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ah ah ah, referendums on joining russia draw to close on the final day of voting for people in the dumbass republic. some few other regions on proceeding from ukraine. the authorities in here are making it abundantly clear that anyone who is dropping ballots into the ballot boxes at the referendum will be persecuted with no mercy. while western media politicians say the referendums are being conducted at good point, residents in the fall voting regions are facing relentless shilling and threads of reprisals. from here, under 17 people are killed including 11 children as the devastating school shooting
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rocks, the central russian city. ah, it's just gone am in the morning here in the russian capital. my name is peter scott. and here's how the world's looking as tuesday gets under way. we start off by taking a look at the latest on the referendums that are taking place in the republics of done yet look guns and 2 other regions up at osha and hear a song. now it's the final day of voting as locals decide on whether they want to become part of russia. ah.
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the 4th day of voting saw all 4 regions passing the crucial 50 percent milestone according to local officials. and that does me now that moscow will recognize results as valid at a higher turnout in a poll so far has been done yet. republic where around 1500000 people have cast their votes over in little guns for public participation, remain steady with over a 1000000 people voting. while in the hassan approach of regions turn out is roughly the same as 63 and 66 percent, respectively. we spoke some international observers who gave their assessments of the voting. it's important that everything should be done legally a procedure as to be respected and i hope to hear because i,
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i saw that is exactly the same, like in, in rush hour in france actually saw it. so i saw that the, the local authorities to take everything very seriously. and it's not just the formalities they wanted to. we are very well done and nobody, or nobody will be able to criticize whatever. what happened here are we just across the border and directly drove to this 1st a point of voting before this we were under russians, city of austin. are quite a lot of refugees from this territories here. mr. mcqueen on bus. so we already had the chance to visit a point of holding their roster. and what we saw there was, according to the normal standards of electrons. let's get the latest on the referendum in don. yes, from ortiz, roman costa, of roman,
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big day to day. what can we expect from the final day of polling now? well after or 4 days of the referendum, which was held by more bell referendum groups that were going from house to house, asking people to a we saw a really high number is actually at least 86 percent of the voters here that as people's republic half cast their ballots, and finally, on the 5th day, how appalling stations like this one have opens up. you can see behind me, people standing in line and voting her, putting their applications. you can see there are no soldiers with a k 40 sevens as standing over there. and sands, of course, this is sampson early of free will, of course to turn out in old regions that are holding the referendum has been
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really great. everyone has passed their 50 percent a threshold. and that means that the referendum had been declared valid on the old territory is in don, boston's upper osha and in the care san as, as well. now, there are also at least 6 hundreds of falling stations open in russia as well. so we are expecting the results. so from there to, at a later point. now people are turning out to vote in the referendum here and, and s people's republican logan's and here's on as a pearl. yet, despite the fact that ukrainian nationalist are constantly trying to disrupt the voting process by constantly firing their artillery against peaceful civilians, we all receive reports on a daily basis for civilians being killed off, a critical civilian infrastructure. damaged at this point says thousands of people are still without running water without electricity. now we're,
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people are also receiving threats via on social media on the messages text messages that are coming from ukraine as well. now as several people have been arrested in the various regions for a trying to organize terrorist act as well, according to local officials in logan skins, upper osha. well here in done that as well. now, as for the results of the referendum, i hear in done ask, at least in done as people's republic, we are expecting a preliminary statements a little bit later in the evening today, while the official numbers will probably come out on wednesday morning. now as for the situation, i here in the done boss, like i said, ukraine constantly. shells the city hung on on
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monday they fired a cluster munitions in a several districts here in jeanette sca and they spread the so called anti personnel battle mines and are already a couple of people that have been injured. now a couple of words about this. so these that that'll of minds, they're very unnoticeable on the ground and once a person has steps and then on them there will be main for life. and this is what they're designed for, not to kill a person, but to make them disable for life. so for at least 2 or more than 7, people have become a victims of these battle mines. well, despite all that, people are still coming out to vote in very large numbers in don boss in don, ask alone more than 86 percent have voted. now when i came to this polling station this morning, i didn't expect to see. well, so many people were here because i thought everyone had the vote and already but
