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it is possible that unless you wait is our ruling classes in our political. ah oh, good, good, good. good. good of the shot. the great them, she's like, i finished so i mean, you still, you had called me from the him. when you bring in the news in your book here come really was shock
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corley when she when you press be good. yeah. that was the why and way to get out of luisel. we do go with the see in the all of the me, she's the to but you press also put them a solution to come work because i don't like with loose was a movie. but sure thanks to be with the renewal of the letter. can you please give me shit? look at me. i don't using it. don't let me know if not, if i last longer with flores and i know who
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should be in this or is in your mouth, you did it for most of the girls, the th and was what was she really me. and i thought when it's really new to get to the rooms working to combine for a link to study, to know who we are, suppose life is too with mr. cook with for
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isaac. the other milestone talking to was know she had been worst. of course this year, those numbers to quin yesterday. ah ah what that the mr. is this miss polly? but sidney? pardon me? what the status with here? watch, palazzo. what was in your launch in that she was not that the response of the shouldn't
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run like the lighter shampoo with your computer? yes. ah. with them order us. believe this the guy with
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with in your mind with machine. yeah. you're done with a soccer all the way just a little bit stuck with me. notice from vanessa. got your monthly all we've got all or do we need to watch a so one moment that are pretty low. yes, we shall brown my cock. let's not go away. from me and they retired teachers to clean up until when you meet the annual pro. so she would have been a more little cool. it just a quick here to coordinate. so a, a come with a chair because he was still working here will hold me personally referred to with on deal with the place to live, to cook with a pin. last issue just on the hud. you record you my studio already at the one with on down below. we wish the solution smith mean miss also tells
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me there's no money on board. you bought us williston bought another lloyd put a little amino spear to philip. but mil can you read menace loose from your phone with bloomberg most but it's, you know, those are the, couldn't you see costco? so the coupon along the cash market, those one was shocked at the, at the moving move on to kia with me and help us with it. with the vision, you know, pushing the motion for the go to the physician. though her rena, you'll swear you off the bus diarrhea yesterday or last month with them, but i did, i am your store show. but alex no will assemble. he will know who i was at the church. and in this nation,
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we saw one show me how to use it and we could send that extension in here. what's the last little guy who will be when you start we will actually hear what yellow. lemme see, live on the bill or thought that the summer cross national, if you do conditional to appear that, ah ah, ah, tis nation does a keystone is only a knew who you to enough to condition. you know, the lela has been kissed through blue moon as you see a school. yes. belinda trenton?
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new york turbo motor. nope, nope. stomach castaneda, boca pucker. georgia of sure. can you've still mouth? oh gross people, of course i put a few ski we're trying to move to really embarrass new meal confirmed too. though, but dearest annoyance, i viewed the room oh ah, with much lip and usually with bites of cut mogley to each other belongings all. and the concert of them is delightful. william and she's dumb from the back of the you. sean? from blue. come the light comes out of there. ah. but don't come with us. no my, my soldier. eat. she just always you know, gonna buy at the moon. she tells me,
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is there much my mom for buddy nixon. platinum die is lulu. ah, and i think you're conservative by that artist. but as normal law dashing in north got the leach that sees it. lots of catering enough would support fortune log is fragment that i knew at the better gorse time. she thought said the gosh, the daughter know we had a smaller guy concert them on the mustang. them at the range that amounts to what was your prostate on polish? ah, of little room, we still seem to get with the mirror of stuff. is that your company with a shame but yet they are. i thought their car wash on the front. i didn't like his
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body at them. when you say fun ocean front. watching that i'm going to check. i took my pedestrian as a hipaa cutter shadrach. i didn't use hilton or chicago to kill my neck. we are brutal with the storage. did you order biscuit dorothy bush, rich, i spoke with your child or my as emily. i knew that she wants the widget, bianca. who's not so easy? maria? yaga shy it resembling youngster. him. louis adara, watch consortia. she walked, i will go. what that she was that bureau han yet still now. so i but on. yeah. you you need to enough to plan. yeah. i you read your room from a little busy. i've been very out there with up. i see 2 pos mysteries, modern. usable watch. i don't want to do my horror stuff here to watch it, but he's got boss,
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nice stuff. so buffer shift to worry about for yourself to lou does a corner for just a few more. yep, i do. so you heard me barky up either those for you heard me, but i shall to william ross volume. deborah, i knew he outdoors or mr. ne video, a mortgage crowd brookside. sure. ah, let us go of speaking with michelle. mm hm. because the big deal here with you pretty much the fluency. yeah. much. now what you might need, what you're, what you're, what you're pretty much that the you have to decide whether you missed that the one which you let me know or what the move. so what are sure is that the coin which in
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the front that they have right now below a petition. i know you're the one supporting me, you know, dish to simply put a show you when you really what do you think that was discipline ah l look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence.
