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[000:00:00;00] a with 5 days of referendums, in the dumbass, 2 regions of ukraine wrap up with locals in each territory. voting in favor of joining russia. we hear from people on the ground on how they feel about it. no one forces us to come. you can feed yourself, people can voluntarily, i'm so happy i'm about to cry. i'm really happy. we've come a long way and i've been waiting for it for ages. as western countries labeled referendums, as sharman refused to recognize the results versus ambassador to the un accuses
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them of double standards learning the go with recognition as such takes place only if approved in the west. in general, will, the western version of democracy has deteriorated into a dictated liberal minority over conservative majority. video evidence emerges, showing what's been described as unprecedented damage to the node stream pipeline system with sweden and danish, all thirties, claiming the links could be an act of sabotage with july from our headquarters here in moscow, you're watching audience and now she's just on 60. i'm here in the russian capital . i'm peter scott and here the top stories this hour. and we kick off of course this morning on wednesday with the latest on the referendums in the dumbass republics i've done yet, and look, guns can see where the regions approach and he had a song where locals gave their final say on leaving ukraine and possibly joining russia
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ah with ballots countered in all 4 regions after 5 days of voting, the majority are in favor of potential unification with moscow. a years ago, the done yes or no guns republic split from ukraine, undeclared, themselves independent. we heard from locals about what they make of uniting with moscow. nick jordan called earlier to will no one forces us to come. you can see it yourself. people can voluntarily,
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i'm so happy i'm about to cry. blocker. people are crying with joy. there were people from the russian control territories in ukraine, said you was there has finally come. i'm so glad leave to seal this day. i am really happy. we've come a long way and i've been waiting for it for ages. well, final results in advance republic indicate this around 99 percent of people voted in favor of joining russia and while the new guns for they showed 98 percent voting in favor over in the regions as upper osha on kennesaw, the polling results showed 93 and 87 percent respectively voting in favor of joining russia. now, while the referendum is widely condemned, the sham by western states millions turned out in the republics on regions. so to say on the future, with the highest turnouts in the polls was in the den. yes, the republic were over 2000000 people cast their votes. over 1600000 people voted in the la guns republic, while both kept sold and the photos or regions over a 1000000 in so to went to the polls. eager has done have sent us this report from
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the guns republic right after the referendums, results were announced. frankly, it has been an emotional day for everyone here and the republic. and finally, the results they have come in more than 98 percent of people here have chosen to say yes to russia and know to ukraine. the results were announced by the head of the guns people's republic learned positioning himself. now we did have a chance to talk to the head of the republic himself, and we asked him about what emotions he feels right now that everything has been resolved. and what's next for the republic. today we have reached our ultimate goal . we've achieved what we all wanted so much. i think that the president of the russian federation and the entire russian nation should make the decision and accept us into the russian federation. we will work for the good of our great country, which is why all this began what the future of which everything began back in 2014
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. he has reveal that next week already he will be traveling to russia to see of larimer potent, the president of course, and well to discuss the results of the referendum, obviously, bidding on behalf of all the of more than a 1000000 people here who showed up to the polling stations well to so that russia recognizes their choice. and again, this choice wasn't an easy one, not in terms of as to where their hearts were. but rather key of did everything in its power to intimidate the people here into staying home and to not voting. it has been shelling little against people's republic relentlessly. in the past 5 days, people had to interrupt the voting and go to and go hide and bomb shelters, just to stay safe, just to keep on going with their daily lives. and no matter what they still showed up, they showed up in hundreds of thousands. again, the attendance is also very, very close to a 100 percent. and so this is what they did this is that what they did despite the shelling, despite everything being against their odds. now the authorities here, of course,
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they try to make it easier and as safe as possible for the people here. for example, for the, for, for days there were no stationary polling stations, the one that were used to instead, buses were taking members of the election committee door to door almost. or if they were visiting different neighborhoods and regions and remote villages. so that people had, could have a chance to vote and to have their say without attracting and without participating in large crowds of people which could attract yet another attacks from are the key of authorities from the cave military, which could be targeted by, well, terrorists, by diversion groups, but all this bloodshed, all this violence spearheaded by cave, it failed to crush the spirits of the locals. here we talked to some of them and they shared what this moment means for them. yet the routing number, i think the referendum was more than successful and completely for joan in russia. i voted, was daily thought, we've been eagerly waiting for this for the 8 years we've had war here in the
