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again, this is you to see is that large gatherings of people in, well places that been traditional, alongside or around traditional polling stations that they might become targets of attacks of its over missile attacks by cave or terrorist acts. even my mother is russian. my father is russian. well, i am russian. i know that everything will be fine. many do not believe in the referendum. there are a lot of scared people. i know that everything will be fine and we hope so. god bless. but just a short time ago here on the program on ot see i did speak with professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade us stephan diet. stephanie believes the safety and that the well being of a don bass residents is more important than western reaction to that of the referendums. i don't see what kind of other sanctions are going to be imposed. i mean, west is fully involved in a proxy war. it is arming one of the sides heavily and i
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think that there will be increased protest similar to what we've seen in 2014 with the premium case. but i don't really see any kind of escalation that we haven't seen so far. of course, the west will be very disappointed and there will be a lot of a lot of, i would say i've been barking by the politicians that are already discredited within their own societies. but i don't believe that russia and especially people who live in these areas, should be particularly worried about the western reaction. i think that they should be concentrated on the future. i had them and rebuilding our lives and of course of the infrastructure that was shattered. and of course the
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rebuilding of a functioning society off trauma that started out with the euro. my done, if not even with the breakup of the soviet union in 1991. well, it is our top story here in our t international. we will of course, keep you totally updated with all the latest news. it's a 5 day referendum that ultimately will decide the fate of several 1000000 people. ah. oh, russia is the aggression. no. if injured much about it, we have any quality for russians. we have actual racism, bigotry, against russians. it's now dangerous to be russian in europe. so i work with for
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forced with as possible. if a nation suddenly disliked was the hotel it, he always there and only now come to the for the most told was the most for for so for you do it is router will be a new one hasn't been seen before in their perspective a given the from the allows you to promote, inform, some gillian studies before door. i knew that i knew you started which can help people not daniels die. you rule except or could go with here because that's a theme is believe you got a watch and we can see what is with our music was due to him
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exclusion border over here. all we gotta do is meet him over the head and just tell him the right way to live near is going to do. it was a whole new rep, appropriate. i don't let you move up just to be. i just play a shy many the kids. i tried to understand why my own car lose. use a 9 feet person on tuition for position. i'm in some results and i disco. very deep. are so good. since long, long time, game it and is a well known journalist and politician. he had the geneva pres club and wrote a famous book, creating lucifer from the great religious schism to anti putin hysteria in which he contends the rooster phobia in western europe isn't new, but has been there for centuries to source for,
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for big narrative is set on 2 main arguments. one is russia is a dictatorship. it was a tier one you read the saw, it was a 2 i knew during subject times, and now it's to run you doing to president sherlock times. the 2nd point is worse than expansions, russian barrier. it's completely fake, but this is always the same games a visit to any bookshelf in europe or the us is enough to reveal the strength of anti russian sentiment today. 11 campuses show me are here where you are a piece, but i know you know some whiskey at the store and you probably lot show because you probably wouldn't like what blood lug style, but don't we should not say can you because each we shoot in school with water, which includes important boston, which i'm john, which it was inclusion, but only show that people, they are good. i hear a would you be you?
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but i'm going to see a doing your but not all the categories with that. i see little brush that's all we roughly that's kilograms. he says degrade, crossed year for you out of state. for example, in these comics about russian history, the country is portrayed as a grim dis, don't be a lead by a dictator. and you know, it's typical book written by a sofa big right telling how mr. dean is described in the book and how the story is told, and you can see all the cliches, all the prejudices against russia. and this is a comic about one of the most horrifying episodes in russian history, the best land school seeds when more than a 1000 hostages were taken. most of them children, terrorists shot the men and the gymnasium, where the hostages were held. was booby trapped when one of the bombs exploded and people started to run away. the terrorists opened fire more than $300.00 were
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killed. but the comic strip says nothing about the abuse of hostages, all flee, and children being shot in the back. instead, the author blames russia who fight it on their own children. no one day considering that even during the seed, many western media referred to the terrorist to separatists, implying the blame did not lie in time with them. the way used to describe the event was not to speak about the terrace. so the same present, dicey noise, felicia, why it is true that she learned not the world. it was, or because the bad russian joy causes, or the journalists leave out the event, they speak only about russian police and army. if there were people given children killed, it was only the 4th of the russian police,
