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tv   News  RT  September 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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ah ah, ship with at least 15 people are killed, including 11 children in a school, shooting and central russia. at least 24 others. a 100. we hear from a pupil evacuated from the building. a 4th grade students were killed. it was very scary. there were blasts on the 3rd floor on the 2nd floor everywhere. the russian and best could have committee beneath the disturbing video of the suspect, who shot himself date of the scene wearing a t shirt emblazoned with
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a nazi symbol and a ford referendums on joining russia currently being held in the don boston to ukrainian regions in our special coverage international observer shave their assessments on the voting. everything should be done legally. i so that is exactly the same, like in, in rush hour in france, what we saw there was, according to the normal standards of elections. ah, hello and welcome to our international. we're coming to for my headquarters here in moscow. i'm police clear and it's a pleasure to be with you. in our top story, russian authorities say 15 people were killed, including 11 children and over 20 others were wounded in a devastating school shooting in the central city of his f. a wanting the following
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video which shows children inside the school during the attack is distressing. with good morning glen bowman, comfortably sympathy. oh, you don't go until i believe with all my son with has 14 points to show a wounded scrutiny and carried away on
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a school district. some children even jumped out of windows to escape the gunfire. many a reporter to have suffered a broken arms and legs, and among the injured children as young as 7 any stormed into the school and quickly evacuated, the building. probably to say the gunman shot himself dead cares how the tragedy unfolded. ah, it with anguish know when we came out there was a high school student that he was wounded. several 1st grade students were killed. it was very scary that were blasts on the 3rd floor on the 2nd floor everywhere.
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but each clinic solemn. my daughter wrote to me on viper and was hep she roach, could buy mom. i love you very much. i thought she was joking, but as it turned out she wasn't feeling the 1st grade. the 7 year old kids knew armando hot biting pictures. authorities, me might have released these images of the suspected attacker. a warning you may find the following images disturbing. he was wearing the black t shirt emblazoned with a nazi symbol. his face of covered with a balaclava is not a fight as a man, and he's only 15 who had previously graduated from the school or teased marina corso ever gave my colleague, nicky, aaron, all the details. the shooter has some shots himself. they've been working on looking at if there were any more students that were hide them because originally some of the students yesterday were those were jumping out of the windows. there
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were those who've and jumped from the rooftop trying to escape because they didn't know what was going on. there could hear shots being fired. there were also children, high didn't auditoriums for the emergency services when they arrive. of course they were 1st dealing with those who were killed wounded, but then they were also search and to see if there were any more places where there were students hiding or perhaps if there was any more mess up a shooter left behind because we don't know his exact routes, we know that when he 1st came in, apparently he shot one of the security guards 1st. and then he proceeded on to go to the classrooms. he was shooting there. some of the other students and other classrooms could hear the master, didn't know what was happening. so they started running. some were hiding the school itself. it's not a small school or over 900 students there around 80 teachers from what i understand all of the injured have since been taken to the hospital. and there are more parents arriving up the scene because the 1st message is a stutter appearing. there were through social media for telegram channels and you
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can imagine as a parent, when you start seeing that you just dropped off your kids to school. and then you start seeing these reports coming in. and some of the students actually managed to contact their parents to try and get help either from them or for them to call the police. and we actually have a message from one of the students see what she had say, mom called the police. there we shoot, and in the school there shooting, it's carrie hare. we call the police there. we shoot and in the school just harbor . and they can only imagine receiving the message like that as a parents. and the school is actually very close to the town hall, the local administration there. that's why not only were the emergency services there very quickly to arrive and the police officers, but also the local administration. was there too. we still don't have that much information on this to, to himself. we have that very gruesome video. so teach that we showed earlier. what do we know about the shooting at this point over now is what he was wearing, which is the black cloth that we mentioned and also black clothing,
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but then not see insignia there will try to establish his motive. i'm sure. now they're digging into his background who he is, whether he was posting and if not social media. we know that lately shooters likes to show off online and say, oh look what i'm about to do. stay change for the maximum about to create moving now to ortiz special coverage on the referendums. in the dawn bus republics, often its annual guns and 2 ukrainian regions. supper voice. yeah. and on. it's the 4th day of voting as locals decide whether they want a homeland to become part of russia. ah
