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for the story and more you can head to r t. india's official telegram channel, as well as it's play to twitter page. and for other stories you can hear tell website had auntie dot com. well that brings us to the end of this bulletin from me and the museum until we meet again. thanks for joining us with a. ringback course she knew spencer with berkeley, me, that was some this here by the name is us, are forced um, national guido, which is obviously you still when you have a couple of lead from when you do not hold a
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moment to go with the national jump on a split the copier from, wanted to fill that out. the boys are new to me with a to fill out disdain, because of the attitude and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. the
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for the business and you agree in the 3 and a rugby shoes and you made it comes green. when you wrote, you got to really just touch the ceiling in for such a short message after the different student info, which helped you through with them. probably, and you're still there actually if you're here, take your history. i can't tell you when i brought in that the study skills of place to come into on off on ok, which which longer it was just pushed through just a moment because i knew a little, you know,
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for the don't know as i should just to do given the other than that, we're going to do, you just opinion for us is come ah, so let's say that we sort of almost, you know, if there's a graph with
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a textual, you know, study, can you look at them, don't they still, sometimes they do, you know what i mean? that's good to me. yeah. yeah, there is a number of all, it's not, i mean i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh show. believes how to show personally to be a modem with
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kinsey who in the in so don't i don't at leukemia. in fact, she's a really pretty cool at the brochure deal with mr. smoke. you are getting a score of which you're you're queued with lisa with
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a with her. so with a trip to play bill sniper
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cut a feel for us guys. them just need them up. see if they sell it at the end up i yeah. oh, that's good. i can was gonna say to push them restored needs, you need to because she wouldn't put them or so because then you need to do one should own blossom. so i don't, you're not a jewish. the whistle is that it got to keep what talk look at the letter that i bought this night. there's 2 new talks to russian collage coke dressmakers, given a solution that was will, unless there's a solution or oh good. it's a gives us, diane, you use up to the sure strictly i'm lashana was stolen. what do you do? it, they don't tell me. it did. he did
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a listener. not one thing that i missed the sub welcoming. so i'm always employed with people with me or send me to any myers. yes, i'm with trust or community, but i fishy. i use a hotel between them. if i wanted to go to them, you have a brochure. mama, now let's just collect also just to put that on his finger. sure. i knew this up for sale is different. it was a head of dumb option shops and it wasn't
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a with some allusions too. yeah. pretty much there's so many of them push it as much the anymore. mm hm. yeah. okay. lemme encoded bunk at the bull. i just got home yesterday because of signal a bomb with similar kind of stores. a sudden question a. 6 sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block i live, a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with really good people with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a keep it. you get that you go to the course,
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tell you that it was more because you have to wait a while to so dorothy period honestly felt worse. mike, what year? a dollar when a script on tuesday. okay, cool. is there to the voluminous pool because of a dwelt. you talked about you as a tool, don't sure. shoot euro. so the computer will in your put, put on me was my proceed with the news to later on used to live both what door to for or his live. then they're pretty slow to detroit. any bet the motion is in your little problem, is a done. for course, patricia, they please can year. well, i moved with these 2 below a piece of my new piece to reduce the suit because i yeah, the political,
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they should go so far. for coursework gets us deals as off to new criminal government as often as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing your trajectory produce. cuz when you, when was that was you to start with lamps on with my own style when i'm not, i don't want any issues. i chicken up by at the more recording in this town,
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monica presented. snipers was certain of it crushing. okay, go ahead. letting them off a snippet out that will get a shift and a mock motors i can talk. yeah yeah, absolutely. yes. question or says jessica, that i'm one of them going on a bush longer say it so when i sort of she out of me. okay, thank you for your blood work with the queens. so she started on the sell them. oh it's queens. i never knew a church and we say
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well, there's more to deal with no quarter both of us dogs all over the score to school us questions. all right, well, i'm coming again calling because i mean you're on the claim said roy dunker, i mean finished the war. i suppose it's the human system. got the new marcia down. those are words. welcome to us
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with keep 1st a stand by with vision a solution.
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so you push more cranes can also to push some of the school in a solution for nearly williams with shipping this personal credit motion to do some consuming carson with the yesterday and just have a new better way to get an estimate on the weights. and so we're not sure my bills learn more about stories. choices are genuine.
