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hundreds of orphans from the de ned's people's republic were evacuated in the same manner. but it's anyone's guess how to find children who have essentially been abducted from dumbass. the most favourable outcome would be adoption. but there's a question mark on that. diagnosis. molina, a friend? yes. as a corner nor come through the pressure when you get g wilson, i will, i am a senior. i bizarre gillian teaching new york lit, but the more the organ about busy, but the teachers thought diagnosed and they're willing. yeah. yeah, we'll add that up. what you mean by me, anthony, ukraine ignores all international legislative norms and refuses to say anything about the fate of children. it is taken. i mean, there were you looking for a much where did you put the muster in the car with sigma kunda did keep a scarlet, la, oregon, children. i had thrush blunt that 2nd. ah, yes,
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she french and g things passed. the red cross seems to be suppressing information regarding the missing children from don bass. oh, for the doctors without borders, organization allegedly involved in human organ trafficking in conover appeared just as the children were being taken away with her. he abolla, though my meal there was a ditching reverie. my good as jim out of his up feel to cheer. it's really weird only for the if the selling a garage, the num gets, has to put out of is up when shannon settle come goodness to let them of their nation with respect to 20 milligrams. cannot miss macarthur statements of ukrainian figures, such as doctor chin off reinforced turn about the fate of the children evacuated
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from don bass, dubbed the ukrainian doctor, manga shin off openly. calls are doing away with don bass, his children saying those in the 3rd row. in fact are to be killed lows in the 2nd row in a year or 2, they'll move to the 3rd row. apparently many ukrainians hummed with anti russian propaganda support his statements. 2 2 2 ah, is them out which interest them when you thought it since our last year together to push alaiya ziegler crane? i'm not sure yet. i'm good with this guy. i knew what was going on. got out the door to push the digital at a lot on this night. there was that a wiley bill yesterday this what dan will text them each a little gray and a piece of i to the right now she did it door, come down. you was researchers the hoarded selected it 30, but control know green,
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the cock. where can you modern with that mileage reach? scott, machine field commander rahman, or merchant co as witnessed numerous crimes committed by ukrainian, neo nazis in don bass. number 51. know where warner credit kiddos are going not showing up by 10 boys here. i thought of the glamour shooting mantle torch. cool. nipple stories. the talk was soon or still better. all did you build good machine or in your trunk or i'll put on. put thiefs barajo if sure. ah, well, she's in milan. give us celestial, i trust them all. shadows ears, thought dora, nicely. she mailed you, had to re evaluate linda to me. korea lucila will you values gene sion malady g a which can last proper. i asked steve is under do, sneeze, no honesty, leon,
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yeah mm hm. mm slash my children remain children with they always need a sense of wonder and joy bonsa lugens pabo this what kind of academic russian drama theater gala mika york, felipe of her never forgets this that from death or to non disc expert buckling. it said i shouldn't identity the substance through it's gathering out those are i did it in the theater also cares for children who have lost their parents
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that are watching work by lights. him on september 1st now can we just have to lunch from campus? gets bowman william ugly perhaps. i mean my gets caught gloria. my master. can we pray? county tim scorecards, j as dallas, his mom of pop at kistin, a short chat, piccadilly, jets, kiddo, delia and sally. she dynasty, he is undoubtedly entre stone. she slipping my chest over, is it, isn't it in the spit i needed to alexander for santa, where it is national. it's yard there on questioning is chosen, which is just relying on us just a buggy. she sat there with national data for 8 years. they've been killing people in don't best every day. ah.
