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a lisa i mean with moscow opens an international terrorism probe into a suspected attack on the russian german goldstein pipeline. that's up to several western media outlets claimed the cia had warned you can choose all the potential type months ago. local officials say 6 people, a wounded and ukrainian shutting off on the attack, comes up an overwhelming majority of people that voted in favor. joining russia and china labels, washington are disruptive. all international rules up to you as the politicians accuse the country of intimidating. i want
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ah, if you live from our studio here in moscow, you're watching. ok. see? just going to 6 here in russian capital. and my name is peter scott, with the top stories this our the russian prosecutor general's office has opened an international terrorism investigation into a suspected attack on the russian german allstream pipeline. meanwhile, several western media outlets claim the say gave a vague warning to europeans of the possible attack 3 months ago. the criminal has pointed the finger at the us of which had problem again us. this is a big problem for us, because 1st and foremost, both lines of nordstrom to are filled with gas. all the systems are ready for pumping, and the gas is very expensive. now, this gas is escaping into the air coming to the ring. if you remember the statements that the u. s. president made in early february,
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he promised to get rid of nordstrom tomb. we don't know exactly what he meant, what we see a hysterical euphoric reaction from poems as they are thanking you. s for this. we don't know what that means, either medium, we see huge profits from american suppliers of liquefied natural gas. they are very, very interested in continuing to reap super profits. are we interested in this? no, we're not so much. we have lost his gas supply route in europe. movie them is europe . interesting in this is germany. the engine of the european economy? are they interested in little girl pants are also in a very difficult situation right now. if you're going to pick a country without kremlin reaction, came after a form of polish top diplomats posted a photo of the massive gas leak and said to quote, thank you usa will sweden said the cause of the pipeline damage could be an act of sabotage without suggesting a possible culprit, i predicted back in february this year that you asked interesting ukraine was about
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natural gas dales. but the apparent attack mold trim t i remind, should take notice. there is no shortage of pipeline capacity for taking gas from russia to western europe, including germany. thank you usa, that sweets was very suspicious and russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman even common for donna's asking whether it was an official admission of a terrorist attack. because at the moment, all signs are points in towards the united states. we're also learning now about sightings of american helicopters hovering over that area along the roots of the pipelines. a few weeks ago. back in june, americans were boasting about conducting underwater drone experiments. in the same area we're, one of the blasts took place. also, most importantly, i would say, back in february, he was president joe biden had warned that nordstrom to could become a target. and even he was neither are making that connection right now let's listen
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. it is true that blowing up north stream does not help vladimir putin. he would not do that. why would he? but that doesn't mean that other countries wouldn't consider doing it. they would consider it, and we know they have considered it because at least one of them has said so in public, if russian res at meas, tanks and troops crossing the on the border of ukraine. again, there are no, there will be we, there will be no longer a nor stream to we will for you. then how will you do that? exactly. since the project and control of the predators within germany's control, i promise you will be able to do. and maybe they did after all, they used to get 40 percent of a gas of from russia. and now we had reduced flows because of western sanctions, technical issues, and now these leaks gas flow has been halted completely. thompson, countries look for alternative sources with america being one of those sources. but
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of course almost see here this side of the story. they're more interested in blaming russia, accusing of an act of aggression. this for us would of course. busy means it would be like, shooting itself in the foot. but again, they're more interested in saying that this is all russia fault, and poland actually seems to be the mouthpiece lately. let's have a look. this is probably a signal from russia. this shows what means mechanisms, the russians are capable of resorting to in order to further de stabilize europe. now the head of the european commission said that whoever is responsible, whoever is behind it, will have to pay for it. of course, he didn't, they didn't specify who yet frames. presidential advisor already jumped on the bandwagon accused rush of an act of aggression saying that it's trying to create a free winter panic and is asking for more weapons which is also very convenient. europe is already in equipment. there's energy crisis. how will the damage to the pipelines now affect the people in europe?
