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tv   Documentary  RT  September 24, 2022 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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there's shooting rings in the middle of our village. we appeal dozens of times about it is this place is a populated area with residents, farmers and their livestock. o ever we got no responses from the authorities except for cause to leave the area. we don't like out via we endured a lot because of the intensity of the shooting, which kept us locked in our homes. recently, i lost my brother who's left 7 children orphans, and now i've lost my grand daughter here. the case written up of the double standards in the western media, which in control for the coverage of the reason killing, enabling iran the media have ignored the death of the teenager in iraq, co direct. so the intellectual actions centers sort of floundered the says at the location of the incident makes it even more significant. this is an ending, it's outrageous. and this latest killing of a young, 15 year old student working in her father's field is just so late is absolute
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outrage. most outrageous is that it took place in abu graham. now that is his sight of the notorious torture prison. nothing less than a huge you as grace and a giant prison camp for iraq, chris, nurse, people around the world. so those who lenders pictures of what happened in not prison. the fact that they didn't close it down, that that base continues, and they continue with alive fire range. it's really pacifying for us to get out of well, but this is out of a she'll to check that out. see, don't comp, all the bases of that. but will be back on the top of the alpha, we hope you'll join us then
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order does that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too late trust or rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah, good, good,
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good. good. this is of the great and she is worth a look at brings i like the story. i mean, you know, you had called me to him when you're in the near here from last cousin really was shot record when she, when you press be a good as much. yeah. but he stuck with the why and with the words luisel read, you'll go with the see in the all the me she's the to but you brush also put them a solution that she's going to work because i don't it's like was loose was
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a fall movie but sure, thanks to be with the review of the living. you please give me a look at me. ah, i was using it sounds, i mean, you know, there's a personal which people use ah, with floors and i know society who should be in this organism in your mouth. you did it for most of the girls with the age and was what was she really me and i thought when it's really new to get to the rooms working to come. but i for a link to study to us. we are suppose life is too
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with surprised. you're almost all diagnosing. she had the worst of girls this year. those numbers to quinn. yes. oh
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oh, what that the mr. this is miss polly. but sydney borrowed me what the status with now wash blocker. what was a new launch in that she was not that the response of the should run like the lighter shampoo with north your computer? yes. ah ah,
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what the water was, was this the guy with with the new mind with the machine. yeah. you're done with the water. well, not a much as i cut all the way just a little bit stuck with me now. it is companies like actually mostly else with the law. yes, we shop around what got what's not go away from me and the retired teachers took
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a community until when he made the annual process. so she would have been a more little cool. you tell me just look at the cold water. so um, what are you gonna chase with a chair because he was still working near will hold me personally with on deal it was for the parts to wire to cook with the pin the last on the please. sure. the hud you recording was student thought he had the one with us for us on the numbers below. we wish you a solution. smith mean miss also the more find no problem. you know, money is a little you photo, ross williston with lot of but yeah, my little boy, pretty little amino spear to the silk roof. but mill, can you read the news loose from your phone with bloomberg most but it's, you know, those are the can you see the costco? so think you know, that the customer was shocked at the,
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at the move on the keyboard, william for office was it was vision, you know, pushing the motion for her. go to the full this and though her very in a know where you offer from chick bus diarrhea yesterday who was walking with them . but i did i when you're still. but alex no, we'll have symbol. he will know who is the church and in this nation wide. so one, show me how to use it. then we put synthetics, engineer what's lost and it'll go a little bit when you start we will actually he or cello, linna, seagly. i'm but i'm still or thought that though somewhere thrush there. sure a middle initial to appear that ah
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ah, tis machine he did that at keystone. my middle is all my hand. you the who you to in the front here the can you show human, oscar, girlie or as with her kiss through loan us, washington, you know, years here are near her school which there are years but he is there today noon for fear turbo motor. yup. not a so, mary burka booker journalists of sure, and you've sealed us. oh, good, good laquisha. but a few tricky we later to move to really ameris new can 30, though, but dear to joy him there, but i the the way him. oh, a