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turn out in the referendums underway in the guns and the nets. republics, as well as in ukraine's upper body and have on regions, has a past the crucial 50 percent threshold. meaning that moscow will not recognize the areas and the outcome as valid. official say the turnout on the 3rd day in the la guns for public was 75 percent with over a 1000000 residents having cast their vote and they're done in the dynette republic . it was more than 77 percent, while a clear majority of the legible vote has cast their ballots in the upper warship region. western countries have denounced the referendums and said that they will
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refuse to recognize them. artes women cosser of has been following international observers documenting the referendum in the internet for public, from where he sent us this report. group of international observers traveling around the people's republic. and to make sure there are no violations. now this is the 4th day of the referendum, and people are still voting at home. there are mo bile referendum committees walking around the apartment buildings, private houses, and asking people whether they want to cast or vote for the people's republic to join russia or not. so my 1st time in don bus, i was the 1st time it was in november 2015. so we participated the last years in your organization and we try as well on my, on my, if you do channels whiteboard to publish some, some news,
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some real news about what happens here. it's important that everything should be done legally procedure to be respected and i hope to hear because i, i still, that is exactly the same, like in, in rush hour in friends that we just across the border and directly off to this 1st point of voting. if odysseyware and a russian city of stuff are quite a lot of refugees from this territories here in the ukraine on bus. so we already had a chance to visit a point of holding there and stuff. and what we saw there was, according to the normal standards of electrons. following short introductions and orientation at the referendum center here in the town of thought as international observers moved on to actual voting. now they've come here to this apartment
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building and you can see a lot of locals are here. they will be casting their vote in sir referendum. of course, sir. ah, all these people are free to speak within sinner ash, international observers eve, they want soon of course, these foreigners who arrive to make sure their nova violations ah, will be here documenting everything and hopefully deliver the truth back to their respective nations or yes, lee and what we have hope that's the most important thing. we held them, we won't be laughed and the situation improves. there's much hard work had, but we still have hope, watching which of sir me, we want peace. we want happiness for our children. we want to gin russia and everything to get better. new still not was i'm also, i believe will will be protected that russia will help us because we've been
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shelled for 8 years. what i saw a town of shell like the nets. here is my child, where will we go? we have nowhere to go see for you for you. here in torres, this town hasn't seen active war activities since 20142015. and nevertheless, we can still hear her sounds of artillery from a very far away. of course, the main hope of all these people is that as soon as the results of the referendum are in all this tragedy, all this horror of war, we'll find the list stop from on call for m r d. don't ask people's republic. but the voting in full swing, we'll keep you updated on how the future of these regions is decided. ah,
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moving now to new york, where earlier at the general assembly, the still in foreign minister expressed support for russia in the conflict to ukraine and said, he believes moscow is defending itself for either serial reiterates its position on the russian special military operation in ukraine and the right of russia to defend itself and to secure its national territory. we are convinced that the russian federation is defending, not only itself, but justice and rights for humanity. the rights of everyone to reject unipolar hedge moaning, was also important to know that in his remarks, the syrian foreign minister expose the hypocrisy of un action currently with violating serious territorial integrity. with you as a group in serial without the permission of the internationally recognized government. here's the syrian foreign minister. then how about us, what are you going to war against? syria was an attempt by the west to maintain control over the world. but this war,
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which is aimed at breaking serious will, and isolating it from the world, has fail. illegal military presence on syrian territory violates international law . and the un shorter than this presence must cease immediately. or we cannot combat terrorism through international illegal coalitions that violate the sovereignty of states that destroy villages and cities the carry of massacres against civilians on the plunder, national welfare and support terrorists. the prime minister of molly, who took power in the recent turmoil on the contrary before the un general assembly, in his remarks under him down the country's former colonizer france and both their role in aggression around the world and escalating global conflicts, reading and stability. and he then emphasized that he considered russia country that was bradley tomorrow country. that molly good cooperate. now, western leaders seem committed to resolving the situation. ukraine on the
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battlefield, therefore, and more weapons in the ukraine. they don't seem enthusiastic about negotiations, but when we heard the representative of the republic of the condos, the not only size, but many countries in the developing world are emphasizing the need for dialogue and negotiations. he went as far as to address both russia and the key of government. this is how he spoke. he actually spoke in russia, take a listen. yes, me another small, great british lovely me about as a jesus that we've missed it. movie is trina is summer given a sally's brought, if not just of very me of thought. i'm you know way by name. i saw benevolent glad you've. spelling. glad did. cool ski if a 1000000000 you but do my t. m. allah jos version books that on. but do made yes, would be blue shit back alanine. pretty slow frame. yeah. but as i mean,