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what we've seen a gas prices in europe skyrocket on these news. on tuesday they increased by 10 percent. but if we compare energy prices to the same time in september 2021, for example, the increased to 100 percent. so consumers are really feeling it right now. and especially now when winter will start, they're very worried that they will not be able to afford to stay just a warm bots. of the president of the german energy regulator has said that even though the market situation is tense right now, germany and europe are no longer dependent on nordstrom supplies, and there will be just fine. so we'll, we'll see one for smart, military journalists, the silly if it's a god or the next person on the wall. it's a technology where he says the sabotage is the only possible explanation for what happened. goshen law, the thickness of the pipe metal is up to $41.00 millimeters. this is a lot to soviet t. 34 tank had 35 millimeters of armor from above. these pipes also have
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a concrete protection up to 110 millimeters you. that's pretty serious. protection, so these could not have been an accident. this is definitely the sabotaged. it is absolutely clear who ordered the back in february the american president said that the united states would deal with the north stream. and as for who could actually do this, back in the spring, i made a report about ukrainian combust swimmers who are trained by their italian colleagues when the soonest bass was attacked by russian forces. the pulls took them to the baltic. it wasn't clear up until now. why were they evacuated there? the seas rather shallow. the average depth is 50 meters come, but swimmer can dive to depths of up to 60 meters. when they tried to blame russia, it causes nothing but laughter. why is it russia? if russia can just turn of the tap, the united states still feels like a wall john, dorm, and the poles and ukrainians most likely be the dirt to work about and is trying to
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cut off europe from russian gas and wants to impose his own more expensive one energy prices in europe half started to rise again following the recent damage to the node stream pipelines with the price of dutch gas the local benchmark. or by 16 euro's which in c, $100.00 euro's per megawatt hour. rising energy prices have driven tens of thousands on the streets of the check capital. the rally organized by the check republic 1st group. so demonstrates is gathering product to protest against the countries membership in both nato and the you is the 2nd, 3rd process this month, up to 70000 people to the street 3 weeks ago. protest against sanctions on russia, energy bills, anom supplies to ukraine. meanwhile, over in spain, soaring inflation is forcing more and more people to stand in long queues for free food from non profit organizations. the lines have risen by 30 percent since last
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month. as many families spend almost half of their income on food and other essentials, many are trying to figure out new ways of making savings where possible. buy this local photographer, are expensive that you didn't pay much attention to before, but now you have to tighten your belt in certain areas, especially though site with energy issues. for example, i tried to turn the light off to put on the air condition instead, because this summer it was hot and in winter it will be a bit cold. i'm looking for alternatives to lighting. i'm changing all the lights in the house to last that consume less, whereas for the shopping least now i spend 100 years more than i used to before. in these conditions, you don't buy fresh meat or fish anymore. you have to look at cheap things. vegetables it have to be more restrained. also, i usually put the washing machine on at night because those are the cheapest hours for electricity. the shower is another important factor in saving. taking the relaxing shower after work has changed to taken a quick shower because gaseous reason a lot. these effects everyone,
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regardless of age or salary, life is more expensive with the same salary you had before. an uncertain future is coming. salaries are not rising. i don't know what will happen to us 2 years from now, but it doesn't look good at all. in the news, ukraine herself, a number of residential areas in fair song. this footage shows the aftermath of thus at sac with local authority, saying that at least 6 people were wounded as a college under residential building where hits one person is in a critical condition. under the city of done yet, the park in hotel was struck undamaged along with near by cause. as windows was shattered in the inside, no casualties were upholstered, and ukraine hasn't yet commented on any of those incidents. ortiz aroma cause of those senses. this report. several 155 millimeter shells frog the sensor of genetics on wednesday morning. actually it was at 5 am. now the just saw
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a one of the craters from the shells. now, as a result, mir by hotel was jam missed. the cars that were parked here were damaged as well. now, the generator at this hotel is, are completely destroyed as well. you can see her workers are now doing everything they can in order to restore operation of this hotel. now this hotel itself, ah houses. so workers from russia houses adjourn. this is actually one of our crews that was at this hotel as well. archie arabic, in fact, thankfully no one was heard during this at sag by ukrainian and nationalist by their hotel rooms were destroyed and they were forced to move from here. now other damages are in a vis a high school right here. you can see the windows have been blown out now this high school was also appalling stations during the latest the referendum behind it had
