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tv   News  RT  September 27, 2022 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ah ah, referendums on the ceiling from you crate and joining russia, draw to a close on the final day of voting for people in the don't boss with public sounds to read the authorities in cave, making it abundantly clear with anyone who is dropping ballots into the ballot boxes at the referendum will be persecuted with no mercy. with the media on politicians claim the referendums are being conducted as gun points. presidents in the full voting regions are facing relent. michelin and threats of reprisals for 17. people are killed including 11 children at a devastating school shooting broke the central russian city.
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ah, well, come east, just turn to mid day here in the russian capital, and this is all t international with the latest at world news. i think it's good to have you with us. well, let's start off by taking a look at the latest on the referendum. so they're taking place in the republics. have don't yet scans logan scan to other regions for those. yeah. and care on it's funnel dev, hosting is locals, decide on whether they want to become a part of russia ah,
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the 4th day of voting so all for regions passing be crucial, a 50 percent milestone according to local officials. that means that moscow will now recognize the results as valid at the highest turn as an oppose has been in the don't. yes, we're public where around 1500000 people cast those in the la guns for public participation remain steady with over a 1000000 voting when the care on ends up it was year regions. turnout is roughly the same at 63 and 66 percent respectively. i spoke to international observers who gave their assessments on the voting. we just cross the border and directly a rose to this 1st point of voting before to see when the russian city of stuff are quite a lot of refugees from this territories units for ukraine from us. so we already
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had a chance to visit our point of holding their stuff. and what we saw there was, according to the normal standards of electrons are from on cancer of who's been following the vote. and don, yes took us through the latest from the paddling stations. well after or 4 days of the referendum, which was held by mulberry referendum groups that were going from a house to house, asking people to co terrans who we saw a really high number is actually at least 86 percent of the voters here. that s people's republic half cast their ballots and finally on the 5th they are pulling stations like this ones have opens up. and so of course, this is absolutely free. it will of course, to turn out in old regions that are holding the referendum has been really great.
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everyone has passed their 50 percent a threshold, and that means that the referendum had been declared valid on the old territories in don, boston's upper osha and in the care san as, as well. people. it turned out to vote in the referendum here and, and s people's republican logan's hind here, saunas a pearl. yet, despite the fact that ukrainian nationalist are constantly trying to disrupt the voting process by constantly firing their artillery against that peaceful civilians, we all receive reports on a daily basis for civilians being killed off. a critical civilian infrastructure. damaged at this point says thousands of people are still without running water without electricity. now, as several people have been arrested in various regions for a trying to organize terrorist acts as well, according to local officials in law gaskins. pearls. yeah, well here in done that hska as well, like i said,
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ukraine constantly shells the city. they fired a cluster munitions in their several districts here in don. net sca and they spread the so called anti personnel betsel mines. they're very unnoticeable on the ground . once a person has steps and then on them, they will be named for life. so for at least more than 7 people have become victims of these battle mines. well, despite all that, people are still coming out to vote in very large numbers in don boss in don, ask alone, are more than 86 percent have voted. as for the results of for the referendum, i hear in done ask, at least in finance people's republic, we are expecting a preliminary statements a little bit later in the evening today, while the official numbers will probably come out on wednesday morning. and so we
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are expecting more people to join to caster volts. now local authorities have declared today at day off, so people have no excuse and not to come and to, to cast their ballots. the referendums have been widely dismissed as illegitimate by many western politicians. with some planning, the vote is being conducted. quote at gunpoint is comes as the reasons that a voting phase constant threats and shell it from ukrainian forces. nancy's egleston explains, chief, has repeatedly claimed ownership over the citizens of don bass, and at the same time has been doing everything in its power to antagonize them. it's military has been shelling the population here with how it is and have you rocket launchers. planes dropped bombs on people's homes and children, and now the authorities in cave are making it abundantly clear. but anyone who is dropping ballots into the ballot boxes at the referendum will be persecuted with no