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much winnipeg dealing with a book, mogley teachable. everything's all in a concert. there me is beautiful women. she's done in the back of the you, sean, from blue or come to like to come sat there. ah, but don't come to us. no ma'am. my soldier, me, she just want, you know, granular play at the moon. she just moved in with my uncle by nixon. let him die if you're there. ah no bigger conservative by that artist. but as no law dashing in north lindsa sees it lots of cut or, and you know, what's up now. switching longest, frogs mean that, i mean, i've been better gospel, she thought, said the gosh, the doors are low. let us follow guide,
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consult them from the mustang them at the range from us towards the ship crossed at the polish of loving room. we feel sympathy with the mirror office of your company at the machine, but you know, i get that through. there are shown up front, i think that it is marita. nice elephant ocean front, which is that i'm good. gimme a to like. i took away my empathy. erica is a hippa had ocean broke and he is teaching or chicago chilly. nick b. a brutal disorder. did you order a scattered bush route or through georgia or my as emiliano assurance though is yet
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young as was not so easy. maria. yaga shay at receive youngster. im lewis or white cross orchard short. i will go what that she was at bureau han yet. so not sure. or yeah you you need to enough to bring your asked you in your room for my you know, visit. i've been very up there with my sister passed nice duties. mother usable was when we did the horror stuff here to watch it. but he's got boss messed up your buffer shift to worry does if, if you my, for yourself to lou does a corner saw him off job with came more. yeah. but it was where you heard me barky up either those for you heard me, but i shall to william ross volume. deborah, i knew he outdoors or missed his name in your video or your mortgage crowds look sad. sure. ah,
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let us go to what's fiction come on state to list me and my children cut osha the federal good fee, cutting the flesh because she would have to show up because the big deal is pretty much done with fluency damage. and i want to remind you that your, what your voice here pretty much that the years i've never been decide. but if you missed that one which let me know, i thought the move so her sure either to the coin which in the front that they have right now below a petition. i know you're the one supporting me. you know, dish the dish with what a show you when you were able to defeat that was your children ah
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ah ah moody to know what period you did his or her it's british law previous gonorrhea from missouri. the you know,
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brought us were body home just little. yeah. holy picky communion cook choice. you her story. go it a parish lot. various good sir. but all that exert cooper. sure. what bumps ch of no who just have good songs. go on the dish or are you home? yeah, but the kiddy my is all about ah, over a voucher to them from global merchandise supportive seizure disorder, all year stood deal a dentist lorshanda whooping his uncle sternly. music. i kissed her. that's a solution julia castell, is there a bully? give them the basic that he should that again, it's lisa. he had no get his order can that'll co edited potential yet and get it. he's cuz i'll just put her new and putting my get a shing album as a co lamps. any mom with her, i'm with them dasha, and again,
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draws his early clinicians around with them. she and i want that ragged 40 figured i digging it down monogamous. the oh, a certain to tv music when you bo jobs are poor to he will a good that he of them or store unmanned you 3 up go. what. but it's where was we milled in, where as daily mitchell, erica horses are going to a different revenue sim, customer, a demarco. what people will love for michelle because the me there are many 30 to day star, sneaking your snip video content issue. i'm with poor said we judge the on the starboard. the district were super thinker. they show up studio to pay just one
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more day. mean your pre wish. i thought i thought that she had to work with before and if you mind. yeah. see what kinda issue are you long, because always start with the laws news because all i don't know move, so could still still repeat what good dawn us from sheer geometry us dollars. mcquarry not on fetch. was she responding to the 100 bit chilly extra broad street dr. new york network with the bullets in but don't, will, did the old cbd media city was similar to this meaningless character? and that was my choice for your norfolk to illinois for the year. and they said, chelsea more father and so i was to be in a bedroom. us could easily crowd with
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the not that we've seen and nor mean or but resume like somebody generally and then on the do the educate of them even if you haven't with dish and just at the recei chest, i had them. oh yeah, definitely. so you get that american to me got to have some i suppose and i would email, but maybe lucy, they get aged to make it was kimberlia mozilla in boucher. yeah. good any. by the way, in the beginning, i'm a guide that a little girl ill just picked up it and get it got to her. when i was a building at the roster them symbol, i'm a go a school should. they wouldn't get away glass hickey scare shakera sighted at that jumped go, eddie, somebody bug you, she said, but i'm, we will in the re, seymour stamp estimate. you see that? yes, my gosh to share with you on which possible be so now look on another is garage with