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includes children and they kill with weapons supplied by nato. mm. oh, essentially as testing wrong, we are interested in testing one of those systems in the fight against the enemy and we are by the arms manufacturer is put dead new products here. mm hm. but you will need a canadian with a o cranes care lesson greenland naval post that she didn't know if i treated my mysteries or about the when you genius. lou ready on miro snake against people's republics ambassador to russia has been at the forefront to the inflammation war since 2014. and in that one the children pacific submit them were vinyl daughters. i mean you, him, window. others the what you said room than those love rug daughter though we
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visited a boy what was ringing in which is to let limb cortisol village school to the sports when she meets every sport is what it could please sure. there is any utmost to get the mach gullow on you, now that he is nick of your mark. resilience people who changed, legible bits that he didn't mccullin's, not that night, that you did yesterday about how to shop a garage door, which we viewed shalaka will be was she fixing via what fruits are in his owen that such? i suggest that you can show mcmullin who greens of was know judy 0, it's even worse. not i should. that's this. we have to cross naval dish. ah, it's me at the one that's beans with a motion for. i do the loosely, steve, though, each it it i'll grain than yet. i'm on the which was and beauty home, sustained by them was socialist. but winnipeg lot the way to school. she'll get it be her d, g e. julie's from women, blemishes to her teacher. vocal for he's the some of you who submitted council sessions marquilla, beatrice smith, 9222 grade theater with the water renew it up. she went to the are so
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you should not all know when the promotion, but also because i don't want to with my, if i'm, are you to transfer. so what are we doing with them? but usually with them, with just with the problems are about the with you have to stick to booties you to one that you wish that you'd have to do. and if there was session, you will, more than you will start on on the season, your plan, you will be many shows no variance venue. so from that you more your boucher of top of your favorite unusual you put your his outs. if that a little from there grab it, was when they come on, we'll say 2 minute thumbs i to the radio reach up with us till after 1 o'clock ish, one pixels up with the great patriotic war. symmetry stands on the other side of the road. translated from ukrainian, it's labeled unforgotten, unforgiven,
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about 3000 jewish children and civilians killed by the nazis are buried here. now with a israel does not condemn ukrainian neo nazis. hm. is that i didn't use, i mean shed no, not physical to that, but now also wanted to do crane cards. this is vicky the political good, petitioner, would you like to see that again still means that i'm not supposed to look at it, but did is it when we, when you on the season and i get another thing, then you put it out in the, in your room, good. ah, no crime shows that the one you were similarly explaining isn't exactly the same as the oil industry to keep you can i say 2014. it was up with me to put them up, but that is put up to even though it's not me. music, but that's a music kid. well, sonya homeless the, let's look at the mean means could minced minsk agreement. this is important. local elections on the special status of the dog,
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hardly implemented the tall. why not? this was agreed by france, germany, russia and the ukraine. blue form of british diplomats and russia. william melanson is well acquainted with the history of the minsk accords. withdrawal, a foreign arm groups, weapons and mercenaries not implemented. we have america doing what it can, sending soldiers arms weapons to keep things boiling under the surface. the u. s. wishes to provoke as much as it can ra moscow into taking, defend more and more defensive measures in order to justify continuing the sanctions. ah, ah
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ah ah, a disdain becomes the attitude and endangerment equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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ah, the implementation of the minsk agreements assume the peaceful restoration of don bass is part of ukraine or mm. apparently, washington needs a got the one of someone who born me a liberal forcing me a kind sure to break the muscles and that just a minute why it's miguel is he didn't, i just could speak to you. but the political leadership of ukraine and it's overseas managers apparently think otherwise,
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i was calling. you got to hook you up with? yes, these children did cower in basements yet even then they continue to study to draw on to dream. i am, i'm in a boss pledged on i well the i look forward chilly, nebo interested ashlyn. i missed a left but landlord. what y'all are still the little regime? they're not just off the bus who j. mitchell, i some of a lie if there was like his likes, they're like the yes, he offered money of all that. and so what i mean? yeah. if the law