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mercy. ukrainian lawmakers have proposed up to 5 years in prison for anyone who dares to vote. and that's just the tip of the iceberg of repression. there's a plethora of ways to lose all humanity and caves, eyes here and be condemned with the stigma of being a so called russian collaborator, 8 years of war, have somewhat numbed the people here to the outright abhorrence coming from caves, government, which considers them its subjects but while they're used to it, it doesn't mean they aren't hard broken. no, it's such a bitter feeling when your mother land turns its back on you. well, the land you it always thought to be your mother land. it's very sad. you got the one you i am so angered by there, but this is wool. that's all i can say when you know crazy. we owns living in ukraine. we are living in the la guns republic. and we do hope they won't be able to get the hands on us. and sure all these threads could have been
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a bluff grand standing at an international level. a tray can ukraine's domestic policy game, but keep itself shattered. all hopes of that or can operators who somehow reveal their names. there is a whole list of the surnames. they are all people who have signed that death sentences. we are not bloodthirsty. we are officially saying that will only accept legal decision life sentences for traitors. as citizens of the don boss flocked to the polling stations in the millions, it's not just ukraine that remains oblivious to their plea. germany's tub diplomat annalee in a book ow did cave's own propaganda when she suggested the real situation with the vote here resembles a poorly written r rated movie. and it does, yes. people are voting with a gun pointing at their heads. and this is exactly what touch referendums are about . people are shot at raped and then obliged to very while
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a soldier onto the kalashnikov is standing right next to them. if we now accepted and let it be that it will be repeated in other places, it will serve as an invitation to further violate international laws. as western politicians and media post the narrative of a people voting at gunpoint reality on the ground, points to a very different threat facing those, wanting to cost their vote at polling stations. public areas and the don bass are being shelled by the ukranian military. every day. keeps under cover hitman bomb pro russian officials and liberated regions on a regular basis. diversion groups are also active behind the defensive lines, but the german foreign minister chose to emit all of that. it doesn't fit ukraine's heroic facade promoted so hard in the west. they're locked into this narrative and it's so been ongoing since 2014, that the people of the dumbass have no agency of their own. that they are
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essentially altima, towns are doing big. so that was obvious and that's how the west will interpret any election or referendum outcome. the problem is that they haven't come up with any evidence of this. show us the evidence that that people will be forced at gunpoint to go and vote there. isn't it about a quarter of the population here are holders of russian passports, just under a 1000000 people whom you crane is eager to evict, to the 21st century gulags. and that's to start with, under the proposed bill drawn up in co authorship with members of the as of neo nazi group, freedom of speech goes out of the window support. every whim of ukraine's government will be jailed. collaborators will be considered those citizens who have denied the armed aggression against ukraine and the occupation of its territories, or have publicly called for support for the aggressor, for cooperation with the occupiers. the final,
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in the most decisive day of the referendum is here. and it's about to show just how many people have decided to personally sign their divorce papers with ukraine once . and for rule, i'm again done of reporting from the la ganske people's republic. ot see. ah, ah no one. no, sir, no, no, admiral hook, no, no. we'll go more shrill than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was
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to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program. that the world had ever known and grill. oh, you know, to brush it was it gives you or shoot. good. good. that they're not. good. good. good on you son. new quarter. she'll keep on more modern. but general manager thought this is meant nguyen from all one of our brand new and i got the owner, much sale i got your name. i go on under thought. i wish to know about dory. oh, new. i know you didn't or guzzle more. polished enough, jr. let's i had a puddle, disco, their mother and all our buddy bill could you could help us out. oh boy,
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that's good to go that route on what the on this the wall. she, my indiana on site is and more on all said, mom, good student a year, your love and all of them are going to give us a good a welcome back. this is naughty international. the central russian city obviously, is in the in shock of the 17 people were killed including 11 children and more than 20 others wounded in a devastating school. shooting a warning be following video, which shows people trapped in the building during the attack is distressing. ah, soon, hulu,
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which can smell of my tu, tu routinely and find you a tentative chiva which could find my love, he's very much. it was joking. this is a 10 down. mm. former student of this school a 34 year old man named ochoa kasan. so he actually lived just 250 meters away from here. and according to his neighbors, they say he was a calm, quiet, lonely person. he was rarely seen with any sort of friends when he saw people in the street that he knew he would just pass by them without saying hello. now, as for the actual reasons for why he carried out this attack, there are a number of furies, because we heard from the russian education ministry. they said that he was actually diagnosed with skits, of friends. so, it is possible that there was some psychological aspect to this that may have caused him to take that step to commit this mass shooting in this school. but we