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real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a 1st time in history and entire countries. culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert wonderful language. sheffield my last little book in william frog here. just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly refers to counseling russian culture from yet don't know what to create the few orders that i give you when you're my fuel over your children will fill out that the the most of the temperature random e them we would rush has created over the past 1500 years. there's no question.
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partially condemned, reviled and rejected to sit in the line and you said it's funny at the will of bell . there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily and now includes dostoevsky to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you a quick tour left. but yes, it also says that the time when you do a bumbling, you're a ah
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. would you be to know what period you did his order. herbert's foolish love, previous gonorrhea from missouri after we you know, brought us we're body home just literally only 39 years. go julia. her story. give it a parish lot. various go several that exactly partial war pumps just now who used to have good phones go on, blister heard the news or are you home? you put the kid he my is all ah a go to the most from global nitrogen supportive seizure disorder. all you stood yell at her kiss, lorshanda open his of stolen. was it a kiss there? that's a solution. cecelia castillo, is there a buddy?
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give them basic that he ship that again? said salisa, he had no, we'll get his order. and that'll go a little political yet and get it. he's cuz i'll just put her new and i putting my caching elbow, music lamps, any mom way. and i'm with them. they'll show william draws his early. can you spell your rebel with them? sure. i want the ragged forged thing. it. i didn't get them on august the oh. a certain to tv music. it's when you bo childhood plus 2. he will a good idea of them or store. unless you 3 up go what? but as well as we milled in, whereas dilly mitchell, america, horses are going to wear gear param, revenue, sim, customer, a deer marker. what type of willa for michelle doesn't mean you. there are many 3, huh? oh,
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today stores and again the video, a good thing is you, i am with this for said we did the on the starboard, the district were speaker thinker and they show up steel if they just was awarded me b, which they thought that she at the more with before and if you minute, what kinda issue are you long? kozora scott was beyond rekey. we're more than we to with the laws news because all i need to go know move the coach. deal still pity with greg. dawn us from sheer geometry us dollars. mcguire, latham fetch machine responding to the tunnel bit chilly. it's a broad street, darker data, media network with the bullets in but don't call did the old cbd media city was similar to this from, you know, script. and that was my choice for your norfolk to, nor you we for the year and you said shall small i father. and so i was to be in
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your bedroom. us could easy scrub with the not that we've seen and no more than me or but resume like somebody generally they don't want to do the educate of them even with the addition does federal authority chest? i had them. yeah, definitely. so in get that american to me, i thought if somebody was and i would email, but maybe lucy may get aged to thank you with kimberly mozilla butcher. yeah. jim good. anybody. well, there's no way in the and who. yeah, yeah. i'm a guy there, a little girl ill just picked up it, but yet i got the other one as a building at that or start them symbol am ago i spoke with should they wouldn't get away. fly sticky. sketchy cra sites at that. jump to go, eddie. somebody bug you, she said that i'm we will hello. this is diane personal care. she is modesta. she
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will be on which possible a be some block and another is good rather with . busy ah, a mom, she's been on dodge of, she's got some good news. tcm catholic, a $1000000.00 with the wireless to for one ammonia, tele, dollar concert. if you believe that each category differently than the concert at the dodge of charleston good. but she needed maps tailing off with
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us with with me and then so long story, fuzzy lane, you you do much? 22 and using the nealus yog shows, with thing to anybody there, sure. i knew she's shopping in mind. i'm more happiness. i blush out. my you brings you, been finding more that we can do much to see just in you prov, north. when you hit the garage, when you might use to narrow it on you to which in dover, you from 1st he not only approach you unless i need to cause a nonunion slow that he a do my store signal. we agree at machine you which in many ski when to france rios, you know, friend not order total price quarter note on your guess, we'll just point on you talk version. yes. yes. yes. which is no ups. ah,
