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this is on ending its outrageous, and this latest killing of a young, 15 year old student working in her father's field is just the latest absolute outrage most outrageous that took place in abu great. now that it's a site of the notorious torture prison. a huge us, great, and a giant prison camp for iraqi prisoners. people around the world saw those for lenders pictures of what happened in that prison. the fact that they didn't close it down, the base continues and they continue with live fire range. it's really passed fine, but now that's all for now. we have to check out our t dot com for all the latest breaking news and updates. we'll see you right back here at the top of the hour.
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awe on november the 3rd 1945. just a month after the war ended, the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right, because the u. s. s. all was devastated by wal. united states last about $400000.00 people at the brits last less than the americans did. and the soviet suffer 27000000 deaths. mm mm 27000000 is an incredible number. mm hm. but john kennedy gave us american universities commencement address it back to 63. he said
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that what the soviet suffered a world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united states, east of chicago having been destroyed. mm. initially, the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time it evolved into pincher bush, lega, crankshaft half moon, cold wheel off tackle. and sherry, dia, december 19th, 1949 saw the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviet operation. dropshot date of attack. january the 1st 1957 the plan outlined the complete annihilation of the u. s. s. under the democratic guise of liberating the nations from communism. but those very nations would be wiped out along with communism.
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in the 1st phase of authoration, dropshot in visits dropping 300 nuclear and 250000 tons of conventional bombs on the soviet union. in 100 soviet cities were pre selected as targets. the 2nd phase, the u. s. sr is attacked by 250 nato divisions. soviet poets are taken over by nato naval forces. the 3rd phase, annihilating the u. s. i saw wiping it off the world map to that end, all new weapon types that to be deployed. nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological, as well as small items. the final phase breaking the ussr into full zones and posting nato troops on its territory. ah,
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more than 80000000 people. the majority of the huge countries population would have died in the intense bombing. and subsequent fighting they have a series of these cries of war plants, like kennedy briefed on them in the early 19 sixty's. he was, are of by no, any stat a, we call ourselves the human race. these clans continued for preemptive attacks against the soviet union. but this was, in essence, an updated version of the nazi general plan. aust, that envisaged eliminating millions of slavic people and as in world war 2, when much of europe stood united against the usaa for the us plans to muster old nato nations under the aegis of operation dropshot. in 1949, the, the soviets acquired the own nuclear weapons. so any plan to annihilate the u. s. s
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. i had to be postponed indefinitely, but the idea remains the same. the united states have to be seen as the only major player in the international arena, or anyone who sold otherwise had to be like from the us. with the soviet union itself is no mold. this is a victory for democracy and freedom. these events clearly serve on national interest. george bush was, i'm good. down a new one. i english v. i'm. yeah, not felicia too often. zebulon and tablet laughlin man was one of the dean and he's in latin sound and zine, saucen men, mother. he actually has an annoying cl analyst on plus, he had to say that a competitor to know jesus, london. mm hm.
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united states became the indispensable country. i worth exceptional people whose obligation was to lay down the path for all of the countries. and so it became a new i renewed justification for american aggression in the world. it was the justification for the 20 years of war and the 21st century and the middle east for the attack. so on 7 countries, i'm just also told that afghan is ton, this neil colon yacht. that's also twins. julian is neo colonial on zillow because i'm tired talking with him. non awesome up the state, your honest already i get you hawkiss is neo colonial iraq leak. they asked us,
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that's why to iraq creek bound kind of a violence key. you're asking just alumnis on the weight for in put in burleson, iraq to provide as game on saddam hussein for a shop cove and had to from best on dia, a xerox. dana, national, getting, don't know if our coast header libyan gaddafi is skin notice guy. she give you what's what our irish of willing to in go to museums. you, liam, is until the you want to dish w zealand via dish w e a. you own dish fun, the mesh need all single moms and best i can totally. unless the reason us hey jim, it is so dangerous. is it deny the sovereignty of the country?