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apparently that, that self 14 percent difference is still quite high. and we are expecting more people to join to caster volts. now local authorities have declared today a day off, so people have no excuse and not to come and to, to cast their ballot. well, roma hope you'll keep us posted throughout the day on any updates on that referendum in done yet. sus artie's roman casa reporting live from the nest. thank you very much. the referendums have been widely dismissed as chums by many western politicians with some claiming that the votes is being conducted quotes at gunpoint. this comes as the regions that are voting have faced constant threats and shelling by ukrainian forces. ortiz eager is done of explains chief has repeatedly claimed ownership over the citizens of don bass, and at the same time has been doing everything in its power to antagonize them. it's military has been shelling the population here with how it is and have you
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rocket launchers. planes dropped bombs on people's homes and children. and now the authorities in cave are making it abundantly clear that any one who is dropping ballots into the ballot boxes at the referendum will be persecuted with no mercy. ukrainian lawmakers have proposed up to 5 years in prison for anyone who dares to vote. and that's just the tip of the iceberg of repression. there's a plethora of ways to lose all humanity in caves, eyes here, and be condemned with the stigma of being a so called russian collaborator. this can mean a prison sentence of up to 5 years. so i strongly advise the residence of the temporarily occupied territories. do not take a russian passport, do not go to referendums and do not cooperate with the occupiers. about a quarter of the population here are holders of russian passports. just under
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a 1000000 people whom ukraine is eager to evict to the 21st century gulags. and that's to start with under the proposed bill drawn up in co authorship with members of the as of neo nazi group. freedom of speech goes out of the window support every whim of ukraine's government will be jailed. collaborators will be considered though citizens who have denied the armed aggression against ukraine and the occupation of its territories or of publicly called for support for the aggressor, for cooperation with the occupiers. 8 years of war have somewhat numbed the people here to the outright abhorrence coming from caves. government, which considers them it's subject. but while they're used to it, it doesn't mean they aren't hard broken. it's such a bitter feeling when your mother land turns its back on you. well, the land you would always thought to be your mother land. it's very sad. you got the one. yeah, i am so angry at my desk,
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but this is wool. that's all i can say when you know, craig, we aren't living in ukraine. we are living in the la guns republic area. and we do hope they won't be able to get the hands on us down us near the standard. and sure all these threads could have been a bluff grandstanding at an international level. a tray can ukraine's domestic policy game, but key of itself shattered all hopes of that, by cracking down ruthlessly on the population of the areas abandoned by russia's forces. santiago is about 9, she says that we are armed by the numerous reports of the so called filtration activities carried out by the ukrainian security services and on neo nazi formations in the territories left by the allied forces. as part of their regrouping thousands of people are affected by this. it is frightening to imagine what the quine an armed forces are doing to them now, where 1st and foremost, talking about these people been killed. these issues as citizens of the don bass flocked to the polling stations in the millions. it's not just ukraine that remains oblivious to their plea. germany's tub diplomat, anna, lena,
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burbock. ow did caves own propagandists when she suggested the real situation with the vote here resembles a poorly written r rated movie? and does yet people have voting with a gun pointing at their heads. and this exactly what such referendums are about. people are shot at raped and then obliged to very tall, a soldier onto the kalashnikov is standing right next to them. if we now accepted and let it be, then it will be repeated in other places. it will serve as an invitation to further violate international laws in our public areas and don barza being shelled by the ukranian military. every day he was under cover hitman bomb pro russian officials and liberated regions on a regular basis. diversion groups are also active behind the defensive lines, but the german foreign minister chose to, amid all of that, it doesn't fit ukraine's heroic for sod promoted so hard in the west. they're
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locked into this narrative and it's, it's been ongoing since 2014, that the people that have no agency of their own, that they are essentially altima jones doing bidding. so that was obvious. and that's how the west will interpret any election or referendum out. the problem is that they haven't come up with any evidence of this. show us the evidence that people are being forced at gunpoint to go and vote murdered. the final, in the most decisive day of the referendum is here. and it's about to show just how many people have decided to personally sign the divorce papers with ukraine once and for rule. i'm again done a reporting from the la guns people's republic r t or voting wrapping up soon. of course, we'll keep you updated on the results on what the future holds for these regions. ah.