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also heard from kremlin spokesperson dmitri pascall, who said he might have been a member of a neo nazi organization. because after all, he was found by russia's investigative committee with a swastika on his shirt. unfortunately, we may never know the actual reasons for why he decided to do this because he committed suicide after killing all those people. and the russian investigative committee has not reported yet that he left behind any sort of stated reasons or notes as to why he carried out this horrific attack. russia's investigative committee has determined that at least 17 people were killed in this attack. and that's mostly children. students who went to school that day, expecting a day like any other, they said good bye to their parents that morning, not understanding that it was their last good bye. i mean, surviving students had been talking to the media, telling stories about how they were barricading themselves in classrooms to, in a desperate attempt to escape the bloodshed. and so these are classrooms that
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became, makes shift fortresses filled with crying, fearful children who are gonna have to live the rest of their lives with the trauma of what happened here. and the fear that it might happen again, as it imposed in, has grown say, to russian citizenship to form a. u. s. security contracts. edward snowden. following his request, you as the authority still want the whistle below it to be returned to america to face a criminal trial on espionage charges. are our position as not changed, mister snowden should return to the united states, where he should face justice as any other american citizen would. well, let's get some background on snowden story. while working as a private contract to in america's national security agency, he revealed secret information gathering programs conducted by the agency. in 2013 the documents revealed voss, domestic and international surveillance operations. he spends over a month and
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a moscow at ports her mental and applied for asylum in 20 countries, including russia, where he was granted permanent residency for miss c. i officer raymond's mcgovern say the u. s. media blames edward snowden for his revelations. while the security services continues to violate human rights, he put his own conscience above the regulations that violated our constitution. unfortunately, are our media. our major media of the established media isn't under the heel of the government. so whatever government guidance comes out tomorrow morning, you could expect all the trench and the chronic media to show yes, she violated the law. he let secrets out. those secrets were that the government was violating our essential rights on the 4th amendment of the constitution. he should be applauded for that. you should not be brought to trial. the big thing that seems to me is what mister poaching was. it was to reveal those saying there
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that nobody else would take him is the quintessential political as fire li, they are international lawyers. mr. poaching happens to be a lawyer that guarantee that country should take in political refugees and that's for us to decided to to us. all authorities have a history of prosecuting whistleblowers from us intelligence analyst chelsea manning who leads people am. i think cable is about the war in afghan installed and the walks, the wikileaks website, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2013. but a sentence was late commuted. we can ex, confound a julian assault could face up 275 years in prison in the united states under the espionage act. when the us treasury, assistant secretary and wall street journal, associate editor paul craig roberts say that anyone who tells the truth in the us becomes a suspect. facts to,
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to express it with some very dangerous for people as william benny live on. now, as edward snowden lug, and as william saw, if you see facts in your own states that are contrary to the official narratives, new book suspects. there is no democracy that goes democracy. to function work requires inform population with the population. there is no source of information because the media all gives them of special lives on the us is not fooling anyone. that's how the indian minister of external affairs
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commented on the us presidents decision to send military a to pakistan. very honestly, it's, it's, it's a relationship that has an either ended up solving pockets. barnwell, not shoving american interest for someone to say, i'm doing this because it is fall. counterterrorism, when you are talking of an aircraft like a capability of the f. 16, i don't really, everybody knows where they are deployed and what is the use and what is that capable. so you know, you're not falling anybody by saying these things. what india few mean india is very unhappy or was the s 16 deal by the us. the foreign affairs minister when dad dr. s. j. shank. god has land the bite and administration's proposal of providing nearly $450000000.00 worth of fans and
