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the national vocal stylings with mm hm. with nato has declared our country an immediate threat on the way to total us dominance in a un general assembly session rushes. foreign minister says that moscow security proposals were oregon li rejected by the west as the 2nd day of voting wraps up in the don't boss, suffer osha and have some regions. we continue our special coverage of the ongoing referendums on whether to join russia and here from some locals. there. this means everything to us. my son has been fighting in the look on republic for 8 years. for
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me, this is everything with this is our choice. i've been waiting for this since 2014, almost 1000 international observe is also working out the referendum and done yet people's republic, but some notes in the high level of organization and enthusiasm of many voters. really my visual, a parting station we've been to. there's a very friendly atmosphere. people came to the polls willingly and with smiles on their faces. we haven't detected any violations. and it all runs in compliance with the needed level of transparency and international norms. ah, it's sunday and that means it's the weekly here on oxy, i'm peter scott. and here the top stories from the week just gone. the you has become a dictatorial organization. well, that's the view of the russian foreign minister, steadier love rav, following his address to the 77th, un general assembly in new york,
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where he covered key political questions, including what he claimed was the inability of the collective west negotiates with moscow. does woolen the student h e e has a sense of permissive, miss misconstrued, still stating that they are the only ones who can make judgments on the european union. in principle is becoming a rigid and dictatorial organization. we're a very important press conference took place here at the united nations headquarters with the russian foreign minister, sergei lab ra. now the press was not exactly friendly to the russian foreign minister, but he made a point of answering their questions with strength and consistency. now, when pressed by foreign reporters about whether or not that would mean that russia would somehow be using nuclear weapons, the russian foreign minister pointed out that it was actually present zalinski of ukraine who raised the nuclear issue and talked about how france had nuclear weapons and escalated the war of words to include nuclear threats, the russian foreign minister from there,
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he went over the various allegations against russia that have been debunked. i. he also went over the various crimes being committed by the government in kiev that had been ignored by western media and talked about the need for international bodies, not simply to become tools of the united states, but to serve multi lateral and international purposes. and furthermore, the leader of russia, the foreign minister, spoke about the need for real dialogue and how he would be old bench for there to be dialogue with the united states, even if these talks had to take place in secret. and then from there he talked about how at the end of the cold war, it seemed like us leaders appointed themselves as emissaries of god on earth with the right to intervene in any country that they wish. and often the targets were countries they saw as rivals human you. it is very clear to any unbiased observer for the anglo saxons who have completely subjugated europe. ukraine is only expendable in the fight against russia. nato has declared our country an immediate
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threat on the way to total u. s. dominance and has identified china as a long term strategic challenge. at the same time, the collect to west, led by washing sends a frightening signal to all other countries, without exception to any one who dares to disobey can be next. now the russian foreign minister and his speech went on to condemn the practice of unilateral sanctions being carried out by the united states, which prevent people from getting food or getting medicine. and a number of states have been targeted. he specifically highlighted the blockade of cuba, which the un general assembly has condemned over and over and over again. but the united states persists in instilling on the small island nation. now from there we had the russian foreign minister talk about the need for the you end to be restructured in a way that countries around the world that are from the developing areas. latin america, africa, and asia could be given more adequate representation on the security council. he talked specifically about africa and how it is under represented in world affairs
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misuse. legal noon was conflict situations in africa, require rebounding the temptation to make them the subject of ju, political, and 0 sum games on consolidating external plays in support of the initiatives of the african union during the un general assembly session. there were other speeches that raised important issues facing the globe. for example, we heard from the representative of india, the cold war reformed multilateralism. with the reforms of the security council, a typical enjoys considerable support among you and members. it does so because of the widespread recognition that the cut into architecture is anachronistic and ineffective. it is also perceived as deeply unfair, denying entire continents and regions a wise in a forum, deliberate their future. we also heard from the representative of china was the chinese foreign minister who took the podium at the un general assembly and
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emphasized the need for representation of impoverished countries around the world and the need for the un to be restructured in a way to give voice to developing country school, no, household realty come, we must seek cooperation and oppose confrontation. as we face a host of global challenges. we should jointly oppose group politics and block confrontation. major international issues should be handled by all countries. no countries above others and no country should abuse its power to bully others sovereign countries. now in addition to his press conference and his remarks before the un general assembly, the russian foreign minister, sergei lab, rob also had a number of very important bilateral meetings. india sat down with russia and talked behind closed doors, as did shina earlier in the week. so it's been a very important development. there are clearly big differences between major countries in the world when it comes to the issues that were discussed. but the russian foreign minister held his own,