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the slovenia borrowed says i need bash allister diet in needle nasty ashes shas the world wants a peaceful, negotiated resolution to the conflict on like western leaders. we're pouring in more weapons then furthermore, there are many countries around the world. it recognized russia's right to defend itself than in protect the peoples or the eastern regions of the don boss and support their referendum. so there are many voices around the world who show that though the arrogant language the us uses, when it projects it's opinion as being the pinion the opinion of the entire international community just doesn't matter. we're seeing that at the un general assembly. and of course i, you asked in western media are ignoring the many voices we're hearing from the floor of the un general assembly debate. we're saying the opposite of what they present the world is believing. rational forties have detained to high ranking japanese diplomats in the far eastern city of letty voss stock on
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indications that he tried to obtain testified information. he has been decayed persona non grata, and miss leave the country within 2 days. video released by russia's federal security service shows the console handing of money in an aged effort to get information on russia's domestic, political and economic situation, as well as its relations with an undisclosed country in the ass asia pacific legion, the japanese envoy has even confessed to breaking the law. do you understand that you have violated russian legislation over now i understand osha. oh, do you understand that you collected information from russian citizens for money concerning the domestic political and economic situation in russia, including that of a classified nature, which is not for general use and now i understand ah,
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m isn't further filled with the cold winter months in europe just around the corner, a launch rally has taken place in look, men, germany with protest is demanding the note screen to pipeline be opened and compilation be we started with russia. ah, well go the i like they wanted to hurt russia, but now they are harming us the citizens and we will continue to fight for nord stream to, to be open. but the innovation, fantastic dodge of yours or german government, should hear that our objective is to open nord stream to and reconnect with the russian government as it has been for centuries. this is the only way russia and germany can bear through thousands of people gathered for the event, according to authorities. demonstrate has waved russian flags criticizing the government for sky rocketing any 2 places, while demanding the re opening of the pipeline auto contributed rachel marston. but
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in some more details, apparently asking westerners to jump through ridiculous hoops like showering together or with just a splash of water band take that putin isn't quite getting the job done yet. in my issue, we're experiencing a severe energy crisis triggered by the loss of energy production. austin, russia has stopped delivering around 55000000000 cubic meters of gas. the amount that came via or trim. one new gas now has to be procured on the world market. in france, more than half of the nuclear power plants have failed, is causing major problems to the grid, which is also driven up prices mitigation. the 2 issues have triggered an external shock that has hit the country hard on both german consumers and companies. havoc is singing a much more panicky tune than he was at the beginning of september when he tried to downplay concerns of catastrophic economic failure by explaining through some kind
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of magic math how german companies could avoid insolvency by just stopping production. like if you just play dead and don't move, you'll survive. sounds like he got confused with the vice on how to handle an encounter with a wild russian bear, rather than a lack of russian gas. the western press, including forbes bloomberg, andy economist, had been warning since the summer of de industrialization and a factory exodus from germany in europe as a result of the block, suicidal energy policy. and now european manufacturers of steel, fertilizer and other industrial staples are reportedly shifting operations to the u . s. it looks like europe is the industrialized itself and sending those jobs to america. clearly the big winner here is a key. it's washington. no wonder that by the administration, courage, brussels to adopt only the most severe and suicidal sanctions. meanwhile, german chancellor off shoulds has continued his global door knocking to her to beg for gas. this time to saudi arabia, in
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a race against the clock before the german economy tanks and having tried pretty much everything else with halloween coming up. maybe he could just throw on a disguise of costume, go knock on gas problems door and just tell them to flip the switch on the existing pipelines to germany. that berlin was foolish enough to let brussels sanction speaking of which another top european official seems to be changing his tune as well. back in april the blocks chief diplomat, yoseph burrell said of the ukrainian conflict that quote, this war will be one on the battlefield. in announcing more european weapons in cash for keith. but how to listen to what he's saying now, when people say it is not a bluff, you have to take them seriously. a diplomatic solution that preserves the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine must be reached. otherwise, we can finish the war, but we will not have peace. summer is barely come to a close and already europe's authoritarian anti russian dogmatism is showing cracks, as it repeatedly smashes up against pragmatic reality. but exactly how far the