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danverse line. yet that was there's a desire to see changes to have stability certainty in your life, a desire to just live a peaceful life and see your parents calm and care free. but we spoke to the president of the brakes international forum who was part of the international monitoring team over in dom bus. and she says that the mood of the people that contradicts the western narrative, i found that to people about whom we were hearing that they are under ah, gunpoint, or they're having go controlled by that issue anatomy. the found that they are very 3. they are participating in dod effingham, like a celebration and festival, and lee really giving message to the world that there is no fear, nor any pressure. and they are taking their own right. he went to action garment did not by display do. they only provided logistic and infrastructure to the i
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long lance and don't stick people to conduct the voting. when you come to dial grounds, then you will understand what is that he energy from my united nation office. you can not say everything. so this is not what they were in international media is going on and it is most of the time they are the fake news. during last 9 months, we observed that so many fake news circulated to the by the rest and media to we stand word pulled words on. surprisingly, the votes was the key item for discussion at the united nations security council meeting, where the u. s. denied the legitimacy of the referendum forcing russia's ambassador to remind the west of its own history with break wave regions. but it would, the direct expression of citizens will, has long ceased to be an indicator of a democratic choice. recognition as such takes place only if approved in the west. in general, the western version of democracy has deteriorated into a dictator,
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a liberal minority over conservative majority. while the un security council, the 15 member body that leads the united nations, convened the meeting today in the security council chamber. now, immediately russia spoke up at the beginning of the meeting, making clear that they objected to the fact that vladimir zalinski, the ukrainian president, was given a platform to speak via video link to the un security council meeting. they said clearly that this was simply turning the un security council chamber into a place to put on political shows to serve a geopolitical agenda. it did not fit with the rules of the un. russia made clear their objections or then we heard from rosemary, decarlo, the under secretary we heard from zalinski who then addressed the video link. and then when members of the security council spoke, it was very clear that there were differences among the major countries. now we heard from both russia and the united states, both permanent members of the security council here is the clear differences
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between the 2. if we know the outcomes of the sham referenda were pre determined in moscow, they in no way represent a legitimate expression of the will of the ukrainian people. some a groom, if you could, you could, if any of the loudest critics of reference in the danverse, the foreclosure on coastal regions were at one time at the forefront of support for cosello's independence. no referendums were held in kosovo tow. only a declaration of independence adopted by the provisional self governing body in excess of its powers. but back then it was enough for the west to recognise costello's independence, clear differences between major countries expressed at the security council meeting . now it's important to note that just prior to the un security council meeting, the u. s. secretary of state anthony blanket made clear that the united states would not recognize the results of the rapper randoms that are taking place in the don boss regions. and furthermore,
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he gave his blessings to attacks on russian territory that might be carried out with weapons provided by the united states. this is what anthony blanket said shortly before the un security council meeting. will the us still allow ukrainian troops to use us weaponry to defend against russians in those territories, no matter what the outcome of these referendums and this, these possible annexations ukraine has the absolute right to defend itself throughout its territory, including to take back the territory that has been illegally seized one way or another by russia. now, the nato chief also made clear that while nato countries are supplying weapons to the government that they do not consider nato to be part of the ongoing conflict. they consider this to be a fight between ukraine and russia as well. nato is supportive of ukraine. they are not directly involved. regardless, that was the context in which the un security council meeting took place. now,
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the un security council of task with making sure world peace continues and deescalate and conflicts. but it seems like, as russia pointed out, the un security council was just used as a platform for grant standing, just as a place to put on political shows to demonize russia when real danger to world peace and the possibility of this conflict escalating too much greater height or hanging over our heads as a result of the response of the united states and its allies to the referendum. well as cross live now to steve gil radio host on political commentator. welcome to our international steve. thanks for taking the time to join us today. hey, grab these referendums of now concluded, what do you think next for those regions? yeah, i think it's kind of ironic that the u. s. government with sector said lincoln is challenging the, the results of these referendums, when you've had dozens of international observers watching them, watching them take place and you know,
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universally saying that these were legitimate, the election results in the u. s. if you question election results. it's called treason, but apparently the us government can challenge elected results that again have been observed by international observers and, and verified to be accurate or just picking you up on that point. many in the international community. they have condemned them as a sham these referendums and said they will not recognize the results. as you said, it's hard to see this is not some sort of escalation in the conflicts. well then you have this part of ukraine, eastern portion, dom bass region, and others that have been under fire by these militia in ukraine for the last 567 years. and the irrational community hasn't done anything to stop the violence that was being directed at the tennyson civilians. they are, these people are heading to the polls while literally ukraine is bombing and shelling their community. so i can't imagine that anybody would doubt that you're going to vote against being loyal to a country that's literally bombing your community. so i think that the only em here