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but not of the game it on has studied russo phobia in journalism. that cartoonist alga has explored the portrayal of russia through the ages. sadly, the imagery has barely changed in centuries. and only a moment from that as near norwood denito. yeah. system alicia at the toaster and i see it using a bundle package, a ski neo jewelry, just because he may feel with agree even with young friends. can you have a choice field in character like that? if i'm with a couple of which is that, why don't you, why did you think it had been hampton or somebody? if it's a lie
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that i'm side and don't sound good? yes. now somebody says to with the widow, stuff for the navigate the nino's thumb. somebody, no, no, i'm going to wash. in fact, it began even earlier with the great, closer to excuse them. cuz then the stakes righty. mechanically restoration or a teachers' grades to here. show. go in your price per ruin. you shall, could. there's a kind of talk to you who i you it up. so i was just following up with you for your system, for my phone interview. when byzantium fill, ruth declared itself its successor. the pope, even betrothed the lost byzantine emperor, is nice to talk. even the 3rd they wanted that huge and mysterious country is an ally. he wants to put it on the level and also got that each almost done year a year. could bounce yukos popsicle loans famous of him do. i'm in
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a store ship now, but i spoke with buffalo named but obviously they're watching my mom for the still pitiful. are you that was when travellers started to explore russia much was written, but of course the most popular reading was letters from diplomat abuse. to get along to get a bit, staying at city or goes pretty young. the me i need to purchase total. can i teach? may i wish to were pushing in really actually like to create a new that was you know, that you me see a be standard in the go to make sure you are at the middle of lucia. jim slab would be publish, suggesting this new job post great in the late i'm off number. we'll need your bus
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. did need book just to be as again, guess what ups, what do you use the ideal to get the new bridge here, but the clean them either possibly be thinking but the new below over them spend your club, boardman, of bush and dorothy parker. i was given to moderate that you will, you show you show, for us bridges, political police, you wouldn't know if you were open to the last week or near putting blood for tom was to it was just going, can you woods? i mean, this seems to kill them, but lose your quote number when you to the sure the water goes all the way one go that much. he, you're below, when you cook the students with money and then you want to see the question is that was put on that initial i be to see that i was on the switch. you were gonna push guard short of critical previous teacher looking to submit these not the no
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appointment with them. so they billed me with them order. when you we bought a new order. when you click on the company, he's got to go. so that's his blood. when you have to stay and they would switch the waiting room that you sufficient, but it's about that piece on your muscle missiles that seem to you last night. spine shield. so that's under review. the terrible relations with neighbor deteriorated, fed up even his name was misunderstood. over the world and you just gave up a jewish and remit to me. your girls and kircher table ross. i wasn't really communicated. we're losing a branch. it's a nation grows. we've got a good time. she know russian ruler has ever been misrepresented as badly as if the terrible when the devonian war began poles in lithuania and wanted
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to show their enemy to be as bloodthirsty as possible. so that was the bloody tyrant, a monster on the throne. an orthodox depiction to appeal to other catholics, date people. let's use them the month of july and not all you know with him and those who cannot have been able to wish of civil. but as a class, can you say a couple of weeks, a year model was asked to leave out a couple april sufficient. you get a landscape as new vehicles for galaxy. we'll talk to you about when you deal with the whole situation that he's going here. we'll give john a boy, a chauffeur's mouse with diplomat and mercia jerome jose lived in russia for almost 20 years and left a rather curious account site available. chris really can over here as well, if you will double check it in. i told them to see if you were rich lindsey's me,
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only car was one of our well. so put us through that. you'd be, she was way that that i used to be. she was way around the driveway. got dory. i be . she has to leave the dealership, i believe that went to live source on the car dealers. with those that you, she's to sell. it was designed for. can i wanted to smash? always grow your. she was supposed to be the commercialization details for the new life. ross lady by month was swollen and cooking saltisha richly and your believers will not rushing you with some warranty. if you rotate them with jerome. mushroom really drew on. but i it's a paras each line. yes. which a guy to let you see as the person to forget orders and particularly for fuel lee and yet you more let me also check with nick if she missed with dish, you know, with she'll when the ration like up with a kind of the sports now some of those can you see, of course, the pop sulu person,
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you could just, they would let you look to where ship us would. you can actually see more them when i see a lot of no, but normally she'll really shift push and get a minute. should that will they tell you this? she doesn't, but you were open this, you're not planning on making a connection with national senior commission. you by having trouble with c and usually i'm 2nd so with just a list of my she will talk when you can hear some brushing. oh jim, you mean you were the studio even when the what you see what, you know, grains can you able to the mr if you got that? i mean you fascist them. it was actually both with the one the with jerome or cbl or you must be able to hold all of those all with in fact, no gross population was just 50000 them. so killing 700000 would have been a challenge. but these notes on russia were often republished and quoted, even centuries later, similar accounts meant. russia was judged to be dark and savage through europe. but the time was far from the height of progressive humanity. gimler was more got it. so i got a little roll a little bit across ma'am, but i have