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. ringback ah, when you go to la, she'd just been on dodge of chicken. i'm going to chat like a 1000000 bucks with the music i want to for one ammonia. delilah delilah can set up a belief that each of them gotta get in a concert and out of johnston. good. but she knew kidnapped kaylin with with with me. and then so long story,
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fuzzy lane, you, you do most when you choose new nealus yog shows, i mean with you in for a lateral, i knew, feel shopping, you might, i'm more happiness. i blush out. my you brings you, been finding more, is it? we can do much to see just in your prov norion, you hit the garage and when you might use to narrow it down, you do, which in dover, you from 1st to not only approaching us and you don't cause a nonunion us rule that you do my you wish to signal we have a quiet machine you which is risky. where do from serious, you know, friendly not older. they're still boys quarter. no, don't you guess we'll just point on you talk version i yes, mr. chest. no. ah, no. need to your tune and you should i year form in your on your chin, get some lawyer. i do my door. so at the parking lot,
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ah, what gurgainus must be bucklin, missouri upon good reason the birth is renewed, so you do to be pitied. see good through it so, so nice with maria's sarah's, which would normally bar early mullen, yours and your chick school were you shows good boy with almost us with schoolyard that up with her there. i was in the she's a more thought about when she leaves school. it's ozzy, fdr, $3000.00 and we're good that we're, we're ear, we've been on the get off get the price. when did oh cool at that number isn't mine? yeah, i'm when i'm guessing purchased and buy it as a country executed
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a ship or chesapeake snyder. quin yang ah can go yeah. yep, black are currently doing here, but on that can the children can you much got border good. the blue book of blooming atkinson tuesday. but my guy, li, bowski, v underscore for from yeah, i'm what the law did that most of the been coming up and digital cameras moments have dinner. gotta heal. church ask them, can you pay a shower papa in when you have the ability to my dinner car, something english, the bush that about the sky achieve. click on you m there. well at that one chicken mandel here by feeling that brings you the lunch to little a patio launch number, and if it ample me, i'm gonna pick it. m y is all matched and the, you know, in the state. so i took that against call him on his please go to pop, look, look like the convention.
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what thinking much of that sort of credit shows it's part of the good. what go? well, morgan or your body think that can, which gets more through sort of oblige the element, but i wouldn't done that fledged to you. oh ah, what do you do now? it is a while and knowing don't play my brother nor game when joe shook of if you could reach out there, i thought you were going to use them guys the order on was not a good for you at the one thought. maybe i didn't stay on the stay and i got the
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wedding does not, but don't she does miss with a mighty wind now with your shelter, storm a broker, so storms and redo. yeah, sure. the with the media didn't show you the doors on a new with nice show me now are nice. i mean my home mcguire needs the girls that you got me is when you because all storage could that i use water. holy shirts, i me is that come with style. what pennyman was the cool, it'll stay to you. you can 3 room to push out the water
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with the one that is all yes, a container will. and you a lot of a washer, which is a new ocean virginia because i want to talk about the systems and new to go and put the vision. it's under conditions on this policy, which is a little bit confidential. is that what you would go to me and
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when do you want to go look at anybody? was that we did this, i'm going to get it when you look at it, but also did it with an investment with which and no no, no. pickles them in on the last with a leave. wells can wish along the lines for funding cooling. and what we've never even wanted to show us the go hill and we are the case energy
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the me i i for the voting for the movie. jing pentium good number to call ms all to just let you know got on your mac bye at the mood nugget. peters relying laga flor said on the steve boyd up accomplished a yeast infection. yeasts, i cheat that old, stinky honey. a get back cookie. what the listing tickets won't show up at all. skilled enough? i did miss jack. open you? ah. j la cindy. it's a little really new said. well cassandra, sir,
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awesome girls. some way i got a little thought chilly. morton. jesus, it's a center. yep. a credit report and your job is chuck the will some lawyer on campus, but she had it near below. oh, i knew belinda me which us oh yeah . it was in you loading up and you might you to pull still mom, dad, jill. jill, look on saw e produce you would you like double was such a g real be true, g e is nudged, all put even us as, as low as 14, not at the photo stole would shit, but as we'll shuttle ruskin. ah
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ah ah, the 2nd day of the day is on the way out to continue with coverage over the ongoing referendums im done by rosier and careless on on whether to join russia with international observers monitoring the event just to see this is a historic day for don, boss, i've been covering this issue since 2014, therefore, i know very well with the feelings of the people are here. i think the live pain and torture. 35 minutes personnel from russia and the dumb republics have come back home off the nightmare.


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