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is that these election results were being challenged before the 1st note was cast and saying, obviously with, with ukraine and presidents. lensky said that if the 1st of which incorporates don boss as part of his charge and recognize them, then there would be quotes, nothing to talk about. do you think the piece to go stations off the table completely now or just for the time being? yes, i did much piece to go jason's going on at this point and you know, i would have to say that the folks in these, these regions of ukraine would ask, what are you going to do, bob, a shell us, you know, great, a war over trying to keep us in a country that we're saying, we don't want to be a part of. and again, most of this region has shown a loyalty. most of that region is, is more russian than it is ukrainian. anyway. and i think again, the idea that this appearance in the united nations was to promote peace is early and conflict with what we're seeing, but they know supplying arms. the u. s. supply arms,
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the us now just provided another $12000000000.00 or so to ukraine, with no real accountability of where the money is going, how it's being spent, and apparently supporting the payment of your cramps and government officials in ukraine and actually doing anything to help the people of ukraine or. busy these portions, ukraine that are under fire, and i said it was a big community, a package. the kids recently said that any citizens that find the of helps organize these referendums, could face up to 5 years in prison. and we do know that so many kids, the special forces i've been finding what they believe to be collaborators encountered over in the region. what do you make of this? do you think it's legitimate? i mean from, keeps point of view, these are, this will be seen as treason. yeah, yeah. again they, they want to hold onto this region whether it's legitimate or not. they haven't shown any propensity to protect these people or their communities over the last, nearly a dozen years when, when you've had the opportunity that others that have been, you know,
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creating all sorts of atrocities that again, not only did the world community ignore but, but the ukrainian government was ignoring, and i think that, you know, whether or not the validity of that to justify the special operations in eastern ukraine was, was appropriate. you can't deny that this region has been in conflict for a long time, with the president to lensky and nato. and the us doing nothing about it yet certainly has been steve. now, don't know what you heard in the previous package. there were some buses in the us and he said the most vocal of western critics of the referendums, off of those people who supported the independence of course of do you think these cases are really so different? you know, i think, i think we can go back into us history. a lot of folks may, that may not know that during the american revolution, when the u. s. was seeking independence from, from great britain and king george about a 3rd of the country supported independence about
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a 3rd wanted to remain loyal to great britain and a 3rd. we're saying, you know, hey, we'll see how it turns out. it will say we were with you all along. i think you may see some of that in these regions as well. a lot of folks, they want peace, they want prosperity, they want their children and their communities to be safe. and they're going to wait to see how it turns out and then be for whoever wins with 100 percent all along. and we will have to wait and see steve. thank you very much. again, for taking the time today for your, your thoughts on those referendums and don't. but those are the regions. thanks very much. thank you. and of course, we'll keep you updated on all the latest on the events in the dumbass republics on those regions in ukraine and what's the future holds for them? aah. underwater explosions, which of course leaks in the north stream pipeline system could be an act of sabotage. without these, according to the swedish prime minister commented on damage to the pipelines which
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has resulted in a sharp drop in pressure. the idea that we have swedish intelligence that we have also received information in our contacts with denmark. and based on this, concluded that this is probably a deliberate act. it is probably a matter of sabotage. what you can see now is video footage from the location of one of the leaks and gases pouring into the baltic sea from 3 separate leaks on the north stream one and 2 pipelines. the authorities in germany, denmark and sweden have all been gone investigations into that incident. the former polish defense minister appeared to blame the u. s. a, the explosions on the u. s. while at the same time to polish prime minister as named russia for the leaks in an old stream pipeline, the criminal has called the situation unprecedented seeing the reason the pipeline system has developed problems remains unclear at this stage, but it has not yet ruled anything else which includes mental rich,
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this is very concerning news. it's true that we're talking about some kind of damage to the pipeline and denmark's economic zone. although the exact nature of the damage is yet to be determined, the pressure in the pipeline has significantly drops. this is an unprecedented situation, and it must be immediately investigated. last year, nordstrom one accounted for 35 percent of russian gases exports to europe. the power supplies within slash only to suspended, and the u accused russia of energy blackmail, but guess from cited maintenance reasons. now, with the latest incident is unclear when the pipeline will once again be operational. earlier, my colleague nicki are in discuss the matter with ortiz, marina cos river. we have sweden saying that it has 2 leagues that has discovered leaks, and it's in the nordstrom one pipeline penmark discovered the leaks on the nordstrom to pipeline. and this of course, comes after germany was also reporting a drop of pressure in both pipelines. now this situation is extremely rare,