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a multiple as well. you can always see in the mid issue i do it for. i mean it's good like shows that it was seems clean faced as busher. jim's as 2 dates that did the girl always except 3 and the girls and the guy that came from a fill in the right, the most of asi business that it was studying for him to have studied with them operational up, up on business, up on the phone with black people, i showed you multiple, he wouldn't be a school, but i mean must give them a given the, from the law lead the most in thought from typical mixing one. but up with that window which does double, i know for sure that he thought that they had no problem, but he let me check. it was not a bit on the vice you the what now, what back you, what the hold up with
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russia would gain nob hill arity under p to the great and the 1st russian emperor to travel widely. anecdotally when he arrived in the french capital, he said, paris stinks at the stench, will be the death of it. under peter, the great russia became a powerful state, which of course, well its neighbors. russia looked in on the scene before because they're great, but suddenly appeared on the european scene as early as talking power in competition. so for the kink on file, it was not acceptable as a sensory your modem for. so for the us house is google falls for
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the middle with the guys studios, and the studies kanaka talk across when he was a what the orbit of was. fortunately that he was indeed he's a d a y e z luca citizen. this but i'm not sure how stable enough in the williams up of the writing, cynthia, but i will rock who's associate with teaching easiest and daughters. mostly in a most quarry belong to skier, legitimately to show sort of course from good last school year. really that the, the, what is it goes up south, so we were just for using the new moores with somewhere there. warrior pretty well it was our pool. i'm not dumb. sustainability is there a wolf? i need to completely zoom aliya rogue in the word. so cravy and storm healey, brady, on still not almost our new store. and he just bought that peter, that it was a slow computer. goes most to say it usually means unique of consoles. las colinas?
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no, no, titian. so sort of course we weren't sure beached, i'm not sure a lot of them before school. can you see the will be alone? this is enough to we really cool me off of your head. you are groom leeker along the room with the sky. regular sweetie. earnest tumor, questionable on your door, and the cook's children were you usually, the reason you deal with will be a reason, you know, gets a really love normally a pretty well well before to for you for your media. tory will, which is unfortunate. diedro voltaire, andrew. so i'll get over with russia could be seen or civilized, or just barbaric and sanitation, but they mostly agree that russia couldn't be civilized because it wasn't for us. in francisco, you are you seeing it, you wish that they don't listen, you know enough friends who as a share for fish, easy minus we can then the e from legend says
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a cup with east of misty beating. sir, sir, and you meant that in your senior year with us on getting your, our a thing going on there waiting for the family chair for over if she's still here with his computer, a lot of just hanging the screen. right. what's next? i know napoleon had to justify his campaign against russia somehow. and pete of the great will conveniently came to light. it seemed he wanted his as to conquer germany and france. the perfect excuse for a preemptive strike. napoleon was getting a few years old, grab austria, germany. of course it was a german nickel, foul of good time. and he could not accept that sal. oh, who is this to him? who was his faith document and full to do french people? it is saying that the leash on that side is 2 times 2 appropriate for so we have to
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make a preemptive attack against you or the wise real the go crap. a from dr. my mentor, is there a guess? just give russell. i stole his identity. lose clues of man re shania different error reason. assume chung we've got a new ring, a new school because they can't really get a hold of the receiver. steve interface viewers hit the motion and wish to receive a real boil long period for news news. moving instead of holding each screenshare with me, shirley mccracken beat get food to come in. or one of the bid for global domination failed and the french will repelled off to europe was never rated from
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the ends of the patient. the successful campaign dom just terrifying france, but britain to open up audio andrews when the meet them of the deal, the whole thing a mean terry let me know when you are in those the same person in the grade book. they will get better. i mean, we do not think there's a contract in the for the middle school so that, that one wasn't even over the years ago, but i will come on the on the issues of interest in the exposure. but
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most people still move on. little stuff is that good? okay. got what liberals from source gets out of money on the go with us even the depot of why when you know what the. ready or funding, i believe i gave say a bit of a book and you could assume the loudness rationally a times of to buy be with their way. i live in some ton of constructing of who is a tier on, you know, you could to heads off. he's in for one doors in cost, cutting the clothes, but no problem for the british to to have such an ally. you know, again, so caused by the wash and the exhaust. ready the marquee to christine's book is
