us as well. most doors available for you at auto dot com the meantime. we are back very soon. ah. when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any world that you have to fill out these days, because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.


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