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in the news, the central russian city of egypt is in shock. after 17 people were killed including 11 children, and more than 20 others wounded in a devastating school shooting. now wanting the following video, which does contain people, trucks in the building during the attack is distressing. ah, seen with
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unit numbers, we went out to with magazine cases everywhere. shoes lit on the stairs. we were very stressed. i've been shaking for a very long time. oh, goodness nellum my to to very to me on friday, who was have she vouch kid by mom? i love you very much. i thought she was joking, but is it 10 dad? she wasn't. mm. we can cross live now to our te corresponded don cole. so who's in jeff's the city where they tragic shooting took place? now donny's been in a 24 hours since tragedy struck this, the city i was this a fight to the local community there. while peter behind me, you can see school number 88 the scene of the tragic shooting that took place here in the russian city of us. ask a family members of the victims, neighbors, friends, they've all been coming here since that tragic attack took place to lay down
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flowers at this memorial. you can also see behind me to the victims since this tragic attack took place. now, russia's investigative committee has determined that at least 17 people were killed in this attack. and that's mostly children. students who went to school that day, expecting a day like any other. instead they said good bye to their parents that morning, not understanding that it was their last good bye. i mean, surviving students have been talking to the media, telling stories about how they were barricading themselves in classrooms to in a desperate attempt to escape the bloodshed. and so these are classrooms that became make shift fortresses filled with crying, fearful children again, a round, also 2 dozen people were hospitalized as a result of this attack. again, mostly students, children who are going to have to live the rest of their lives with the trauma of what happened here and the fear that it might happen again. so some harrowing
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stories the don't. what do we know about the gunman? wolf, for the details of the authorities released about him while he's been identified, actually as a former student of this school, a 34 year old man named our cham kasan. so he actually lived just 250 meters away from here. and according to his neighbors, they say he was a calm, quiet, lonely person. he was rarely seen with any sort of friends when he saw people in the street that he knew he would just pass by them without saying hello. now, as for the actual reasons for why he carried out this attack, there are a number of theories because we heard from the russian education ministry. they said that he was actually diagnosed with skits a friend. yes. so, it is possible that there was some psychological aspect to this that may have caused him to take that step to commit this mass shooting in this school. but we also heard from kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest cough, who said he might have been a member of a neo nazi organization, because after all,
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he was found by russia's investigative committee with a swastika on his shirt. unfortunately, we may never know the actual reasons for why he decided to do this because he committed suicide after killing all those people. and the russian investigative committee has not reported yet that he left behind any sort of stated reasons or notes as to why he carried out this horrific attack. or don, thank you for bringing us the latest on those tragic events in central russia thoughts. he corresponded don colts reporting live from jeff. thank you. moving on now, despite pressure from other e member states hungry, it will not close its borders to russians. that's according to the country's foreign minister. he says that his government will continue to shingle visas to russian nationals. is a somewhat more complex of slow procedure compared to when there is such a treaty. but even when there's no agreement, it doesn't mean we don't issue visas. of course we will continue doing so in
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accordance with the procedure of several eastern e. u. member states, poland estonia, latvia, lithuania, i've been denying entry to russians, even with the shingle visas. i want germany and france have spoken out in opposition, finland, which borders russia has decided to quote, significantly, restrict entry for russian nationals. but not everyone in felons. parliament agrees with that decision. going to go about gall, ladies and gentlemen, please understand that this type of action is only possible with emergency powers. can we sink any lower when the shank axis and individual rights are already being flushed down the toilet thing? this kind of arbitrariness seems more like a political preparation for war. if anyone at home does not know yet, this country is currently being run from outside finland. and it is clear that nato wants to wage war against russia on our soil. i asked, is there anyone in the government who thinks that traveling to the you for a group of people is no longer are human rights?
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it's a matter of finished journalists, janice put can and says that these restrictive measures have a different name. and he thinks it's for vote moscow to close his border for westerners and put up a new iron curtain. corso is against all these principles. what we have heard over and over over again. she is asked ticket that the, there is a human rights we need to to keep our borders open, welcome river, cheese and so on. and suddenly when we are talking about russia, it's no oh each national aubrey case and suddenly doesn't stand totally different. the gender going on with the russian and russian population. it's a pro cation for russia to close its borders from the western people. because russia doesn't have anything to hide. and russia could offer people safety, warm, decent life. and when people come to russia, they would see the truth. and that is what the global is our cradle. i was speaking love with the people and politicians from the boarder regence of finland,
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and to where it's russia. and they are afraid. they are seriously afraid. the outcome of this, but what is the benefit? what it can be? it's just building a next iron curtain between the finished people and the russian people in the same time between the western people and the russia. president putin has granted russian citizenship to form a u. s. security contract to edward snowden. following his request, the u. s. authority still wants the whistleblower to be sent to the country to face a criminal trial on espionage charges. our. our position has not changed. mister snowden should return to the united states, where he should face justice as any other american citizen would. not just for a bit of background on the snowden story, working as a private conference in the national security agency,