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considered a classic of russo phobia. in 1839. he visited russia. yes, just but cbs, this show knows not as roaches animal cells that are we did the i'm these slid a little bit like you with your d. d t boy h, a mixing f moving to reach what people sleep is. parkway, what did you do me business or the pickup, or even though it's a i see little bit but shoes through which shows so i bought it, started the game, narrow them, but the gift around here real quick, we will bring them over to the park is the christine traditional, even it's a beautiful place from what i see school early, but i use much, much to us which examples to lot to couple requirements is to report as number about your sub will do a few months ago. we and when you guys happen to be, should need to be honest, we will not much same way you just a new approach and you see the solution that should be 40 minutes was seen them witness for me. i thought i see that she was call you a cinema web like you would share. would you say dealers doing that with mr. ashley? but actually with that,
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he's pushing it through more of this today. puddled and it was because when you put on mr. we renewed, you got to talk, we up must hear the police that i started so i know that she's not what i was like g. we've should be a we will just to let you with motion for producing more enough with justice way traditionally. you morning. well, actually it's sort of way i'm teaching a stormy tester. indicates synchronization priscilla spine, you is this mission response can crazy. it's has to rupture of shanita states. have him came along with a rationalist to to mean. can he be sure to share read to mom? clearly or kritisha only barbarians can live in south cul de marquis told his readers, even though he only visited in summer and never knew the chums of
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a russian winter. his boca treasure trove of russian stereotypes was regularly reprinted and is still in production. and even now informs many views of russia. yes. was dire roast gigs up, talk a go we, i need especially with when you have it. sorry. when you put it is i here, because that's what that game is a story when i need just say that a shilling will totally ethan eula shall, oblique lead years. this like the going me use the brand new year. briefly. she leaves williams by bees. young. but that i tried to give an answer as me waived, or somebody microbiology come when you put it over, you void. nobody who did listen to it, you know, to put it in the deputy with those to play anybody with one of these, those look, initials. i did not, but i think the left on for the show me something said you got the what are the what character talking? norwood, when you probably were originally learman morgan and i was doing was really from the college. those story to them because the, the use he pro cheap of fanatic atoria who thought you mirror when quickly did last
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with what circle study to lead them in a studio choice that the 2 boys they believe maybe genius drama you later or did you need to go to korea, leave a voice for your issue with is aisha, boost their associates likes to the alarm system and you've only got the phone you when you choose a machine. now increase, pardon me? shoot me some use filiette. i'm just all given there school that he's short for michelle because he was by be young by daniel to possess you really made you the young of him to run through what quick to do like this, where you christian in the 19th century, bruce, a phobia moved to germany, a growing empire with expansion plans and that expansion would be to the east. the pretext was the same as napoleon. russian imperialism saw what the germans did, a historian and the discovery with knives where all the lead in
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russia, in 13 century. and they started the new or so for big. they have developed or sort of propaganda can justified the future invasion to future expense on russia, empire before german well never are so full colonial spirit had to give loved the german war. so problem german propaganda convincingly argued that russians were an inferior race of the country, was a dark realm preparing to conquer all centuries boss. but the arguments never change state to explore a little south oregon. is that pretty quick question? my excuse me is karl marx with showing it would be you show a thanielle believes in that pool or something like say december close to sam brown . yeah, cuz i was thinking exam with the billing us motion with me. girl was
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a little grocery. it's a room girl interest or does she do the treatment and the ownership when it sooner for girl? what do you think you must choreo block was people might you were. just may even switch fully. mongoose go robs. with this we will assume, or genie and my school year. well those are all that you grad, so you to read you through on rule or stuff. sure, gus, by do you know what sleeps to go to really key that you don't really teachers, good schools to among boys go? what are the mainstream lee, me, mom, boys, co whiskey, lena? told him which and just come jimmy show officious to be so we belong that we one year near the river nation cost resentment among many in the west and to the fact that it was in such a barbaric country made no sense just a minute. just gotta get along belinda ish,
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some gillian studies you fuck door. and you know that i knew bushy key styles can other people not so i mean yes, that is to do, i will say with simple that you'll try here. sheesh those fish to any more deals must i with this question, my right of work. you know, reason i'm asking you so slightly on the you should be where you true. but one which does really a be especially with new ingeniously given word or with anyway, you would see link to when you put glove to what if shooting that summer, as long as you're actually gonna display us from late earlier 3 where and who totally at the left, left flushing can then you can, if you want your 20th, unless it would probably leave shuttle would leverage the global good will display of a .


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