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ah ah ah, at this point, it is almost a near certainty. the regions of ukraine voting to reject camps rule will join the russian federation. and soon, moscow will protect these people. as nato's war on russia continues,
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how things will escalate? is anybody's guess. i go to the newest cottage and if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about like that because your prospect doesn't put your home and symbols on display reach guy. so you guys don't talk to strangers, avoid noisy gatherings and rallies. one of them are actually eaten your colleagues, perhaps all your friends think you're guilty because you are russia much and i
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was and i was so glad the way the team is being picked up by me. i wasn't sure if specific social can find me. ah with the push another see there's yep. um i guess my 3 was just reading with all sorts
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i'd love to talk to you with unless it was actually but it's way to store it. it must have been a subway dishes. i don't know much about it and that is julia and you just polio, but this is julia play at them all. those same login with citrix unit, which pushes the will. is you sticky with him and up into the us now with the status of a tech install. see if that cuz i still hey jim, i got a question
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. if you're still on the boys to a slow studio with crystal bye, you said you know what, is this what you're supposed to be with? get away with your leash and i need a little sort of if you don't please. what about the cost of i would, i mean, yeah, but hugely, what is minister, especially walker, you know, that's all stuff from ago, but i guess careful shipping to the, well, i was rebuttal and not be there is a church. thank you for i'm the only reason i'm. what if i come to school is devali a my gum really bug, olivia a will a shop college. i was supposed to be an issue when you but i'm sure you don't really know. full speed will show you all or the political because i still was
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asking you that was really not always. yes. and i'm not sure. yes, it was way. and you so much it was the only way to my wish to get a little can you me course so not sure. let me up us to release was giving you when you school seals to get a quote up a little table. yes. was on the, on the gun to some weeks that on that up on monday unless you to pull your what you were boy with a lot the way the old official for your to work now. but i was supposed to void of christopher. keith will say yes. i don't want it to play with a couple of useable was, but he has nice with it. cuts the booted push boy. so by the way, it will, it took up less, which are very similar from your book, a slip into 2 bush matrix from the span i saw my deal. so i'm so good luck with this level. socially
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accumulates. i put it was a video presentation. it took us tullison was with the show. boy, you lucas, you. it's a little slow show or a school because here she got it was it was suitable. shooting a community with a welcome. chiseled vehicle with oh, are you sure to looks to be for during the years
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with no, i last listed there. i started off with a project. this is the police i'm with dealing with the thrust. never mind. i don't know why. i just wanted to know what a new them off that you like with plenty of but it was because in the do it was i was confused when you started
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using what does that to us because in your cars, those this choi compare with jasmine with us he it says i, yes, lydia 3 should say proudly. yes, there was worse than your sway company or is it at the i'm not sure. i've changed it. i'm can not a liberal. yes we do. so can it offset a mom with kentoria around there to make more than with a support julian? yeah, mostly, but i'm, we're supposed returning your mistake initially. it was, i was there, but i had to quit away from all the more score. pull it out. yeah. i did. yeah,
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it was nice. i mean, yeah, you're good shepherd in i'm butch finally in that that i that much thought i'm with da. my birth is here. not be there was for cisco early. amanda was nice to catch up. but interesting. or you can call more special with that, like it was also if you have mentioned with she has also with your when you scores it is going to national grades with
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it. so she'll said a with a few years. see our cool do up here here. so what do for you? why did you yes, near fees are no more. see we have somebody you forward you for calling you from susan? yes. can you needed and sure who you thought about my student? who is also the doctor? i don't know, i guess with
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2 to 4 years, a radius creating with a water. thank you. mm mm . and really quotation i will have limited version or sort of in the video through tomorrow. but the maria kimball,
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there's some sewage on the waiting lemming at the door to go. but he's critical wm . wireless or shrink additional. but loony of cable or a spectrum just it was wonderful that she only has with shania pistol cleaning. is this toyota macbeth is substantial? almost or not a is this for it's a green, the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get the piece with this crazy. i will give them a few to see which way to show those which are in stores on the plane up up, away in the pistol particulars of this. we have 3 different people have to understand that all the blood, this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh gray blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria
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new and barack obama job. i did the cia, the u. s. military, the trained these naziism, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians. they were going to liberate the city. here was by his social commerce here a have so we are going one way or more than all of them are good to william. there's a joy. i was a little gardener besides, mitchell, i can use her. she scenario to me, i believe mitchell. erica. already knew. showcase that a little shade when i see him where, oh my god, i'm supposed ah ah,
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ah ah, new footage of a leak and the damage north korean pricing system emerges, the former polish foreign minister, thank washington. painting that the you with sabotaged the russian gas supply with yes, on joining russia, that's how to pay for randoms and the independent dumbass. the public's and to break away ukrainian regions ended with the vast majority of both in favor. several 155 millimeter shells, swap the sensor of genetics on wednesday morning. actually it was at 5 am i correspondent and.


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