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he revealed secret information gathering programs conducted by the agency in 2013, the documents revealed vast domestic and international surveillance operations. and afterwards he spent a month in moscow, airports, and applied for asylum in 20 countries, including russia, where he was granted permanent residency. back in $21415.00 said that the whistleblower would not be handed over one pretty much. he ended up in transit zone, and then no country would take him. so what were we supposed to do? russia is not a country that hands over those, fighting for human rights. former officer raymond mcgovern says that the us media blames edward snowden for his revelations or security services continue to violate human rights. he put his own conscience above the regulations that violated our constitution. unfortunately, are our media. our major media of the established media isn't under the heel of the
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government. so whatever government guidance comes out tomorrow morning, you could expect all the trench and the chronic media to show yes, she violated the law he. he let secrets out those secrets word that the government was violating our essential rights on the 4th amendment of the constitution. he should be applauded for that. he should not be brought to trial. the big thing it seems to me is what mister poaching was. it was to reveal those saying there that nobody else would take him is the quintessential political as fire li, they are international lawyers. mr. poaching happens to be a lawyer that guarantee that countries take in political refugees, and that's for us to decided to, to, ah, over the iran now, which has accused the us of using the recent unrest to try to be stabilize the
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country. when it comes up to people, talk to the streets, following the death of 22 year old kurdish women must a mean a earlier this month. now, thought she fell into a coma following her detention by the morality police is all these sophia nunez with more as evidence. largest anti government processed in a decade have been spreading across the country. the west continues to poor fuel on the fire. the mass rally started in response to the death of a young woman who died after being detained on accusations of violating. they slum mac republic, he job mandate as she wore it so loosely. iranian women have been the face of the past, week's demonstrations, some roofing of their head scarves and burning them while fellow protesters have cheered them on. and now terence is claiming that this sentiment has been seized up one by the wes and followers that don't wish iran well. the u. s. is long attempted to undermine iran stability and security to no avail. it can't hide its nefarious designs. loosening communications sanctions while keeping maximum pressure in place,
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both meant to provoke instability bids to violate around sovereignty won't go unanswered. even though there is no concrete proof or at least publicly available. however, it's worth pointing out a couple of things that would suggest to some, that iran isn't being paranoid, saying the u. s. decision to reverse some of its own sanctions on iran. so the processors could have why their internet access. and that's nothing new for america . they did the same thing doing 2018, brought us in iran. we worked with technological companies to help free flow of information in provide circumvention tools that helped in last week's protest. we are able to sponsor v p ends and that allows iranians to use the internet. also, the u. s. often begins to amplify the voice of dissidents, of course, without mentioning their financial motivations. in the case of this latest protest in iran, one particular voice has been given special attention, isn't it the public?
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this is like the berlin wall. if we care to slow job than does that make the public want exists, and that is why it's different. because clearly iranian women are chomping desta dictators. and that scares the regime. we get the message that i started is not a good public, is in power. in america i, i'm not safe. as far as is something that public is in poverty. no one is faith. this i rang and born acts of his flat to america over a decade ago. and since then, but particular in recent base has been splashed across the covers of magazines and invited there's a guest on mainstream media. all these tonisha mens pouring forth from these lennox republic. perhaps the most remarkable of the fact that iran was brought to this point, at least in part, by an unpaid 46 year old mother working from an f b. i safe house in new york city massey and jobs in the rain. in journalist who was driven into exile, fit in years ago, has helped galvanized the countries women and mass in some 10000000 followers and her social media sites. well, that's not quite true on fate. she is on the u. s. government payroll and has been
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since 2014. when she joined the washington found that voice of america. she has also 2 days before the blue received an estimated $628000.00 in federal money. and to be clear, no one is challenging her activism, but all that certainly does not do anything to contradict. parents claim that washington is invested investable isaac iran. the protest have not just revealed washington's hope to see a regime change in iran, accelerate passively. but also the europe delusional self perception. here is their latest statement on the situation in the islamic republic for the e u and its member states, the wide spread and disproportionate use of force against non violent protesters is unjustifiable and unacceptable. people in iran, as anywhere else, have the right to peaceful protest that right must be insured in all circumstances . therefore, we expect iran to immediately stop the violent crack down on protests. and in short,
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internet access as well as the free flow of information. really. but what about scenes of police violence, lisa for us in corporate lockdown processors or the french yellow bass movement with many of those protests are shocked by the authority with robert bullis. ah ah ah. and even more so we sam, you state selling muslim women. what to wear or rather what not to wear by banning islamic males in public. and as for the free flow of information,
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the chances are manual view who are watching r t right now i doing it online, very vpn. that's because we've had our licenses to revoke across much of the western world as have numerous other russian channels. the speed with which washington and brussel sprouts on the misfortunes of their rivals and push for their downfall while pretending to be objective, only further expose as they own hypocrisy. plus a rob 8 30 am moscow time. do you head over to our website for more on any of those stories? if not, i'll be back again at the top of the hour with another rundown of all the latest with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally
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and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with craig will never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as a mom are made, it comes to last should get done in carbon dioxide. america forces are in europe, not in europe. engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are hearing, defend nato allies. nato escalates even more indiscretion. military operations become a war with dell. so of the rules of demo.


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