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ah but march 24th 1999. the day yugoslavia was annihilated and it was covered on live tv. i'm working with with lawyers such an exception, and general bush village witnessed the events and still remember those terrible days. a credit report close it being the middle part of the exam. of course it was not seem and i would be my and i would on medical demo. correct me wonder she wouldn't again i'm yeah,
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we don't tackle motion sar williams. i'm not even research which is out in the proceed. in apple basil go brand new janasia summer with regional b is one on medical curtis of operation allied force has been called a genocide with slow but on the loss of which is tyrannical regime, the justification but many things. the real reason was yugoslavia economic independence and refusal to join nato. loya gordon for 20 average spent years researching documents that he say is corroborate native crimes committed in his homeland eco plan. you build us a bulk of stifled control over this. the body of it done, donna senior course like to get fish as a dodge, a little skew occurs. you and you will see that a 3 will be will that's still a little sim, me with the wall. so treaty organization gone,
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the welded become unipolar. pretty unsuccessful for the other scottish mission i just on time for you know, i know now i shall for to rock is for shawn would all finished. oh, so obvious creek of bacon valley way this was that was supposed to be added in particular to here the new the a book, you know from this isn't one of the valley cash that mm . in autumn 2000. the district court in belgrade has a case against those who gave orders for yugoslavia to be bombed. this a brittany creature home from north, below korea donald branch to, to produce,
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drink to now buffalo, new york tele mm hm. and the others who was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a french president, jacques chirac, the german chancellor. gerhard schroeder, the u. s. secretary of state, madeleine albright, the nato secretary general, javier selina, the supreme allied commander in europe. wesley clark and native ministers of foreign affairs and defense who give to the eloquence, studying on it's better to leave that even after a year below, you put it up on any board meetings to stop those. she said it's for koya. so council took us with the more viewed items companies with
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early kebraw yodi, cultural studies, silva now, molly, the well, you know, quite a while today, so we'll settle machine of, would anyone be awesome to this is going up. was slow affected, not as bully, locally. so totally up to muddy. hello. it is so soon as the family called post, lisa was here to wash and i'll go down. mm. yes. i mean, oh really? with this lu collateral credential? not just upon i thought he was watching and sim only yet until yes. mm mm. you beat us on campus to movie then up at nathan williams in any over sharla, mitchell with emily sunglass most we have been unique nazis. i meant that was made
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younger that touched me nice william anisa glass and the size of his mental speak additional for speedily consanzo school created will not go back to the attack. we're done for the award or to troy cook, we will do and i that you select school. see i for tina to puerto slide view, a new shot on you've been flying to not the buck with us. get ski. need korea sharla that issue. we won't rushing it, probably my coin that he thought. can the bombing of yugoslavia be considered a war crime? i'm so most emphatically, yes, it was not approved by the united nations period. it was a nato operation. it was a legal nato operation. they killed over 2000 innocent civilians and frankly, innocent soldiers who hadn't declared war any body ah,
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for a it was also of the careless war is intended to show russia the new russia that he couldn't go too far the so his case i was mean of what amiability artist, one, i scenario, niga, others vienna, illegal, staying out this year? we say no, i'm here in the group policy this year. oh, a national you was lewinski a scenario and lets not us be any with talk
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other psychiatry or say the one. yeah. don't school go doors. yeah. you know what i mean was not he is ashley, cuz we're in the theater here. there's him, there. go. yeah, that's not that cool. mm hm. after the collapse of the wall, so treaty organization, nato expanded east, despite having promised not to. but they did. nato said it's ours. we moved east international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. so truthfully, there is no such thing as international law. since the soviet union is collapse, the usa has been surrounding new russia with a belt of hostile nations. probably will swans. and in order to come,
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knock the stop at come tub, gas is own home and then fall are not high on our price via is in and took them in patient lender should oh, the co revolutions is a strategy to overthrow these regimes install puppets. and that are there from that point forward, are very susceptible to influence kurdistan, georgia and ukraine. these countries were targeted by the george h w bush, or george w bush, the senior vice president of ronald reagan and bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars. and these monies were given the countries in exchange for their
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acquiescence and their submission to american military and economic and political objectives. no ring of nato military bases is being formed around russia. the u. s. and nato have over 600 military base as well to wide. russia has just 18, but the west still claims that russia has aggressive intent by turning this russian soviets into this dangerous bo, you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy to create this image. it soviets, as out for world conquest, which was not the case, then bar now with nato should have died, but they will give it meaning. it is about infected, created by, by nato nato's business machine. because you must remember if nato,
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what is bad shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions. they'd only have one yacht instead of 2 yards each. there. oh dear, wouldn't that be a terrible food? there's a simple method to put it right with the rest of the world with we'll say we were forced to seize the territory brain, older and maintained security, a del fiddler with bring order security and democracy. the reasons used to justify molten was waged by nato and led by the u. s. he not toys. i installment phone feelin data to the notes. he hadn't own the controller. emily taylor shaw, the translator politician controller beulah pushed him to the gear, one of them global to become undesirable countries and