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blocks on elected officials will go in imposing economic devastation and social suffering before pulling from their self imposed nosedive still remains to be seen . moving now to italy, where a rifling alliance is claiming victory in the parliamentary elections, which could see the leader of the brothers of italy, party, georgia, maloney become the 1st female prime minister in the country's history. only results indicate a coalition government that's some fee as it needs most white wings since the days of fascist dictator. benito mussolini, an alliance of the brothers with me matter of the needs of the soviet. but if the need for the italia and b as moderates, party has won over 40 percent of the vote for the full results expected. later on, we spoke to independent jonas, look, we've a who says the results show that italians want to change. says worse than that in
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italy over the last years and italian south fed up with having government that last for one year maximum. fed up with illegal integration coming from africa and from the middle east. that is non the start and it. and they are really shocked by the declaration of the last few days of missed that land. the president of the european commission when she threatened italy, if the italians voted badly, in other words, for miss maloney and her friends to have the instruments to constrain the italians into following european policies dictated by brussels. how could the president of european commission that he's not even elected victor or been in the polish prime minister who have been elected with absolute majority is the threats of missy sponder land will turn back like a boomerang on the u. protest in brussels. what will be the answer from melanie?
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we don't know yet, of course, but it will certainly be strong. this woman is not afraid of brussels. she will certainly make inroads into the brussels crowd and make sure that the voice of italy and the voice of the other groups off sovereignties within the european concept will be heard more and more. and that brings us to the end of this bulletin . of course we can hit our website at r t dot com at any time if you want more news and updates. meanwhile, from myself and the team here with ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah
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ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered on peter labelle while the military conflict in ukraine is far from over the political fate of this country will be determined at the ballot box of the next few days. regents of
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ukraine are set to reject cubes, rule enjoying the russian federation. once part of russia, moscow will defend them. will nato escalate its war on russia? ah. discuss these issues and more. i'm joined by my guest when decent in our slow. he's a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as the author of the books was the phobia propaganda international politics. and here in moscow, we have to meet bob. it is a political analyst and editor at you know me internet media project for a gentleman, cross up rules and the fact that means you can jump any time you want. but i always appreciate it. i would start out with glen in our slow, we have as we speak right now being there's a number of referendums being held in ukraine. a very significant tier. of course, it's completely rejected in the west. i don't want to waste our time on that. they
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always reject reference, did they don't like ok, but it's, it's a, we've been following the military operation, but now now the political dimension is coming and to play it, please explain to our viewers. the importance of these votes go ahead, are now and the importance is so far when russia went into it was a special, it was to find a special military operation. and it was supposed to liberate processor us from the ukraine over the us, the war dr. song, obviously, in the resources put into this, a cost increase on russia as well in the stakes will increase as also by russia, recognizing this for territory. special guns don't scarce on or as a part of russia is huge implications for one. russia will have to devote
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a lot more troops to defend its own soil. again, i know many people say critical, especially the worst, was not to really rush as you can. well, if russia recognize as russia from the russia legal standpoint is russia. and so he will devote more troops to defend its territory. there was a course of partial mobilization, and also it will defend these territories at all costs. that is, this is considered to be intrinsic, part of the russian federation. and as we are in the world, the russian nuclear doctrine allows for the use of nuclear weapons. in 2 instances, one is attacked by nuclear weapons, but also if the existence of the state is threatened, no one can argue that the excess russia was threatened by merely having made or in your grain, obviously from having from putting its own territory on the low. this increases
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the likelihood on or d, m reasoning for using nuclear weapons. food will be used now, don't get me wrong. i don't think russia would want to go in this direction, but it's obviously, it's obviously a huge well, this is part of the escalation. it says are raising the bar and as a students point out that the interesting part is how will the west react? because we have to keep in mind after this article go offensive, which was, well, it's complicated, but obviously it can be defined as a, as a great success. there was a cor, claiming territory for ukrainian. so in the west, we kind of build up, the champagne bottles are almost declaring victory in the war and, and suddenly to go from there until the 4th territory is becoming part of russia and russia and russia racing the bar. it makes the question or how will the rest respond the it puts in a dilemma on them what, how they respond.


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