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it doesn't just have them like that. that's why everyone is saying, how could this have happened? and was there anyone involved? was this, perhaps an act of sabotage? but we'll talk about that a little bit later. first, let's hear what the operator of north street has to say. damage to 3 sections of the nord stream pipeline system in only one day is unprecedented. it is currently impossible to know how long it will take to restore this infrastructure to operational condition. so a situation where this would be just coincidental is not really on the cause. exactly. but right now what's also tricky is that there are conflicting reports as to how long it will take to fix the situation. some say months, others are same even years. and right now this is critical with when for approaching this energy prices that we're seeing unfolding could become even worse if the pipelines are completely not operational. what are the possible scenarios? what could have happened here? some are saying that if this was a target to the tack like the german daily,
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for example, we're saying that everything speaks against the coincidence, none quotes in here, we cannot imagine a scenario that this is not a targets at the time. but a targeted attack would involve, i read it in some of the reports, but involve a submarine. someone literally go and stay under the water and cause and damage this kind of damage. because like i said, this is extremely rare for such a leak to happen. and here we're talking about really leaks already. so who stands to benefit from that class? we know that there is an energy crisis unfolds, and this is, of course, a sensitive time in russia. we have the conflicts unfold them with the crane. russia has already hold to the supplies to 20 percent from the north stream one pipeline north soon too is idle right now at the moment and we have the sanctions. and we also had a technical difficulty which affected the north stream one pipeline. so supplies have been halted completely, so the european union has had to look for alternative solutions. they are looking for other suppliers. among them we have the united states. energy prices are
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skyrocketing, of course, some reports are saying that they haven't seen energy prices like that in 25 years . and here's an interesting point. let's hear what the u. s. president had to say at one point about the nordstrom to pipeline. if russian rage, that means tanks of troops crossing the border of ukraine again, then there will be we, there will be no longer a nor stream to we will bring in. and how will you do that exactly. since the project and control of the project is within germany's control, i promise you will be able do when despite rising gas prices, the german, any energy network regulator chief, has claimed that the you is no longer dependent on not stream ga supplies. he did home, it admits, however, that the situation still remains tense. economist ag hammer says the situation is
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far worse and politicians are prepared to admit it is more something that make it suspicious. that gives thought for conspiracy theories and so on. and then of course the americans are, we need from this the brief. 1 we need from this, the politics already, of course says yes, no problem. everything is fine. but if we get interruptions, this will have a much, much cost in the economy. it makes it much further damage because when you're not reliable anymore with your sources, germany is not the good producing occasion anymore. and this will harm the economy much more than anybody can see. a group of us congress members are calling for the f. b, i to investigate the killing of al jazeera journalist, sri and actually he was shot dead in the palestinian city of jen in back in may. well, the case could force washington's occult military aid to israel. earlier this month,
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the very investigators said there was a high possibility that miserable clay was unintentionally killed by an israeli soldier. the death resulted in a you an investigation that concluded that she was killed by israeli forces. sentences in washington have questioned whether it is now lawful to continue supply and sell of ease with military aid. according to that layer, the law named after a senior us senator, the state department cannot fund israel if a government is phones if committed, human rights violations. while doubts have been raised in the us senate over the continued military funding of israel, washington ignores the human rights violations. in other regions. the state department has announced recently an additional package of military a to ukraine with $600000000.00, despite the legit atrocities committed by key ever since 2014 human rights lawyer. don kovachick says the killing of shooting accolade may see the us placed under
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pressure to reconsider its military funding strategy. israel murdered a journalist and she also, if i'm correct, it was in american journalists. so you know, it deserves it outcry. it deserves retribution. and let me just say, i'm pleasantly surprised, and some people, at least in congress, are speaking of the famous lay he had been, sadly, that's honored, more in the breach than otherwise in many ways, i've said over the years, it's dead letter because the u. s. continues, of course, to fund many military's debt commit human rights abuses. however, you know, again, there's always hope that in this case it will be applied correctly and that the u. s. will at least maybe start to rethink its relationship with israel and and it's giving what over $3000000000.00
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a year to the military. so i hope that will change those. the main stories for this our do had it was all websites, all t dot com, our social media pages include not telegram channel for more information. my name is peter scotts, bobby back again at the top of the hour. ah i mean
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