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undesirable leaders become the face of the enemy. when she gets on manure for reuben. then mon zailynn, ivan and folk. i didn't find pleasant here. as i thought lund, that we'd have some fine to come up. the ugly notice horse named stuffs, his aunt through one gig, or slant of gaunt dare anew petition, anita soon. there kim. on this angles inde, on bus. the pulley tick in, but i now via the order screen pod and novi chalk on the ivies of dina, didn't know want daffy dolman think it off to bone all fresh. so i've no nissan muskets. thus, alice percentile fun my nonsense, not to our creeks for what it does in fella i not confront. i'd soon davis again now vice v. as i find,
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as look back on my as one of the few journalist who has spoken the truth about events in ukraine, who are his documentary ukrainian i can a coast star in the western world. ah, with your feet as a deep 0 to one and no fin defacto in our by shot. don't get, well he stuck the momentum
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he's, it was a you know, with the vague dish and i know he stole the are all by this is bonnie, my stuck with bill paul clark mitchell, artist of the was on the choice advisory slant in fulton, let's embellish mit in, i'm my new of leon. tom. an investigation against mark was launched after the film was released. what the journalist had reported was not in line with the west's
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official stance. a gap and little stefan of king miss. they are boucher in landscape dean's touch. done with me have a chef dish and stuff. how social is that is or missionary moved beside the point of time over here for site would i would i'll send on so i can share more eyes with done. i was a shaw pope. again, this to the add on of their payroll as of their guides list of his claim. it's done yet dodge. date is often these are, these are theme jordan, my label. see me stock fight that i watch. boyer in demand off. nish, mark. he used his film to tell ordinary people the truth as he saw it wasn't 40 authorities. you can't bring truth to those who don't want it. i
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clearly whether or not bender or people are reviving naziism is of no concern whatsoever to their own state or anything that makes the ukrainians are willing to cause trouble with russia is welcomed. united states proves love is a trouble that the ukraine is apparently prepared to preserve russia. oh, american politicians don't seem to well, many issues here is that there is something on which they always agree. america is exceptional. direct our economy. what does that, ah, here's how american journalist and pulitzer prize winner eric list below explains it. mm. americans. brock, obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism, which i think it means living to
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a higher moral ideal based on democracy and freedom and human rights. and that's just simply untrue. so the exceptionalism in one regard, claims to be a license to do anything, without fear of repercussions. it's also an indicator of the world that the exceptionalism that america uses in its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the, to the populations of different nations. ah, methods of warfare are becoming increasingly sophisticated. new tactics have arrived to replace the colonial conquests of the past. now genji, she should be sure to make a gospel that show me that a g economy each name me. yes, i was on that domain. yes i was on has acquired the most. not them. yes, because i know you spoke changed your look what are called the how was supposed to
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be more the flow jeep. he then brought says, eastern europe would change. swaby ski go downstream, jungle years. continue with it was all peaceful. your is danny soon he please consult fee mine and my bank son is the thank on talked just uh we'll try to shelf his college show controller and domino political controller ask about this. ah, for example, germany and france to a lesser extent. exploiting the weak members of the european union, greece in croatia, anywhere where germany can make big business. that is a form of exploitation, and the greek economy be considered ruined by the european union. yes, it was ruined by the european union. it's already listed. when you look now, at how many greeks have left the country, it's an embarrassment how many young people have left the country. it's an
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embarrassment ah, resources are being depleted, but yet another attempt at dividing the world has become a major item on the mountain agenda. soviet russia is a pie that needs to be smartly divided. tandy adult ed or russia is still a huge tie. and it's at the forefront of western sorts. dec happy talis. most, most mac, the quantity and most the source and clintonian, and ask nish con on gun glove of will not pay years over there. you one stop and so become more mindful how to limited guy from the business in. so treat game with
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we now have a situation where the united states, as a given to ukraine military guaranteed against russian intervention in the event ukraine renews. it's invasion of a dumbass. so clearly yes, we're here. we're headed in the direction of war if the ukrainians take this guarantee seriously. as the pose took the british guarantee 1935 did surely a war could break out at any time as it came folk off these. i've ate the creek and dig a foggy heights. emma dolphin always been fully cheek. aunt median, begin on extreme. a propaganda with, ah,
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me. no regular americans do not want to fight regular. americans are fed up with the war machine or is business and businesses. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fascism. ah, history repeats itself. just like at 941 when hitler and his european accomplices master their own me on the soviet border. the nato alliance, led by the united states gathering their rushes go to
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me. history teaches us that man learns nothing from history. hagar, me ah, ah .
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ah, as the 2nd day of voting begins, archie continues with special coverage of the ongoing wrapper and don bath, zapper. she and her song on whether to join russia with international observers monitoring the event suspended to see this is a historic day for don bosh. i've been covering this issue since 2014. therefore, i know very well with the feelings of the people are here. having survived torture and paying 55 military personnel from russia and don bass republic had come back home after their nightmare and ukrainian captivity.


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