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that look at how big the hole is in the metal frame. that's how powerful today's blast was. thank god, only one person was on duty at the school. at that moment, she managed to hide in a bomb shelter. at 6 a. m, i was already at the sight. he saw the damage. we will recover from this. i understand why the school was shout voting to place here yesterday, 4000 ballots from here, we're in favor of joining russia. now. the at zach was once again at 5 o'clock in the morning. the workers here did everything in order to evacuate the, the residence of this hotel as soon as possible. and of course, i spoke to one of them. he told me exactly what happened this morning. phillip believable pickle, the 1st strike was at 5 am. we rushed to inspect the hotel. we told people to evacuate, and a few minutes there was a 2nd strike. every one was escorted to a bomb shelter. thank god, it ended okay. without any casualties. the says yet another crates are right in the
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center of the nest that was formed by another shell fired by the ukrainian military civilian sins on sb bowls of public. once again, we are right in the center of this city very far away from any kind of. 3 military positions and what kind of far away from the front line as well. nevertheless, ukrainian nationalists to choose to continue to terrorize a peaceful civilian if they choose to continue to destroy civilian infrastructure. of course, the results of the referendum have been overwhelmingly in favor of julian, russia. but people are also hoping that once they join a russia all their hardships will and as well. and they will be finally able to live in peace from on cost or have r t done as people's republic. this comes as the majority of voters in the
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dumbass and to ukrainian regions have cast their ballots in favor of joining russia for the results in advance. of public indicate that just over 99 percent voted in to join russia with the la guns republic showing 98 percent. voting in favor, in the regions is a foreclosure unfair song polling results, showed 93 and 87 percent, respectively voting in favor of joining russia. the highest turnouts in the polls was in the daniel republic where over 2000000 people cast their votes. of the 1600000 voted in little guns republic quality bo hassan as opposed to regions over a 1000000, went to the polls here. and his allies have slammed the referendums as illegal and refuse to recognize the results. we got the take of international observer and we came before you no surprise, sir, at all, or especially in the cases of for logan's can danielle scare their highest response because they are at war. i was in don barza 2 weeks ago. i leave doh during one
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week in don, yet sca especially and day and night where hell bring and bombings over all the city. and the people there are told come out to lottery lottery means ah, somewhere any time you can die by a bombing didn't know. but you have only to leave to leave her as normally as you can. so especially in these sir conditions, people once to be part of russia and be part of peace. this comes as kia said. it would put observers from other countries on an international wanted list. we spoke to one of them, german journalist and author, thomas roper who was observing in his son. and he told us, what is all in general, ukraine tries to avoid the referendum and the election offices might be really targets. it's question feeding. and that's why
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a 4 days they were more by elections with going around with the, with more bio stuff and making that people elect from their homes, from this whole street to avoid big crowds of people. the mood of the people is quite interesting because i was in harrison which was supposed to be for, for russia, the most complicated area. but the heavy shelling of ukraine really changed the mood of the people in the last weeks. they told me this nearly every, every city. so they came to the, to the election office is really in groups and they were quite happy. and i was there before and they were even afraid to talk them when they were pro russian because they were afraid the russian could leave and the that what the repression from ukraine inside after that. and now they, everybody of them was searching for a camera. we had this, we were preserve us and we said, can we asked and nearly everybody was ready to talk into the camera and telling we want to rush out. we was waiting for it, or are they said, well, we were against all this, but we see what ukraine is doing. they,
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they're shutting all schools and it's really civil infrastructure. and of course, as always, we will keep you updated with all the latest on the events in the dumbass republics and those other regions. and what the future may hold for them. for with washington sets of votes on another, $12000000000.00 aid package for key f, which does include military supplies. a recent polls suggest that many americans want their government to do more diplomatically and the conflicts in ukraine. as i see that kelly, balkan explains tuesday, we have congress putting forward though, for another, basically $12300000000.00 to go to ukraine at the same time. we have the quincy institute coming forward with a new poll that shows that 49 percent of americans say that biden has not done enough diplomatically to resolve the crisis and ukraine. them 47 percent of