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stood up to the challenges of the press and gave a clear assessment of events going on, not just in ukraine, but around the world. well, the 2nd day of voting has wrapped up of the referendums in don bus and 2 of the regions locals. they're making a choice on whether it's a join, russia, we bring you all the lights is now in our special coverage. ah. aside from the don bus, referendums are also be held in the head of san ins,
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upper osha regions. a years ago, both done yet under guns voted to declare themselves independence after refusing to recognize museum change. give official said that turn out on the 2nd day of polling remain steady, according to election committees. participation has been highest in advanced republic where 55 percent of those eligible have cast their votes in the against republic. some 45 percent have voted. walter, not in both of roger unclear son is above 30 percent. is how some locals in kept on feel about the referendum. this means everything to us. my son has been fighting in the logan's republic for 8 years. for me this is everything. it's a matter of life and death. ah, this is our choice. i've been waiting for this since 2014. i want to live a life without fascists. i'm fed up with them. god willing, we will have peace and everything will be safe. so the talent, children, and grandchildren will leave and grow up in peace with the vote. now answering its
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3rd day, the referendum has been widely condemned as illegal by most western states. you see the refuse to recognize the results. we got some assessments of the process by international observers from italy and coming the object if her visitor tool oh, pulling office. and i am seeing that it is the wish of the population. so we are trying to see of the process. it is free. yes, it is free. we are looking for how many people are attending. we are seeing that a lot of people are ending and expressing that since 2014 to want to be a part of the country. there susan's dilemma is alyssa, we visited the pouting station, ambrosia, i've come, we're planning to visit to mall at the pouting station. we been to, there's a very friendly atmosphere. people came to the polls willingly and with smiles on
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their faces. we haven't detected any violations. we're pretty sure the situation and other putting stations is the same. i can't tell you for sure what's happening at the other putting stations at the moment. but from what we've seen so far, no violations have been detected, and it all runs in compliance with the needed level of transparency and international norms. residents of the dom boss, have been considering the fates well ahead of the referendum. back in 2014 qx, have launched a so called anti terrorist operation in southeastern ukraine. events became a turning point for the people in the dumbass. let's take a closer look at one of our documentaries about how those events unfolded a picture of what's in the quarter included throughout the blood.
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with ocean at 1st per shenker showed he was ready to negotiate, but then totally changed his mind. no negotiation, any victory would hold final victory before that he was playing around in ukraine, resumed filming, and shutting us citizen with a, you're only town here. what, terry? are we terror in the book before? so when they come to your house with guns to kill you,
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you don't have to think about whether you need to pull the trigger. you need to defend yourself. the enemy has come. these people aren't him and they come to kill you and your family. thousands joined the protest in the southeast in regions. done as can will ganske, but claim themselves people's republics. ah, if you jeez, from ukraine's eastern dumbass reach, have been granted the rights of votes in the referendums on the future of the homeland, for things on the way and the done yet against people's republics. as well as his approach indicates on regions on whether to join the russian federation. according to rust of authorities, more than $4200.00 migrants from don bass are living in the region, including $1700.00 children. most of them were forced to flee their homes due to
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the ongoing conflict in ukraine. 135 pulling stations are open across the region and even those eligible to cast their vote. i will keep you updated as sunday, march the 3rd day of voting in those referendums. ah, an active economic racism. that's how you gund is branded and e e e e resolution aimed at blocking a major oil pipeline project, citing a legit environmental and human rights abuses. the deputy speaker of uganda's parliament accused brussels of violating the country sovereignty. the resolution is based on misinformation and represents the highest level on neo colonialism and imperialism against the sovereignty of uganda and tanzania. it also seeks to deny ugandans and east africans the benefits and opportunities from the oil and gas
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sector. this represents the highest form of economic racism against developing countries who has the right to explore and developed from their own natural resources and under what conditions. that's the number of the fight between uganda, tanzania, and the e mail. on friday, the e u. parliament issued a statement saying they advise all companies as stakeholders linked to the east african crude oil pipeline project, to abandon all activities and to seize any production. now, the worries for the u parliament, as cited in the petition, ah, environmental, and linked to human rights abuses, they say detract us of the project, have been arbitrarily jail and that an oil spill already from this underground project could infest among the many rivers connected to the great lakes region and could be a detriment to millions of people who live in that area. hits little from the you, the european parliament calls for the you and the international community to exert
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maximum pressure on ugandan intensity and authorities as well as the project promoters and stakeholders to protect the environment. and to put an end to the extractive activities in protected and sensitive ecosystems, including the shores of lake albert and commit to using the best available means to preserve the culture, health and future of the communities affected. what the petition will not tell you . however, in the energy poverty of the east african region as a whole, and then many of the east african countries can not afford to go green. it is estimated that 66 percent of uganda's, a multi dimensionally energy poor, and the 33 percent of them have always suffered from like, shoot energy poverty. uganda is one of the countries that could greatly benefit from this pipeline. it's estimated that uganda has some 1400000000 barrels of oil and is ground. and that the 1400 kilometer pipeline plan between it and