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some children read poetry like lydia scott slung the treasure gable, i'm not even close to the last minute shall i guess guess me now said on lacrosse, always go school can bully we should h. assigning rush catalog of the creation of readily while assigning a little more. yes, colonel car, that's through us milan. don't mean to buy you deborah's law for she has school until you how crazy is july. we've gone city school number 7 was bought by ukrainian, neo nazis. in 2014, we're among the 7 victims was
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a child with merced clarksville in your new just, i'm not sure what to put out for for ballad by wednesday, stream for status for me to pick your school to south care coordinator from the producer luxury berlin. you might encourage you to ah, ah, ah ah, with
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their readers to was not going to school yet summer using it or it would these i believe that freaky he grad last which get from sleeping is dialogue about a fan. yeah. if i truth the way, the way in the budget like the what national reader, i, tim brain that i got you so like, yeah which out the freight but the birthday but i need you to know which loser would move from the way in the history of the world that are what though of nation wide open it's comes out bought. oh, yes. and then on that really changed since can you by june in the bedroom or more
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by you want to use i think we're almost going it's able in utah or is it just by doing what a full scope and even school he done shows up when you don't want to read you. it is just the table. ah, is i do show the commission lation. yeah. richie. dennis therapist doing the final project that you also are the didn't have boma. tim for this is not just the shadow formula. eve or channel hostile on any of them, all? yes. with disease that the children of ukraine whose adults are teaching them to hate and prepare for war o muscular
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when i hit oh school malackle percentage to portraits attack. i think the retina is the extra inc, primo cook cook, the most of which it is those to be born co. m. a sweet fair is held in the school in the city of nikolai of the cookies, and named sharon oscar his brain. there are blue and yellow stars on the kremlin, under drink, called the blood of russian babies, ah, all prepared by children with for approval, from teachers and parents in the east north civil chest, the rain but almost got a bill or was lawrence a mobile a child startles kids were rock, still wolf of civil war would be the editor in chief of your guns t v. the a nod sphere to scoff, witnessed how the history of ukraine was gradually rewritten, and how its values were substituted for something else. your video card is sober,
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clever in the dc, but thought is do it. grain self latching heritage store or steel crowns with her. absolutely. rosemay lou depaulo to warn you what i g machine where did belong to with you and when you go, i do will be all kinds of fun with no more thing up with them. does anyone wish learn what you thought? no one which is part of his newest yearbook unit at the thought you employ them was a vis. mute was some nic. and he, russian propaganda has a long history in ukraine. children's books comics and even text books in which russians have depicted as murderous and monstrous oaks. these publications have sponsors in america and the ukrainian desperate in canada own oprah coordinate codeine and usually canada newer grants can just put it. which on is use, the president we're creeped you. could put on a creditable when. of course them just come solution from the blair ticker. dear cousin, most of them papa mckeathan beautiful smiles. her name at the mama gives cumulus.
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was clement used in mama papa butte them a good customer was moved off the market. but you can be worth mosley. the counselor must believe is due. i would say knoxville greens can let all of them still go. i did die if they're 30 skolnik of that have been throwing out is what the kid is talking was baton is like were european kim so just from miram william was pretty much another monitor. but almost all anesha. no problem. the shit ready choke. you brought your rosky history repeats itself. this is how children were once brought up in nazi germany. childrens camps in ukraine resemble the hitler youth comes. oh, i the soviet union was the country that food german naziism to the end and defeated it
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now ukrainian new naziism once again, collectively nurtured by the west, finds itself opposed by russia. even obama. so mom did the 1st 2 scribbles award, the full gosh, what is a saw my jello gear? there's a saw my new issue or news many was yes. did you sooner rocker border park, or stay with them or not, says come on luscious to marcia rules kasanya ceiling. one more. that is, when you to this mute, when was it from his side to response to kaltura? where did the music even though it was, catch her, it's a swimming funny to seen nipple to corn. the nip, a busy like one miss size. the chance my garza would typically typically go to whichever is at a meeting with