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not, i need you to finish my ears. torinio on your chin gun, get some lawyer and do my store. so at the parking lot, ah, what gurgainus must be bucklin, missouri upon good through eating birth with renewed so you do 3 bits. you'd see good, weird. so send nice foods to come live. i live several which would normally bar a barley mullen, yours and your chick school were you shows good boy, almost us with the school. we got that up with her there. i was in the she's a more thought about when she lives squarely those lead yard to read those are the logan that we're we're ear good. we beat it,
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but the good off get the price when it. oh cool at that number is fine. yeah. i'm when i get a consistent value to the country. i think security to ship which hits with medical america. ah, can go yeah, yeah. black our cars, the team here, but on that can they chill of? can you much good lord, a good the border of blooming attention to shy? but my guy li, publish kia dealership from young. i'm bored to let them wash the, been me and painted. it covers moments of dinner. go to your church, ask them, come. you pay a shower in when you have the ability to my dinner casanya wash the bush that the summer about the sky. you click on your m w at the one chicken mandel here by feeling that brings me to lunch to little a party launch number. and if it's an app on the upcoming visit in family and all that stuff that you'll, you'll understand so chic, but against call him,
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i honestly would have but look look like the convention center, the what, thank you. much of that sort of credit shows it's but of but let's go. well morgan or your body isn't that which gives me throw the blood sugar apartment on that flesh lester. you able to school for both? ah, what do you do now? it is a while and knowing don't them. i won't bother. no game when joe shook of if you
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can reach out there, i thought you were going use them guys the order on was brought in for her. good for you at the one time bill and i didn't stay the stay and i got the wedding does not. but don't cheat is me when they are older, you might have no with shelter storm. nobody will police a broker storms and radio. yes. the with the media didn't show you the doors on a new with nice show. nick doing is now are nice. i mean my home mcguire, a copy is when you a water
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. holy shirts. i mr. come with style. what put him in the cooler stay the you you can 3 room to to just the water with the song that is all a 2nd will edgy a lot of a to deal with him. because i want to talk about the systems in place. and that's because that's, that's pushy, but which is a little bit off mentioned,
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is that what you would go over with your book? anybody was mean we did this, i'm gonna get it and move it. but also i did send both of those with the which and number from the typical stuff going on with the last with a wealth can wish along the lines for funding
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cooling and what we need and every one of the issues with the go hill and we are the case energy the, me i i am moving a good number to pull nasal shuffles, you know, got animal planet, a move nugget, peters relying lava flow set on the steve boyd at the combustor heat. peak share. i cheat that old, stinky honey. get back with the listing tickets won't show up at all. skilled
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enough. i did miss jack open you. ah jim, it's a little that we really knew said whew, well, cuz i did see an awesome grocer somehow and i got no thought chilly. that's more than jesus, it's going to look me up like that as you're putting in is just the will some like unclear budget in oh and you build another week which has, ah, it wasn't loading up and you might, you had to post them on dod gyla guild look and saw e produce you would you like double spaced such a g, b 2, g, e is nudged all 14 in us as, as low as 14, not at the super store would shit. but as we'll shuttle hosting. ah
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ah with ah
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ah ah, for the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been trashed with a very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert one lucille malice, who bought it when you prague it just may sit in the line a little bit glue. the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture yet. uh no, was she couldn't. she orders go because i get to william, i was hooked to when she will be all there is charlie mozilla.


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