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tanzania could lift millions out of poverty. and according to the president of uganda, he had a warning on twitter for total energy, which is one of the companies linked to the pipeline project. he says that should they follow in the footsteps of the wanting from the parliament, uganda, and tell them you stand ready to take their feet into their own hands and chat a cause for their own destiny. and that if taught towel pulls out, they will be ready to find another partner. ukraine has called on the un general assembly to adopt a resolution that would allow the seizure of $300000000000.00 of russian states assets overseas artes fiorella, isabel dig deeper. it's easier to accomplish a goal with a team and for decades the u. s. than its allies have waged economic warfare on their enemies by seizing their money. now, ukraine wants their western friends to take russia's assets as
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a form of reparations. you green will appeal to the un general assembly to support an international compensation mechanism. we called on your support rashid p. police more with ease, as it's also banished and american home treasury stats and as rescue rangers here, we are also working with alice and the government of ukraine to examine how we made bustios russia asses that have been frozen and forfeited to support the people of ukraine. yes, you heard it, right. they create a legal basis for grabbing something that's not there's. there's just one way to describe it. well, no. so clearly did we haven't robbed of our money more than $300000000000.00 taken . it's stolen. most of that some had been received for the supply of gas and oil. and according to your rules, gas problem was supposed to keep the money in its accounts in western banks. and when they decided to punish russia, they simply stole it. and that's
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a strong warning to countries like, for example, japan or china who hold the 2 largest foreign currency reserves. china triples to pans holdings with 3 trillion and foreign exchange reserves, which all could be gone. if the u. s. simply decided it, but gulf states should probably to feel a bit wary. because the trick with rushes assets is not washington's 1st soup. there was a ran which accused the u. s. a violating international law for seething $2000000000.00 worth of its assets to destabilize its government. and on monday, the international court of justice is that to begin a hearing on a case filed by ter, on in 2016, something that can set a precedent on what happens with the seizure of russia's assets. it's at least possible that the international court of justice will fight that the u. s. violated iran's rights under international law. if u. s. congress takes the same approach to russia's assets. as it did to ron's, it likely will manifestly violate international law than we have afghanistan,
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a country already reeling from the consequences of decades of u. s. intervention. also having no access to billions of its foreign reserves. further, stunting its economic growth, the people of, of gun histone had been made to suffer doubly for a government they did not choose. but the u. s. phil refuses to release the 3500000000 and frozen funds, citing fears that the money could fall into the hands of terrorists and stating they're looking for alternative ways to how and let's not forget that the u. s. officials lead the crusade to pressure their british counterparts to retain that is all gold inside the bank of england. the world must know that there is no legal certainty in london or in the bank of england, because any country can have its international reserve stolen at any time. there is no respect for the law. it seems that against the backdrop of economic aggression, by the wes putin's words on the end of it, ability of de dollarization look ever more important. use footer therapy disputes
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about what to pay more attention to where to direct to more funds or whether it is better to save more and creates a safety cushion and how to create to new conditions. and water safety cushion is in modern conditions. when we have a well known and inevitable process of di dollarization, hickerson, regardless of international law, it seems that if america doesn't like your policies, you risk losing all your money. the u. s. appears to historically maneuver the legal framework as it sees fit to steal its enemies assets in gold, oil, or money, even if those already sanctioned countries, desperately need them to survive. and ultimately, no country is safe because when america feels threaten the allies of to day may become the enemies of to morrow. when china has lashed out a g u. s. president, jo biden's recent statement, the washington would send troops to defend taiwan. if it was a tarts on the white sauce has previously had to walk back similar statements,
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which contradicts america's longstanding supports for the one china policy. but would you us forces to fin the island? yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack. us forces us men and women would defend taiwan in the event of a chinese version. yes. me phone. yeah. yeah. and only the u. s. remarks seriously violate the one china principal and the provisions of the 3 us china joint communiques breached the u. s. commitment. so to not support taiwan independence and san to severely wrong signal to the separatist forces of taiwan independence. even china strongly deplores and rejects it and is made solemn complaints with the u. s. side one material rolling that seems the bite and held different views around a decade ago while he was a senator, he wrote that threatening to use force against china could trigger a new conflict. stressing the need for talks as part of diplomatic efforts. there