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americans saying that they feel that they only want more a ukraine, if it accompanies diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. now, quite a gap here. this is what the vice president of the quincy institute had to say about it. americans recognize what many in washington don't rush is worn. ukraine is more likely to end the negotiating table than on the battlefield. and there was a brewing skepticism of washington approached. the war just been heavy on tough talk and military aid, but light on diplomatic strategy and engagement. this whole thing was the indicate that the idea of just handing over another huge package of billions of dollars to ukraine without engaging in efforts to resolve the conflict. diplomatically is not something that many americans would go along with many americans just have their concern. so we see the democrats attaching this to be doc gap vending bill. now it's important to note, there were funds that were originally allocated to go to deal with coven and monkey
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pox that we're, we're re allocated to go for ukraine. now either this stop gap spending bill is passed by friday, or else the government shut down. this is the maneuver through which the democratic party can almost force members of congress to vote for this without having substantial debate. there are a lot of concerns about oversight oversight of ukraine. aid is sorely needed. the state and defense departments are handling billions of dollars in ukraine funding, but neither have permanent inspectors general in place to investigate and prevent abuse of funds. you know, there have been members of congress and raised concerns about where these weapons are, handing out without element in the military cetera. but this maneuver by the democrats is basically a way to prove that having that conversation either this bill passes or the government shuts down, stop gap spending bill. meanwhile, i, it's important to note that the arms manufacturer, the old military industrial complex, seems quite delighted by this move. as
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a practical matter, countries that have had to rely on russian equipment are going to find it very difficult to get even basic supplies from russia's defense, industrial base. it is an opportunity, certainly for industry members in the room. the democrats are possibly going to lose control of congress in november. polls showed that the democratic party, the biden administration, is not very popular. so it appears the democrats are trying to rush this through before they lose control of congress. but it's really important to know that the united states is constantly boasting about being a democracy, is constantly putting down other countries alleging that they are not democratic enough somehow. but yet, in america, when it comes to huge amounts of military spending on ukraine and the central focus of u. s. foreign policy, there's a very big gap between what u. s. officials are doing and what the american people want, ah, over to asia now where china has lost out of the us calling it's a disrupt. so international rules of what it calls
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a washington's interference in the taiwan straits. you go to what one china principal is the prevailing consensus in the international community and the basic norman international relations. speaking of rules, keeping one's commitment is the most basic rule. if the u. s. cannot even keep its own word. how is it in a position to talk about rules and order a country like that can only become a disruptor of international rules? well, that's furious, respond spy, beijing comes after us, vice president comalla horace, accused china of committing provocations around ty, one while form a u. s secretary of state might pompeo code on washington to prevent a quote, chinese century. china has flexed. it's military and economic might, to coerce and intimidate it's neighbors, and most recently, provocations across the taiwan strait. if we want to free 21st century and not the chinese centered century, which is using pink dreams up,
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the all paradigm of blind engagement must end tensions. overtime. one increased after us. how speaker nancy pelosi visited the island last month. china called the move of provocation and responded with military drills around sy, one this month, washington approved more than a $1000000000.00 worth of arm sales to the island, which china considered to be its sovereign territory. and then even more recently, joe biden said that washington would defend taiwan in case of it's hard for the white house later backtracks on that statement. beijing classified those latest moves as a violation of both his territorial integrity and the one china policy observed by the us, by president of the sense of a china globalization. victor joe says the u. s. does not treat other countries as equals. it is true that the united states is still hollowing out the one china policy. the united states plays the taiwan card as if that taiwan cod will enable the united states to add on to the so called the global hegemony. the united states
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really has a very track record. it does not deal with other countries as an equal on an equal basis. and the united states has the largest amount of was it has initiated against other countries. either things do by all things, $991.00 for example, or after 2001 this rec costs can be verified by everyone, anywhere in the world with whatever ideological twist. for example, this is the recall the united states has launched a mole also gets more countries than any other country in the world of today. european union has drafted up planned for an 8th package of sanctions against russia, promising the punishing measures will bind the mobilization and putting a threat to use nuclear weapons. a further steps on the escalation pop. we are