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military assistance to box time. now every time us provide these beckons to baka sunday use against india, f 16 f 86 f 104 star 5 does. all of them have been used against india. the latest, for example, was f. 16 being used in india in 2019 after the strike. 12 said india is the last 4 digits of the u. s. many years. so why bored america? knowing very well that this deal with bach of san is going to put one of itself close friends make de la wallace, which now he, india has made it very clear to americans so that india is not warmed. f sixteens being operational. it is a big headache for india, a headache. india does not working well. we discussed india's concerns with
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a policy analyst to say is pakistan's. main aim is the fight against terrorism. understands difference possible. but in terms of the tree, the number of the systems and the india, but this is far greater than this. so i don't think it's a matter of concern for india. terrorism, as you know, is a lingering threat focused on a significant success within it. and the pool that need being honest on the also goodness and improvement in this situation. however, the check is not completed, which is why in general and in particular needs to
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get people credible and reliable on get the ability. that is why getting the operational capability of 16 years and in that case, i think these concerns are unnecessary and irrelevant because you're aware of the song mean a during the last one is meanwhile, india's minister of external, a fast say, new delhi is dependent on russian defense equipment and i'm with a strong relations with moscow, are not linked to on, on willingness to cooperate with america. he stresses that relations with russia strengthen significantly in the 960 s as the us didn't want to supply india with defense equipment. this was not due to a lack of trying on india's part. i know 1st hand what great efforts were made over those years to try to make us understand that it was in american interests to have
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a strong united, independent, prosperous india in. so we do, and we had a little chart, the partnership where rush, i give everybody that is number one. and then for the basic if and the fundamentals of our fighting black homes are all off. so we had a stroke ration and was the report systems come into floors the last for many years for the 5060 years. so our furniture, so we're doing in a later ratio was back to the sixty's when america was i know completely understand and i know the box on the other parts of the world, we're not really pending. so i think that is the reason why we went because the americans did not have a bus. and michelle was very forthcoming us, hey,
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thanks for joining us here in our se international. we're back in 30 minutes with the very latest to see them. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk in the united states has always had a variety of tools to use and tags on other countries. economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military
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pressure on the countries that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us, there will be one . 0
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ah ah.
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a crate will never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as amman, army cons to last you can in carbon dioxide. america forces urine, you're not in your engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are here to defend nato allies. nato escalates even more in the special military operations become a war door when you put dell sips of girls that never show. another notion is my idea. i see your thrust conflicting puzzling of me, we've so usefully. he should, unique, and he's tough for me to a physical. he needs the most of them. let's you. when you read only the stokes finished entering your sewage near us,
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he took the co who's february 2007, that amy of hooton's munich speech is a milestone in contemporary history. many consider his famous address at the security conference to be a turning point in relations between moscow. on the west with president putin spoke about major geopolitical issues in no uncertain terms. he harshly criticized the uni polo world model u. s. foreign policy and unjustified use of force against other states. that's just not a scholar shooting me. me, it nickel. what machine you're wondering is i say, so my only answer elac of is between bizarre bus missed you or you know about what at the here, you know, part of what 0 issue, fucked up. can you say she wouldn't they, even though they do you want us? yes. pretty video our at can you in the spreadsheet or just go what if that a city and you're still still esteem is if you any me how to read though?
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well, it is up a thing about it, noting it, post arrows, postcard, but shops go on the go or rather do in georgia, the western sunset my down to and the ambition to pull those countries into nato at all costs. and you conflicts and profound global security crisis goes numerous attempts to negotiate the rules of the game in europe through futile human under decoded america, latoya gray layer, much fuel door on my gym needed could him that could be to school much just couldn't kind of in the buck, ma'am, the truck games. similar to them, america can also say 3 and bullet. do you know 60 percent of a whiskey? the list that was senior. so i see. so from the dealer who room to control, as i've said, i didn't want to run into delays. see, why not could, isn't it? mute. so why should denisha jay was your point parliamentary letters in the dorms that.


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