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is a huge difference between reserving the right to use force and obligating ourselves a priori to come to the defense of taiwan. the president should not see to taiwan much less to china. the ability automatically to draw into a war across the taiwan strait. now the official u. s. position doesn't commit to military action to defend taiwan. although washington does send military aids to the island. the latest funding was announced earlier this month, including more than a $1000000000.00 in arms on the delivery of an array of anti ship and nancy aircraft, missiles, and response. china reiterated that taiwan is a quote, inalienable parts of his territory and urged washington to immediately revoke the arms sales. the weapons package comes just a month after you as how speaker nancy pelosi visited taipei, which prompted major chinese military drills close to the island. we spoke to ed martin, president of the fittest shuffling eagles, who said that the u. s. must be very careful. i support the message to china that
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we want less aggression from china. after that, i think we need to be very, very careful with the situation. i mean, you know, i, i think we've seen the china is taking advantage of the regime of their, of biden's weakness. they've been doing more exercises and more kind of military stand up. and i know i, i spoke over the weekend with a military leader active duty military leader who told me that they spent a lot of time worrying about china worrying about what could happen. so look, i, we want to protect and support our eyes, but we want to be careful not to be drawn into a war, especially a war with a nuclear power by the ministrations policy seemed to be to continue to provoke other, our world powers. and to put their interests, our, the world's interests, or other nation's interest above ours. and i think that's a problem. washington must prepare to be bustled. ready? lots, according to u. s. air force commander who says the country's armed forces should be willing to sacrifice their lives to kill our enemies. i'm interested in being the most lethal
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force. the world has ever known. lethality matters most. you will get 0 sympathy from me about having to do big things quickly and about the significant challenges that exist on. meanwhile, mike, many hung, the general is quoted by a some media saying when you can kill your enemy, every parts of your life is better. it's i, as you as a false left tenant, colonel carn krakowski says that such words on acceptable eisley. i think only chicken hawks feel that way only politicians feel that way. i don't think, i think in fact that is so wrong that this is why we have so much mental health issues amongst our returning military. they don't get satisfaction from killing their so called enemies, but it's not satisfying. it's actually quite disturbing. and he, he's preaching to, he's trying to motivate his own people. any speaking a language that really only people that don't fight wars on like to here. as you
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know, pulling in america says, americans are not interested in fighting china. they're not interested in fighting russia. they're not that interested in ukraine, and he certainly don't want to have world war 3 come down on top of everything else that's happened in the past 3 or 4 years. so he seems to not popular, but he's trying to popularize them again in a domestic way. but yes, it, i mean, it speaks to a certain type of aggression that is popular in the united states and particularly popular in the, by the administration. there's no doubt about that by been promoted. this guy the pentagon has launched the investigation into its own con, destiny information warfare. it comes as social media joins to down, multiple fake accounts, reportedly run by the u. s. military. now the pro follows of mountain concern in the white house over the defense department's manipulations of foreign audiences. last week, the u. s. and the secretary of defense is georgia. those responsible for conducting
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military psychological operations online to provide a full account of the activities matter shut down more than a $150.00 fake u. s. accounts in august for spreading pro western propaganda in middle eastern unscented asian countries with some promoting unseat russian narratives. or former pentagon official, michael maloof says that the pentagon covers up the extent of his different disinformation operations. the military and the see i have gone through these types of, of channels to try in that and met and masked the sourcing of this is probably very deliberate. and in, in, in, if any, anyone knew that it was the military or, or the us intelligence agencies automatically, people are going to scoff at it. but if it looks like it's in, it's from innocent sourcing. and in the hearing and here say from from friends and colleagues in it so voluminous and they hear it enough times,
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you gotta start believe in it. and that's why it's very difficult for a discriminating person to try and understand it. it has a carries a, it, it, it's a source, it, it can be one source and it just goes full circle. well, those are the new stories that shaped the we care on our team to national for more on any of them do. head of it's all websites. i'm peter scott's monte block with another log in around 30 minutes time with ah.
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ah. north atlantic alliance recognizance aircraft washing cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders
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every year, a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of not system the outcome is always the same, few estimates against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically the u. abstains, ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted, but it's only advisory lou meter causing a writer in history professor at the american university in washington summarizes the usa official position. united states says that we're not going to prevent freedom of speech. united states as that even neo nazis have the right to speak and to assemble the german journalist and filmmaker mark, but all my sees the ukrainian and
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u. s. positions differently. that heard me. i'm like on a knee. my knee does torn. he's of a phone, a name, or name car, you know, shown garnish via the building damage for all time vasey zips tune. and the mountain western world generally considers hitler's naziism to be thing. a typical, if you are a fan democracies, the fear is doctrinal, superior and inferior races, rather appeared out of thin air in europe due to an unlucky turn of events, a pre requisites for it, but never existed before. but here's the pre world war, ma'am. the u. k. ad colonies in africa, india, china. the commonwealth of australia, asia north and south america from said captured half of africa and a half of indo china belgium.


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