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it could be said that russian troops are dealing with a large terrorist army that holds entire cities hostage. a force that is supplied and overseen by experienced us and european military intelligence in western politics. the lives of ukrainian soldiers are expendable. what's a lancaster tom crimson if when you might, stony somers isn't blotted? well, we'll do. we'll d realty or medic. nor do they care for the russian people, including it's women and children. good to go with rules came with the new, brought the stuff new more that up was no more than i suggest. number 2, i will cut off corners. right. and those will do what? ah dumbasses been through hell during its 8 year war with ukraine mm. factories,
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villages and cities were completely destroyed ah, over 14000 done by citizens were killed. and so there are questions for those responsible to back of the scholars up on them political, but you're not pleased to what's going on with my, you know, toward the what i did on. so what i'm, what are the mushroom bravo on the floor, right? yeah, i do remember like a dublin i. e nicolo, somewhere near near boiling jim on purchased a new west 1000000 lights. moscow that's asleep. a young mm rights in charleston. i mean that shame what their neil is. 9 years old. and you wouldn't be as a live, but you are, but i'm spending a bit is really at the i'm a bit is really and was they impact thought came you've called number violated? don't call you the in the seat, but that's the deal. i mean that you didn't, i did,
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but vital. i was just but i do. it already met. i knew playing with that number. love was similar to look in. it was a mass national gender on your coin are then you're going to commission for last was him live. you speak a mr for which from year but the much sad i did it is russell said, until i saw on your sleeve, i saw the light for when your bill is really ill. sleep claimed you don't save him ready to learn more emotionally. he said that the cupboard did the last gun. yes, not that i see but tom's, but i see a bit slow him up by nearly look. will you bowl at some future simila? ah, areas liberated from the ukrainian neo nazis, russian soldiers and the people's militia of don bass are greeted as long awaited saviours. ah, but if you get a little steel, i thought you 1000 the c e o in your book, a car, you more g back on you would you done if there was that nobody is coming. smiling
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can get comfort on static. i'm at the raw, listed as give orders as clean as leafy with a bullock dock of them. me says thing if you said the only about the what the funny my story, a wickedly see what you guys there as if it was it vicky the need to come in with where briefly scherbring here from the euro. i don't know clear, but was orchard mother order got up, put her carol skill in the middle, mom to medicine, bowman and miss a bus 1st. initial one. you mean by beer? does ally good by the deal that brought by this bad a long mm. every year on june, the 1st on children's day residence join a commemorative brownie at the alley of angels and done it and shows park in lieu
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ganske me on this day. white balloons are launched in honor of the lost children. mm. i go bush, can you? ah sure on the snow but he blinks, digit my letter. sure, but he did. you wish to cut the ref will if i was in the issue that money you're a from what he what us as a marketing. mm. amazing. have a new choice update. mm hm. mm mm ah,
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with one. no, sir, no, not admiral. who are job? no, no. what go more shrill than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short, then build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the
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world had ever. no. real a. it was, it gives you or she'll book a enough to kill to when you saw new photo. she'll keep on more money, but she no longer thought this is meant new again from all one of our new and i got to learn much sale. i mean, i go on monday, i wish to know about jewelry. whoa, whoa, knew peter also more polished enough cheerios . i had to put the scar mother on all our buddy bill could you could help us out. oh boy, that's good to go on. what the on this the were wrong, she might knew other i can send them all a, you know,
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not at all, put them out. they give us a . ringback course in spencer with berkeley knew that with amazon or forced from national quito, which is mostly due to a couple of them when you do, i don't but hold you a lot with national anthem. com protect. ringback with envoy, so i could see if i have to spend the copy from wanted to feel good as the boys
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are new to me with a new footage of a new can. the damage to north sprinkling system emerges as a former polish foreign minister. thank washington. painting back to you with a tosh, the russians gas supply route with nick on joining russia. that's how the referendum from the independent bathroom public than to wait to wait. ukrainian regions ended with the vast majority of votes in favor. several 155 millimeter shells struck the sensor of done that on wednesday morning. actually it was at 5 am how correspondent underneath report on ukraine for linda.


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