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determined to make the kremlin pay for this further escalation. so today, we're together proposing a new package of biting sanctions against russia. the latest thanks and list will include restrictions. so to the band on the import of several russian steel products, as well as limiting of access to so many european services. the biggest measure is the introduction of an oil price cop. some of the policies had been discussed by the u. s. before but hadn't been put in place, the measures aim to significantly reduce the inflow of petro dollars to the russian budget by assessing a maximum price on russian fossil fuels at the lower rate, the current market levels. wherever your opinions members are yet to prove the price cup, which could potentially take a while given time it so to agree, an embargo on russian resources which president, buddy, may putin earlier branded the initiative as stupid and futile adding that russia
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will suspend its exports. of 2 countries participating in price caps not view, appears to be shared by a hungry, where the prime minister claim does use sanctions are destructive for europe. we can safely say that as a result of the sanctions, european people have become poor while russia has not fallen to its knees. this weapon has backfired with the sanctions. europe has shot itself in the foot of a more on this. we can cross live now to professor of economics and politics, the st. mary's college of california, jack rasmus, john ross with appreciate you taking the time to join us today. first of all, what do you think the risks, all the possible consequences, both for the e, u and russia. if this price caught, were introduced? well, you know, you gotta realize what this amounts to is. the g 7 thinks that they can act like a cartel. they think that they can set a global market price for crew down below what the market price is and,
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and i think that that's not only arrogant, but it's really a pretty silly. i don't think they're going to succeed. the idea was created by treasury secretary janet yellen some months ago. so the announcement today is not really in response to the referendum. this is, this has been a discussion going on for some time within the g 7. and they can't get the total agreement to g 7 because the, you know, it's, it's really not going to work. it doesn't go effect until december 5th. well, in the meantime i, you know, russia just redirected contracts elsewhere, and salazar oils elsewhere so they won't even have to buy it. and at the price captain in europe, they won't even get to do that. ah, the global price of oil per barrel crude is e o. in low to mid eighties right now. and a rush is already discounting a 30 percent. i believe at this price cap is being said around $55.00
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a barrel. well, that's what kind of where russia is selling it already, you know, plus that the market is going to the global market as recessions really hit in the 4th quarter is going to lower the price of the global crude. anyway. so i know it's really, it doesn't make my sense unless, unless it's really the beginning of directing this idea of the price cap and other countries. in other words, secondary sanctions, as it's called, ah, you know, set it up in europe even though it doesn't make much difference there. but then use the global shipping industry to, you know, hit the shipping industry over the head with a hammer. if they don't agree to only insure ships that support the price cap in the shipping industry is mostly in the west. and i think that's what they're planning to do. use the shipping industry as the bully boy to try to enforce the
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price cap on a non g $7.00 other than g 7 a countries. the other strange thing about it in the assman is and you know, they said they're going to re, you impose stronger sashes on steel, paper machinery, airplanes, a chemistry and so forth. plastics. well, i kind of says that the, you know, current sanctions a fall loopholes anyway. right, i kind of know what's going on, that they're gonna re impose stronger sanctions here. i mean, for in the oil, the auto industry in the u. s. is already exempt from russia, nickel and palladium imports to the u. s. so as the steel, the industry in the us because they need that in order to produce. so you know, sanctions are not for holes. this is just going to be another big hole unless they can really put the screws to secondary sanctions on other countries
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using the insurance, the shipping insurance asa choir. quite a comprehensive answer that jack. now this live underlines. she has described them as biting. but given what you've just said about potential loopholes in them anyway, how biting can me be? i mean, this is the most sanctioned, can country in the world anyway, at the moment, what more can they do? well, you know, not too much. it's really, you know, the same is a really followed by the g 7 and their allies, her, but she at least half of the world or more chinese, andrea india, half of a latin america aren't going along with any of the sanctions for the sanctions. the work they have to become secondary sanctions, of other words, the g 7 and u. s. have to take the big risk of putting the screws to countries that aren't going along with that. and that's, that's a place that they're, you know, they go at their own risk and i don't think they're going to do that. so,
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except for euro, you know, i don't really see these sanctions are really that effective. the only thing that might be effective is to deny russia military, you know, it exports from, from the west, particularly semiconductors and so forth. but i have no idea how effective lesbian now will up that way to see what the impacts of the sanctions are. progressive economics and politics at st. mary's college of california. jack ross, miss, thank you again. as always for your insights today. my pleasure. well as a wrap for now, i'm peter scott, on the back again at the top of the hour, the latest news and views aeronautics ah ah.


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